Learning The Importance Of Gifts

Generally, gifts occupy an important position in our social life. They usually help in building our relationships with people since we have developed a tendency to exchange different gifts with people on various events, festivals, etc. Gift giving is a thing that you shouldn’t treat as a chore. It should come from your heart. By gift-giving, you’re basically giving something willingly and expecting nothing back.

Although gifts often speak of our love, certain gifts are given as a way to win favor from someone. Such gifts tend not to be liked by anybody in society. Since our faith attaches great significance to the exchange of gifts, the gifts given as a bribe don’t increase love. Real gifts should express our sincerity and inner goodness.

The choice of gift to give is an art, and it should generally represent two things. First, it requires to satisfy the desires of our relatives and friends. Second, it requires to portray your self-image and be a part of your nature. Making another person feel special is something that should make you give more. It also shows the receiver that you thought about them.

Even though it does feel good to be on the receiving end, you can’t deny the feeling of self-gratification if you’re the one who is doing the actual giving. And there’s no way you can measure this with monetary value. The instant happiness you feel after opening your gift is only short-lived. However, giving offers a more self-fulfilling experience that lives for a long period.

In fact, we learn all of these when we are young. As school-going children, we gift our parents with good grades that end up making them happy. When young, we were also taught that a simple act could have a good response. Research shows that the act of giving can make you happier than receiving regardless of how precious the gift might be.

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​Why buying gifts online is a smarter way to shop?

When you are shopping for gifts, you should be looking online. Instead of going around from store to store, shopping online can make things a lot easier. Below, we will be going over some of the reasons why buying your gifts online is the smarter way to shop.

1. Save Money

Perhaps the most significant reason you ought to shop for gifts online this holiday season is the money-saving potential. Saving money has never been easier than it is now. By shopping online, you can make use of online shopping comparison websites. You can even install browser add-ons which will allow you to figure out if an item is available at a cheaper price elsewhere across the internet. Because of this, you will be able to save a lot of money during the gift-buying season. Whereas, if you were to do the majority of your shopping in retail stores, you wouldn't have the ability to compare prices as easily.

2. Better Comparison Charts

When you are buying a gift, you want to have all of the details in front of you in order to make a well-informed decision. This is especially true for things like electronics. Because of this, you will have a much easier time comparing two different products by using the internet. You will be able to watch videos of different professional product comparisons being done and even find charts and tables that you can use to make a much more informed decision.

3. Cash Back

Another reason to consider buying gifts online is the ability to earn cashback. While you can earn cashback on in-store purchases, it is much easier by doing it online. You can use websites and browser add-ons in order to earn a lot of cashback throughout the holiday season.

In the end, shopping for gifts online will allow you to take advantage of the convenience factor and it can be a great way to save a lot of money on your purchases.

10 gifts ideas for 7 year old girls

Here we have curated the best gifts for 7 year old girls. We have done extended research to understand what gets this particular age excited. It is our hope that we can help you pick a suitable gift for your lovely 7 year old angel! 

Gift Idea

Why is it a good Gift?

1. Learn & Climb Kids Science Kit

The kit allows your young scientist to explore, learn and have great fun with their very own science kit. It has over 60 fun filled experiments! 

  • Develop interest in Science
  • Inspire for STEM careers
  • Enhance problem solving skills


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2. Stare! Junior Board Game

Kids can test and train their visual memory skills and have a blast doing it! Players have 30 seconds to stare at an image on a card. Images are varied and fun for kids to look at

  • Good for memory development
  • Develops imagination
  • Great for family game night


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3. Kids Outdoor Explorer Kit

This gift will get the kids off the electronic devices and play in nature It will bring a lot of fun to the outdoors and help develop in them a connection with nature. It includes kids binoculars,flashlight, compass, magnifier, pair of tweezers etc.

  • Includes everything a kid need for exploration
  • A great outdoor educational set
  • No need for any batteries


Our Rating

4. Kids Adventure Kit- Unicorn Gift

Replace screen time with fresh air and locate the magical Pink Unicorn with the Kids Binoculars. It includes Unicorn Headband, Unicorn Backpack, Flashlight, Compass & More. Free Activity Book included

  • Inspires girls to play outdoors
  • Downloadable Unicorn Activity Book
  • Fun & Educational


Our Rating

5. Magnetic Building Tiles 

Keep Kids Away From the Screen, this product will hold their attention while building coordination skills and critical thinking

  • Great STEM Learning Tool for Children
  • Round edge design
  • Kids & parents can have fun together


Our Rating

6. Kick Scooter

The scooter is lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum frame folds up for easy storage, and wheels deliver a smooth ride

  • Handy little ride for kids
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Great outdoor activity!


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7. Karaoke System for kids

Award Winning Musical Toy Kidi Super Star by VTech lets kids take center stage! Your aspiring star can grab the microphone and sing along to eight built-in songs with super cute animations or plug in an MP3 player.

  • Encourage singing
  • Develop interest in music
  • Built-in recorder


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8. Osmo Coding Jam

Place tangible blocks into patterns and sequences (coding), to enter exciting way-out worlds, where characters can be controlled, along with music they perform

  • Learn coding fundamentals in a fun way
  • Teaches skills like pattern recognition
  • Helps create and layer melodies


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9. Charlotte Doll house

This beautiful dollhouse offers lots of space, so multiple kids can explore and play at the same time. It includes 14-piece furniture & accessory set4 levels, 6 rooms and twin Balconies

  • Doll houses are very popular with girls
  • Fun to play with friends
  • Classic playtime helps develop imagination & Storytelling


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10. Mermaid Duvet Cover

A mythical mermaid Duvet Cover with a glittery tail and a seahorse crown, for sweet dreams and fun times. 100% Cotton Duvet Cover and Pillow Case Set – Soft Cover Bedding for Your Little One

  • Sparks imagination about Mermaids!
  • Makes Bedtime fun
  • High quality cotton


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