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Reasons why gifts are necessary for building long term relationships

  1. We all know that gifts make people happy. It's an excitement to open a present. It's also fun to watch someone's reaction when we get them a gift they are pleased with. Getting present releases feel-good hormones into a brain so we associate it with pleasure.

    Why Is It Good For Your Relationship?

    1# Makes you feel special

    An excellent way to make a person feel like you care about them is to bring them a present. Those who get a present feel special and connected. Think about it, the giver specifically got it for them, they took the time to find something they would like, they spent their hard-earned money and wrapped it just to make the other person happy. When you get a present, you know that someone else is thinking about you.

    2# It reminds them of you

    When someone is using or looking at an item that was given to them by another person, it often reminds them of that person because of the association. A china doll that was given to you by your grandmother will be admired because the item is beautiful; however, you will always remember as you'll think about where it came from.

    This is the same for romantic relationships. If you buy your spouse flowers, you will see a lot of smiles and mentions of her husband giving her to them when she has her friends over.

    3# Shows Commitment

    Those who give gifts to their significant other view it as a display of commitment to some degree. For example, a wedding ring is expensive, but it shows that he's willing to invest in her. This gives the image that he'll be able to provide for children. This effect is what makes the gesture so appealing to women.

    4# They own cool new things 

    If you give a woman her favorite body scrub, she'll love that she'll get to use it and have fun with it. It's best to buy gifts that people want to get this effect out of a person. It's satisfying to see someone experiencing joy about something you purchased.

    When we buy presents for children, we buy them toys they will love and use. This idea should be considered when either spouse is buying a present for the others. The gift needs to spark joy to have the proper effect. Always consider what the other will use and enjoy before purchasing a present.

    5# Renews Relationships 

    To keep the other in love, you have to show that you love them. This can be done in three ways, physical affection, emotional intimacy and gift giving. It's the third component of what keeps love alive.

    Gifts Are Wonderful For Any Occasion. Here are the gift tips for every special occasion you and your spouse enjoy.

    Valentines day: Stuffed Animal, Flowers, or Chocolate.

    Anniversary: At least try to remember it and a nice dinner plus a necklace works fine!

     Birthday: Anything she loves or is interested in.

     Christmas: A present of something she seems like she's wanted for a while.

    Chanukah: Same as Christmas

    Mother's Day: A present she can use to make her life easier.

    A Child's Birth: Always roses.

    Understanding which present to choose and why gift-giving is important is a great way to keep your relationship going strong! 

10 gifts ideas for 6 year old girls

Here we have curated the best gifts for 6 year old girls. We have done extended research to understand what gets this particular age excited. It is our hope that we can help you pick a suitable gift for your lovely 6 year old angel! 

Gift Idea

Why is it a good Gift?

1. First Magic Set  

The tricks are easy to learn and follow, with step-by-step instructions. Props include a crayon box, 4 crayons, 4 half crayons in holder, magic drawer box, color cube with box, ball and vase trick, magic cat puzzle. Includes 31 props and pieces to perform 25 tricks

  • Easy to learn magic tricks
  • Develops presentation skills
  • Fun for whole family!


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2. Doodle World Map Pillowcase


The girls can have a lot of fun coloring the world map pillowcase with enclosed pack of wash-out fabric pens and learn along the way!

  • Learn geography in a fun way
  • Develop color creativity
  • Develop love for travel


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3. Snail Mail from Sunny 

KIDS. LOVE. MAIL. They feel SO important getting their own mail from Sunny every week. Engage children's curiosity, love of animals & travel. Great for multiple kids & family reading time

  • Kids receive a letter EVERY WEEK
  • Encourages imagination & reading
  • Small souvenir included each week


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4. Unicorn Hooded Bath Robe

Kids love unicorns. This Unicorn hooded Bath robe is a great addition to the wardrobe of a 6 year old girl. After taking a warm bath, this robe will dry her instantly and at the same time looks very stylish Absolutely adorable, you'll be in a hurry to show it off to your friends and family!

  • Super Cute Unicorn Gifts and Accessories for Girls
  • Super soft, Safe for Sensitive Skin
  • Cute and Unique Design


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5. Light-Up Tracing Pad

Give kids the confidence to create with the included coloring board and art supplies! They can place any of the 10 tracing sheets on the Light Up Tracing Pad, then use a blank sheet and the graphite pencil to trace the image before adding their own flair

  • Over 100 traceable images,
  • Light up toy which develops creativity
  • Triggers imagination via sketching


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6. Kids play house princess tent

This is the cutest princess playhouse, providing a private space for your kids to entertain themselves, read and relax. Screens around the playhouse keep away mosquitoes from your kids. It is made with durable and polyester blend fabric

  • Provides a private space for your kids
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor sites
  • All kids love a little secret place!


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7. Smart watch for kids

The VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch is a gift most kids will love as it lets them do a lot of things like play games, take pictures, use motion sensors and use it as a calculator!

  • Keeps kids entertained with multiple activities 
  • Perfect for young photographers
  • Do math on the fly!


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8. 3D Pen Set 

The 3D pen brings out the junior artist within the little kiddo and contributes to their overall early age development. It is battery operated

  • Ease to use - only 3 buttons
  • Designed to work with Eco-Friendly PCL filament
  • Encourages creativity


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9. Play kitchen Set

Ideal children's play kitchen for friends to whip up some delicious treats together! This kid's play kitchen features an upscale design providing youngsters with hours of pretend play opportunities

  • Develop love of cooking
  • Encourage healthy eating
  • Realistic electronic stoves with lights


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10. Kids Play Tent & Playhouse

A large tent designed specifically for early learning fun and play, the colorful Kiddey playhouse features multiple entrances and windows for crawling, exploring, and imagination.

  • Inspire fun & creative play
  • Easy setup & storage
  • Camping or parks, indoors & outdoors


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