32 Gifts For Architects

gifts for architects

The architecture of a building is one of the most stunning creative arts. Everything from the structural design to the interior layout and rooms to exterior details is considered art. An architect dreams up building designs for homes, businesses, hospitals and even public facilities like churches or courthouses. The best architects have a unique ability to see what others do not when it comes to designing beautiful structures that will stand tall throughout history and meet all of the needs and wants of their clients.

If you are looking for a unique gift for an architect, this list is perfect for you! In this article, we will be discussing 32 gifts that would make any architect happy.

1. Sketching Pencil Gift Set 

Sketching pencils are just one of the many gifts that architects will love! Architects use sketches to communicate their ideas with clients and other members of their team. This pencil set comes with four different lead sizes so architects can sketch out their ideas with different levels of detail. It also comes with refill leads and erasers to use the pencils for a long time. This father's day gift for architects dads would be a great addition to their toolkit.

2. Smart Reusable Notebook

Architects will love being able to quickly jot down ideas and sketches without having to waste any paper! It allows them to use one notebook many times without wasting any resources or having excess papers lying around. With this, your architect friend will be able to relieve some stress from his workload while being environmentally responsible! This smart notebook can also be scanned and uploaded to an app so that notes can be accessed anywhere. The best part about this gift is that it comes with a pen that allows for notes to be erased without any damage to the paper! This cool gift for architects would make a great addition to an architect's desk.

3. LEGO Architecture Studio

Construct your dreams, build your best ideas and make them a reality with this LEGO Architecture set. If your child love to be creative and construct beautiful structures, then look no further than giving them something that allows their imagination to run wild like never before. This LEGO architecture set comes with step-by-step instructions on how to build structures. These designs will spark your child's imagination while teaching them about architecture simultaneously. This is an excellent educational toy that any future architect child would appreciate receiving as a gift!

4. Archidoodle: The Architect's Activity Book

Architects and children can use this doodle pad to create their best drawings, sketches, and diagrams. It is a great tool for any architect who loves drawing as much as they love building structures! This interactive book will allow your architect buddy to unleash his creativity while allowing him to learn how to communicate complex ideas both visually and verbally at the same time. With 160 pages of fun activities, this gift for architects would allow them room for creative expression in a unique way. If you have an aspiring young architect on your hands, then look no further than giving them Archidoodle:

5. Desktop Organizer Set

An architect is always looking for creativity in everything he does or uses. This gift idea would look best on any architect's desk, allowing them to stay creative while organizing their space in the process! This unique desktop organizer set comes with a pen holder, paper clip holder, and three different sized cups to store whatever your architect's heart desires! This set is also made out of porcelain, giving it a sleek and modern look that any architect would love. Architects spend most of their time at their desks, so this gift will make their work area feel more like home.

6. Architecture Coffee Mug

This mug is the perfect gift for any architect who loves coffee! It celebrates their passion and showcases beautiful drawings of famous architecture from classic to classical designs. This coffee mug is made of ceramic material and holds up to 15 ounces. When your architect friend drinks coffee in this mug, it will remind them of their best memories and inspire them to keep creating new ones! This cool gift for architects would be a great addition to their desks.

7. Professional Printing 3D Pen

This best gift for architects will allow them to create amazing designs that they can hold in their hands or use on any other surface. This best-selling printing pen comes with 100 strands of filament and is compatible with ABS, PLA materials. This 3D pen features an OLED display, making it easy to monitor the temperature and other printing settings. If your architect or engineer friend loves using his imagination to create new things, this would be a great addition to help make those dreams come true!

8. Laser Distance Measurer

Architects and interior designers need tools that can help them with the accuracy of measurements. This laser distance measurer is perfect for any architect who needs to take quick, accurate measurements without sacrificing quality or performance. It comes equipped with a backlit display and has multiple measuring modes available, including volume, area, length and continuous measurement mode! This best gift idea will make it easy for your friend's projects to run smoothly as they move from one room to another in no time at all!

9. Frank Lloyd Wright Fallingwater Puzzle

This interesting gift for architects is a great way to help your friend relax after long hours of work! This jigsaw puzzle features Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater, built in the mid-1930s. The house was designed as part of an architectural competition where seven designs would be selected to build into actual homes that were then sold through private donations. Your architect friend will love piecing together this picture and learning more about one of architecture's most famous works!

10. Architectural Model Kit

This gift idea is perfect for architects who love using their creativity to build new buildings! This best-selling architectural model kit can be built into different forms, allowing your architect friend the chance to express his or her creative side. It includes detailed instructions and all of the pieces they'll need to start building right away. Each box has 390+ pieces and an introductory booklet with cutout shapes for you to assemble your city. If your friend loves creatively making building models, this best Christmas gift will give them hours upon hours of fun!

11. Mini Table Lamp

This table lamp is perfect for architects who love working at their desks even after the sun goes down. This table lamp features an adjustable neck and head that can be moved up, down, or side to side! It uses 100 watts of energy and comes equipped with a dimmer switch so your friend can choose just how bright they want it to shine. You won't have to worry about finding a plug because this best Christmas gift also includes a USB charging port to give your friend's phone battery some extra juice after long hours on the go. With these many different lighting options, you'll never have trouble seeing what's in front of you again!

12. Blueprints Carry Case

This gift idea is perfect for your architect friend who loves to take their work with them on the go! These extendable poster tubes can hold up to 24.25" of paper, and when they're not in use, they can be collapsed down to 12.375" so you can easily fit them into any bag or suitcase. Not only are they durable and portable, but these round tubes also come with their own set of labels so you can keep track of everything that's inside! No more worrying about losing important documents while on the go. This gift for future architects will help them stay organized and keep their work on the track!

13. House Plan Template Set

This gift for architects is a great way to help them with their designs! This set of three templates includes different shapes and sizes that can be used as rulers or drafting tools. They're perfect for helping your friend measure objects and spaces, ensuring that each design is precise and accurate. This adorable gift set features furniture, house plan, and kitchen, bed and bath templates. With this gag gift for architects, your architect friend will have everything they need to start creating beautiful blueprints right away!

14. Sketching Pencil Set 

Sketching is a great way to help them get started on their projects! This wooden box set includes 72 different sketching pencils, each unique shape and color. This set includes a blender, burnisher, pencil extender, sharpener, and colorless blender. Whether your architect friend prefers fine-pointed or thick-line drawings, this sketching pencil set has everything they need to get started! This sketching pencils gift for an aspiring architect is the best way to ensure they always have something nearby when inspiration strikes!

15. Architecture Infinity Scarf 

A beautiful scarf with architectural details is the best way to keep warm your loved one in style! This scarf features a gorgeous architectural cutout that lets you show off your best colors, even when it's cold outside. The cool blue tones and black details add an elegant touch to any outfit while keeping your face nice and cozy when temperatures drop. With this best fashion gift idea, your girl friend will never have trouble staying stylish during the winter again!

16. Mini Cinder Blocks 

These mini cinder blocks are the perfect way to start your architect friend's collection! These blocks come in a pack of 24, each measuring at just under an inch. They're great for practicing scales and creating small models or designs. With these tiny cinder blocks, your friend can experiment with different designs and create miniature masterpieces! This gift for architects and designers is a great way to get them started on their next big project.

17. Blueprint Cufflinks 

These blueprint cufflinks are the perfect way to show your architect friend some appreciation! These cufflinks feature a blueprint design on each side, adding an elegant touch to any outfit. The presentation gift box and polishing cloth make it easy for your friend to keep these cufflinks looking great for any occasion. They are made of alloy metal and feature the best cufflink design. With this best gift idea for architects, you can be sure that they'll always look their best when representing their profession!

18. Weighted Blanket

This heavy blanket is great to keep close at all times because it's created with a weighted material. With its high-density glass beads inside layer cotton yarn cover, it also features soft texture .you can wrap yourself up on cold days and feel cozy warm without feeling too hot. The premium beads are super smooth but very firm, ensuring your weight won't sink to the bottom and cause discomfort. This best father's day gift for architects dads is perfect, who love to feel hugged all the time!

19. The Future of Architecture in 100 Buildings (TED Books)

TED, the nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, is proud to present TED Books. This TED book for architects and designers presents a look at 100 of the most innovative, sustainable, and experimental projects that will reshape our world over the next decades—from floating cities to fire-proofed libraries, from brainwave-monitoring theaters to skyscrapers inspired by termite mounds. This book would be a dream gift for an architect who loves TED talks.

20. Sketchbook 

A sketchbook is perfect for architects who want to document their ideas and designs! With 60 pages (30 sheets) of high-quality 120gsm paper, this sketchpad is great for pencils and pens. The spiral binding ensures that your sketches stay safe and easy to flip through, while the kraft cover provides a stylish and durable surface. This sketchbook is a must-have gift for an architect for his office or at home so he can document any and every idea!

21. Bridge Design Bookends

These antique-style bookends are perfect for any architect or designer's office! These bookends are made of metal with a bronze finish and feature a beautiful suspension bridge design. They are also weighted to keep books in place. This bookend set is best for book lovers who love to decorate their home or office with interesting and functional things!. These bookends make a great gift for licensed architects who want to show their passion everywhere.

22. Architectural Triangular Ruler Set 

A ruler set is a must accessory for architecture students, architects and designers! It features high-quality plastic construction with a transparent finish on the scales. The clear plastic triangle case will keep all your triangles safe when not in use. This ruler set includes three 12-inch triangular scales, one 11-inch 30/60 triangle and one eight-inch 45/90 triangle. It's an inexpensive gift for architects but practical at the same time.

23. LED Desk Lamp

A LED desk lamp makes their work easier and more efficient. This desk lamp is perfect for any architect because it has a flexible design so you can position the light exactly where you need it! It includes four color modes, dimmable brightness levels, four-way touch panels controllable with one hand. This LED Desk Lamp provides no harmful blue light, which makes this great not just for an office environment but also reduces eye strain after long hours of use. The gift item for an architect is ideal who has trouble focusing in low lighting conditions.

24. Gothic Cathedral Architecture Mug

The mug shows a beautiful Gothic cathedral design with a white finish. It's made of high-quality ceramic that is both microwave and dishwasher safe. This mug can hold 16 oz of fluid and is perfect for coffee, tea, or other beverages. This coffee mug featuring Gothic arches gives any architect's office a touch of old-world charm. This Gothic Cathedral Architecture Mug makes an ideal gift for licensed architects because it's both practical and stylish at the same time. 

25. Drawer Set

This wood box is perfect for organizing any artist's supplies! It has four drawers with twenty compartments to store everything from pastels and pencils to pens and brushes. The wood box is also portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go. These drawers are removable, so you can customize the compartments to best fit your needs. This storage box is a great gift for any artist, but it's especially perfect for architects who need to be organized and have everything at their fingertips.

26. Castle Ring

Women love jewelry, so what could be better than a ring that celebrates their favorite profession? This castle ring is made of high-quality alloy with a silver finish. It features an intricate design of a luxury castle on the top with two sparkling crystals accenting the front. The ring is adjustable to fit any finger size and makes a great gift for any occasion. This ring showcases your love for architecture and makes a perfect accessory for any outfit! This funky gift for female architects will love and wear with pride.

27. Architectural Model Building Kit

This kit has everything you need to design and build 26 different models of architectural structures! It includes many pieces with step-by-step instructions for assembly, learning about load-bearing walls, concrete forms, building codes, fire escapes, trusses, and more. The best part is that this kit allows kids to use their imagination to construct buildings from the ground up! This gift for a child with an architect brain makes a great educational toy set any time of year, especially on birthdays or Christmas!

28. Caliper Pen

An architect need accuracy in measurement and the best measuring tool is a caliper pen. This Caliper Pen allows you to take precise measurements up to 100 mm and can be used on paper or tablet screens, making it extremely versatile! This caliper pen has a sleek aluminum body with an ergonomic design for easy handling, which makes it perfect for any architect's desk! This caliper pen also has a built-in spirit level to help you ensure that your measurements are accurate.

29. Geometric Cement Planter

This cement planter is perfect for any succulent or cactus lover! The geometric design is a great addition to any home and the unglazed finish allows your plants to breathe. This planter also has a drainage hole at the bottom so that your plants can thrive. The triangle-faceted design gives any architect's office or home a modern look. You can also use this plant pot to hold pens, pencils and other desk accessories! This is the best gift for an architect who loves nature and wants their office or home filled with greenery. 

30. Prism Magnifier

A prism magnifier allows you to see details that are normally too small to see with the naked eye. This prism magnifier has a sturdy crystal base and a high-quality optical glass lens, making it perfect for any task! This magnifier is also very lightweight and easy to carry around, so you can take it with you wherever you go. The prism design makes this magnifier perfect for viewing small text or intricate designs. This magnifier is a great gift for an architect professor who loves to see the details in everything.

31. Guggenheim Museum Scale Replica kit

This kit allows you to build your scale replica of the Guggenheim Museum, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright! The finished model measures six inches long, four and a half inches wide and three and a half inches high. This makes it the perfect size for any desk or shelf! The museum replica is made from fine wood and is finely crafted for a realistic look. This DIY gift for an architect is ideal who loves midcentury modern architecture.

32. Glass Vase

This beautiful glass vase was designed by world-renowned architect Alvar Aalto and is perfect for any modern home. The simple, organic design makes this piece a great addition to any room. This vase is made from mouth-blown glass and has a timeless look that will never go out of style. The clear color allows you to show off your favorite flowers or plants and the sleek design is perfect for any minimalist home. This vase makes a great gift for an architecture lover who wants to add a touch of elegance to their home.


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Architects dream about designing and working on perfect projects, but they also need some tools to complete the task. Architects create the best buildings and homes by using their imagination and skills. They use various tools to help them in their work which can be a great gift for architects. The best gifts for architects are not only useful but also stylish. These 32 gifts for architects include a wide range of items that any architect will love! So if you're looking for the perfect gift for an architect friend or family member, then be sure to check out these great options!

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