33 Chinese New Year Gifts

chinese new year gifts

The Chinese New Year is a great time for celebrating and wishing loved ones happiness, wealth, luck, and health in the year ahead. There is a long tradition of gifting red envelopes filled with festive money or gold ingots to friends and near ones on Chinese New Year's Day.

However, it can be hard to decide what gifts are best to give on this festive occasion. If you're in a bind or just need some inspiration for cute Chinese new year gifts and what to get Chinese people on the lunar new year, here are 33 ideas of great cute Chinese new year gifts that they will love!

1. Dried Fruit And Chocolate Gift Set

This gift basket is perfect for wishing their friends and family a happy new year. It comes with delicious, popular treats, including Illumino 2022 chocolates, gourmet fruits, and cute Chinese candies. According to tradition, these gifts are said to bring good luck and success in the new year, making them the perfect choice for those you care about. This Chinese new year gift for coworkers would be an excellent way to wish them a happy new year.

2. Fresh Farm Fruit Gift Basket

This cute fruit basket is perfect for sharing with their family and friends. It includes a mix of fresh fruits, such as oranges, apples, pears and more! This gift idea might be great to share with friends or give it to someone you care about who lives far away so they can enjoy these treats during the new year festivities. The fruits in the basket are freshly picked, so they'll stay fresh for weeks. This Chinese new year gift basket would be an excellent choice to send your loved ones during the holiday season!

3. Tiger Plush Doll

This cute stuffed tiger is perfect for playing or decorating their home. Tiger is known as a lucky animal in Chinese culture, so this cute plush toy would be a great gift idea to wish your friends and family luck! This traditional gift will bring good luck during the new year festivities, especially if they put them on display at work or around the house. This cute teddy bear is made of soft plush material, so your loved ones can cuddle it or play with their friends and family.

4. LEGO Festival Building Kit

This LEGO set is perfect for children who love to build things. It's fun and educational, as it focuses on the culture of the Chinese new year! This Lego set features pieces that stick together with ease, making building easier than ever before. This Lego playset contains 1,793 Pieces, including a buildable lantern and fireworks rack. It also comes with seven civilian minifigures, each with its accessories for a more fun experience. This set is perfect for children who want to learn about the Chinese New Year and have some fun while they're at it!

5. Amazon Gift Card

If you are not sure, what to buy for them this Chinese New Year, then you can give them an Amazon gift card. This is a digital gift that will allow your loved ones to get items of their choosing on the site! Your friend or family member can use it for any purchase they want, so long as it is available on Amazon.com. They could buy clothes, books, home decor, and more with this cute little print-at-home gift card! This gift card is printed in red with a tiger design, which is cute and festive for a holiday.

6. Lunar New Year Chocolate Coins

These chocolate coins are the perfect gift for children and adults alike! They are made of delicious Belgian milk chocolate and come in festive gold and red design. These chocolates are also adorned with the Chinese character for "tiger" to commemorate the upcoming Year of the Tiger in 2022. The resealable bag ensures that your loved ones can enjoy these yummy treats over and over again! This would be an excellent choice for people who love sweet treats during the Chinese New Year festivities. Who doesn't love chocolate coins?

7. Chinese Year of Tiger Lucky Charms

This cute ornament set is perfect for hanging outside or inside your home. These cute little charms bring good luck and prosperity to the family during the Chinese New Year. The red color symbolizes happiness so that you can spread joy with these cute pieces of decor! Each ornament features gold color tiger pendant and Chinese knots. This lucky charm set would be an appropriate gift for Chinese new year, so your loved one can hang them anywhere in the house to bring good luck and prosperity.

8. Chinese Tea Set

Chinese like to drink tea with their family during the Chinese new year, so why not give them a traditional tea set? This cute little ceramic tea tray with a bamboo design is perfect for holding your loved one's favorite cups of green or black tea. It can hold a teapot, six tea cups, a Gongdao cup, and a tea strainer. The cute woven handle allows you to carry it around easily without breaking it! This would be an excellent gift to give friends for Chinese new year who enjoys drinking Chinese black/green/oolong tea- which many people do since it is very popular now a day.

9. 3D Tiger Printed Mug

Tiger is a sign of Chinese zodiac in 2022, so why not give them a cute mug with a tiger design? It has a beautiful red and gold color combination. The black and white design with a gold tiger on the front is very festive and stylish. It can hold up to 11 ounces of liquid, so it's perfect for drinking tea or coffee during the Chinese new year. This mug is also dishwasher and microwave safe, so it's easy to clean and convenient to use. Your loved ones will be able to enjoy their favorite hot drinks in style with this fun mug!

10. Oriental Chinese Style Silk Cushion 

An oriental Chinese-style cushion gives your home a real look of festivity. This pillow case set features a beautifully embroidered design with a red color scheme. The gold and red design make this piece of decor very festive for the Chinese new year! It is 16 inches long, so it can fit most standard pillows perfectly. These pillow cases are also made from 100% silk material that feels silky smooth against the skin. Your loved ones will be able to enjoy these soft covers during their favorite TV shows or while they're using their computer at home (which many people do).

11. Pu-erh Tea(Loose Tea)

Tea has a special place in Chinese tradition. During the new year festivity, many families drink tea to celebrate together. Puerh has been made for more than 700 years in China's Yunnan Province and is now famous worldwide. Puerh (red tea) is one of the oldest known teas in China, even older than green tea and white tea! Although it has a strong flavor, some people love to drink this every day because it's healthy too. This tea comes in a cute bamboo leaf tube, an environmentally friendly way to store tea leaves.

12. Feng Shui Money Tree

Money tree brings positive chi energy into your home with its beautiful design! It is made of high-quality crystal to shine bright like real gold! It is made with natural citrine crystal, known to bring good luck and prosperity. The tree has a beautiful yellow color that perfectly matches any home decor. It also comes with a cute dragon figurine on top, another symbol of good luck in China. This would be an excellent gift for friends or family looking to improve their feng shui in their home.

13. Dragon Crystal Ball 

Dragon is one of the best symbols to attract wealth, luck and success. This cute crystal ball has a dragon design on top that makes it look very festive! This crystal ball features a Chinese dragon etched with advanced 3D laser technology. The silver-plated flowering stand holds the crystal ball in place and makes it look very elegant. It would be a perfect addition to any home looking for some good chi energy. This Chinese new year gift for family and near ones is sure to bring good luck and happiness into their lives.

14. Chopsticks

Chopstick is a necessary utensil when eating Chinese cuisine. This cute chopstick set is perfect for those who want to add some style to their dining experience! The black chopsticks are fiberglass, making them very durable and easy to clean. They are also non-slip, so they will stay in your hand while you're using them. The cute panda chopstick holder is made of porcelain and has a cute design on the front. It would make a great addition to any kitchen or dining area. They come in a beautiful red box so you can give them to your Chinese or Japanese friends as a new year gift.

15. Long Trench Coat 

Red color brings good luck in Chinese culture so that you can choose this winter coat for your girlfriend as a Chinese new year gift. This cute red coat can be casual or formal wear and has a timeless style that will never go out of fashion! The wool blend fabric is very comfortable and will keep you cozy, while the double-breasted design adds a touch of elegance. The notch lapel gives it a modern look that will update any outfit. The mid-long length is perfect for wearing over dresses or pants. Add this to your wardrobe and enjoy looking chic all winter long!

16. The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes 

Some people believe that their Chinese zodiac sign can help them understand themselves better. If you know anyone interested in this, they will love having The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes by renowned astrologist Theodora Lau on hand! This book has information about different animal signs and what each means for people born under them. It also includes a year-by-year analysis so readers can see how their life changes over time regarding fortune, career, relationships, health, and more.

17. Dumpling Steamer Set 

Dumplings are delicious and nutritious food perfect for the Chinese new year! If you're looking for a cute gift idea to celebrate the holiday, this would be it. This dumpling steamer set has everything needed to make your homemade dumplings! It comes with a bamboo steamer basket, Bamboo Steamer Liner, an agar powder, spoon, ring cutter roller tool and recipe book. Using these tools will allow people of all skill levels to learn how easy it can be to make their favorite dishes at home without going out or ordering takeout.

18. Chinese Tableware Set

This porcelain set of tableware is perfect for anyone who loves eating in a traditional Chinese way. The red bowl can be used for soup, congee, or noodles. The set includes two bowls, two soup spoons, and two chopsticks. You also received chopsticks made from natural wood with black tips and smooth ends that will stay together because of the decorative cord holding them together. The tableware is painted with exquisite colorful patterns. This traditional gift to friends and family will brighten up the table.

19. Women’s Wallet Clutch

This wallet clutch is perfect for any woman who loves fashion and wants something practical that will allow her to carry all of her necessities in one place! The front flap with magnetic snap closure gives it extra security, while the cute red color adds a cute touch. The wallet has multiple compartments that can fit all cards, cash, and coins without being bulky or overly large for women's small purses. This gift idea for a girlfriend must inspire her.

20. Solar Butterfly Fairy Lights 

Light up your home with these cute butterfly solar fairy lights! They have an elegant white finish to add to the decor instead of a clash against it. These string lights are perfect for patios, decks, porches, gazebos, and more because you don't need any outlets nearby to power them! Place in direct sunlight during the day, then turn on at night when darkness falls. Each light is made from durable LED bulbs that will last longer. This unique Chinese new year gift for your loved ones is sure to please.

21. Brass Coins

This is a cute little set of coins made out of brass. They have an antique look to them, and they're decorative, but they also serve as good luck talismans! The red ribbon tied around the coin will bring people joy when used for Chinese New Year celebrations. This gift idea can be given by itself or perhaps inside small bags with money gifts to bless someone who has just opened their new business venture. It would also make a cute decoration on your desk at work during Chinese New Year, so you don't forget why everyone dresses up and exchanges red envelopes filled with cash!

22. Scratch Off Fortune Cards 

This fun and unique Chinese New Year gift is a pack of 22 scratch-off fortune cards! Each card has a different prediction or advice for the year 2022, which happens to be the year of the tiger. The colorful designs on each card are cute and festive, perfect for celebrating during this special time. This fortune card set would make an excellent gift for anyone who wants to know what their fortune holds for them in the new year.

23. Retro Chinese Candle lamp

This adorable candle lamp is the best Chinese new year gift for your loved ones because it's easy to use and requires no outlet! Once the wick starts burning, this cute decoration will emit a warm glow that will add style and texture to any room in your home. These LED retro lights are eco-friendly and save energy while lasting longer than traditional candles without producing smoke or wax droplets all over your furniture! This traditional candle lamp is made of high-quality materials and will be a cherished decoration for years to come.

24. Succulents Plants

To celebrate the lunar year, give your friend succulent plants that come in a pack of 11 different colors! These cactus plants are easy to care for and add life and color to any room. The best part is that they don't need direct sunlight or water often, making them the perfect low-maintenance plant for those who don't have a green thumb. This Chinese new year gift plant will make your loved ones happy and healthy.

25. Red Lantern Hanging Decoration 

Lanterns are the symbol of happiness and good fortune. This cute set of red lanterns is perfect for any home or party during Chinese New Year! This decorative Chinese new year gift will brighten your guests' night with its cute design and vibrant colors. They come in a pack of 16 and can be hung anywhere in your home for festive decoration. These little red lanterns are made of high-quality plastic and are a great way to celebrate the new year!

26. Men's Reversible Chinese Shirt

This cute reversible button-down shirt is the best Chinese new year gift for your boyfriend! This reversible shirt can be worn in two different ways, making it great . It comes with an adorable red dragon design and a cute goldfish pattern on the other! Both patterns are traditional symbols of good fortune during this festive season. This shirt is made of polyester and cant be washed by machine. This men's shirt would be a great addition to any man's wardrobe and is perfect for celebrating Chinese New Year.

27. Chinese Red Envelopes

These cute little envelopes are the best way to give money as an auspicious gift during this festive season. They come in six different patterns that add more fun to learning about the number 2022 - which many believe will bring good luck into next year's lunar calendar cycle. This red envelope features a golden tiger and cute goldfish design and is perfect for gifting money to your loved ones. This pack comes in 36 pieces per order, making them great as party favors or stocking stuffers for friends who love celebrating this holiday season.

28. Chinese New Year Book

This cute children's book is perfect for teaching your little ones about Chinese New Year and its traditions! It comes in a paperback format and is filled with colorful illustrations and informative text. This book is geared towards kids ages four to six, making it a great way to introduce them to this festive holiday. Your child will learn about the history, customs, and symbols associated with Chinese New Year while enjoying a fun storybook.

29. Feng Shui Golden Treasure Basin 

This cute Feng Shui treasure basin is the perfect way to attract wealth and prosperity into your life during this festive season! It features a Golden ingot design that symbolizes gold in traditional Chinese culture, making it an auspicious decorative item. This set comes with ten golden ingots for displaying inside of the bowl or transforming into cute little characters through origami-style folding techniques. The small size makes these pieces great as party favors and stocking stuffers for anyone who loves learning about Feng shui traditions around Chinese New Year!

30. Lion Statues 

These little foo dog statues are the perfect gift for someone moving into a new home or starting a fresh business venture! They come in pairs, with one facing left and the other facing right to symbolize protecting their owner from any evil forces. This item would make a great gift for family members who have just moved into a new house or office space, as well as people you know opening up about something big in their lives!

31. Chinese Trinket Box 

This cute Chi Lin / Kylin lion trinket box is perfect for storing your jewelry and other small treasures! It comes in a hinged box with an enameled finish and hand-painted design. This cute trinket is made of eco-friendly alloy and features a cute and unique design. The gold-tone accents make it the perfect addition to any traditional Chinese New Year decor, as well as add a touch of luxury to your everyday life. This item would make a great gift for someone you know who loves collecting unique pieces of jewelry or home decoration.

32. Barbie Signature Lunar New Year Doll 

A pretty barbie doll in traditional Chinese dress is a cute and fun way to introduce your princess (and yourself) to the rich traditions of Chinese New Year! This doll is dressed in a red satin cheongsam with traditional Chinese design and long black hair decorated with golden beads. In addition, Barbie wears other accessories, such as hair ornaments, earrings, and shoes. Her red dress is perfect for celebrating in style during the New Year and is a great way to add some festivity to your home decor. This doll would make a great gift for any child or Barbie collector in your life!

33. Chinese Herbal Powder

This powerful and tasty spirit tonic is made with all-natural, vegan ingredients and is perfect for anyone looking to boost their energy and vitality. The Lotus Centered Spirit Tonic contains superfoods like goji berries, chia seeds, hemp hearts, and maca powder. In addition, this tonic also includes adaptogenic herbs such as reishi mushroom and ashwagandha. This mix can be enjoyed in smoothies or teas for an extra boost of health and wellness. This Chinese new year food gift would make a great gift for anyone looking to increase their energy and immunity, as well as those interested in superfoods.


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In Chinese tradition, on the new year, giving a gift is a way to wish good luck and prosperity for the upcoming year. An animal represents each Chinese year, and those born in that year have special characteristics. When choosing a gift for the Chinese new year, keep in mind that it must be in bright red or gold color, as these are considered lucky colors. In addition, remove the price tag when gift-giving as these are considered bad luck.

A few traditional gift items symbolize good luck to celebrate the new year. We've gathered them in one place so that you can choose according to your loved one's preference.

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