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Best Gifts that are actually unforgettable experiences

experience gifts

Do you want to bring more happiness into the life of your loved one? Then choose an experience instead of a material object for their gift this year. There is already evidence that experiences make us happier than objects, and that this happiness lasts longer. So if you are looking for something really special and unforgettable as a gift for someone, think about giving them an experience! Here are some ideas:

1. Opera/Theater/Show tickets (for the best seats, of course)

2. Plane tickets to a favorite destination or getaway

3. Drawing class

4. Piano class

5.Stargazing with a cup of hot chocolate

6. A night at a Bedouin camp. Spending the night in the desert is not just for camping trips these days, it can make your daydreams into reality by surprising loved ones with this experience on its own or as part of a journey to another place you have never been before!

7. Skydiving is a great gift idea for anyone that can't think of anything else, or if you just need an easy present to buy during those last minutes before the holiday rush. It's a thrilling and unforgettable option!

8. Glamping. Or champing (camping in a church) if you feel like scandalizing the religious society

9. Anechoic room– this is a hard task because there are few anechoic chambers in the entire world, and they open up only with certain days. It's said that if you stay inside of one for just long enough (as if it's not the case), your heart will start to beat normally

10. A massage, preferably accompanied by a glass of wine or a cup of hot chocolate

11: A cooking class is always great for those who love to cook and want more knowledge about it! Or if you know someone that's just starting out in the kitchen- this would be perfect as well because they can learn from professionals how things are done properly while having fun at home with their loved ones (or friends).

12. Russian Banya , a Finnish sauna, or an Indian steam bath

13. Buy a thoughtful book for someone that will engage them and leave an impact

14. Wine tasting in Napa, California

15. Bungee jumping

16. Paragliding – a tandem flight

17. A special dinner with exotic cuisine that you won't be able to pronounce any item on the menu, and have to helplessly point to dishes to order them

18. A whole day at a theme park

19. A balloon flight in Cappadocia Turkey

20. A day on a lavish boat with lots of champagne, complete with your favorite music playlist

21. A day snowshoeing in the mountains

22. A cocktail night at a rooftop bar

23. A night picnic

24. A visit to a haunted house

25. A language course. Another way to make this gift memorable is to arrange for a foreign language course that takes place abroad

26. Photo shoot by a professional

27. Sending a warm winter vacation to someone with an upcoming birthday in the middle of chilly January is sure to be met with warmth

28. Hike into the mountains with some cake and champagne concealed in a backpack. Once you reach the peak, open up the bottle of champagne and light candles on top of the cake for your loved one (you might even need to buy non-extinguishable candles because peaks where windy)

29. Spend a night in a floating bungalow in Fiji or elsewhere

30. A dinner themed around the country of your most recent trip together

31. Surprise a loved one living in another part of the country or world with an unexpected meet-up and coffee

33. You might want to consider a membership for an aquarium, zoo or science center as a gift. These memberships can usually be given out at any time and can provide lifelong entertaining memories for loved ones

34. A salsa dance lesson

35. Horse riding on a beach

36. You could give your loved one a subscription to yoga classes. It will keep them healthy and really brighten their day

37. Anything homemade, because a homemade cake is much greater than the product itself; it shows that you put time, effort and intent into creating it

38. A luxury hotel stay for a friend who spends most of their life on the road in crappy hostels

39. Gift a Premium membership for their favorite app or online subscription

40. Make one of their dreams come true. Has your friend always wanted to publish a book? To record their own song? Help them make their hobby a little bit more tangible by paying for the record or the publishing service

41. A classic surprise party

42. Test drive a Lamborghini

43. A trip to the moon (or at least a virtual one).  A company called Apollo Box offers an experience where you can send someone on their own private mission and they will be able for take photos of what it looks like from space, as well get some souvenirs that are actually made in outer-space! It's pricey but so worth every penny if your loved ones is into this kind thing 😉

44. Making someone else laugh is so powerful for the giver and receiver. Buy tickets for a stand-up comedy show if your friend is feeling down, take them to see a funny comedy movie, or arrange with friends to get together at a restaurant where everyone has been known to hoot and sqeak all night long

45. A fixed sum of money with fun directions like “On jun 10, spend this money on something you wouldn’t normally do. Get adventurous or do whatever you feel like in the moment

46. A letter to your future self, with a time limit of one year from now for you or the recipient (or both) and instructions on how it should be opened: “Dear Future Me/You”  - write down all that is happening in life right this moment; what are they feeling? What do their days look like at work / home ? How has everything changed since then?""What advice would I give myself if my past me could see into today's world?". This can also serve as an anniversary present! Write letters back & forth between two people who know each other very well - not just romantic partners but friends too

47. All-Access Subscription to MasterClass - this can be a great gift for someone into learning new things from the masters themselves

48. Dive under the sea with shark expert

49. Swim with dolphins

50. Scuba diving

51. Eat exotic Kashmiri cuisine called Wazwan!

52. Buy tickets for go carting

53. Buy tickets for a gun range

54. Buy tickets for a paintball range

55. Go ice fishing during winter in Minneapolis

56. Buy them a cruise trip to the bahamas or other gorgeos destinations

57. Book a RV and send them along a trip to highway 1 in California

58. Book a kayak and drop them at the top of Russian River and then pick them up at Bodega bay

59. Take them to a pickle ball court and play a game or two

60. Book trip to Giraffe Manor, Nairobi and have breakfast with giraffes

61. Hike to an high altitude lake and camp overnight; eat fresh fish

62. Whale watching at point Reyes or wherever close to you!

63. Arrange to take your friend to a beach for the whole day and have them come back with a tan

64. Buy tickets for a live concert ( their favourite band or artist)

65.  Arrange a trip and stay at a Castle ( In ireland or else where)

66. Arrange a trip to Disney land or Disney World

67. Adventure on a safari

68. Buy them a first class ticket for a long haul flight

69. Take a trip on a private jet

70. Wine tasting in a limousine

71. Take them to a magic show

72. Take them to a game of their favorite sport (or any other) and have the best seats in house

73. Visit a chocolate factory and tasting

74. Take them to a snowboarding/skiing resort if they have never seen snow

75. Take them to a spa for the day. (or night) and have all their treatments done by someone else while they relax in luxury, then go home with new clothes or jewelry as well! This is an experience that will make anyone feel like royalty - it's worth every penny of its price tag because you're giving your loved one something special instead just more stuff .

76. Arrange an overnight trip in a house boat

77. Arrange a visit to a Permaculture garden!


Rose Parker

Hope you enjoyed our curated list of Gifts that are actually unforgettable experiences!!!

17 House Warming Gift Ideas for New Neighbors

One of the most exciting things that can happen to you is when you get a new neighbor. It's a chance for friendship, and someone to share your space with. When they move in, it's time to show them some love! Here are 17 house warming gift ideas that will help make your new neighbor feel welcome:

1. Welcome gift basket - A gift basket is a great way to welcome your new neighbor. Include a bottle of wine, some snacks, and maybe even an oven mitt or spatula for cooking together!

2. Coffee maker - A coffee maker is one thing that many people don't have in their home when they move out on the first day so it's always helpful if you can provide them with this gift as well

3. Gift cards- Gift Cards are another great idea because everyone needs something from time to time like groceries at Trader Joe’s (or any grocery store), gas station card, etc., Target has everything too; think about what would be useful where ever he/she lives nearby before picking up these items).

4. Flowers- Bringing fresh flowers to your new neighbors can really brighten up their day. Moving to a new neighborhood can be a little daunting so a quick reminder of the beauty in their new home can make them feel at ease.

5. Gift Basket- A gift basket is a great idea for the new neighbor because it will have all sorts of goodies in there that they can enjoy! You could put things like candy, wine or beer (if you know their preference), coffee/tea mix and some other snacks to go with them so when your friend arrives at his house he has something delicious waiting on him too). One thing I would recommend adding into this type of present are items such as oven mitts if cooking together becomes an activity between neighbors). This way everyone feels comfortable while preparing food without worrying about getting burned by hot pans etc.). And maybe even spatulas - these come in handy especially during pancake time :)! Or how about giving someone

6. Candles- Candle scents are always nice because they can be mixed with the other smells in their house. A plant or tree - A living gift that will continue giving as long it's taken care of is perfect, especially if you know what type he/she likes (eucalyptus trees smell great!). The best part about this idea? You don't have to worry too much since plants require very little maintenance so there won’t need any more gifts like these again until next year when we celebrate our anniversary ;). It also has an added bonus: being able to make new memories together while planting them out on his porch 🙂 !)

7. Home-made cookies- Everyone loves to eat homemade cookies. It's a great way to show your appreciation for their new home and you'll have the opportunity of getting to know them better by asking about what kind they like best or if there are any allergies that need consideration when baking :)!

8. A few house plants- Houseplants add life, color & freshness into someone’s space while also purifying the air in our homes! They can be used as decoration but more importantly, provide an atmosphere with fewer toxins than those found outside which is especially important during allergy season ;). A nice gift idea would include some succulents (they're hardy!), cacti(who doesn't love these?), fern leaves/pansies - all easy-care options perfect even beginners.

9. Tea and Bagels basket- Hot cup of tea and a bagels basket is the perfect way to say "Welcome!". It is a thoughtful gift that will make them feel at home

10. A Welcome Wreath- A welcome wreathe can be hung on the door and filled with flowers, pine cones & other natural elements for an elegant touch! They are also great because they'll last up until winter when you might not want fresh-cut plants in the front yard ;). The best part about this idea? You don't need any fancy tools - just some wire hangers from around the house (or even old clothesline) + twine/wool string ;)! If there isn’t room outside by their doorstep then try hanging one inside near the entryway so as soon walk

11. A jar of jam or honey- A nice, thoughtful gift idea for new neighbors would be something sweet like this. It's not too expensive but it will show them that you care about their well-being! You can find some great options at your local grocery store - we love Trader Joe’s Organic Honey with Lavender & Thyme (great if they have allergies) as an example ;). And don't forget jams such are strawberry rhubarb from our friends over in Vermont ;)!!! They're delicious on toast/bagel sandwiches!! :)! Or try making these yourself by following one simple recipe: https://wwwSallysbakingaddiction

12. DIY welcome home Jar- Another great idea for a housewarming gift is to make your own welcome home jar. This can be as simple or elaborate of an undertaking you want it to! The sky's the limit with this one and there are so many different ideas out in blog land that I'm sure anyone could find something they like 🙂

13. A personalized frame- Another great way, especially if their last name starts off similar enough (or even better yet) exactly how yours does ;)!!! You know what we mean - when people say "Oh wow our names sound alike!" A personalized framed photo will show them just who much thought went into choosing such thoughtful gifts ;). And don't forget about adding some pictures from around town on Facebook/Instagram'll give useful and creative way

14. A housewarming card- A personalized note that says "Welcome!" in your handwriting will make them feel special from day one 😉 .Plus they can always keep these cards as keepsakes or even frame 'em up somewhere around their home ;). And don't forget about adding pictures inside - we all know how much our friends like seeing themselves lol !!! It'll be sure not go unnoticed if there're photos included!! I'm thinking something along those lines would look

15. Mug Herb garden- Gift a sample of your favorite herbs or spices to the new neighbors. They'll be able a create their own recipes and also have fresh ingredients for cooking!

16. Personalized Housewarming Gift- I love this idea so much because it's personalized with your name on top of theirs, which is really neat 🙂 .It would make such an amazing gift too - just saying 😉 !!! And you can get these at any store that sells home decor items (Target/Walmart) as well !! The best part about them is they're not expensive either! You could buy one in bulk if there more than two people moving into next door lol ;). There should always be someone's house warming gifts out when we go shopping why don't u add some personal ones

17. Lemonade DIY gift for new neighbors- A great way to welcome new neighbors into the neighborhood is with a yummy lemonade gift! So many people love this idea and it's so simple too. All you need are some lemons, sugar/honey (depending on preference), water...and of course cups for serving 🙂


Rose Parker

Hope you enjoyed our curated list of gifts for your new neighbors!

15 Birthday gift ideas for your 10 year old nephew

Turning 10 is a big deal! Your nephew is entering double digits and things are changing. He’s not a little kid anymore, but he’s not quite a teenager yet either. He’s caught somewhere in preteen land.

Choosing the perfect birthday gift for this age can be tough. They are growing up so fast and their interests are changing even faster. They need a gift that is engaging enough to hold their attention. Something that is challenging, but not too complicated.

You are the cool Aunt or Uncle, so you want to choose the perfect gift for your awesome nephew. You don’t want to give them another boring gift that ends up in the back of the closet or donated. If you are struggling to come up with the perfect gift idea that won’t disappoint, check out these gift ideas that are sure to please any 10-year-old nephew. This list is narrowed down to 15 of the best options for all different interests and personality types. From fun to educational to adventurous and sporty, you will surely find something that your nephew will love.

1. Nintendo Switch Video Gaming Console

The Nintendo Switch is the most versatile video gaming console out there. With removable controllers, this hand-held gaming system can easily be transformed into a console system. Use the controllers separately or share one with a friend in a two-player game. Hook up to eight systems together for the ultimate gaming experience. Nintendo offers a wide variety of fun and kid-friendly games for any interest from Mario Kart to Minecraft. Both cartridge games and digital downloads are available for this system.

2. Sunnyglade 145 Piece Deluxe Art Set

Sunnyglade Deluxe Art Set is the lovely gift for any blossoming artist. This 145 piece set includes many items like crayons, coil pastels, watercolor paints, olored pencils, and more. The sturdy hardwood case with solid carrying handle makes it easy to take anywhere that inspires your nephew to color. The wide variety of art supplies allows him to get extra creative with his art pieces.

3. Fujifilm instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

See the world through your nephew’s eyes with this instant camera. Lightweight, durable, and available in eight different colors and designs. This camera prints high-quality film photos instantly. Experiment with the different shooting modes to get the best image. Add frames, filters, and stickers to customize. Comes with a convenient wrist strap, so he can take it anywhere without dropping it. This camera is so easy to use, right out of the box. You’ll be framing your nephew’s photos and hanging them on the wall in no time.

4. Foam Bow Archery Set

The sleek design of this lightweight foam bow and arrow set is perfect for any adventurous nephew. The attached quiver on the top holds up to six foam tip arrows (included) for easy access. The foam on the arrows is super soft for a safe archery experience. Your nephew can roam around shooting monsters, zombies, and whatever else his imagination can come up with. Available in three different colors and styles to suit any young archer.

5. Jorbest Tortilla Blanket

This tortilla blanket is a fun gift for a nephew with a good sense of humor. It’s hilarious, but also practical. It’s made of double-sided material that is printed on both sides. It is incredibly soft and it’s over 70 inches in diameter. Plenty big enough for any sized burrito. There are also other food designs available to choose from like pizza and waffles. These blankets have realistic food patterns guaranteed to make your nephew laugh. Wrap him up like a burrito in this warm tortilla shell blanket of comfort.

6. Throw Throw Burrito Dodgeball Card Game

This active card game is a fun way to get your nephew up and moving, but more importantly, laughing. Up to six players can join in on this hilarious card game. It’s easy to learn and fast to play. Play the strategic, but easy card game and throw soft foam burritos at each other. Try to match the cards while avoiding foam burritos past you. This game is great for the whole family and is sure to hold your nephew’s attention.

7. Lascoota Scooter

This is the Cadillac of scooters. With larger wheels than other scooters, it glides like butter across a smooth surface. This scooter can be folded and unfolded with the touch of a button. The ultra-lightweight design and carrying strap make it easy to take almost anywhere. Great for riding on sidewalks, skateparks, or bike trails. It has an easy-to-use braking system, a kickstand, and adjustable handlebars to accommodate any height. Available in 13 colors and designs. This is a gift that your nephew won’t grow out of for a long time.

8. Retevis Walkie Talkies

These walkie-talkies are a neat gift for your adventurous nephew. He can use them around the house, in the back yard, at the park, or on his next camping trip. They are easy to operate with just a few large buttons and an easy-to-read LCD screen. Equipped with a parent-controlled safety channel lock to avoid any unwanted interference. Available in four different colors and patterns. He will love talking to his friends and family over these walkie-talkies.

9. QoQoba Electronic Drum Set

This foldable electronic drum set is an awesome gift for any nephew that loves music. This seven-pad drum set will keep him entertained for hours with its long-lasting rechargeable batteries. It has built-in stereo speakers, but can also be connected to external speakers for a louder concert. This set includes two drumsticks, two foot pedals, and a pair of headphones, so no one else has to hear him practicing. Available in green and rainbow colors.

10.ArmoGear Laser Tag

This laser tag set comes with four different colored guns and matching vests, so your nephew can play with family and friends. Choose from four different team colors and four different weapon types. There can be up to four teams, but unlimited players. Automatic life tracker displayed right on the side of the gun. Built-in vibrations let you know if you’ve been hit. Turn on the flashlight or night vision light for playing at night. There is even a 15-second “invisibility” mode for stealth attacks.

11. Lego Classic Brick Box

When you can’t think of the perfect gift for your nephew, get him this Lego Classic Brick Box and let him build whatever he wants. This is a great set that can be used alone or combined with any other Lego set. It comes with 484 pieces including specialty pieces like wheels and doors. All bricks are stored in a heavy-duty plastic storage box that’s easy to take anywhere he may want to build.

12. Lucky Doug Solar Robot Kit

This 12-in-1 solar robot building kit is a great hands-on gift for your nephew that’s interested in building and how things work. This robot kit is also a fun way to promote STEM education. Your nephew will use science, technology, and imagination to engineer an awesome robot that really moves. Includes 190 unique pieces to build any style robot. He can create one of the recommended robots with easy-to-follow instructions or come up with one of his own designs.

13. Snaptain Mini Foldable Drone

This mini foldable drone is an exciting gift for any nephew that likes technology and stunts. It can be used alone or with a smartphone app. Easy to use right out of the box, with or without the app. Draw on the screen of your phone to make the drone mimic that same pattern. Small enough to fly inside or outside. Folds up small enough to take almost anywhere. Flies up to 50 feet. Do flips, spins, and tricks. Take photos and videos that are automatically stored. Comes with two rechargeable batteries for endless fun. The smartphone app allows for voice and gesture commands too.

14.Glow City Light Up Basketball

Glow City Light Up Basketball is a unique gift for your sports-loving nephew. The entire ball is illuminated by LED lights when you play. Lights are activated when the ball is bounced and turn off when the ball is not in use. Batteries are included and easy to change when needed. Official size and weight of standard basketball. Your nephew will be the coolest basketball player on the court and never lose it again. Glow City also makes other light-up sports balls including footballs and soccer balls.

15. Trapped in a Video Game Book Series

This is a great gift for your book-loving nephew. The Trapped in a Video Game Book Series is a box set of five amazing adventure books. These books are great even if your nephew doesn’t like video games, but even better if he does. Being trapped inside a video game sounds like it would be awesome until trouble comes along and things get challenging. Your nephew can read along with the brave characters in this book for a wild adventure. Available in paperback, Kindle, and audio versions.


Rose Parker

Hope you enjoyed our curated list of birthday gifts for your lovely Nephew!

15 Get well soon Gift Ideas for women after Surgery

Major surgery is a big deal in a woman’s life. If you are in the market for sweet and thoughtful women surgery gifts, you’ve come to the right place. Choosing the perfect gift for this difficult occasion can be challenging, but we’ve compiled a list of 15 Get well soon gift ideas for women after surgery. The trick to finding the perfect after surgery gifts is to think outside of the box. Sure, flowers, balloons, and stuffed animals are thoughtful. But let’s be real! Flowers and balloons will only survive for a short time and grown women don’t want stuffed animals. You’ll want to come up with a post-surgery functional gift idea. Remember that following major surgery, there will be a period of rest and recovery. She will likely be spending a lot of time on the couch or in bed. So consider buying a gift that will make that rest-time more comfortable. If you need some specific inspiration, here’s a list of 15 Get Well Soon Gift Ideas for Women After Surgery:

1. UGG Scuffette II House Slipper

What’s better than warm and cozy house slippers? Adorable, colorful slippers, that’s what! These classic slip-on UGGS are not only super cute, but they are super comfortable. They are available in 6 playful colors and are constructed of suede, sheepskin fur, and a rubber sole. These are great after surgery gifts for women to pack in their hospital bags or for recovery at home. What’s better is that because of that rubber sole, they can be worn both inside and outside. They retail for around $90, which is a great price point for UGGS.

2. Parachute Classic Robe

This robe is a winner! Available in 4 soft colors and made of 100% Turkish cotton, this robe delivers in comfort. It is a super plush and cozy robe, while not being too warm or confining. It’s made with two loose front pockets and a snuggly shawl collar that can be popped up for optimal comfort. The Parachute robe is another great idea for after-surgery gifts for women. It sells for about $100, but the luxurious feel of this robe will make it look and feel like you spent hundreds more than that.

3. Sunbeam Heated Throw Blanket

With over 6,000 5-star Amazon reviews, the Sunbeam Heated Throw Blanket is sure to keep your best gal cozy and toasty while she recovers from surgery. It’s available in 6 colors and ranges in price from $40-$90 depending on the color you choose. The blanket is made of soft Microplush fabric, is washer/dryer safe, and is equipped with a 6-foot power cord. Further, this blanket has 3 temperature settings and a 3-hour automatic power-off setting. This blanket is sure to keep your patient warm and cozy during long recovery hours on the couch or in bed.

4. Therapedic Oversized Backrest Pillow

This backrest pillow is sure to make a bed the most comfortable place to hang during surgery recovery. Your patient can use this pillow to prop herself up in bed to read a book, eat or drink, or just reposition for optimal comfort. Constructed of supportive foam and a micromink cover, this pillow will not only do its job of propping her well, but it is also soft and cozy. The Therapedic Oversized Backrest Pillow is also outfitted with a pocket for your phone or remote. This pillow retails for around $40 and will surely be an essential recovery item as one of many desirable after surgery gifts.

5. TIKTIK Women’s Pajama Set

This versatile pajama set is sure to wow any woman recovering from surgery. Available in more than 35 colors and prints, this lightweight, thermal, and moisture-wicking jammies are just what the doctor ordered. These pajamas are a non-constricting, loose fit that will sit gently on surgery wounds or sites. They are stretchy, loose, and have a drawstring waistband for optimal adjustability and comfort. TIKTIK is so sure you’ll agree that these pajamas are the ultimate in comfort, that they provide a full-refund warranty if you’re not satisfied. For only $40, this PJ set is a perfect gift for women recovering from surgery.

6. Honeydew Intimates Star Seeker Lounge Set

This stylish loungewear set is not only exceptionally comfortable, but it’s also super cute. This two-piece lounger set is made of lightweight, jersey-knit that consists of a crewneck, long-sleeve raglan, and joggers with an adjustable waistband. When the recovering patient finally musters up the strength to get out of her pajamas, this will be the perfect set to lounge around the house in. But the Star Seeker Lounge set is appropriate for public appearances too. The perfect balance of fashion and comfort, the Star Seeker retails for $54. Trust us, she will love this set!

7. Hatch For Sleep

The Hatch For Sleep does it all. It is a night light, alarm, and sound machine all built into one very sleek console. Operated with her smart device, the reading/night light can be adjusted to desired color and brightness, the alarm can be set to ring with a plethora of noise and light combinations, and the sound machine can run meditative breathing and relaxation exercise before softly playing your favorite white noise all night long. Although this is a great system for anyone, it would be especially useful to someone recovering from surgery. Using the night light to read or winding down with the meditations for supreme relaxation will surely aid in the recovery process. The Hatch For Sleep sells for $130 and is worth every penny.

8. Nekteck Foot Massager with Heat

Self-care is important any time of the year, but never more so than following major surgery. One of our favorite ways to pamper ourselves is with a good old foot massage. But if you’re confined to the home and can’t treat yourself to professional reflexology, the Nekteck Foot Massager is the next best thing. One of the best after surgery gifts for women is the gift of a relaxing foot massage. This product has 6 massage heads whose 18 rotating nodes relax tension, alleviate sore muscles, and encourage blood flow. It can also be adjusted to 3 height levels so that no matter her height, she can comfortably massage her feet. The Nekteck is also equipped with a heating function that is heavenly but can be turned on and off if heat is not her thing. This “Amazon Choice” product retails for around $60.

9. Mont Marte Calligraphy Set

Why not a new hobby during the long homebound hours following surgery? A super fun, low-impact hobby to pick up is calligraphy. The Mont Marte Calligraphy Set will provide her with all the materials she needs to get started. Including in the set are an introduction book, a workbook, pens, and ink cartridges. Calligraphy is a fun, low-impact way to fill the long hours of recovery constructively. This new hobby may be exactly what the healing patient needs to challenge her boredom. The whole set is only $26 which is a steal considering all that’s included.

10. Apple AirPods

Wouldn’t we all swoon over a pair of the hottest earbuds on the market? So why not give these beauties as women surgery gifts? The Apple AirPods, with noise-canceling properties, will allow the recovering patient the quiet they need to rest peacefully. They’d be perfect for a noisy hospital room or at home too. They can also be used to listen to her favorite tunes or the audio to her new book. The wireless technology works so well and makes them so convenient to use. What’s more, is that the Apple AirPods deliver up to 5 hours of listening time with only 1 charge. But even if that’s not enough, the charging case will have you back in action in no time. The Apple AirPods start at $159 and would make a really special gift.

11. Kindle Paperwhite

A Kindle is a great gift, period. But as a get-well-soon gift, it is perfect to help a recovering patient pass the time. The Kindle Paperwhite is a lightweight, backlit tablet from which she can read all her books and play lots of downloadable games. Available in 4 colors and equipped with 8GB of storage space, this device is sure to please. What’s more is that the Kindle comes with a free 3-month subscription to Kindle Unlimited, through which she can download and read books free of charge during that period. The Kindle Paperwhite retails for $130 and is a super get-well gift.

12. Send a Meal

What better way to say get well soon than with a delicious meal? The last thing your recovering patient wants to worry about is mustering the strength to prepare a meal. Save her the trouble and send a delicious, chef-prepared meal mailed directly to her front door. With Send a Meal, there’s no subscription required, so simply choose the meal and surprise your gal with yummy comfort food. The cost varies depending on the meal you choose and how many people you’d like to feed. Either way, this is a get-well gift that is sure to please.

13. Simple Modern Classic Tumbler

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated, but doing so is even more important when one is recovering from surgery. Nothing says “drink up” like a pretty and functional tumbler. The Simple Modern Classic Tumbler is an insulated drinking cup that keeps your beverage either hot or icy cold for hours. Available in 10 colors and 4 sizes, the Simple Modern comes with a vacuum-sealed lid and drinking straw. This tumbler is a perfect bedside tumbler for a woman recovering from surgery. Depending on the size you choose, the price ranges from $19 to $25.

14. Heloideo Portable Charger

The Heloideo Portable charger is an awesome battery pack with 4 connector types: USB type c, micro USB, USB, and lightning cable. This device can simultaneously charge all of your devices. The Heloideo, when fully charged, holds enough power to completely recharge 3 devices. Nobody wants to fuss with charging cables from the bed. So the convenience of this power pack can not be overstated. This is a great gift that retails for just under $40.

15.Hulu Gift Card

How about a whole new library of shows and movies to choose from? With a Hulu gift card, the recovering patient can cozy up on the couch with a gifted subscription to this premium streaming service. Hulu gift cards can be bought in $25 increments beginning at $25. Hulu streams the hottest shows as well as Hulu originals. Catching up on some good tv or movies is the perfect way for a woman recovering from surgery to spend her time resting.


Rose Parker

Hope you enjoyed our curated list of gifts for a recovering lady in your life!

15 gift ideas for fisherman dad under 100

With Father’s Day right around the corner, you may already be thinking about what to buy your favorite guy. If your dad or husband is a fisherman and you’re thinking of buying him some fisherman swag, you’ve come to the right place. Good fishing-themed gifts are hard to come by. How many embroidered shirts does one man need? We went straight to the source and spoke with some commercial and recreational fishermen for some gift top-notch ideas. You can trust that fish-themed apparel didn’t even make the cut. Your fisherman dad gifts have certainly already covered nautical dress shirts, bucket hats, and tackle boxes over the years. So why not get him something he’ll really use on the water. We’ve compiled a list of 15 fisherman gifts for dad for under $100. The fisher man gifts lifted below are sure to please.

1. Xtra Tuff Neoprene Insulated Fishing Shoes

Retailing for around $85, these super stylish deck shoes have it all. They are insulated for optimal warmth, slip-resistant, and have a non-marking sole. Not only do these Xtra Tuff Fishing Shoes look cool, but more importantly, they’re highly functional. They are lightweight and 100% water, acid, and chemical resistant. What’s more, they can also be comfortably worn off the boat. These are super rain or snowshoes too, but we digress. Xtra Tuff also makes a deck boot that is just as good-looking and functional as the Fishing Shoe.

2. Camp-Zero Cooler/Ice Chest

For right around $80, your dad will undoubtedly love this addition to his fishing gear. With laudable reviews, this cooler/ice chest is a fisherman favorite. The Camp-Zero is available in 15 colors and is virtually indestructible. It's got an aluminum folding comfort grip handle and is even compatible with dry ice. And the lid comes equipped with two standard-size cup holders so dad has a comfortable place to rest his favorite drink. The Camp-Zero is a super gift for a fishing dad.

3. Yeti Rambler 24 oz. Mug with Magslider Lid

The Yeti Rambler is an amazing travel mug that makes an excellent gift for fisherman dads. It is double-insulated with stainless steel so it keeps what's hot, hot and what's cold, cold. This mug will help to keep dad warm on cold mornings on the lake and cool in the dog days of summer. Even better is that this mug is dishwasher safe. The Rambler also features an uber-strong steel handle so dad will never lose grip on his hot or cold brew. This Rambler is also available in 8 colors and retails for around $35.

4. Grundens Neptune 509 Commercial Fishing Bib Pants

These commercial waders come highly recommended and are an essential article for your favorite fisherman. Coming in around the $90 mark, the Grundens bibs will keep dad warm and dry. These are medium-weight so they won’t way your guy down and they provide a perfect balance of fit and stretch. Your angler will be able to move comfortably and remain dry for even the longest days of fishing. The Grundens bibs include pockets and adjustable straps. Recommended by professional fishermen, dad will surely love these high-quality, affordable bibs.

5. JBL Clip 3 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The JBL Speaker is a perfect accessory for dad’s next fishing trip. What better way to enjoy a relaxing fishing trip than with some of his favorite tunes? This waterproof speaker can withstand wet weather conditions or even a dunk in the water. This Bluetooth speaker can be paired with dad’s smart devices to play downloaded or streaming music and lasts for up to 10 hours of playtime. The handy integrated carabiner can clip to a backpack, cooler, belt loop, tackle box, or anything. This speaker is available in 14 colors and retails for around $70.

6. Grundens Shoreman Hooded Fishing Jacket 300

This jacket is another fan favorite recommended to us straight by experienced commercial fishermen. This high-quality, stylish and functional jacket retails for about $65 and would be a great upgrade to dad’s fishing garb. The Shoreman’s active-fit design is made for long hours of dry comfort on the water. Not only is this comfortable, hooded jacket waterproof, but it’s also odor-resistant, stain-resistant, and easy to clean. The Shoreman comes in 3 colors and is available in sizes XS-5X. This is a top pick for fisher man gifts.

7. Filthy Anglers Balsam Polarized Sport Fishing Sunglasses

The Filthy Anglers have lightweight frames and polarized lenses that are designed for comfortability and ultimate protection from harmful UV rays. Fishermen love the Filthy Anglers for their glare-repelling and scratch-resistant balsam lenses. Through their innovative design, the Filthy Anglers correct color distortion so that dad will have no problem seeing fish clearly. These shades were designed by fishermen for fishermen. So go ahead and treat dad to these beauties that are available at the $100 price point.

8. Man Crates Lure Making Kit

This incredibly fun fishing gift is perfect for the fishing enthusiasts in your life. According to fishing wisdom, the secret to catching the best fish in the water is by having the most alluring lure. Those mass-produced lures you can buy at your local tackle shop aren’t nearly as enticing to fish like the ones your dad will make with his own two hands. Included in the Man Crates Lure Making Kit are all the supplies dad will need to reel in the biggest catch. The kit comes with 3 lure molds, 1 pint of plastisol, a measuring cup, and lure coloring/glitter/stink. The Lure Making Kit is a super fun way for dad to be even more hands-on in his favorite sport. The kit retails for around $100, but the pride dad will feel in making these hand-crafted lures will be priceless.

9. “The History of Fly Fishing in Fifty Flies” by Ian Whitelaw

This New York Times Bestseller is a great read for your favorite fisherman. This engaging read recounts the history of fishing from its inception nearly 2000 years ago. “The History of Fly Fishing in Fifty Flies” focuses on the evolution of early feathered hooks to modern patterns that use state-of-the-art materials. The book is also packed with tips, techniques, photographs, and illustrations. Trust us, your dad will find this stuff to be fascinating. Ringing in at roughly $25, this gift is sure to please.

10. Custom Fishing Lure

This fishing lure is not only thoughtful and beautiful, but it’s also functional. The keepsake lure is handcrafted and painted in sharp, beautiful colors that are sure to attract a big catch. What’s more, is that you can personalize the lure with a sweet message to your dad; it fits up to 20 characters. This is a unique and customizable fishing lure. No two are alike! Without a doubt, this is a personalized gift that your dad will not only swoon over but will also be put to practical use when he hits the water. This sweet gift retails for under $30.

11. Morakniv Floating Knife

The Morakniv floating knife by Industrial Revolution is constructed of stainless steel, a 9.26-inch blade, and a cork handle. The thin 1.44 mm blade is super light and flexible and it’s easily buoyed by the floating cork handle, so if dad drops it in the water he won’t lose it to the lake’s floor. The Morakniv also comes with a brightly colored sheath that easily clips to dad’s belt, backpack, or life vest. This is the perfect new tool for dad’s next fishing adventure. This handy fishing tool retails for about $30.

12. LL Bean Adults’ No Fly Zone Boonie Hat

So we said no bucket hats, but the LL Bean No Fly Zone Boonie hat is in a class of its own. This ultra-lightweight, breathable, and bug-repellent hat will keep dad’s melon shaded from sun and moisture while warding off pesky bugs. The hat is treated with permethrin which is a synthetic bug repellent that will keep dad protected. The Boonie is a fast-drying, UPF 50+ fishing hat that comes in 2 colors, is adjustable, and machine washable. The Boonie is more than a hat! Dad will thank you for years to come for this awesome fisherman gift. It sells for about $35.

13. Pelican 0955 Micro Sport Pelican Wallet

The Pelican Micro Sport is the wallet your fisherman dad didn’t know he needed. This durable, water and rust-resisting, and crush-proof wallet are made for dads who love the great outdoors. It’s small enough to fit in a pants pocket but big enough to hold money, cards, and even keys. The Pelican Micro Sport is equipped with an easy-open latch, dual mesh pockets for organization, and even comes with a lanyard. This wallet, which retails for about $28, is dad’s next favorite fishing accessory.

14. Croakies

Good fisherman gifts for dad are hard to come by, but these are a great idea. Croakies have been the industry leader in eyewear lanyards for over 40 years. That says a lot about a product! The premium neoprene construction will save your shades from going overboard every time. Croakies come in a wide variety of colors and designs, are washable, and adjustable. Croakies retail for under $10, so they are a great gift for even the tightest budget.

15. The Big Catch Personalized Maple Fillet Board

This sweet gift is both sentimental and functional. The Big Catch Fillet Board is a personalized cutting board made of real maple wood. It’s crafted with 20-inch ruler notches and a built-in honing tool. It’s also got grip handles on both sides and can be engraved with 2 graphic options and 3 lines of text. Dad will cherish the sweet message you adorn this cutting board with for years of fish filleting to come. The Big Catch Board is handcrafted in the USA and goes for about $85.


Rose Parker

Hope you enjoyed our curated list of gifts for a dad into fishing!


40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Male friend

40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Male friend

​Is your friend's 40th birthday around the corner and it's time to go shopping for a gift? With gift shopping, you need to be sure about what you are investing in.

Here are some of the best gifts that are going to get the job done when it comes to impressing your friend.

This is a classic gift that is going to work well and is going to look the part too. Find a good tie that has a classy look to it and is going to suit your friend's dressing style. In general, you want to go with darker shades because those are going to look regal and will be impressive as a gift.


This is a traditional option that is always going to be on your mind when it comes to finding a good gift for your friend's 40th birthday.

Mens shoes with white background Photograph by Chavalit Kamolthamanon
In this case, you want to find shoes that are going to suit your friend's style.

Does he like to go casual all the time? In this situation, you should look to invest in a good pair of white sneakers that will work with different casual outfits. If your friend wears suits all the time for work, why not gift a good pair of dress shoes?


Wristwatches are never a bad idea because they look amazing and are going to draw his attention as soon as he takes it out.

Turbine GMT watch with rubber strap | Perrelet | The Jewellery EditorFind a watch that is going to suit your friend's style and make sure it is easy on the eyes. A good wristwatch is a staple for men's fashion and that continues into the 40s. A man is always going to want a good wristwatch and spending money on one such as this is going to make a noticeable difference.

Look into this and ensure you end up with a watch that is going to be worthwhile.

Whether it is a traditional piece or something that is more cutting-edge (i.e. Apple Watch) you can't go wrong with this as a potential gift. Your friend is going to love it.

Drill Kit

Depending on your male friend's preferences and hobbies, it's never a bad idea to look at a drill kit. These aren't always easy to buy for the average person and it's a good investment that you can make into your male friend's current toolkit.

A good drill is going to make a serious difference when it comes to any DIY projects your friend enjoys.

Of course, it's never a bad idea to see whether or not your friend needs other tools for his collection. The idea is to look at home improvement options and use that as inspiration for your gift.

For your friend's 40th birthday, it's time to look at what he wants most. It is about bringing a smile to his face and that is only going to happen when you are taking the time to find the right gifts. As long as you do this, you are going to enjoy the quality of your gift.

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