34 Best Gifts For Bakers

Best gifts for bakers

Bakers are always in need of gifts. They always get the best presents, and it's time to even up the score! Here you will find 34 great gifts for bakers that are sure to please any baker on your list. Whether they're a professional or an amateur, these baking-related goodies are a perfect gift for anyone who loves to spend their free time in the kitchen.

1. Apron

An apron is necessary for any baker, as it's the best way to avoid wearing batter on their clothes. It also provides protection against dirty ovens and hot baking sheets! This black apron features some funny words print on it. This funny gift for bakers will not only make a great gift for your bakers but serve as a good topic of discussion when they are using them.

2. Baking Pan Set

This best gift for bakers will provide them with everything they need to get started in the kitchen. Baking pans are a must-have item for any baker, and this best gift idea provides ten pieces of various sizes that make it easy to bake goods like cakes or brownies. The handles have silicone grips on them and the whole set is oven safe up to 400° Fahrenheit. The set includes ten pieces of various sizes that make it easy to bake anything they want. 

3. Floral Engraved Rolling Pin

You can find many gifts for bakers on amazon, but this is a unique one. This rolling pin will be engraved with Christmas deer and tree pattern, but you can also have it with flowers or any other pattern. This Christmas gift for bakers is perfect because they can make some great Christmas cookies.

The rolling pin is made of hardwood (maple or walnut) and has a non-slip silicone grip on the handle. The size is just perfect for any baker who wants to cook some delicious cookies, pies, loaves of bread.

4. Silicone Spatula Gift Set

This is a cool gift for bakers because silicon spatula is very functional and durable. You will get 3 pieces of colorful and sturdy spoons that have fun text on them, so your baker friend can enjoy cooking and baking in their kitchen. The material used (silicone) is food safe, meaning they won't have any problems with it when baking goodies. The set comes with a gift card so you can write a message on it.

5. My Baking Journal

This journal is a cool gift for bakers because it has pages to organize recipes. This must-have gift for bakers helps them to write their recipes and efficiently organize them. This journal will serve as their baking companion and a reminder of the good memories they had making something delicious. This journal also includes helpful templates and measurements and essential baking techniques, so the bakers can get the help.

6. Vanilla Spa Gift Basket

The best way to say thank you is with this vanilla spa set. The bakers will be able to take some time out from all of that hard work and get a break in the form of a luxurious bath using these products which include bath salts and bubbles, hand creams and body lotions, soaps, and candles. This graduation gift for a baker mom is perfect who loves to bake but needs a little bit of time out.

7. Stand Mixer

A stand mixer is for someone who loves baking but really needs one less thing to do by hand. The stand mixer makes it so that the baker can mix everything together with just pushing down on the machine, which actually takes a lot of time and effort away from them when they are trying to get all their other tasks done. The Acuma stand mixer also comes with a whisk, beater and dough hook attachments. It must be the best gift for bakers and cooks who want to save some time.

8. Kitchen Utensils Pendant

The kitchen utensils pendant is a perfect gift for someone who spends their time in the kitchen. This necklace has many charms that feature different tools that they are likely to need while cooking. This handmade unique charms necklace is made of nickel-free silver. It's a perfect mother's day gift for a baker's mom or best friends. The product comes with a necklace chain and an adjustable lobster clasp.

9. Baking Timer

This baking timer is a small gift for bakers but a powerful tool to help them in the kitchen. This is something that they can keep on their counter and use for all of their cooking needs. It's easy to see with this LED lighted timer and it will beep when it reaches zero so you don't have to worry about time running out. The 60-minute countdown timer can be oriented in both directions and it features an automatic shutoff function, making this one of the best gifts.

10. Kitchen Scale

This inexpensive gift for bakers can help them measure out ingredients in the kitchen. It has a capacity of up to 22 pounds and it will measure in both ounces or grams, so this is great for those who use different measurements. This can be used with baking mixes, as well as other foods that need mixing like mashed potatoes and more. This kitchen scale provides accurate measurements and is great for bakers.

11. French Tart Baking Kit 

This baking kit is great for those who want to try out a new recipe or just need some extra supplies. This makes it easy to cook from home no matter what your level of experience is in the kitchen. This baking set includes ceramic weights, a candy thermometer, stainless steel tart rings for perforating, and a silicone piping kit. It would be a good Mother's day gift for baker moms.

12. Proofing Basket 

This is a great gift for bakers as it can be used to proof bread or other types of dough. This will allow the bread to rise evenly and in a nice controlled environment. Healthy Bread brotform proofing bowls are certified with the German Food Safe, so you can make artisan bread to suit your health needs. Any baker will love this awesome gift for bakers because they need it every day to make bread, croissants and other baked goods.

13. Silicon Oven Mitt

These oven mitts are made of silicon, so they will be heat-resistant and easy to clean. They have a very comfortable design with reinforced stitching which makes them durable and long-lasting. These oven gloves are great for bakers as they can use them while baking, roasting, or frying food in the kitchen without any worries about burns. This cute birthday gift for bakers will show your love and appreciation for them.

14. Bake Lover Keychain

This Valentine gift for bakers must melt their hearts. Especially because it features a beautiful stand mixer and a charm that says, "Bake the World a Better Place". This keychain is made of stainless steel. Your baker friend can attach keys to it easily. The high-quality material makes this adorable Valentine gift for bakers durable and long-lasting as well. This little gift will serve as a daily reminder to bake and love.

15. Embroided Bread Bags

If your friend is a baker, they know how important it can be to keep their bread warm. That's why these European-inspired embroidery bags are great for a baker. The embroidered bread bags are the perfect gift to keep their loaves warm. These bags are reusable and biodegradable and have a strap to close them. It would be the best unique gift for bakers that is eco-friendly and beautiful as well.

16. Citrus Juicer

Mornings can be especially hectic for a baker. That's why this citrus juicer is the perfect gift for them! Citrus juice will give any dish extra flavor and that fresh burst of citric acidity. This particular product has an easy-to-use one-handed operation, which makes it great for making drinks during breakfast or dinner service. Moreover, they can use it when baking lemon bars or key lime pie and ease their workload in the kitchen. This useful gift for bakers will make their mornings much easier.  Any fitness-conscious person will love to add this juicer to their kitchen arsenal.

17. Digital Measuring Cup

Another clever gift for bakers is this digital measuring cup. Bakers can use it to measure ingredients in the kitchen, eliminating the need for a scale or cups and spoons. It also features an easy-to-read LCD display that makes measurement simple and quick! This particular model has markings up to four cups of flour or anything else. It is washable and easy to use. This useful gift for baker sister will make her day!

18. Kitchen Towel 

A baker's best friend is a kitchen towel! It can be used to clean up spills, sop up liquids and even help in the baking process. A good quality cotton kitchen towel will make any baker's day! This beautifully printed towel set is practical and they'll use this every day. The set includes I oven mitt, one pot holder and a kitchen towel. The pioneer woman spicy cowgirl kitchen towel set is the perfect gift for bakers in your life.

19. Personalized Embossing Rolling Pin

This is a great gift for bakers who are just starting. It's personalized and covers their initials or name with flour before rolling dough to make it look professional every time. This personalized engraved rolling pin will make their dough look pro. It must be the best Xmas gifts for bakers. This rolling pin helps them to make cookies, pies, or pastries that are perfect every time and have a professional look to them.

20. Mixing Bowls Set

It's going to be hard for the best bakers in your life not to smile when they open this present. These mixing bowls are durable and lightweight, but their most attractive quality is that each one has a lid! It'll make it so much easier to store leftovers or transport ingredients from place to place without having to worry about spilling. This set has six sizes which are perfect because there's just no telling what size you might need. They also have distinctly different colors so it'll be easy to differentiate between the types of ingredients that go into them! It's a good Mother's day gift for baker moms.

21. Food Storage Container

Bakers always looking for beautiful jars to store their baked goods. It's not uncommon for bakers to have two or three different jars in which they store cookies, brownies, and other homemade treats. ! These cookie jars are pretty enough to put on mantel but functional enough for storing food items. The jars are also made of durable, food-safe ceramic so they last long. You can choose one set for a baker in your life.

22. Ramekins Set

A baker's best friend Ramekins are perfect for making mini quiches, individual souffles and more! The set includes four-ounce ramekins made of durable porcelain so they're a great size to work with when baking in the microwave or oven. This beautiful set comes in a set of six and is dishwasher, microwave safe. Your friend must like this best Christmas gift for bakers and appreciate it.

23. Women's Baking-Themed Socks

These women's baking socks will keep your friend stylish and cozy as they whip up their favorite desserts. Made of 100% cotton, these socks are machine washable for easy care! Give this gift to someone who enjoys baking and is always on their feet whether in the kitchen or working at a bakery. These socks have a fun design of measuring cups, spoons and other baking tools. Your baking-enthusiast aunt will surely appreciate this unique gift.

24. Bread Maker 

A bread maker is a great gift for bakers because it allows them to make fresh, homemade bread in their own homes. This particular model comes with twelve different baking cycles and can bake loaves of up to 1.5 or 2 pounds per batch. The machine includes an LCD display and touchpad controls that allow the user to customize each cycle as well as control the rise and bake times. This top gifts for bakers make their life easy because it makes homemade bread so easily.

25. Cake Decorating Set

For a baking enthusiast in your life, this might be the best birthday gift for bakers. This set includes 42 pieces of baking supplies with tools to create beautiful decorations on cakes, cupcakes and more. The Decorating kit is made with high-quality metal that is durable and gives a perfect look on the cake without any hassle. Your baker friend can create beautiful cakes for any occasion.

26. Baking Charm Bracelet

Baking is a lot like art and craft. The bakers put them all into making cookies, cakes, or pies that they are proud of. They take the time to make sure every detail is perfect and want to show it off with this bracelet! It includes 4 charms made up of baking tools such as measuring spoons, stand mixer, cupcake and a circle shape charm. This cute gift for bakers is enough to kindle the passion in any baker.

27. The Best of America's Test Kitchen 2019 

In the last few years, America's Test Kitchen has been getting more and more creative with its cookbooks. They've had a baking book for a while but this one is different because it features recipes that are great to make together as a family including some of their best ever desserts. There are also over 180 recipes in here so no matter what you like to bake, you'll find something.

Some other great features of this book are that the recipes have been triple-tested in America's Test Kitchen for both taste and ease so there is really no trial and error involved. This book must prove an asset for your baker friend!

28. Cookie Press

When little bakers start their journey to become full-fledged bakers, they need the right tools for a job well done. Thie cookie press would be a great gift for bakers 2-15 ages. It is best for newcomers and those looking to create fun shapes on their cookies. They can make different shape cookies such as flower, heart, star, snowflakes, tree or leaf shape cookies. Your little bakers can make all sorts of cookies with this cookie press.

29. Cake Stand

The best way to display delicious baked goods is a cake stand. This item can be used at weddings, birthday parties, or any occasion for that matter. A great gift idea for bakers who are looking to show off their creations and feed more people in the process. It's an essential part of baking tools as it elevates the cakes and cookies to make them more visible. You or your baker friend might need this item as part of their baking tools that will help put together beautiful displays.

30. Cupcake Carrier

A great gift idea for bakers who have a lot of sweets leftover, the cupcake carrier helps to keep all that deliciousness fresh and ready. They can easily carry cupcakes to a party or event and can even be used for transporting goods to the market. This 2 -layer carrier holds 24 cupcakes and they'll stay fresh up to 24 hours. This product is made with plastic and has great storage space in the bottom, making it easy to store more cupcakes. A passionate baker must adore this product.

31. Cookie Scoop

Bakers need many baking supplies to get the best results. One of these items is a cookie scoop which helps level out dough and get uniform muffins or cookies. A scoop does not have to be complicated so we recommend this scoop made of stainless steel. The scoop is easy to use and easy to clean, so it is perfect for home or commercial use. This scoop's handle is spring-loaded so it makes it easy to scoop out dough.

32. Oven Thermometer

Another baking tool that bakers need is an oven thermometer because it ensures the best results when cooking a variety of baked goods such as bread, cakes, and pastries. This thermometer is perfect for the baker because it has a temperature range of 100 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This oven thermometer also comes with an adhesive back so you can stick it in your oven and check on the best results without opening up the door too much, which saves energy. This good gift for bakers organized them to set their oven temperature to the best possible setting for their baked goods.

33. Odor Killing Candle

Odor-killing candles are one of the best gifts for bakers because they get rid of the stinky smells that can come from a kitchen. These candles are also great for anyone who lives in an apartment and is bothered by cooking or cleaning odors coming from other apartments. After baking, you may feel smell of baking goods still lingering in your nose, and this can be a turn-off when you are trying to eat. These candles will not only cover the smell but also kills all bacteria that may have caused the bad odor.

These best gifts for bakers come with an attractive jar and lid so they make great decorations on anybody's countertop too!

34. Bread stamp

If you are looking for an unusual gift for bakers, this is one of the best gifts for bakers. A bread stamp will make a great gift to your favorite baker. It helps in making some really nice and decorative patterns on loaves that they have just baked, by pressing it down onto different parts of dough before baking them off. It’s especially helpful when they are baking for occasions like weddings or birthdays, where they will be making large quantities of bread.


Rose Parker

Baking is fun, and it’s something we all love to do. Giving the best gifts for bakers is an amazing way to show them how much you care and how grateful you are that they have shared their skills with us.

We have included as many ideas as possible on our list so you can choose something that will make their baking experience even more enjoyable and fruitful.