30 24th Wedding Anniversary Gift

24th wedding anniversary gift

What should you give to couples who are celebrating their 24 wedding anniversary? There are many options to choose from, but we have narrowed it down to the best of the best. We have compiled a list of 30 of the best 24th wedding anniversary gifts we could find! Whether you are looking for something traditional or something more unique, we have you covered. So without further ado, let's take a look at some of the best 24th wedding anniversary gifts available!

1. White Gold Plated Opal Necklace

An opal symbolizes love and purity and hope for the future. This round shape opal charm is surrounded by sparkly cubic zirconia. This lovely necklace comes with an 18-inch silver chain. This white gold plated opal necklace is a stunning gift because she can wear this necklace with any outfit and show her love. Plus, whenever she sees this necklace, it will remind her of you.

2. Metal Date Night Dice

The wedding anniversary is a great accomplishment and an awesome milestone to celebrate. These date night dice are the perfect way to reminisce about your favorite dates with one another over the years while creating new memories that will last a lifetime! With six sides on each die, you have many options: where should we go (at home or out), what shall we do (activity type like movies/dinner etc.), when should it be scheduled? The possibilities are endless. The best thing is these dice can be used again and again, so every time she sees them, it'll remind her of why they're special.

3. His & Hers Couples Pendant Necklace 

This matching set of stainless steel pendants is a great way to show your love for each other. The "his" and "hers" necklaces come with identical pendants. The charm is made of two smaller silver rings with engraved text that reads "eternal love" and The world looks wonderful when I am with you". They are simple but elegant couple necklaces and will look great with any outfit. Best of all, they are made from durable stainless steel to last forever!

4. Personalized Acrylic Song Plaque

This personalized acrylic album cover is a lovely gift for a wedding anniversary. The image of the record and the band are engraved in clear, transparent acrylic with your choice of song lyrics printed beside it. This unique piece will be sure to show off their taste while also remembering that special day every time they see it hanging on their wall or desk! You can make this anniversary even more meaningful by adding any other details you might want, such as photos from when they were married or an image representing them perfectly like flowers, hearts etc.

5. Infinity Love Candle Holder Statue

This is a unique wedding anniversary gift that will be cherished forever. The candle holder features a cute couple figurines in the center of two infinity symbols to represent your endless love and devotion to each other! This statue has been hand-sculpted by artisans using real wax molds before being cast in resin for durability with a gold finish over it all, so you know this piece will last through many anniversaries without losing its luster or shine as time goes on. It would also be a romantic gift for your valentine.

6. Hands Casting Kit

This is a great gift for couples to do a fun bonding activity together, especially when enjoying their wedding anniversary. The plaster casting kit will allow you and your loved ones to create casts of each other's hands that can be displayed as a sweet reminder of the bond you share. Plus, it makes for a unique 24th wedding anniversary decoration! The best part is that this kit is easy enough for anyone to use, with no prior experience necessary. So gather up the family and get started on making some unforgettable memories with this amazing DIY project!

7. Gold Plated Happy Anniversary Double Heart Figurine 

This beautiful 24k gold plated double heart figurine is a great way to commemorate your 24th wedding anniversary. It's encrusted with genuine crystals for a dazzling display that will show off your exquisite taste. The hearts are inscribed with the words "Happy Anniversary" and come in a deluxe gift box, making it an ideal present for any couple celebrating their milestone anniversaries. This beautiful heart figurine always reminds the happy couple of the love they share.

8. Wedding Anniversary Journal 

This beautiful and heartfelt journal helps you reflect on all the amazing memories you've shared over the years. This journal features a beautiful title that reads 24 years and looking forward to forever. The journal also makes a great keepsake for future generations to learn more about their ancestors' lives and love stories. Whether you're using it to record your thoughts or giving it as a gift, this lovely journal is sure to be appreciated by any couple celebrating their 24th wedding anniversary.

9. Luxurious Blanket

This beautiful and sentimental blanket is a warm way for husbands to show their wives how much they love them. The soft fabric and cozy design make it the perfect item to cuddle up with, while the heartfelt message will touch your wife's heart. This luxurious blanket is overflowing with blessings, aspirations, and prayers, whether it's an illness, sadness, or depression. This blanket is a great way to commemorate any special occasion, such as a wedding anniversary or birthday, and makes a wonderful present for any loving wife.

10. 3 Red Rose in Musical Box

This beautiful rose will bring a smile to any special woman's face. The rose is encased in an elegant glass dome that sits a top a wooden base and plays music when opened up. This box also features a photo frame design so that you can add a special photo of your choice. This music box with preserved flowers is the perfect way to show your wife how much you love her. The elegant design and beautiful music will touch her heart, while the photo frame lets her cherish a special moment. It would also be a cute valentine's gift for your girlfriend.

11. Opal Heart Stud

This opal heart stud gift is a lovely way to celebrate your special day and give a lovely opal present to your wife. The classic sterling silver stud is adorned with round amethyst stones in a halo setting that will make anyone smile. Lovely studs feature a heart-shaped opal which is a sign of pure love. Butterfly backs secure the earrings. These earrings are made from high-quality materials, which means they're sure to last for years without tarnishing or discoloring over time.

12. Crystal Happy Anniversary Plaque

This beautiful and romantic gift is a fantastic way for any couple to celebrate their 24th wedding anniversary. The laser-engraved crystal plaque is inscribed with the words "Happy Anniversary" in a fancy script font, making it the perfect way to show your wife how much you love her. The high-quality plaque is made from clear glass that sparkles under the light, adding a touch of elegance to any room. The plaque also includes a stand to be displayed on a tabletop or shelf. Gift this lovely plaque as a heartfelt present to commemorate your wedding anniversary.

13. Let's Have Coffee Together Forever- Engraved Spoon

This sentimental gift is the perfect way to show your wife how much you care. The engraved spoon reads "Let's Have Coffee Together Forever" in a beautiful script font, making it a heartfelt and romantic present for any occasion. The high-quality stainless steel spoon is dishwasher safe and will last for years without tarnishing or fading. This charming spoon makes a lovely addition to any kitchen and is perfect for coffee lovers everywhere. Give this sentimental gift as a heartfelt present to show your wife just how much you love her.

14. 24th Anniversary Sign 

This wedding anniversary gift is a fun and creative way to celebrate your special day. The sign features a text with the words “Back in 1998. This print reminds everyone what was the famous event back in 1998, hit movies, what things cost at that time. Surely, everyone who sees this unique piece will smile when they realize how many wonderful memories are included within its borders! Just imagine all those happy faces lighting up each time someone enters your house because they know there’s something exciting waiting inside just for them.

15. Engraved Whiskey Glass Set 

This gorgeous whiskey glass set is a wonderful gift for your husband. The engraved text on the base reads, "To my husband, because of you, I laugh a little harder, cry a little less and smile a lot more. This beautiful design makes an excellent anniversary gift because it has a lot of meaning behind it that any spouse would appreciate. This beautiful glass set comes with eight whiskey stones that will keep your whiskey chilled without diluting the flavor. 

16. Personalized Guitar Pick 

This guitar pick is a unique and special gift for your husband on your wedding anniversary. The pick is made of high-quality stainless steel and can be personalized with any message you choose. You can add up to 20 characters on the pick, making it the perfect way to show your husband how much you love him. The guitar pick comes in a beautiful black velvet pouch, making it the perfect way to store and protect your valuable pick. Give this unique gift as a heartfelt present to commemorate your 24th wedding anniversary and show your husband just how much you love him.

17. Preserved Real Rose with Heart Necklace

This wedding anniversary gift is a wonderful way to show your wife just how much you love her. The roses are preserved in their natural state and come with a beautiful heart necklace. The rose is carefully picked, dried and preserved to keep its natural color and beauty. The beautiful red will last for years without fading or wilting, making it a sentimental keepsake that she can cherish forever. She will love this sentimental present and will cherish it forever.

18. Indoor Garden 

This anniversary gift is a fabulous gift for the green thumb couple. This indoor garden allows you to grow your plants indoors all year round. It comes with a built-in LED light so you can garden even when it's dark out. The Aerogarden also has an automatic watering system that ensures your plants get the water they need without any hassle from you. You can choose from various plants to grow, making it the perfect way to add some greenery to your home.

19. Photo Engraved Leather Wallet

This anniversary gift is a unique and beautiful way to show your husband how much you love him. The wallet has a picture on the inside, which can be personalized with any message or image that you choose. It also comes in several colors, so it's easy to pick the perfect pair for your spouse. This wallet is made of high-quality leather and will last for years without fading or fraying, making it an excellent keepsake that she can cherish forever.

20. Portable Bluetooth Speaker 

This is a divine gift for the couple that loves to listen to music together. This portable Bluetooth speaker is a wireless speaker that can easily connect to any Bluetooth device. It has a powerful 20-watt sound system that will fill any room with beautiful music. The speaker is also waterproof and dustproof, perfect for use outdoors or in damp environments. She will love this portable Bluetooth speaker and enjoy hours of musical enjoyment with her husband using this amazing gift.

21. Garmin Smartwatch

This anniversary gift is perfect for the tech-savvy husband. The Garmin smartwatch is an advanced smartwatch that can do everything from tracking your fitness goals to your sleep patterns. It also comes with a built-in GPS so you can find your way around town without having to worry about getting lost. The watch is water-resistant up to 100 feet, making it ideal for swimming or other activities that may expose it to moisture but don't require the use of a touchscreen display. Your loved ones will love this amazing gift.

22. Double Sleeping Bag 

This 24th wedding anniversary gift idea is perfect for couples who love camping, hiking or traveling together. This two-person sleeping bag will keep both partners warm and cozy during those cold nights in the woods. It's made from durable polyester fabric and features an ultra-soft fleece lining on top for extra comfort against skin contact with excess heat transfer when temperatures get too hot outside. The sleeping bag is also machine-washable for easy cleaning.

23. Spotify Premium Subscription

A Spotify subscription is the perfect gift for any music lover. With a Spotify subscription, they can listen to their favorite songs and artists anytime, anywhere. The subscription also includes ad-free listening and downloading songs for offline playback. This 12-month Spotify premium subscription is a great gift for any couple who loves music. They can enjoy the happiness of their wedding anniversary with favorite music.

24. Hanging Planter Vase

This beautiful wedding anniversary gift is ideal for the home gardener. The hanging planter vase is a white ceramic and brass wall decor container that can display plants indoors or outdoors. It has a geometric design and hangs on the wall with a built-in hanger. The planter also comes with a water drainage hole at the bottom to prevent over-watering of your plants. She will love this beautiful addition to her garden décor, and you will love the look of happiness on her face when she opens this amazing gift.

25. Godiva Chocolatier Gift Basket

This delicious wedding anniversary gift is perfect for your chocolate lover life partner. The Godiva chocolatier gift basket comes with various delicious chocolates, all wrapped up in beautiful packaging. This gift basket featuring assorted chocolate truffles, chocolate caramels, chocolate-covered pretzels and more is perfect for any chocolate lover. The chocolates are also gluten-free, making them the perfect gift for those with dietary restrictions.

26. Music Note Illusion LED Nigth Light

The 24th wedding anniversary is mostly associated with music gifts. This beautiful LED night light is a musical note table lamp that changes colors with seven different lighting modes. The lamp is made of high-quality materials and has an elegant design that will look great in any room. This unique lamp is powered by a USB cable or batteries and will provide romantic lighting to a room. You can adjust the brightness by touching the base of the lamp. This illusion night lamp makes a great wedding anniversary gift for your music lover partner.

27. Matching Stainless Steel Flasks

This wedding anniversary gift is ideal for couples who love to drink together. The set of two matching stainless steel flasks comes in a fun and unique design. The flasks are personalized with Mr.Right or Mrs.Right. The thermoset also comes in a beautiful gift box, making it the perfect present for any occasion. They will love being able to take their favorite drinks with them wherever they go, and you will love seeing the look of happiness on their faces when they open this amazing gift.

28. Lavender Bath Gift Set

This amazing 11-piece lavender bath spa gift set is the perfect wedding anniversary gift for your wife. The set comes with a body wash, body lotion, shower gel, bubble bath, face mask, loofah, foot scrubber, and three different types of essential oil. The set also comes in a beautiful gift box that makes it the perfect present for any occasion. She will love taking a relaxing bath and using all of these amazing products to pamper herself.

29. Colorful Tree Wall Art

This wedding anniversary gift is a great way to show your love and appreciation for the special couple in your life. The beautiful artwork features a colorful tree with silver background, and it’s personalized with their names. This unique piece of art will look great on any wall in their home or office. This wall art always reminds a couple that they spend a beautiful time together, making a great wedding anniversary gift.

30. 24th Wedding Anniversary Card For Her Him

This beautiful and unique wedding anniversary card is a warm way to show your love and appreciation for the couple in your life. The card is handmade with a silver background and features a red heart design. The inside of the card is empty to write your message. This anniversary card always reminds a couple that they spend a beautiful time together. A fresh flower bouquet with this card will make a great wedding anniversary gift.


Rose Parker

A wedding anniversary is a very special occasion for couples. Whether it’s your first or fiftieth, the 24th wedding anniversary is always full of excitement and celebration. You can recall all the happy memories of your past years together and look forward to all the wonderful things still to come. There are so many amazing wedding anniversary gifts that you can choose from, but make sure it reflects the personality and interests of the couple. Whether they love spending time outdoors or listening to music, there is a perfect gift for them on this list.

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