33 Camping Gifts For Kids

camping gifts for kids 

You want your child to be outside and experience the great outdoors. You also want them to have a blast while they are there! What is the one thing that kids love to do? You guessed it, camping! Camping for children can be a little different from camping for adults. Kids want to explore and play while their parents want peace.

We have compiled a list of 33 outstanding children’s items that will make your next camping trip perfect!

1. Kids Headlamp

The headlamp is an interesting gift for kids camping. Kids love to have their own light when they're in the dark. This headlamp is perfect for them. They can wear it while they're sleeping, playing games, or going on walks. It will keep their hands free, so they can do whatever they want. The headlight has many roaring sounds. It's adjustable and fits any child's head size, so it's a perfect gift for your kids.

2. Binoculars

Let your kids inspect nature by giving these binoculars as a present. They will love being able to see animals and birds up close. Kids will love having their own pair of binoculars! They are lightweight and easy to use, so kids can feel like real explorers when they're outside. It's also fun for kids to pretend that they are looking through these instead of the ones on their phone, it makes the experience more genuine too.

3. Sleeping Bag Kids Size

Kids love to get dirty, but they don't always like to sleep in the dirt. Kids can keep clean and avoid getting cold by sleeping inside this sleeping bag. It has a soft and furry lining on the inside, so kids can feel like they're in their own bed. It is easy to carry into a backpack, and it has a suitable size with multiple uses. It comes in different colors, so your child can choose their favorite!

4. Portable Power Station

Kids usually have a lot of electronics, so it's important to keep them charged. Kids can do this with this Portable Power Station! They can charge their devices with the USB cable that is included. Kids will love being able to take this anywhere they go without having to worry about losing power! It’s a simple to use and lightweight design. It would be a fun gift for 8 to 10-year-old children.

5. Camping Cot

It's perfect for sleeping outside and kids will use it for storing their things and keeping them off the ground. This one also has a mosquito net, so kids can stay bug-free! The cot is easy to fold up and transport, so it's perfect for taking on trips. Kids will love having their own place to sleep in the great outdoors. This comfortable and a portable cot is your choice.

6. Walkie Talkie

These walkie-talkies will be a great way for kids to communicate with each other while they're out on hikes or exploring far away from camp. It has a key-lock function, and it is an easy-to-use device. With a range of up to two miles, they can stay connected even when they're not in the same area. It is a perfect gift for kids from 3 to 12 years old.

7. Camping Quad Chair

Gift this comfortable chair for your kids. They will love sitting on this it. The chair has got a swivel function, so they can easily turn around and have fun with their friends or siblings while seated on it. This camping quad seat is very lightweight that your child can carry anywhere without difficulty. This chair is perfect for kids who love to camp! It has a built-in cup holder and storage pouch, so kids can keep all of their gear close by. Kids can use this chair during baseball  or soccer matches.

8. Camera for kids

This kids’ Digital selfie Camera Toy is an amazing gift for your kid. Your child can take pictures with this camera and share them on social media! It has multiple functions with a funny frame. This is a perfect way to get kids into photography without having to spend too much money on expensive cameras. They can take fun photos while camping! This is also great for other outdoor activities like hiking or skateboarding too. Kids love taking pictures, so why not give them the means to do it? With this kid's camera, they'll be able to snap photos of all their outdoor adventures.

9. Kids Camping Hammock

Kids can lounge on this hammock and enjoy the great nature. It is a perfect place to relax or take a nap under the shade of trees. This portable hammock is very lightweight, so kids won't have any trouble carrying it around. They can take it with them during their camping trips! Have your kids ever wanted a hammock? Well, here you go! You can have their own and two kids can even share one with this double hanging net hammock. It also comes with a sturdy steel stand, so your kids can use it as a bed. It could also be a beautiful gift for teen girls.

10. Kids Journal

This splendid journal contains many kids' activities that help them improve their minds. Kids will love being able to write in this journal about their camping trips. This journal is a perfect gift for your kids because it's durable and easy to take with them wherever they go. It also comes in different colors for girls and boys. With this journal, they'll be able to document everything that happens on their outdoor adventures. Kids love writing and drawing, so give them a kids' journal as a gift that will inspire their creativity and help the kids to better know themselves while they're outside.

11. Whistle for kids with Bracelet

This is a must-have item for your kids when they're camping. It gives a solid loud sound that can be heard from far away, so kids will get the attention of anyone who's nearby. This whistle is perfect for emergencies, safety, and sports games. A whistle is an essential piece of gear for any camping trip. With this kids' whistle, they'll be able to signal for help if needed. Kids will love having these whistles when they go out camping. They can use it as a bracelet and keychain.

12. Adventure Exploration Kit

This is the ideal present for any youngster who enjoys nature. Have you ever observed your kids wanting to discover more of what's around them? Give this kids' outdoor adventure kit as a gift so they have everything they need right at hand. It contains binoculars, a bright flashlight, a compass, a whistle, a magnifying glass, and a backpack. With this kit, your kids will explore and learn more about nature while they are camping. Kids can also use them during hiking on trails.

13. Small Survival Compass

This is a magnificent gift for kids who love the outdoors. With this small compass, your kids will be able to find their way around anywhere they go. It's perfect for camping trips and hikes! This compact compass is ideal for navigation in the great outdoors with your kids. It’s also small and light enough that they can easily carry it in a pocket or rucksack. If your kids want to be an explorer when they grow up, then this compass might just help them get there.

14. Water Bottle with straw lid 

This water bottle is perfect for kids who love spending time outdoors. It's made with durable materials. Kids will love this water bottle because it can keep their drinks cold for 24 hours and warm for 12 hours with a fresh taste. So it is the best way to keep them hydrated while they're outside. Give this an exceptional gift idea that your kids will use repeatedly on all of their favorite hikes or long bike rides through nature.

15. Magnifying Glass

This magnifying glass is perfect for kids who love to explore nature. With it, they'll be able to see things up close that they've never been able to before! It's ideal for looking at insects, leaves, and flowers. Kids will love using this magnifying glass on all of their outdoor adventures. With its small size, it's also perfect for taking along with them on any exploratory trips. Let your kids have hours of entertainment while using their new magnifying glass to see everything in a whole new light.

16. Sun Hat 

This soft sun hat is a useful camping gift for your kid. With its wide brim, it will keep their face and neck shielded from the sun's harmful rays. It's also made with a lightweight fabric that will keep them cool. Kids will love wearing this sun hat on all of their outdoor adventures. It comes in many colors and patterns so there's something for everyone! Toddlers love wearing colorful hats, so this is a perfect gift idea. Protect your child's skin from the sun with this stylish sun hat. It's adjustable, so it will fit most heads and has a chin strap.

17. Kid's Camping Jacket 

Let kids express their personality through their camping clothes with these fun and stylish options. They'll love wearing something new, and you'll love knowing they are safe from the sun in these high-quality clothes. If you want a cool gift for your kids, you can pick this cotton jacket. Kids love spending time outdoors, so they'll have a blast wearing these lightweight and comfortable camping clothes. It is made from quick-drying fabric with UPF 50+ sun protection built in to help keep your child's skin safe from the harmful rays of the sun.

18. First Aid Wallet

Make sure that your kids are safe while they are outside by giving them a first-aid wallet. This is an essential item for all kids who love to camp and explore. It contains everything they need to treat slight injuries, such as cuts and scrapes. With this handy wallet, they'll be able to take care of any bumps or bruises they might get while camping. It's perfect for keeping in their backpack because it has an ideal size.

19. Sunscreen Stick

Protect your child's skin from the sun with this sunscreen stick. It's easy to apply, even on hard-to-reach places like the back of their neck and scalp. Kids will love having this sunscreen stick with them on all of their outdoor adventures so they can stay safe from the sun. It's small, so it will easily fit into their backpack. Let them explore the great outdoors with peace of mind knowing that you've given them this sunscreen stick to protect themselves from harmful UV rays!

20. Travel Backpack For Kids 

This high-quality backpack could be the best gift for your adventurous kid! It has plenty of space and compartments for storing all the kids need, plus it's comfortable to wear for hours on end. Let your kids take this backpack on all of their outdoor adventures while they are camping! This type of backpack comes in a variety of colors and designs to fit any child's personality.

21. Camping Tent

Give your child a place to sleep while they are camping with this outdoor/indoor tent. It has a large size, so it can fit multiple kids or even adults. It's also made with a waterproof and breathable fabric, so it will keep your child dry and comfortable all night long. Kids love sleeping under the stars, which is why it has to mesh walls and roof panels that let them see out without letting insects inside. This tent comes with stakes and guy lines, plus its easy setup ensures anyone can do it within minutes.

22. Solid Wooden slingshot Toys 

Make sure that your kid having fun during camping with this wooden slingshot toy set. It is made from durable, solid wood that won't warp or break easily under pressure. Kids will love playing with their new slingshots during the day and hanging them up in their tent at night to add some style! This kids' slingshot is a great way to teach them about safety and responsibility. With it, they can go hunting for squirrels or other small rodents too.

23. Kids Card Game

These simple card games are a great way to get kids away from their screens and play together. Kids can play with it indoors or outdoors, so they will love taking this game on all of their family camping trips! This card game is simple for kids to learn while having fun with friends and family. This one comes complete with everything they need including instructions on how to play the game.

24. Portable Gas Grill

Make sure that your kids can cook their own food while camping with this portable gas grill. It's small and easy to carry around, so it will be perfect for taking on picnics or family camping trips. This grill has a cooking area of 160 square inches, which is plenty of space to cook up burgers, hot dogs, chicken breasts, and more! Plus, the included carrying case means you can take it anywhere without worrying about it getting damaged.

25. Camping Lantern

Kids are obsessed with the camping lantern. Give your kid some extra light while they're sleeping in their tent with this camping lantern. It runs on batteries or USB power, so kids will love using it during all of their outdoor adventures! The built-in handle makes it easy for kids to carry around with them, plus the hook at the top is perfect for hanging in their tent. Let your kids enjoy a night of reading or playing cards by this light!

26. Camping Pad

This camping pad is perfect for kids who want a comfortable place to sleep while they're camping. It's made with a soft, plush fabric that will keep them cozy all night long! Plus, it has an inflatable design so kids can easily blow it up themselves in just a few minutes. The raised edges make sure kids stay on the pad and don't roll off in their sleep. This camping pad is perfect for any kid who loves spending time outdoors.

27. Camping Blanket

If you want to keep your kids warm while they're camping, choose this waterproof picnic camping blanket for your kids. It's made with soft fabric that will keep them cozy all night long! Plus, it comes in a variety of colors and designs, so kids can choose their favorite one. This blanket is perfect for keeping kids warm at sporting events, picnics, or family road trips.

28. Water Shoes For Kids

Kids love spending time in the water, which is why they need a good pair of water shoes. These shoes are perfect to keep their feet safe. It is suitable for kids who want to swim, play in the sand, or go hiking. They're made with durable fabric and a powerful grip that will keep kids safe while they're exploring outdoors. These kids' water shoes are perfect for any adventure.

29. Kids Fishing Pole

Kids love fishing, so make sure they have their own kids fishing pole to use while camping. This rod is perfect for kids who are just starting in the sport of fishing. It's made with a durable construction that will last through hours of playtime! The included reel makes it easy for kids to catch fish and have a great time outdoors.

30. Royal kid's Bike

Give your kids the gift of independence with this kid's bike. It's perfect for kids who are just learning how to ride a cycle. The sturdy, durable seat makes it perfect for kids of all ages. Let your junior cyclist explore their surroundings on their own with this fun kid's bike.

31. LED Flying Helicopters

Kids will love flying these LED helicopters in the dark. They're perfect for kids who want a fun activity to do at night. The helicopters are made with durable materials that can withstand hours of playtime. The flying Helicopters are easy to control, with wireless remote control. Choose these colorful mini-helicopters for your kids, so they will enjoy playing with them.

32. Kids Swimming Goggles

Kids love swimming, so make sure they have a good pair of kids swimming goggles to keep their eyes safe. These goggles are made with durable materials that will last through hours of use. The soft silicone eyecups provide a comfortable and secure fit for kids. They also come with a nose-cover to protect your kid while swimming. They're perfect for swimming in the pool or lake.

33. Surfing swing

Are your children sick of the same old swing? Here is a stand-up swing with an unusual form that requires balance and concentration. These swings are constructed of carved maple, allowing kids to fly as they rock back and forth. That's fantastic! Choose this gift for your kids, so they can enjoy camping and outdoor activities.


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We make these complete camping gifts collections for you, so you can surprise your kids with these outstanding gifts. Let your child explore their surroundings with ease. With such gifts, your kids will love spending time outdoors.

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