27 Adorable Gifts For People Who Love Hedgehogs


Hedgehogs are adorable creatures that make great pets. They're cute, they're cuddly and they love to snuggle up with you on the couch while watching TV in the evening. No wonder so many people love them! If you know someone who is a hedgehog lover then this article is for you! We've come up with 27 of the cutest gifts that any hedgehog lover would adore receiving- from cute mittens to a Hedgehog Shaped Mug, there's something for everyone here!

1. Hedgehog Night Light

Hedgehogs love to sit in the light so that this night light will make a perfect gift for hedgehog lovers in your life. It's battery-operated and has three different light settings- from static blue to flickering red.

The cute design features an adorable little hedgehog sitting amongst brightly colored stars and a moon. This pretty hedgehog night light will not only be a thoughtful gift, but it'll also provide loved ones with their hedgehog-shaped nightlight.

2. Hedgehog Toothpicks Holder

This cute hedgehog toothpick holder is the perfect kitchen accessory for any hedgehog lover. It's made of ceramic and features a hedgehog with its little arms and standing on his feet.

The holder is easy to use and holds up to 18 toothpicks, which means this hedgehog stuff will be great for those who like to have plenty of options on hand at all times. It's the perfect gift for someone with an affinity for these small woodland creatures!

3. Hedgehog Coffee Mug

The hedgehog coffee mug is a great way to get your morning cup of joe while also showing off the cute little creature you love. This ceramic mug has some cool features, like its easy-grip handle and trendy design with a hedgehog face on it. The mug has a beautiful line that says, "I'm just a little on Hedge today," and will make anyone that drinks from it smile. You can show your hedgehog love with this cute and cozy mug and can also make an excellent gift for the hedgehog lover in your life.

4. Hedgehog Mittens

Hedgehogs are such cute creatures that deserve all the attention and care they can get. They're adorable, small, and of course, huggable! We know you have an appreciation for these creatures.

The perfect way to keep your hands warm in winter is with these cutest hedgehog mittens. The ultra-soft material on the inside will make sure that you don't lose feeling in your fingers. These hedgehog mittens are a great gift for Christmas or just to show your hedgehog love.

5. Hedgehog Tote Bag

We hope you love hedgehogs as much as we do. This cute tote bag is the perfect way to show your support for these little creatures and has plenty of room inside so that you can carry all your essentials around with ease.

The thick material on this bag will protect it from wear and tear and make sure that it lasts for a long. This cute hedgehog gift is perfect for the person who loves hedgehogs and wants to show it off.

6. Hedgehog Plush Stuffed Animal

This cute hedgehog plush stuffed animal is the perfect gift for any child. The soft fabric of this little guy will make your little one feel all warm and snuggly while still being able to show their love for a hedgehog in style. This spunky hedgehog stuffed animal is sure to make any child happy for hours. This lovely piece is also a great decoration for children's bedrooms. You can also have this as a present for your friends who love hedgehogs.

7. Hedgehog Cheese Grater

This cheese grater is perfect hedgehog present for anyone who loves to cook. The cute little face of this adorable kitchen tool will make you want to use it every time you need a new block of cheese! This sharp-toothed creature can also be used as a decoration on your countertop that' will be delighted to see.

However, the best thing about this fantastic product is that it's not just for hedgehog lovers! Hedgehogs are notoriously hard workers, and we think you'll find them very useful in your kitchen as well.

8. Kitchen Timer

For a gift that will make your hedgehog lover smile, this kitchen timer is perfect. The cute hedgehogs give the little hand a gentle push every minute to help them count down and remind you when it's time for dinner! Show your hedgehog love with this adorable kitchen timer. It comes in brown color and easy to use. It provides convenience when cooking and makes a cute kitchen decoration with its charming hedgehogs.

9. Hedgehog Dish Towel

A hedgehog dish towel is a cute and practical gift for any hedgehog lover. It's made of microfiber, which will keep your hands dry while you're washing dishes. The soft material will also prevent scratches on all kitchenware. An adorable hedgehog with glasses is printed on the cotton fabric in black color, making them funny and cute. These cute hedgehog themed gift must be a great housewarming gift to your friends who loves cute hedgehogs.

10. Hedgehog Bowl Set

If you are looking for a cute hedgehog-themed gift, then this is the perfect one. This fantastic set includes four bowls, each one with a similar design. We think it is cute about this hedgehog bowl set it's that the bowls are made of stoneware and dishwasher safe so that you can clean them easily! These adorable little animals will make any kitchen look cute. You could use these as snack bowls or serve your favorites.

The set of the bowl could be a great mother's day gift to your mother, who inspired hedgehogs and has a special place in their heart for cute hedgehogs.

11. Coconut Fiber Hedgehog Planter

This beautiful hedgehog planter is a handmade artisan in the Philippines. They made this out of coconut fiber which means that it will be biodegradable and compost-friendly later on! The cute hedgehog shape makes a great addition to your home or office, where you can enjoy its charm always. You can buy one for your friend or coworker since it is a great idea to have one in the office for cute hedgehog lovers.

12. Hedgehog-Themed Socks For Women

Socks for women are always a great idea to put in someone's stocking! These hedgehog-themed socks come in a pack of two and are made out of cotton so that they can be machine washed. They're cute and will make any person who loves hedgehogs happy with the adorable detail on them. These socks provide great comfort over the toes and are perfect for anyone who loves hedgehogs!

13. Hedgehog Slippers

It's not easy to find gifts for people who love hedgehogs, but these slippers are the perfect gift! The material is soft and cozy. They're made of fleece with EVA lining on the inside, so your feet stay nice and warm in wintertime or cool in summer. They have a cute little face on the front that has beady eyes. These slippers provide a great way to keep your feet warm and put a smile on your face.

14. Hedgehog Wristlet 

How cute is this? This is a cute little hedgehog that will add some fun to your life. It's designed in the shape of a wristlet. You can use it as a clutch for your phone or keys. It will look cute when you're out and about with friends, giving them an opportunity to pet the soft fur while they admire its design. It could be an adorable gift for someone who loves hedgehogs and wants to celebrate that love.

15. Hedgehog Fragrance Diffuser

This is a cute hedgehog-shaped diffuser that has an adorable smile. This would be a perfect gift for someone who loves the hedgehog and wants to celebrate hedgehog presence at home or office space with something small but meaningful. It's designed to diffuse your favorite fragrance through its little nose while it sits there on its hind legs, waiting patiently for you. People who love hedgehogs must inspire by any means possible.

16. Hedgehog Scarf

It's a good choice for people who want to buy something special for a girl they love on their birthday or Christmas. The cute and adorable hedgehog scarf is 35 by 70 inches, which means it can be wrapped around the neck two times or draped over the shoulders. They'll get plenty of compliments when wearing this cute yet warm accessory that will give them a sense of security and warmth. This pretty scarf comes in different colors so that you can opt according to recipient's personality.

17. Hedgehog Throw Pillow

If the person you're gifting to loves cute things (the more, the better), then this wonderfully crafted pillow is perfect. The hedgehog's features are drawn in a style that will make it look like they have whiskers on their cheeks and even have tiny dots for eyes. What could be sweeter than getting into bed with these little guys?

The pillow is made of 100% Woven polyester, which means it will be soft to the touch and durable in a home with pets or small children.

18. Hedgehog Clock

If the person you're gifting to is always running late, then this clock might be just what they need. This clock is so cute that it can be a centerpiece for an entire room. It's made of metal and plastic, which means it will last long enough to become part of the family before being passed on again in another generation or two. The delightful hedgehog shape makes this such a great gift idea for people who love hedgehogs!

19. Hedgehogs Garden Statue

A cute hedgehog garden statue that will surely make any hedgehog lover happy. This one will not stay outside but has a home inside the house! It's made of ceramic and hand-painted with detail on every part of its shape so that it can be admired in all its glory from every angle. The best thing about this gift is that it will last long enough to become part of the family before being passed on again in another generation or two. The delightful hedgehog shape makes this such a great gift idea for people who love hedgehogs!

20. Organizer Basket

This hedgehog-themed canvas basket is the perfect way to store all baby accessories at the changing table. The top of this hedgehog-themed basket is lined with a cute, coordinating fabric that not only looks great but also protects and polishes baby accessories so they will always look their best. The organizer has enough room for all of those little things like diapers, wipes, or rash cream that can get lost between bigger items like clothes and blankets.

21. Hedgehog Notepad

This is the perfect gift for a coworker or friend who loves all things hedgehog! It's sure to cheer them up every time they need to write something down and flip over this paper notepad to get started. It has 75 pages of paper. Perfect for jotting down to-do lists, phone numbers, and addresses. The notepad is handcrafted and covers made with durable wood, making it a great addition to any home or office.

22. Hedgehog Earrings

These cute little hedgehog earrings are just the thing for any woman who loves animal jewelry! They're handmade and come in a variety of colors. The posts on these earrings have been carefully threaded with surgical steel, which makes them very durable as well. These would be perfect to wear out and about, or on any occasion! Hedgehogs are really cute, so they make an ideal match with any outfit.

23. Hedgehog Toothbrush Holder

This cute hedgehog toothbrush holder is the perfect accessory for anyone who loves hedgehogs! It's made of high-quality ceramic, and it features a hole in its head. This would be a perfect item for any bathroom or bedroom, as well as an adorable little gift idea. Anybody with a hoggish interest will love this cute toothbrush holder, especially children who just want to grab this for themselves.

24. Hedgehog Measuring Cups

If you're searching for a cute and exciting way to measure your ingredients, these hedgehog measuring cups are perfect! They come in multicolor, so they would be great gifts for people who love cooking and hedgehogs too. This set of four measuring cups are hand-painted and made of stoneware.

The best part is that when they are not in use, these measuring cups can be used as decoration pieces or hold jewelry.

25. Hedgehog Glass Ornament

This cute hedgehog glass ornament is a perfect gift for someone who loves hedgehogs and parties. This little glass hedgehog is used as a decoration piece for a party. This hedgehog glass ornament measures about 2.7 inches tall. It would be cute on your tree or as an addition to any home bar cart. The cut clear crystal hedgehog produces high-quality reflection and grabs the attention of many people.

26. Hedgehog Drink Coasters Set

This hedgehog drink coaster set is perfect for anyone who loves cute and cuddly things! This little hedgehog coaster set comes with five cute hedgehogs and one stand. This set of coasters is made from high-quality finished wood. You can protect your table surface with these adorable hedgehog coasters! The set comes in different sizes and mainly for decoration purposes only.

27. Heather Hedgehog Soft Toy

The heather hedgehog is a soft toy friend in neutral colors. It features embroidered eyes, a smile, and an upturned nose. Definitely, the heather hedgehog is not only a cuddly toy but an adorable decoration that all will love. Give this as a baby gift, housewarming gift, or birthday gift. With an appropriate size for hugging and cuddling, this toy is perfect for little hands to grasp.


Rose Parker

Hedgehogs are fun and adorable creatures. People love them because they are cute in their own way. For this reason, finding gift items for hedgehog lovers is not difficult at all. You can pick any item from our list of 27 Adorable Gifts above and you'll be sure that it will please whoever receives it.