29 Gifts For Chess Players

Gifts for Chess Players

For the chess player in your life, gifts can be a way to show them how much you appreciate their love for the game. In this article, I have compiled 29 gifts that any chess player would love! If you are looking for good gifts or just want some ideas on what to buy a new chess opponent, look no further.

1. Chess Set

A chess set is a perfect gift for the chess player. This can be something as simple as an inexpensive but good quality board and pieces to a more expensive, elaborate wooden set with ornate hand-carved pieces. Your options are endless! There are many different sets out there that will suit any budget or taste.  It would also be a wonderful father's day gift for  a chess player father. 

2. Chess Clock

This might not be a traditional idea of gifts for chess players, but it is very important when playing in tournaments or games against other people who play at a faster pace than you do (let's face it- most people play quicker than we do). A clock allows you to get better time management skills while also giving you peace of mind so your game won't have too much pressure due to the time limit.

3. Chess Book: "The Queen's Gambit" by Walter Tevis

This beautiful book will pique your chess player's interest in new strategies and excitement around the board. It also goes well with gifts such as bookshelves, artworks of chess pieces, etc. It makes for an excellent conversation starter when other chess players come over to play games at your house- they might notice it and want to read more about how the strategy works in chess (it doesn't hurt if there is alcohol involved)! 

4. Good Luck Sock

A good luck Sock is a perfect chess gift because it is both visually appealing and functional. The socks can be worn by the player(s) while playing in order to rub good luck from one foot onto another (i.e., left sock rubbing on right foot). It also makes for a cute photo opportunity with your chess gifts! Good gift for chess players.

5. 3 Man Chess

This gift is perfect for chess lovers as it can be played by two players on a team (i.e., one player controls the black pieces and one player controls the white). The game also comes with an instructions card to make playing easier. Optionally, you could buy this gift if your giftee is unable to stand or has mobility issues because they don't have to get up from their chair when switching pieces around! 

6. Chess Shirt

A Chess Shirt is a funny present to give your chess-playing loved one. It will make their day if they are stuck inside all day and have the opportunity to wear this shirt in public! this particular one comes in gray color and it has chess figures on it. It also says "Chose your weapon". It will be a great gift for chess players. 

7. Chess Bookends

Why not give a chess bookend as a gift for chess players? This one is made from black marble and it measures 12" x 14". It's perfect to hold up those big, heavy books of moves! For chess players, this would be one great gift. Plus if they are book lovers, they will definitely be happy to get this wonderful gift. 

8. Chess Keychain

Ok, I'm going to admit this game is a little old-fashioned. But that doesn't mean gifts for chess players don't exist! This keychain can be used with any outfit and it has the iconic chess pieces on one side and the logo of "chess gifts" on the other. It's perfect as gifts for chess players or someone who just likes playing at home in their spare time.

9. Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set

This Harry Potter Wizard chess set is perfect for gifts for chess players who grew up reading books. It comes with a carrying case and is made of solid wood, so it will last through all those games! So, if you have a chess player in your life who grew up reading the Harry Potter books or watched the movies, this would be a great gift. 

10. ThinkFun Brain Fitness Solitaire Chess Logic Game

This is a fun chess gift for adults with kids. This game comes in an elegant, silver tin and includes 25 puzzle cards, 16 playing pieces (including two queens), one die, and instructions for three games: Chess Solitaire Logic Game, Checkers Solitaire Logic Game, and Memory Matching Games. It's small enough to take on the go or it can be played at home as well.

11. Casual Men's Tie

A tie is always appropriate so this casual men’s tie will work out nicely if you have someone who loves chess in your life that also likes dressing up professionally from time to time. Ties are mostly just decorative but they come in all sorts of colors and styles so you can get a really unique one that matches the person’s style. A tie might be just the gift you're looking for to spoil an Italian man.

12. Star Wars Chess Game

If they love Star Wars then this chess set will be perfect for them because it has all their favorite characters on both sides of the board! They’ll have hours of fun playing with each other or against themselves as they recreate some classic scenes from the original movies in their living room! The game includes 32 pieces (including two queens). 

13. Treasure Box

Chess sets are expensive and if you’re looking for gifts that will last a lifetime then this box to keep chess pieces in is perfect! This beautiful treasure box has everything they need to play the game. The board, pieces and even directions on how to play chess so it all comes together in one place neatly stored away in one beautiful wooden chest of their choice.

14. Chess Necklace 

If the person you're shopping for is already a chess player, they'll appreciate this beautifully designed chess necklace. It's perfect for gifts because it matches everything and can be worn as an everyday accessory or on formal occasions. The necklaces are made of Pewter which is durable enough to last through years of wear while also being fashionable and sleek! Your special woman will love to wear it. Your special woman will love to wear it. Every time she’d put on this meaningful piece, she was reminded not only of the flexibility of expression.

15. Chess Mug 

You've heard of chess gifts, but what about gifts for the person you're playing with? If that's the case then check out this funny and classy chess mug. It holds up to 15 ounces so it can be used as a coffee cup or tea mug! The white-and-black design looks great on any table setting while still matching your decor at home. 

16. Tournament Chess Set and Bag 

A tournament Chess set and bag is a great idea for chess players of all levels. The set includes two chess boards, four sets of tournament-weight pieces (all the same), and a white fabric carry bag with black trim. You can use this as a back-to-school gift or even an anniversary present! this would be a good gift for chess players. 

17. Morse Code Necklace 

This would be a good cute gift for someone who loves chess. This Morse Code necklace is made with a brass chain, two crystal beads, and an etched acrylic in the shape of a white king chess piece. The necklace comes on a ribbon that can be worn as either a choker or a longer-length pendant. This would make it easier to communicate while playing chess at night.

18. Lord of The Rings Battle for Middle Earth Chess Set

This chess set comes with two different armies: an army of good and one of evil, each in four pieces, to allow for up to eight players at once. The playing field has been designed as Rivendell or Middle Earth, and the game includes six ready-to-play scenarios from JRR Tolkien's world--you can fight on Helm’s Deep ramparts against Uruk Hai attackers; rally around Pelennor Fields before Minas Tirith under siege by Sauron's forces.

19. WE Games Four Player Chess Set

Yes, there is also chess for four people. You’ll need two sets for a total of four players. The game comes with new chess pieces, a board, and dice. This four-player chess set is perfect for chess fans who want a little competition. This would be a perfect game to play at home with family.

20. Chess Set with Wine Opener Set 

This is basically a gift for someone who loves chess and wine. It includes the pieces, board, dice, and two playing mats. The gifts also come with a set of four glasses to enjoy your drinks in style while you play. So, the next time when you a gathering, you can enjoy both a glass of good wine and a nice game of chess. It would also be a nice housewarming gift for a friend.

21. Hand Crafted Ruby Chess Set

This chess set is designed with a beautiful ruby finish. The King's crown, Queen's necklace and Bishop's ring are all made of copper. This chess set features hand-carved pieces that have been stained to highlight the grains in the wood. It also comes within an elegant wooden box for storage or gift-giving purposes. As one customer review said "The quality of this product exceeded my expectations! I am very pleased."

22. Chess Shot Glass 

This is a good gift for a chess player who prefers drinking alcohol. It's made of stainless steel and features a quote that says "Chess is not just a hobby. It is my escape from reality". This would be a perfect gift for someone who enjoys a great game of chess with their friends, but also enjoys drinking shots with them. 

23. Chess: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

This book is a great gift for chess beginners. It's designed to help people learn the basics of chess, and its entertaining illustrations make it easy to read. This book is perfect because many players enjoy playing against other opponents in their spare time- but they don't know which pieces are on what side or how different moves work. This guide teaches you all about that!

24. Chess Designed Watch

They may look at their phone constantly or set an alarm, but they'll always have the time at hand with this chess-themed watch. It's a perfect gift for avid chess players who also love keeping up with fashion trends! This one particularly is a smartwatch and has a great feature - it has fitness trackers, a Bluetooth. It supports GPS and Phone connections. 

25. Chess Set Ornament

This is such a cute idea to give someone as a Christmas present. If you know they're into chess and enjoy making gifts by hand, this would be easy to make in about 30 minutes of work. Plus it's so pretty that people will want to display it year-round instead of just putting it away after December 25th rolls around. 

26. Wood Chess Pieces In Wooden Box

This is the perfect chess gift for a little boy because it's simple and sturdy. It also comes in a wooden box so you don't need to worry about putting anything together, which makes it good if this gift needs to get there in time for Christmas morning. This one is also great to keep all your chess figures somewhere. 

27. Gold Checkerboard Pattern Canvas Print Wall Art

If they're not into playing chess but think checkers are more their speed, this print on canvas will be an awesome addition to any wall space that doesn't have something hanging already. And even though the board is black and white instead of red and black like on a real set, I'm sure anyone who appreciates art will love having it up all year round!

28. Wooden Chess Memory Stick

This chess set is as unique and beautiful as the person it's for. What you do, though, when someone finishes their game of chess could be to shuffle up the pieces on this board or just move them back in place before you start your next match! I also love that you can add a little personal touch by writing a special message on one side. 

29. Superpower Chess Hoodie

The power of a chess player knows no bounds. The Superpower Chess Hoodie is just the thing for those who want to remind themselves that they can do anything--and to let others know, too! I really like how this one has an awesome message on it--the superpower says "Me and this army". It also comes in different colors and styles so you could find what suits your style best. 


Rose Parker

If you had an issue when thinking of the perfect gift for your favorite chess player, we hope we were able to help with these 29 suggestions of great gifts for chess players.

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