33 Gifts For Beach Lovers

Gifts For Beach Lovers

Who doesn't love the beach? It's a cool place to relax, have fun with family and friends, or just enjoy some time alone. It's the perfect place to cool down from a hot summer day. However, there are some essentials you have to bring with you when heading out for your beach trip. 

You can make beach trips memorable with cool gifts for you and beach lovers. With so many cool gifts out there it can be hard to choose what you want! That is why I put together this list of 33 cool gifts that any beach lover would love.

1. Sport Umbrella

Scorching sunlight on the beach can harm your skin and damage your eyes if you don't protect them. An adjustable umbrella with a Universal clamp offers great sun coverage that you are sure to love. This cool gift for beach lovers provides a shield against SPF 50+ sun, UV damage and wind. Lightweight and portable, this umbrella easily attaches to most chairs or can stand on its own, making it easy to move around as needed. A 360-degree rotating clamp allows the user to adjust their position depending on how much shade they want where they are sitting at any given time, allowing them full mobility of their arms without holding up an umbrella themselves. 

2. Waterproof Phone Case

Life without a cellphone is difficult, but Sometimes your phone may get wet while relaxing on the beach. You might lose it forever if you don't have a water-resistant bag to keep it safe in. This cool gift for beach lovers is perfect for those who love going on boat trips or snorkeling adventures, as well as spending their time relaxing on the sand of the beach without worrying about damaging their phones from any unforeseen accidents that could happen. This cool pouch is designed with an easy open/close latch system equipped with double velcro straps, allowing users to easily seal up their device before placing them inside this waterproof case during use.

3. Wooden Sunglasses 

Sunglasses allow you to enjoy your time on the sand without worrying about harmful UV rays or pebbles flying up at your face from other people walking by. With wooden sunglasses made of 100% real bamboo, this great gift for beach lovers is designed with every user in mind who wants something stylish and cool that they can wear all year round. The wooden frame is lightweight and very comfortable, making this cool gift easy to wear for extended periods. The sunglasses are made of 9-layer polarized lenses with a double UV blocking coating and polarizing film that guarantee complete eye protection against rays from the sun! Also a great surfer gift.

4. Beach Cup Holder

To keep small items such as cellphones, drinks, glasses, earphones and car keys safe and dry, you need a safe place. This cool beach accessory can keep your items dry. The cup holders are made of high-quality material, lightweight, sturdy and easy to carry. This gift idea for beach lovers is unique and stylish because they can keep everything in their reach. The cup holders can be easily attached to chairs, docks, tables, etc. so that there is no fear of losing any valuables during swimming sessions. 

5. Waterproof Playing Cards

Beach games provide hours of amusement for both children and adults. This cool deck of cards is waterproof, ensuring that your fun never has to end! These waterproof cards can be used to play any card game in the rain, sun, or ocean without worrying about damaging them. They come with a 100% lifetime guarantee, so you know they will last! It comes with 52 high-quality plastic cards that do not bend easily - making this a great gift that guarantees long-lasting use over many years to come!

6. Picnic Backpack

A beach picnic is incomplete without picnic essentials such as cool drinks, snacks and food. This picnic backpack is designed with the beach in mind to be used for picnics on any outdoor adventure. It comes with cool features such as a detachable wine holder, waterproof compartment to keep your drinks cool, picnic blanket for you and one other person, plates and cutlery for two persons. This backpack holds up well in the sand and water, so you do not have to worry about ruining it during any beach adventure. This good gift for beach lovers is great for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and fishing!

7. Powerstation

When your phone battery dies at the beach, where can you charge it? This cool gift idea for beach lovers is a power bank that comes with built-in cables. It provides hours of extra battery life! With this cool gift, everyone on the trip can stay connected all day long. It is lightweight, compact and highly portable. This power station fits easily into a bag or purse so that they can stay connected anywhere! You can charge cellphones, tablets and other devices that use a USB connection.

8. Tropical Blue Shirt

The ultimate beach lover can never have too many T-shirts with quotes about the ocean, waves and beaches. This cool shirt is made of premium quality material that feels soft on skin. The vivid designs are printed using eco-friendly ink that will last longer without fading or peeling off. This unique shirt features sand, fishes and seawater with a beautiful line that says, "salt is in the air and sand in my hair," in beautiful cursive font. This is a great birthday gift for beach lovers who want to enjoy the sea, sand and water all day long!

9. Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Beach party without music? That's like having cool drinks without ice! This waterproof Bluetooth speaker allows you to stream music from any device. It comes with 24 hours playtime and superior sound quality. Connect it in seconds via Bluetooth, so you can enjoy your music in the water, rain, or even when it is snowing! This cool gift idea for beach lovers is lightweight, compact and highly portable. This unique gift for beach lovers allows them to enjoy their favorite music at the beach or pool without worrying about damage from the water! 

10. Water Resistant Tote Bag

Water can damage your belongings at the beach, but not with this cool gift idea for beach lovers. This large tote is made of high-quality waterproof fabrics and features a double-sided print! It is lightweight, spacious enough to carry all your essentials such as towels, sunscreen lotion, sunglasses, etc., without being heavy or bulky. This bag is designed to be water-resistant, so you can enjoy cool drinks in the sand without worrying about ruining your favorite beach bag! It has one large compartment with two small zipper pockets that give it enough room for all of your necessities. 

11. Beach Shell Necklace 

A colorful Hawaii-style bead necklace completes your beach look. This unique gift for beach lovers is a beaded choker necklace that features unique shells and stones! The shell charm dangles from the center of the string, making it eye-catching. This cool accessory goes great with an outfit or swimsuit on any occasion such as date night, party, or music festival. This classic shell necklace will be a cool gift for beach lovers teenage girl who want to look hip and stylish at the same time!

12. Mermaid Tail Blanket

This mermaid blanket crochet by machine features soft acrylic yarn. It comes in various colors and patterns, so you can get the perfect one to match your friend's style! This cool gift idea for beach lovers feels like sleeping under fish skin or mermaid tail because of its unique design. This awesome blanket will keep you warm during cool nights at the beach without overheating too much, unlike some wool blankets that tend to be hot eventually. You can relax on this ultra-soft blanket while watching movies outside with friends on spring evenings or summer nights!

13. Snorkel Set

Snorkeling is fun at the beach, but you can't swim without snorkeling gear. With this cool gift idea for beach lovers who want to enjoy snorkeling at the beach, you can wander around in cool waters without worrying about your mask filling up with water. This unique gift for beach lovers comes with a snorkel set including fins, mask and dry top. It comes with adjustable straps that fit almost any size head to prevent slipping off. This gift for beach lovers men lets them admire the underwater world without worrying about getting water in their mouth!

14. Fast Drying Towel 

A lightweight towel is essential when traveling to the beach because it can get hot and humid there! This microfiber travel towel is made of ultra-soft material that dries quickly at the water park or the beach. Its compact size means you can easily fit it in your bag without taking up much space! The towels come with a carrying bag for easy storage while traveling on vacation or camping trips. They are available in multiple vibrant colors and designs so that everyone will have their favorite design!

15. Tinted Sunscreen with SPF 30 

Sunscreen provides essential protection against harmful UV rays, but some people don't like the greasy feeling. This tinted sunscreen is chemical-free and non-comedogenic to provide immediate hydration without clogging pores! It also provides broad-spectrum SPF 30 with zinc oxide & titanium dioxide for UVA/UVB sun ray defense. You can wear this lightweight formula for a natural look or even as a makeup primer! This gift for beach or pool lovers will ensure that they have a glowing complexion while protecting their skin from harmful sun rays.

16. Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite 

A bookworm friend can't live without reading even while at beach! This cool gift idea for beach lovers is the perfect solution because it's waterproof and has twice as much storage. You can take this Kindle on all your aquatic adventures without worrying about it getting wet or damaged! They can easily take this lightweight device with them to read while lounging in a hammock, relaxing at the pool, or sitting under an umbrella by the sea. This great gift for beach lovers has 32GB storage space that holds thousands of books so they can bring all their favorite literature wherever they go!

17. Flip Flop Hanging Wall Sign

A unique wall sign that reminds beach lovers of the great memories they've made on vacation is a cool gift for beach lovers! This unique wall sign can be hung on a door, bathroom, or living room. The cute design features cool flip flops decorated with different beach items like seashells and colorful umbrellas. It makes an awesome decor piece because it's made of quality materials to last you through multiple seasons without fading. It features a text," the beach is my happy place," which reminds you that beach time is the best place to be!

18. Ocean Mist And Sea Salt Diffuser

Every beach lover can't wait to go on vacation and feel like they're at the beach. This cool gift idea for beach lovers is a great way to create that feeling in your home! The ocean mist and sea salt reed diffuser by features an irresistible fragrance of fresh water and bright citrus with hints of woody musk, lily of the valley, jasmine petals, patchouli leaves, white woods and driftwood. It will make any room smell just like you brought the shore inside! This fragrance and diffuser set would be a wonderful retirement gift for beach lovers to use in bathroom, living room, or bedroom. 

19. Seashell Fairy Lights

Decorate home in beach theme is a great idea and these fun string lights are the perfect way to do that. These string lights are perfect to use on their patio or in the summer when they have parties outside. They feature seashells and starfish, so if you get together with friends, it'll be a great conversation piece! The battery-operated fairy lights can be used both indoors and outdoors. This unique nautical-themed light set has 40 LED bulbs powered by a USB cable (included) or AA batteries (not included). This deemed gift for teen beach lovers is a cool idea to decorate home in a beach theme.

20. Picnic Mat 

A vibrant beach mat is great to use when they're out on the beach or by the pool. This great gift for beach lovers will prevent them from getting sand all over their towels and clothes because it's waterproof! The mat is large enough for up to four people. You can take it while traveling or have it at home because the material is durable and will last through years of heavy usage! It comes in blue leaf color, which makes an awesome decor piece indoors or outdoors. This unique picnic blanket also features waterproof and sand proof technology to prevent accidents like spills and wet grass.

21. Beach Picture Frame

Every beach lover loves to remember their trips to the beach. This cool gift idea for teen beach lovers is a great way to create new memories! A picture frame with a cool quote, "life is better when you're at the beach," makes an awesome decoration piece because it features a wooden design. This unique wall art adds rustic coastal decor that will look amazing on any room's walls or desktops indoors or outdoors!

22. Beach Chair

A comfortable beach chair is great for relaxing in the sun. For cool gifts for beach lovers, this chair is a great idea! This comfortable and supportive beach chair has adjustable reclining angles with a locking tilt. The chair's seat measures 15" wide by 20-25" deep while the back of the chair comes up to 16". It's equipped with an adjustable pillow that you can use on your neck or behind your head. This romantic gift for beach lovers also features a cup holder in armrests, perfect for holding drinks when they're out at the pool or relaxing on vacation!

23. Beach Cosmetic Bag 

A cosmetic bag has all the essentials you need to stay fresh and clean while at the beach or pool. This cool cosmetic bag has lots of pockets so you can store your favorite makeup, brushes, or anything else they want to take on their next trip! It makes an awesome travel accessory that will make them feel cute and organized when they're out at the pool or hanging by the beach with friends! This unique cosmetic bag features a fabric exterior with adorable beach items.

24. Wave Lines Pillow Cover

Ocean waves design pillow gives your living room a cool vibe. This unique pillow cover features an ocean wave design and comes in blue turquoise color! It's made of cotton linen fabric that feels soft to the touch and will add comfort when they're out at home or on vacation. You can use this cool item as a decoration in their bedroom because it looks stylish with its cool color scheme; you can also take it outdoors when relaxing by the pool during hot summer days! This perfect gift for beach lovers also makes an amazing birthday gift for your cool beach babes!

25. Wide Brim Straw Hat 

This cool wide-brim hat is perfect for keeping cool during the hot summer days at beach. It's made of straw material that keeps your head cool and dry even in harsh environments! This cool hat for beach lovers comes in neutral colors so that it can go with almost any outfit! This fashion summer style is lightweight and foldable for easy transport. You can take it anywhere you go because its wide brim design will keep your head cool, protected from harsh rays of the sun, sandstorms.

26. Beach Shoes

These cool water shoes are great for going to the beach, pool, or any other place where there's a body of water! They're made from high-quality materials and come in fun, bright colors. These fabulous shoes also have many ventilation holes so they won't make your feet sweat during hot summer days. You can use them at beaches and when you go kayaking, boating, fishing, or rafting because they keep your feet safe while protecting against sharp rocks on the bottom of rivers and oceans near shorelines. Great gifts for all tomboys out there!

27. Travel Tumbler

Do you love the beach? Then this cool mug set is perfect for your picnic collection! Its cute design features a cool saying, "Life is Better at the Beach," and it comes in pink and blue color. It's made from stainless steel so that it won't rust or break easily. You can carry around this cool travel mug anywhere because its top lid will prevent spills from occurring even when being carried along on road trips, camping trips, or just going out driving around town during sunny days. This romantic gift for beach lovers will make their beach trips more fun and cool.

28. Spa Gifts for Women

This deemed gift set for her comes with lots of bath products that are perfect for relaxing and soothing your senses after a long day at the beach! The candle's scent is ocean-scented, which makes it smell cool and refreshing. This set includes body butter, hand cream, a bath bar and bomb and a candle. You can use these cool items for your daily bath routine or even give them as a gift to cool beach babes who love taking long showers at the beach.

29. Tropical Paradise/Sandy Beaches Scented Soy Candle

This unique candle has a tropical scent that makes it perfect for beach lovers! You can enjoy its cool, summery fragrance even when you're indoors. This cool scented candle is highly fragrant and comes in two amazing fragrances - Tropical Paradise/Sandy Beaches. It's made from pure soy wax with a lead-free wick for safety during use. These cool candles make great gifts or party favors to give out at your next pool party or backyard barbecue family gathering! 

30. Pool Float Hammock

These pool floats make great gifts for beach babes who love laying out and relaxing at the beach. You can use them in any water - lakes, rivers, oceans, or pools! They come with a storage bag so that they'll be easy to clean and store away when you're done using them after your trip to the coast. These hammocks are made of Oxford cloth, which is both sturdy and tear-resistant. They're a cool gift for beach lovers who want to spend hours at the beach.

31. Ocean Wood Wall Plaque

This wall hanging plaque sign features a rustic country style that looks cool and refreshing. This great gift is perfect for giving out to friends who love dry land but still want to feel like they're at the beach while chilling in their bedrooms. It is made from wood and engraves with great advice from a mermaid in cool, all-caps lettering. It gives inspiration and advice that says, "beauty comes from within, sea treasure in simple things, make a wish upon a starfish."

32. GoPro Camera 

Who doesn't want to capture their epic and fun moments at the beach or share them online with friends? This cool camera captures bright photos and videos in resolutions of up to 12 megapixels, which is great for beach lovers who want to take high-quality pictures. It's lightweight, waterproof, and shockproof - no need to worry about whether or not it'll survive a drop from your hands onto the ground! It works great in low light conditions as well, which makes this cool gift ideal for those late-night bonfire parties that extend into early morning hours when it is dark outside.

33. Beach-Themed Bracelet

This cool stainless steel bracelet features cool, engraved lettering that says "beach is my happy place" in cool blocky letters. This bracelet features ocean-themed charms - a cool starfish, a cool shell, and a flip flop. It is adjustable so that you can wear it on your wrist comfortably at the beach or relaxing in your backyard hammock! This bracelet reminds your beach trips and cool, summertime adventures. It makes a cool gift for beach lovers who want to remember their favorite memories while looking cool and stylish!


Rose Parker

Beaches are a great place to cool off on a hot summer day. You can enjoy cool ocean breezes, cool waves crashing onto the shoreline, and cool colors of blue water. You can enjoy yourself with friends and family or alone. If you love cool, beachy vibes and decorating your home with cool ocean-themed furnishings, check out this blog for 33 cool gifts that any beach lover would appreciate!

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