Gracious Baptism Gifts For Boys

baptism gifts for boys

Few happy occasions in life bring families together like when a family member is newly baptized. Baptism is among the most meaningful spiritual experiences of a person’s life, no matter if that person is a newborn baby, a child or an adult choosing to commit to a life in the Spirit. To celebrate the special occasion of a baptism, choose just the right gift to show how much this milestone life event means to you. Here you’ll find some suggestions for the most gracious gifts for the newly baptized person.


Gift Idea

Why is it a Good Gift?


Baptism baby blanket

Note down the time and day that you have baptised your little one and got him the blessings of the Almighty. This blanket has your infant's name printed along with the date when you got them baptised and blessed in the church.

  • Soft and smooth
  • Personalized date
  • Lightweight
92 % Editor Score


Silver plate rattle

This elegant silver rattle can be preserved forever and reminds your young one of the time he was baptized. The ends have mighty crosses that make the rattle all the more beautiful and spectacular to have in your little one's room.

  • Flawless silver
  • Impressive crosses
  • Preserve forever
85 % Editor Score


Mirrored glass picture frame

This photo frame not only holds the memories of your baby getting baptized but also preserves the sentiments that come along with it. The mirror glass frame is a classic design with a personalized touch of love, affection and a lot of blessings.

  • Preserves sentiments
  • Good looking frame
  • Best baptism gift
89 % Editor Score


Bear soft toy - perfect baptism gift for boys

This beautiful bear smiles and looks vibrant just like your baby in the house. Give him this as his baptism gift and see how he'll become friends with it instantly and they'll enjoy each other's company very well. The design is cute and long lasting

  • Soft to touch
  • Good for babies
  • Smiling bear
85 % Editor Score


Musical lamb and prayer book set

This gift is made for both the tiny girls and boys and they'll love the cuteness of the baby lamb with a smile. It also comes with the prayer book so that you can teach your baptised baby the hymns of the Lord's greatness and sacrifice.

  • Cute lamb
  • Good hymns in book
  • Combo set
90 % Editor Score


Blessed bodysuit

You can dedicate this soft, smooth, comfortable and perfect bodysuit to the young one who has just been baptised. The quote rightly states the blessings he has received and the suit will make your baby look cuter than he already is.

  • Classy black color
  • Soft and no irritation
  • Good size
87 % Editor Score


Wall cross for babies

Now that your child is baptised and blessed with the goodness of the Lord, you can buy him this pretty cross to place it above his bed. It will be the first thing he will see when he wakes up and its presence will fill the room with positivity.

  • Good hanging
  • Impressive silver color
  • Long lasting
89 % Editor Score


Muslin blanket

This muslin cloth blanket is soft and comfortable for a newborn and keeps him warm and safe throughout the day. The Child of God quotes make it all the more beautiful and attractive. This one is the best baptism gift for the babies.

  • Loving God quote
  • Cares for baby
  • Smooth and comfortable
91 % Editor Score


Baby hand-leg print set

Time doesn't stop for anyone and it runs like someone is chasing it. The babies grow up soon and you will start to miss their small and tiny nature. This frame helps you to preserve the baby hands and leg prints on quality cement. 

  • Preserve childhood
  • Good old memories
  • Impressive cement prints
95 % Editor Score


Personalized Crib Sheets

Provide the perfect cushion experience for your babies while they rock and roll in the comfort of their cribs. These are personalized and have the name of the baby on the top. This is the perfect baptism gift for your young one who has been blessed.

  • Soft and suitable
  • Fits the crib
  • Personalized names
89 % Editor Score

Other Ideas...

Embroidered Quilt
Baptism gift ideas should be timeless, in that it should capture a memory in time that you always want to go back to. An embroidered quilt is one that can capture this special day for years to come, as it's a personalized touch with your baby boy's first and middle name as well as the date of the christening. If choose not go for a personalized touch, there are plenty of different themes to choose from on

A Religious Baby Book
Baby books are always an acceptable christening gift for any baby's occasion, and baptism is certainly one of them. If you do buy a baby book for a baby's baptism, consider one with a religious theme. Some popular ones include "God Bless You and Good Night", "God Gave Us You", and "I Love You to the Moon and Back".

Personalized Gift With Irish Blessing
Personalized gifts are always a popular gift idea for a baptism, but if you want to get something with a proper touch for a little boy, consider finding a personalized gift with the Irish blessing. Whether you find something that already has the blessing printed or you need to customize it, the Irish blessing is a symbol of positivity even in bad times and is meant to represent that God is always with that individual to bring them through anything life throws at them. Consider something like a Keepsake Box or even a cross to personalize the prayer.

Art Work
One of the more interesting gifts you can get for a baby's baptism is artwork. Pictures are a form of memorabilia that does not become clutter in a household and can be hung in a baby's room and when they grow up they can treasure it. Most popular artwork is usually animals, such as a baby sheep or lamb.

Baby's First Cross necklace
A perfect gift mainly from grandparents would be a baby's first cross. A baby's first cross is a very symbolic and special gift if it comes from a family member. You can pair it with a rosary which can enhance the gift. It would be best to get a keepsake box when you get a baby's first cross, and you may even consider making it a personalized baptism gift.

Specialized Picture Frame
An affordable meaningful gift to consider on a budget would be a specialized picture frame, where either you or the baby's family can send a picture from the day of baptism. The frame can be made of any material but should have a heartfelt message that symbolizes the special moment.

Swaddle Blanket
A popular gift that might be a good gift if you are the godmother and godfather of a godson/ godchild is a swaddle blanket. A blanket is a baby's best friend acting like an onesie and there is no better gift to give that a baby would use and can be a symbol of remembrance for the baby's baptism. Like many other gifts, these blankets can be personalized with a special message from loved ones or have a customized handprint.

God Bless Pewter Cup
If you are looking for a nice elegant handcrafted product as a keepsake, you could consider a personalized pewter cup that can be etched to include a special powerful message of faith and celebration. These items can generally be handcrafted and are usually made in a special place like England or Scotland and are another gift that is durable and long-lasting due to its composition of sterling silver.

Children’s Prayer Accent Light
Another great gift to consider for a baptism especially if you are a godparent is a children's prayer accent light. These usually are made of a wood frame with an acrylic transparent sheet with an etched message, that has a bulb inside that can light up at night. This acts as a night light but also displays a powerful faithful message usually in the form of a prayer or a loving message for the baby. The message can also include things such as a picture of an angel or Noah's ark and have the baby's name etched somewhere on the sheet.

Prayer Bear
Stuffed animals are always an appropriate baby baptism gift to get for any Christian baby's special memories. Stuffed bears are usually the way to go, as they are the ultimate stuffed animal for comfort. If you do decide to get a stuffed bear for a baptism, consider a prayer bear as an extra layer of elegance. A prayer bear can have a stitched message and/or the baby's name for keepsake. Additionally, many bears can be battery powered to deliver multiple messages when it turns on. These messages can be either lullabies or little special prayers for your new baby that can help put them to sleep.

Baby Acrylic Photo Block
While its no doubt that there will be a ton of pictures going around of a baby's baptism day, perhaps take one of your favorites or even a picture from baptism and put it in an acrylic photo block. These are becoming a unique gift over standard picture frames because these are laser engraved images that will never fade, unlike any traditional photo print. An engraved photo also provides a level of elegance that can be unmatched by any standard picture frame.

Personalized Book
While a baby cannot read at the time of baptism, nothing will be more special than mom or dad being able to read a bedtime story personalized towards the baby boy. So for a boy's baptism, why not create a personalized book that reminds a child of how much he is loved by his family and god. The book can be personalized with the child's name and a dedication page, and provide a loving story about God's love and how special the baby boy is.


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It is my hope you found our insights helpful and which will enable you to get the best gift and meet that baptism date.