29 Gifts For Amputees

gifts for amputees 

Amputees are proud of their bodies, so don't be afraid to ask them what can help. They may be your child, spouse, friend, or neighbor. They could be you! Amputees have lost all or part of an arm, hand, or leg and need to adapt to their new circumstances. One way amputees can cope with the changes in their life is through gratitude for what they still have left and by applying useful strategies that will help them move forward.

This article includes a list of 29 valuable gifts for amputees for you to consider. This list comprises useful products, everyday essentials and ideas for gifts that amputees can enjoy.

1. Below-knee bk stump shrinker

A great gift for amputees is a below-knee stump shrinker. They can be helpful when an individual has a limb amputated and the leg must heal in its new form. The compressive shrinker provides support, ventilation and care that will help with circulation while it shrinks or reduces swelling of the amputation site after surgery or trauma. This shrinker is useful because it provides much-needed relief from pain and discomfort and reduces edema during the recovery period, so the amputee's body may rest from injury post-op until healed completely.

2. Knee Scooter

Mobility from one place to another in a car may be challenging for amputees so that they may benefit from a knee scooter. They are helpful when an individual has difficulty putting weight on one leg, usually due to injury or surgery to the foot or ankle. With this walker, they can get around conveniently while recovering from their injuries without using crutches, which takes effort and time that might be better spent resting. This knee scooter comes with two sets of wheels, so it's easy for users to maneuver in tight spaces like doorways while still being able to avoid potential falls because of its sturdy design.

3. Waterproof XL Leg Shower Cover

If you're looking for a way to give your loved one some more independence and comfort, then consider gifting them with waterproof leg covers. These shower covers can protect an amputee's cast during showers until their doctor instructs otherwise. They are helpful because they provide much-needed relief from pain or discomfort of the wounds. In addition, they also protect casts so that it doesn't get wet by water, which could result in mildew growing under the plaster and cause irritation where there is exposed skin underneath this cover.

4. Muscle Stimulator Unit

A muscle stimulator is essential for amputees to have. This device will give them the relief they need so that their pain doesn't interfere with daily life activities, such as showering or getting dressed after an injury. It can be helpful because it has 24 modes. This unit comes in a box of two electrodes, which makes this gift very practical. In addition, the screen comes with rechargeable batteries which last about 30 hours when fully charged. It would also be a nice gift for a physiotherapist.

5. Assistive Ambulating Sling

Lifting an amputee's body weight is extremely challenging. This can be difficult for both the caregiver and the patient. So having a durable sling that will help make it easier to transfer someone from one place to another may be very helpful in reducing pain or discomfort. The assistive ambulating sling makes standing up easy because of its design, allowing patients to grip onto bars when being lifted by caregivers while easily attaching around waist straps when they are ready to stand on their own.

6. Waterproof Prosthetic Leg Cover

Anyone who has to walk with crutches or a cane knows that it's easy for their clothes and skin to get wet from rainy weather. This can lead to discomfort, which is why this prosthetic leg cover may be beneficial. The waterproof vacuum-sealed cover should fit individuals up to 18 inches long and 11-16 inch circumference at knee area. It effectively covers the entire limb so that no water gets in when they are outside during wetter seasons of the year.

7. Suction Shower Grab Bar

This shower handle is essential for those who have difficulty standing up to take a quick shower, especially when using the bathroom alone. This grab bar adheres easily with heavy-duty suction cups and can be removed or relocated as often as needed without damaging walls. In addition, it has an ergonomic design, so patients don't have to exert too much force when gripping onto this grab bar while getting in and out of a tub or a stand-up shower stall. It would also be a practical gift for Parkinson's patients because they have difficulty grabbing things.

8. Forearm Crutches

Crutches are perfect for someone who needs to use them while recovering from an injury or surgery that leads to the removal of their lower arms. Ergobaum® crutch can help make daily tasks more accessible, especially when caring for oneself without hurting other people around them. These forearm crutches distribute weight evenly over both shoulders and underarms where there's no stump or residual limb discomfort. They feature adjustable handles, cuffs and height, shock absorber, Led lights and alert buttons. These amputation supplies should be comfortable enough for patients to use when standing, sitting, or walking around.

9. Neuropathy Nerve Relief Cream 

This cream is a beneficial gift for those who suffer from chronic pain. Neuropathy nerve relief cream features Menthol as its main ingredient to help reduce inflammation. At the same time, Arnica Montana works at relieving muscle aches and pains due to injury or tension, assisting patients to recover quickly with reduced swelling and discomfort. This topical analgesic contains MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) and other powerful ingredients such as Camphor Oil, Peppermint Oil Extracts, Hemp Seed Eucalyptus Leaf Oil Extracts. This cream is an excellent gift for amputees who are into sports.

10. Car Mobility Aid Standing Support

This portable vehicle support handle is perfect to have when traveling. It provides additional safety and stability while getting in and out of a car. This stander can help prevent injuries by providing an extra hand to hold on to during transfers from a wheelchair into the car seat, especially if someone has full arm function but lacks balance due to their leg amputation. With this adjustable standing aid safety handle, amputees can use it when they get back inside the house after driving around town under sunny skies or pouring rain.

11. Bed Assist bar

A bed assist bar provides support and stability when getting in and out of bed. This bed assist rail comes in black color and can be conveniently added to the foot of a patient's bed. They have an adjustable height feature that makes it easy for caregivers or family members to adjust them depending on their needs. This safety bar includes two storage pockets where amputees can place personal items such as tissues, drinks, TV remotes and cellphones while getting into or out of bed. It would also be a good gift for accident survivors.

12. Grabber Reacher Tool

This reacher grabber tool is perfect for those who have limited grip strength due to their amputation. It can help amputees pick up items without bending down or reaching across the floor, which could be dangerous, especially if they are using crutches at home or in public areas like supermarkets and malls. Using this lightweight mobility aid will prevent back strain that might lead to more serious medical conditions such as spondylosis (inflammation of ligaments). This tool features an ergonomic handle design with a rotating 360-degree grabber head to reach any corner. It will also helps senior citizens to remain independent and to live safe, active lives.

13. Men’s Shorts

A short is one of the most versatile garments that can be used even by leg amputees. These men's shorts with pockets are made from 100% cotton and come in many colors, like black, blue, chocolate brown, khaki green (Army), and red. These shorts feature two front slash pockets, two back welt pockets with button closure, plus a right side cell phone pocket so users can easily reach for their phones while driving or when they need both hands for other tasks. 

14. Portable Car Hand Controls 

This set of car hand controls is ideal for those who have had a lower limb amputation. It comes with two sets of left and right tie-down brackets, which can be easily attached to any vehicle's steering wheel or center console without drilling holes on it. These hand controls only require about half an hour of installation time, so users will not need professional help from automotive technicians when setting them up in their cars. This amputee aid helps them to operate the gas, brake and steering wheel of their vehicles to ensure safety while driving.

15. Wheelchair Amputee Board 

This wheelchair amputee board is perfect for those who are recovering from leg amputation or surgery. It makes it easier to transfer into the chair, which functions as a walker at home and in public areas like shopping malls. When moving, users need only apply weight on this wheelchair amputee board to avoid falling forward while getting up from any seating surface such as chairs or couches. This thing amputees need can be easily attached to wheelchairs with a hook and loop strap.

16. Antimicrobial Wound Clear Spray 

Amputees can apply this wound care spray onto their surgical incisions or open wounds to help them heal faster. It helps improve the quality of injuries by removing bacteria so that healing can happen faster and more efficiently. The pharmaceutical-grade formula in this spray bottle does not cause any burning sensation on open wounds nor leaves scars behind after being absorbed into the damaged area. Amputees have to use one spritz per day directly onto their injured areas until signs of improvement are seen. 

17. Foldable Shower & Bath Chair 

This shower chair for amputees helps them bathe in the comfort of their own homes. It is lightweight and easy to carry, making it possible to quickly transfer this roll-in wheelchair into any tub or shower stall without needing much help from other people. The foldable footrests make it easier for an amputee to get on and off. At the same time, the flip-up armrests are perfect for relaxing arms when sitting at home during recovery after surgery. This adjustable and compact seat would be perfect for those who are recovering from body injuries.

18. Sock Aid Kit and Pants Helper

Amputees can use this sock aid kit to easily put on and take off their socks without worrying about falling over. The sleeve of the device is made from a soft silicone material, which makes it easy for users to slide their feet in or out of them so they can wear or remove footwear with ease. This tool works as an arm extension, making it possible for those who have lost some strength due to an amputated hand or leg. This tool also helps to pull up pants.

19. Amputee Throw Pillow

This throw pillow is perfect for adding a pop of color and humor to an amputee's bedroom, living room, or office. This humorous text on throw pillow also reminds everyone that life goes on even if one has lost part of their physical being forever. This pillow features an amputee image with text "well I am stumped" and is sure to make anyone laugh. The pillow cover material is a cotton-poly blend with a soft suede feel for maximum comfort, durability and style. Additionally, the front of this throw pillow has an invisible zipper closure that makes it easy to remove or wash as needed.

20. Prosthetic Socks 

This is a six-pack of socks that help below-knee amputees to wear prosthetic legs comfortably. They are made from soft and stretchable materials, making them perfect for people who have undergone surgery or lost limbs in accidents. A knee compression sleeve can also be worn over these socks if an above the knee amputee has swelling on their leg after surgery or injury. These amputee supplies would be perfect for both men and women with amputated legs.

21. Metatarsal Lift Compression Pads

These compression pads help lift the metatarsals, providing therapeutic relief for pain and discomfort associated with Metatarsalgia. They can also reduce pressure against painful areas such as bunion joints or other toe problems. The black color of these medium-sized compression socks makes them a perfect match for prosthetic feet and legs while at work or during a special event. This helpful amputee product is easy to clean and durable enough for everyday use.

22. Adidas Women's Adilette Sandal Slide 

This slide sandal from Adidas is a stylish and comfortable choice for women who suffer from foot pain after an amputation. The textured footbed provides good slip resistance, which can be helpful when transitioning between surfaces such as tile or concrete during hot summer months. This casual outdoor shoe also features a secure strap that holds the heel in place while walking on uneven terrain. It's easy to clean with soap and water since it has artificial materials instead of leather-like most other slides.

23. Bed Ladder Assist Strap

This bed ladder strap is made of nylon materials that are both comfortable and easy to clean. The length of bed ladder strap provides maximum adjustability for different heights, while its soft cording ensures a secure grip with even pressure distribution throughout the palm area. The firm handgrip enables amputees to sit up in bed by pulling themselves with the help of their arms. This useful gift for amputees would be a great addition to any patient's recovery routine.

24. 100% Pure Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a multi-purpose product that's great for keeping skin and hair healthy. This organic virgin coconut oil can be used as an all-over body massage or as a skin lotion. An amputee can use it on their limbs to moisturize and decrease the risk of blisters or cracks. It can also be used to prevent dryness on limbs. This organic coconut oil is great for both male and female amputees because it's hypoallergenic and doesn't have a strong scent like other brands do.

25. Pop-Open Cards With Inspirational Messages

These pop-open cards are a great gift for amputees who want to feel motivated and inspired. Each card is printed with an encouraging message that gives hope when they're feeling down on themselves. The front side of each card has the motivating quote, while the flip side is blank so that you can write a personal note for an amputee friend. This would be especially helpful for new amputees who have just gotten used to their situation and might still struggle from time to time with not knowing how others will perceive them after losing a limb or hand.

26. Electric Jar Opener

This jar opener is perfect for people with hand amputees. It's effortless to use and doesn't require much pressure, so it can be used by amputees who have less strength in their arms. The technology uses a one-touch operation that allows you to open jars without any hassle. You can open all kinds of jar lids with this jar opener, including bottles and tins. It can be installed under the cabinet not to struggle to lift heavy objects above their heads to open something up.

27. Anesthetic Numbing Cream

This Dr. Numb cream is a great gift for amputees who have pain in their stumps or residual limbs. It can be used to reduce the itching and burning sensations of skin while also decreasing the discomfort of blisters. The lidocaine formula makes it easy to rub into your skin without difficulty so that you get an even application every time. This topical numbing cream has Vitamin E, which helps keep dryness at bay by moisturizing your skin with natural oils instead of harsh chemicals that could irritate it more than help relieve any itchiness or burnings.

28. Skechers Men's Moccasin

A comfortable moccasin gives a stylish look to a casual outfit. This easy-to-slip-on moccasin is made with Sketchers memory foam insoles which provide superior comfort and support all day long. The upper part of the shoe is made from canvas that you can wear without socks or tuck in your jeans if it's chilly outside. These Skechers will give any outfit a casual look while still being very comfortable! An amputee could wear these every day or just on special occasions when dressing up makes sense.

29. Video Doorbell Camera

It is challenging for an amputee to do everyday tasks as they are unable to walk quickly. It is essential for them to have a home security system to monitor their homes while being away from it. This wireless doorbell has motion detection, two-way audio, night vision and free cloud storage via wifi connection or USB port at the back of your computer/laptop if you don't want to use wifi. This security video doorbell has a rechargeable battery. The camera is adjustable to get you what you want, whether it's an overview or a close-up shot of your front porch area. This smart video doorbell allows you to see who's at your home without any hassle of getting up off from couch or away from what you were doing previously. It would also be a practical gift for parents.


Rose Parker

Amputee doesn't need sympathy words. Every amputee has a story behind their loss and they would like to hear some words of encouragement. A gift is not about the price tag attached, but rather, it's about sharing your heartfelt feelings with them that you love them no matter what. These people will appreciate anything that comes from you since affection can't really be priced or wrapped up in a gift.

Amputees are people who appreciate the little things in life, so make sure you think of something unique that will put a smile on their face. You can gift them your smile with a practical gift we listed here.

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