Anniversary Gifts For Parents

gifts for parents

Your parents are the ones who gifted you with many things, including your very life. Considering how much of a blessing it can be to just be alive, it can be daunting to find just the perfect gift for your parents. Fortunately for you, our extensive list of gift ideas is bound to have something that will light up their own lives. If you want a big tip or buying a present for your parents, consider what they like as individuals. Maybe your mother loves podcasts or your dad loves fishing, thinking along these lines ought to spark some ideas.


Gift Idea

Why is it a Good Gift?


Amazon Prime Subscription 

A gift that challenges the status quo. Let your parents enjoy thousands of movies and TV shows with Prime video. Perfect for someone who has love for listening to music as they will be able to stream millions of songs and thousands of playlists.

  • Represents warmth & love
  • Simple & Affordable
  • Thoughtful gift
90 % Editor Score


Push Pin Personalized Travel Map

Personalised travel map which you can hang in your living room as an art piece Its a fun and unique way for you to track your past travels and plan out future adventures. Perfect for someone who has a serious case of wanderlust!

  • Nice gift for travellers
  • Great retirement gift
  • Handmade
75 % Editor Score


Nest Thermostat

A thermostat that increases the efficiency of your home by many folds. It is an electronic, programmable, and self-learning Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat that optimizes heating and cooling of homes and businesses to conserve energy. It is super smart and automatically turns itself down when nobody's home to save energy. Any parents will love to install it in their home.

  • Helps save energy
  • Maximizes comfort
  • Cool & Trendy
80 % Editor Score


Family Names Wood Sign

These custom-made wooden signs are suitable to decorate any home. It is made with hand picked reclaimed wood that has been cleaned, sanded and painted. There are hangers on back for easy installation. It is an investment that will be enjoyed and last for many years to come. This lovely token of love is actually an unforgettable experience for your parents.

  • Good decoration for home
  • Budget friendly gift
  • Stylish and elegant gift
95 % Editor Score


Countertop Composter

It is in a convenient size and shape with an easy-carry handle. The interior is completely smooth making it easy to clean. It creates garden-ready compost twice as fast as the conventional way and composting looks as cool as it is. A perfect and very thoughtful gift for green thumb parents on any occasion.

  • Simplicity & affordability
  • Light weight
  • Elegant design
87 % Editor Score


Electric Pressure Cooker

This instant pot combines 7 appliances in one including pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, saute pan, yogurt maker and warmer. It is easy to clean and comes with stainless steel inner pot. The steam cooks food much quickly than traditional oven or stovetop cooking. It comes with advanced safety protection with built-in safety features. Perfect for families for their day to day cooking requirements. You will save time and energy while retaining much of your food's nutrients. This cooking gift will save time and energy of your parents.

  • Cooks Fast & Saves Time
  • Safe and convenient
  • Give tasty results
95 % Editor Score


LEGO DUPLO Town Truck & Tracked Excavator

Little diggers will love operating these easy-to-build construction machines. LEGO DUPLO bricks are specially designed to be safe for little hands

  • Truckload of fun 
  • Develop early building skills
  • Encourages team work
90 % Editor Score


Smart speaker with Alexa

Smart speaker is a voice-activated assistant. Wildly intelligent and supremely versatile in the ways it can be used. Ask it questions and tell it to do things, it is always ready for help. Perfect gift for parents and loved ones. Just start with "Ok Alexa" to get answers, play your favorite songs, tackle your day, enjoy your entertainment and control your smart home. Especially if your parents have a disability or on a wheelchair, this device will help them a lot.

  • Multi-room capability
  • Touch control
  • Far-field voice technology
89 % Editor Score


Long Distance Friendship Lamp

A friendship lamp made with a WiFi internet connection so that it can connect one or more of the same types of lamp across long distances. When you turn one on with a simple touch of your hand, its mate emits the same ambient glow, no matter where it is. Let your parents and loved ones know that you are thinking of them. It is also very light and highly portable, making it ideal for travelling.

  • Stay connected
  • Shows your love & concern
  • Easy to use
90 % Editor Score


Bamboo Cheese Board and Knife Set

From serving cheese to dried meats to crackers, the Serving Platter adds that special touch for any social gathering that you host in your house. Your parents can have friends and guests for wine and cheese every weekend while everyone shares fun stories about their lives, and this serving platter is designed with that in mind.

  • Complete cutlery set
  • Good craftsmenship
  • Useful for parties
92 % Editor Score

Other Considerations...

Consider what your parents might enjoy together. Here are a few ideas to help you create the perfect gift with something you purchase, then put a little of yourself into to make it truly special.

Shopping for your parents never gets easier. From childhood, you remain vexed by the fact that you must shop for someone who can already buy for themselves what they want. This conundrum creates a challenge to shopping for any gift, but the wedding anniversary gifts provide the greatest challenge.

You need the perfect gift to make their anniversary special - something to compliment the occasion. The simplest way to gift your parents with a keepsake they will say makes the perfect gift is to go the DIY route and make it yourself. Once they become parents, anniversary gifts take a new turn, but you can put the romance back into the gifts with these ideas.

Retrospective Scrapbook

Purchase a high-quality scrapbook at a photography supply store or a crafts store. A leather scrapbook shows off how you treasure their treasured photos. Collect photographs of each parent from birth to present, focusing on their life together, especially their wedding and honeymoon.

Place them in chronological order in the scrapbook, including backgrounds, cutouts, stickers, and rubber stamping art or phrases onto the background sheets. Next, create small cards or slips of colored paper on which you type or write a description of each picture.

Use hefty cardstock and acid-free paper and pages. Consider adding frames to each photo as overlays.

Your parents will treasure a personalized anniversary gift such as this forever. You can customize it for a silver or gold anniversary by using a scrapbook or photo album with a cover of either color.

A Professional Photo Shoot

Perhaps your mom and dad, like most, take the photos instead of posing for them. Once they have children, few couples have photos of just themselves any more. You can rectify this by purchasing them a professional photoshoot with a commercial photographer.

These photoshoots typically include fashion styling, a makeup artist, a hairstylist, and allow for multiple changes of clothes. Your parents can bring props or use the ones the photographer has available.

Commercial photographers sell packages that include the number of poses and finished photo prints the subject will receive. The package also includes the number of outfits or styling changes included.

You can surprise them by scheduling for their big day before taking them out to dinner or throwing them a party if the anniversary is a milestone one such as 10, 25 or 50 years.

Throwing the Party of All Parties

For a 25th or 50th anniversary, you can thrill your parents with a gift that creates memories – a party. Rent a large hall or community center. Create custom invitations. Invite all of their friends and family.

The biggest days honoring their marital time together deserve a big bash. If like most couples, they already own one or two of everything by this anniversary, you can note on the invitation, “Your gift is your presence.” This note lets the invitees know that they are wanted and loved, and no present is required.

Have the party catered and make sure to serve your parents’ favorite foods. Alcohol is optional. If your folks do not drink, you should not serve it.

A Fabulous Vacation

Book your parents the vacation of their dreams. Whether you choose a cruise or buy them plane tickets and book hotel stays, you can give them the trip of their dreams. They probably have a dream destination. You can discover it through stealthy conversation over coffee or tea.

If you plan the trip through a travel agent, you can also book guides and a translator to make their travels simpler. See them off with a gift basket or have one waiting on them when they reach the hotel. The travel agent can help you book entertainment and fine dining to make sure they experience the best the country has to offer. You can plan your parents the trip of a lifetime. You could make it a couple's trip if you think they might enjoy the romance or make it a family trip if they tend to like having the kids along even in adulthood. You could have a trip t-shirt made or commemorate it with matching coffee mugs.

An Anniversary Garden

If those sound a bit pricey to put together or your parents eschew parties, try planting an anniversary garden for them. This garden adds to the beauty of their home and provides years of enjoyment. Use perineal flowers and shrubs, so the garden comes back to bloom each year. You might edge it with shrubs or build a stone path around it. Use pavers to make a pathway from their back door to the garden.

You can plant from seeds or use seedlings. Although it does add to the cost, you can purchase fully grown plants that you transfer from their delivery pots into the ground.
Create a pleasing layout for the garden. To add to its utility, install a bench, so the lovebirds can sit and enjoy its beauty. Also, consider adding a fountain or birdbath to incorporate the water element. A bird feeder also makes a lovely addition since it draws wildlife to the garden.

Other Anniversary Gift Ideas

For the non-creative set or those lacking a green thumb, you can shop for a gift. Try to creatively spawn ideas that the two of them could enjoy together. For a couple that entertains, try a set of china coffee mugs or wine glasses. You can shop online at stores like Amazon to peruse a massive selection. Perhaps your parents like to cook together. A cutting board etched with their wedding date on the handle makes a beautiful and useful gift. If they enjoy the same sport and often participate in it together, new, matching tennis rackets or golf clubs make a unique gift.

Even last-minute gifts can provide personalized gifts. Choose a silver or gold or platinum picture frame engraved with their wedding date. Consider love-themed wall art or have wall art created from their wedding photos or honeymoon snapshots. Another idea is to have their wedding cake topper turned into a musical figurine by attaching it to a music box. If they have yet to complete their silverware set, you can purchase pieces of this cutlery or you can add to their collection by doubling their number of place settings. The same is true of their stemware. You can have any metal gift engraved with their wedding date and a romantic message or their names


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And remember the packaging, too. Wrap your gift in an exquisite gift box. I hope you will find great gifts for you to give that wish your parents a Happy Anniversary on their wedding date. You can use this guide to the best anniversary gifts to shop for your parents or your friends' parents when their anniversary occurs.