33 Best Cat Themed Gifts

Cat themed Gifts

If you are a cat lover, then shopping for gifts is probably an easy task. You can find something that will suit any budget and style preference. In this article, we have compiled 33 of the best gifts for any type of cat lover! They're all cute, stylish, and affordable- there's no way that they won't love it!

1. Cat Pillow Case Set

This set of pillowcases is perfect for any cat lover. They come in a variety of colors and patterns to suit every taste, which makes them the best choice for pet owners! It's also made from 100% cotton so it will be very comfortable while sleeping with your feline friend. It may seem like an odd gift idea but you can't deny that this one serves as a great conversation starter at parties!

2. Cat Massager

Cats also deserve some love. No matter how small or big your cat is, they need to be loved and cuddled and cared for. This cat massager can help you do just that. It has a brush on the backside of it so you can comb their fur while petting them at the same time! You'll also get some extra laughs!

3. Cat Themed Welcome Mat

If you want to give your guests a warm welcome, why not have it be with some cat-themed decor? This mat is perfect for just that! And if you have someone who is a cat lover, and you are thinking about their birthday gift, this is one cat-themed gift you can buy for them! We are absolutely sure they will love this funny housewarming gift.

4. Cat Pajama Set

If you're looking for something more fun than traditional pajamas, this set could be right up your alley! They are made out of comfortable jersey cotton fabric and come in so many different colors and designs! A cool cat theme gift for your best friend who also adores animals, especially cats. Give them this wonderful set of pajamas and watch them smile!


5. Delicate Cat Bracelet

The perfect gift for any cat lover, this bracelet is made out of high-quality materials that are designed to last. It's a simple design with a Plutus cat that is believed it brings luck. This is a cute cat theme gift for any cat lover who likes jewelry. It will definitely win their appreciation. A wonderful gift for a true fashion diva. 

6. Cat Shower Curtain

This is a cute cat theme gift for anyone who loves cleanliness while also having their favorite furry friend close by once again. They'll love showing off this adorable accessory every time they come home from work or take one more relaxing bath before bedtime arrives. The Cat Shower Curtain is easy to install and can be used by everyone!

7. 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

A perfect gift for anyone who loves a challenge, this 1000-piece Jigsaw Puzzle features your favorite felines in the most stylish poses. This is one puzzle that will give you hours of fun and entertainment as you try to find all the pieces! One of the coolest unique cat-themed gifts for anyone, not only for a cat lover! This is a real deal. 

8. Cat Bag Sealer

Keep your cat's favorite food fresh longer with this handy Cat Bag Sealer. The airtight seal prevents oxygen and moisture from getting in to spoil the dry goods inside, so you can enjoy a good snack for even longer! If there are any other pet owners in your life that need help keeping their house smelling clean, they will appreciate this product too! A must-have item for anyone who has pets !!!

9. Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Everyone knows the benefits of staying hydrated, and it's not just for humans! Cats need water too !!! This stainless steel bottle is perfect for any cat lover on your list. It has an easy-to-drink straw that will keep their hands from getting wet when they go out in public with their furry friend. Plus, this lightweight material won't weigh them down as they head out into the world together.

10. Cat Measuring Cups

Awesome for cooking, baking, or crafting. These measuring cups are so cute and will be used to measure out just that perfect amount of ingredients for your cat's favorite dish! Furthermore, you can use them to measure the ingredients needed for you to bake your favorite cake or make your favorite lunch! A perfect gift for you or someone you know that loves baking and is a cat lover!

11. Fancy Cat Collar

Your kitty can show off their sense of style with this unique collar from the feline fashionista designers at The Fashion Kitty Boutique in Santa Monica CA they have over 200 bright colors to choose from (rainbow-striped!) and many different designs like circus stripes, cheetah print, leopard spots, skulls & bones etc. They also carry a wide range of accessories including collars, leads/leashes, harnesses for small breeds.

12. Maneki Neko

This is a Japanese figurine with the left paw raised and is said to bring good luck to its owner. In Japan, it is common for these statues of lucky cats or beckoning felines to be found in restaurants, businesses, hotels etc. If you have someone in your life who is a cat lover, this gift would be great for them. 

13. A Mug

There are so many different mugs that come with cute kitties on them. If you know someone who loves cats, and they drink coffee or tea, then this is the perfect gift for them to enjoy every day of their lives! This cute cat theme gift that says "I am cute, but also sensitive" is probably one of the loveliest gifts you can give.

14. Cute Cat Shirt

Everybody needs new clothes from time to time, and if somebody really likes cats, then why not buy them a shirt with one printed on it? This would be great as a birthday gift, or maybe an Eastern or Christmas gift. We are sure any cat lover in your life will love such adorable attire. They will be pleased and happy!

15. Luxury Cat Bed 

There is nothing more luxurious than sleeping in comfort at night after working all day long without having to do anything else. This is the feeling of a bed that has been designed with your needs in mind, and cat lovers will be pleased to know there are many options on the market for them to choose from! A perfect gift!

16. Cat-Shaped Ceramic Measuring Spoons

If somebody you love spends time baking or cooking food for themselves or others, then this would make an excellent gift idea because it's something they can use when measuring ingredients. Not only they are useful, but they are also cute! They will find these spoons cute, adorable, and useful all at once! It will be an even better gift for them if they are a cat lover.

17. Cats Journal

For any creative person who loves cats but doesn't really have enough time to express their creativity as they want to, we recommend getting them one of these journals so they can write their deepest thoughts. The journal is easy to carry around and can be taken with you everywhere so that they never have an excuse not to keep up writing. Plus, the cover of this book features adorable cats! 

18. Cat Earrings

If you're looking for a more personal and sentimental gift, we recommend getting earrings. The style of this gift is unique to the wearer because each pair of earrings are hand-made by an artist who's been crafting jewelry since they were in high school! This type of handmade piece means that it won't be something anyone else will have so if your loved one loves their kitties then this would make for a special present. 

19. Cat Necklace

Every woman loves jewelry and although many of them can't resist a diamond necklace, others prefer to have something that's more personal. A cat necklace is made from solid sterling silver so it will last forever! This type of piece looks great on any outfit but would look fantastic with a t-shirt dress or when paired with jeans. A perfect gift!

20. Cats Cosmetic Bag

For the cat lover in your life, this cosmetic bag is a must-have. It features an adorable kitty printed on the front and has plenty of room inside for all their essentials. The zipper closure makes it easy to find what you're looking for as well! One of the best ways to keep your skincare and make-up. The perfect gift! 

21. Cat Pens

Great for cat lovers who never want to lose their pens, these kitty-shaped pens will make a practical addition to any office desk. The set of three is adorable and makes you feel like your favorite feline is always by your side! And the best part? They're retractable so they won't get lost in all that paperwork or fall into the abyss between your couch cushions. 

22. Cat Crew Socks

These socks are great because they have two different designs: one on each foot! Whether you need something warm for winter or just looking to add some fun colors to your wardrobe, this pair offers them both. Plus, if your favorite person is a cat lover, these will be perfect for them. We are completely sure they will adore these cat crew socks!

23. Butt Out Magnets

These magnets are ridiculously adorable. All they say is, "Butt Out!" with an arrow that points towards the right (away from you). You can put them on any surface and it will be a reminder not to text while driving! This is one funny-themed gift that is perfect for any cat lover. So, if you have someone like that, this gift would be interesting for them. 

24. Embossed Rolling Pin with Cats

This is a great gift for any cat lover. It features a rolling pin with cats that are embossed in the design and it also has an end cap to use as a measuring cup or cookie cutter. The best part about this product is that you can get one of two different styles- either black and white, which makes them easier to clean, or gold-flecked stainless steel looks so they have more style.

25. "Save the Cat" Book by Blake Snyder

We love reading books like this because there's always something new to learn from them each time! This book will appeal to anyone who loves memoirs and cats- even people who don't read much at all would enjoy it just based on its subject matter! In "Save the cat," the author Blake Snyder shares his memories - some amusing, others poignant- about growing up in what he calls a cat commune.

26. Phone Case

We know this is not for all to go out and buy but it's a great gift because there are so many different designs. You could get one that matches someone else in the family or even match your phone case to their living room color scheme! This specific phone case has a lot of cats on it! Perfect for a cat lover. 

27. Cat Candle

Cat candles are awesome because you can get them in all sorts of different scents. They also make great gifts for a cat lover- just find out what the person's favorite scent is and then buy that one! Pine Pentagram has an entire section dedicated to these so go over there if this gift sounds perfect for someone on your list!

28. Cat Headphones

Everyone loves to listen to their favorite music on the go, but what happens when your headphones get tangled up in your bag? It's frustrating and can also be a bit of an inconvenience! That is where these headphones come into play- they are stylish, fashionable, and most importantly tangle-free. These make for great gifts because there is nothing worse than wanting to jam out with some tunes only to have it ruined by tangles.

29. Cat Tea Towel

This gift will not just serve as decoration; Instead, this towel has many different uses such as drying dishes or wiping down counters after cooking. This makes it perfect for any person who likes cats since they could use them every day. What is even better, it is a cat-themed gift for everyone who loves animals, especially cats! A real deal. 

30. Cat Mini Planner Notebook

The perfect planner for any cat lover, it has a place to write down daily tasks and also notes. What is even better about this gift is that the cover of the notebook features an adorable design with cats on top of the line! With many colors available, there will be no problem finding one to fit anyone's preference.

31. Cat Coffee Mug

Who doesn't love coffee? This fun mug makes the perfect present because you can make someone laugh when they drink their morning cup of joe in it! It is shaped like a cat and it looks extremely luxurious. Ideal for those who need some motivation during work or just want something cute at home, for instance - a cat coffee mug like this one!

32. Cat Wall Art

There are a lot of options for cat wall art, so you won't have trouble finding something that fits your decor or the person getting it. For instance, this adorable piece is perfect for those who want to show off their love of cats while also making their space look classy and elegant - all at once! The black frame will match any color scheme easily enough.

33. Cat Umbrella

This is the perfect gift for anyone who doesn't want to get wet while walking their cat. This wonderful umbrella has a simple design, so it will work with any outfit and decor style. The best thing about is that it still has that cute pet theme without being overbearing or in-your-face about it! Last one on our list, and a personal favorite for anyone who loves walking in the rain.


Rose Parker

We hope we were able to help you find the perfect gift for your cat lover. Let us know which one of these is your personal favorite!