26 Geek Gifts For Him

Geek Gifts for Him

In the age of geek chic, it's hard to find cool geek gifts for him. Luckily for you, we've compiled a list of 26 Geek Gifts For Him that are sure to please any man who loves tech and gaming. From the NES Classic Edition to a Rubik's Cube Portable Bluetooth Speaker, these ideas will delight any guy with an inner nerd!

1. Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

Send your love messages spinning around like crazy when you put them into this nifty little box! This is a lovely gift for someone who loves to chat with friends. This rotating message heart features an artistically etched design that says "Love." The center of the heart can be removed and placed on another surface, or it can be left in place as stand-alone decoration. Overall, this is one cool geek gift idea for your boyfriend.

2. Silicone Coasters with Floppy Disk Design

Been looking for a geek gift idea that will help your favorite geek with their computer problems? You need to check out these cool Silicone Coasters! These are perfect as both coasters and well-made keyboard protectors. They come in four different colors, which include black, blue, green, and red. Not only can the person put them on their desk while they work or take it with them when they're traveling.

3. NES Classic Edition

This may be a classic that most people are familiar with, but the NES Classic Edition console is a Nintendo Entertainment System which has 30 of the best games from this generation. The system comes pre-installed with some all-time classics like Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong Jr., Bubble Bobble, and Dr. Mario to name just a few! You can also download more titles on your computer or handheld device. It would be a wonderful gift for any teenage boy.

4. The Official BS Button

If you have someone in your life who loves to prank people but you don't want them getting hurt, this is the perfect gift. The Official BS Button from Gemmy has a remote that can be used up to 60 feet away or if they are sitting next to you on the couch! With a one-button push, it'll make an annoying sound and light up with text saying "Bzzz!".

5. Literary Insult Chart 

The insult chart is a card game that is fun for competitive people. It has over 200 different insults, so you'll never run out of ideas! This particular one is humorous and it will teach you and your geek how to insult like Shakespeare! Therefore, if you have someone in your life who is obsessed with geek stuff, this gift might be one of the best they will ever get. 

6. The Book of General Ignorance 

This book from QMx might be more geared towards adults. The hilarious trivia text will have you laughing out loud and guessing what the true answer to each question is-is it A: all people are descended from apes? B: Winston Churchill was born with webbed toes? Or C: In ancient Egypt cats were considered good luck animals because they killed mice that spread disease?

7. Paladone Super Mario Bros. Pixel Craft

If you're a Mario fan, this is the perfect gift for yourself or someone else. Designed to look like pixel art from one of our favorite games, it's made of ceramic and includes four cups with lids--perfect for hot beverages! This would be fun in an office setting because its design is so eye-catching that it might get people talking about it around the coffee pot. 

8. Do Anything Smart Button

This one is especially for those who have just about had it with this day. Imagine the satisfaction you will feel when you push your own personal alarm button, set it to ring at any time of your choosing--even in the middle of a meeting! This would be especially fun if you work in an office and want to let everyone know how frustrated you are.

9. QMx Firefly Playing Cards

The Firefly Playing Cards are a must-have for any Firefly fan. Featuring 54 unique, all-original cards, this deck of playing cards is the perfect gift to give anyone who's always wanted their own set of decks from the show. Additionally, each box from this set includes 45 cards. So no matter if you are looking to spend some time between jobs, or spend some time with your loved ones, this would be a perfect gift. 

10. The Comic Garage Ultimate Box Set

The Comic Garage Ultimate Box Set is perfect for the avid comic book reader. This set includes a total of 163 comics, which would be enough to keep anyone entertained. The books included in this box are from such titles as Marvel and DC Comics, Archie Comics, Manga classics like Sailor Moon and Dragonball Z, Garth Ennis' Preacher series and many more.

11. Rubik’s Cube

Rubik's Cube is a puzzle that has vexed people for decades. It is a cube-shaped device made up of smaller cubes, with each side having nine stickers on it. The goal is to twist and turn the Rubik's Cube so that each face shows only one color. I see this as an opportunity for something new! It is an incredible gift for a ten-year-old geek.

12. Smart Lighting Panels

Smart Lightning Panels are a really cool gift for a geek. Lights are often an overlooked part of the home, and they can help create different moods or provide more utility (like night lights). These panels come with two separate parts - one that you install in your ceiling like other light fixtures, and another box of LED bulbs that wirelessly control it from anywhere on your phone.

13. Academy da Vinci Clock

One of the most innovative gifts for a geek is the da Vinci clock. This battery-powered digital clock tells time via analog hands and features an LCD screen that shows temperature, date, and time in various world cities. What's more? The watch face can remain dark until activated by a motion sensor or manual activation with a button on its side! 

14. 6-in-1 Multifunction Tool Pen

This pen is designed with a built-in ruler, stylus pen tip, screwdriver and more. It can be used as either the standard ballpoint pen or pencil. Moreover, this pen has also a touch screen stylus, a mini flat-head, a phillips screwdriver, a ruler and a spirit level. This is the perfect gift for an engineering geek who always wants to have their tools in hand!

15. TrackR Bravo

This item has a slim design and is water-resistant. You can attach it to almost anything you might lose like your keys, wallets, or luggage so that there will be no more worries about losing them! With the TrackR app for Android and iOS devices, you can locate any device with just an accurate GPS location. It’s very thin and lightweight which makes it easy to carry around in our pocket or purse.

16. Geeky Shirts

If you have a geek in your life, then you know that they're passionate about what they like. If the geek is a man, he will appreciate receiving apparel related to his interests! Geeky shirts are perfect for any occasion and can also be worn as undergarments or used as pajamas. This particular one is dedicated to the gamers who sacrifice their game just to spend time with their loved ones.

17. Set of 8 Star Wars Silicone Ice Trays

Set of eight silicone ice trays in the shape of iconic Star Wars characters. This iced treat will remind you and your guests of a galaxy far, far away. The set includes Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Stormtrooper (x-wing pilot), Yoda, Chewbacca, Han Solo (in carbonite), Rancor keeper and Jabba the Hutt. So if you have a Star Wars lover, there would be the perfect gift for them. 

18. Heat Changing Coffee Mug

This coffee mug will change its color when it's filled with a hot beverage. When the contents cool, the design will disappear. This is perfect for those who want something that'll make them laugh every time they drink their morning joe or an evening cuppa tea. This heat-changing sensitive funny mug is an awesome and perfect gift for your favorite geek.

19. Apple Watch 

The Apple Watch has many functions including telling you about new messages and emails, navigation to get around your location, and how much exercise (or lack thereof) you do on any given day. Some of these features are just convenient while others can really help someone stay on track if they're looking to improve themselves via health-related aspects such as dieting or weight loss goals. 

20. Buffalo Games Collection Puzzle

This particular puzzle is a collection of four puzzles, one for each season. The artwork on the box shows that you can put them together in any order to create your own personal winter landscape. The Buffalo Games Collection Puzzle has 1000 pieces and comes with some cardboard templates to help assemble it properly before putting it all together. It's hand-cut from premium wood so it looks great as well!

21. Bubble Wrap Calendar

This is a calendar that features 12 different pieces of bubble wrap. It's perfect for popping and it will help you count down to the new year! The Bubble Wrap Calendar displays each day with an adhesive sticker, so you can peel them off as they come up in order. You'll need one package of bubbles per month- give this gift idea some thought before wrapping it up!

22. At Home Escape Room

If you are drawn to the idea of an escape room but don't want to travel far or pay a lot for it, then this is the gift for you. At-Home Escape Room provides you with all that you need in order to turn your house into one! You'll receive four different scenarios: The Movies, Locked In The Library, Lost at Sea and On Top Of Mount Everest.

23. LED Name Badge

This LED Name Badge is perfect for anyone who's constantly losing their ID. This one is easy to clip on and doesn't require a battery, so it will work just as well in the office or outside at a concert! Therefore, if you have a geek in your life, give them this badge - we are completely sure that he will love it!

24. What If? Serious Scientific Answers To Absurd Hypothetical Questions by Randall Munroe

This book has been out of print since 2011 but if you are interested in quirky science then this might be worth hunting down! It covers topics such as: What happens when we get hit with our own fast-moving space junk? Why don't submarine crews try breathing air from beneath the keel? How long can animals live without oxygen? And many more!

25. Mars Dust Globe

This little globe is a replica of the surface and atmosphere of Mars! It has an accompanying booklet that goes through some interesting insights into this planet. It also includes information about planets orbiting other stars such as Jupiter and Saturn! If you want to get your geeky friends something new then I would recommend this space gift idea for them!

26. DJI Mavic Pro 4k Quadcopter Drone

DJI Mavic Pro Drone is a quadcopter drone that has four propellers and can fly up to 40mph. It includes an amazing camera for taking photos from the sky! This version also has improved flight. This gift idea would be perfect for your tech geek friends who have everything else but don't yet have this new DJI Mavic Pro Drone!


Rose Parker

If you had any doubts about what to give to your favorite geek for his birthday or other occasions, we hope we were able to help you with making the choice. Check around our website for more tips!

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