33 Gifts For Couples Who Travel

gifts for couples who travel

Traveling teaches you a lot about yourself and your partner. It can be a great way to bond and learn more about each other while exploring new places. Couples who love to explore different places are always looking for their next destination, and they can’t wait to get there. These couples need gifts that are related to travel to keep them motivated while they plan their next trip. So if you know a couple who loves traveling together, here is the perfect gift list for them.

1. Scratch Off Map 

Explore the world with this scratch-off poster. It is an ideal gift for couples who love to travel. This Scratch Map is an elegant wall-mounted map of the world that allows you to chart your travels from around the globe and keep track of where you have been. All you need to do is scratch off any place you have visited with a coin to reveal the beautifully styled, up-to-date world map underneath. This detailed mao helps couples track their adventures while planning for the next one.

2. Matching Couple Travel T-Shirts

Wearing matching shirts will make you and your partner feel like a real-life couple. These shirts are ideal for couples who love to travel together. They are also great for family vacations. These short-sleeve t-shirts have a double stitched neckline and sleeves, making them durable. They are made using a special blend of cotton that quickly absorbs sweat while keeping you comfortable all day long. Travelling can be stressful, but with this couple shirt set, they will always have someone to look up to and support each other through any situation.

3. Double Camping Hammock

Relaxing in a hammock with your partner makes your camping or hiking trip extra special. This hammock is one of the best gifts for couples who love to travel and camp outdoors. It's made from 100% parachute nylon, making it durable and comfortable at the same time. The hammock comes with a stuff sack that can also organize small items like phones, wallets, keys. It also comes with two tree straps and two carabiners that make it easy to set up in seconds. The hammock also comes with tree straps and carabiners so that you can set it up quickly and easily almost anywhere.

4. Travel Sign

A beautiful sign shows your love for travel and motivates you to keep traveling. This sign can be hung on any wall in your home or office, and it will remind you of all the places you have traveled. You can also place this sign on a table or shelf as it has small feet at its bottom. It is made from quality solid wood and engraved with the phrase "travel, the only thing you will buy that makes you richer." This is an excellent gift for couples who love to travel and want to remember all their amazing memories.

5. Electronic Accessories Wire Case 

Charging electronic devices during a trip can be quite a hassle as all the cords and wires get tangled. This electronics organizer will help you keep all your cables, chargers, and cords organized. This organizer can store chargers, cables, headphones, and other small electronic items. It comes with two zippered compartments and mesh pockets on the outside. The organizer is made from durable polyester and has a comfortable shoulder strap. This is an excellent way to keep your electronics organized while traveling.

6. Southwest Airlines Gift Card

Southwest Airlines is a great airline to use when traveling in the USA. It offers convenient flight times, great service and relatively cheap flights. You can give your partner a gift card for Southwest airlines so that they can book their next trip with ease. The gift cards don't expire, and you can buy them in denominations of $20-500 dollars. If your partner likes to travel with Southwest Airlines, this is an excellent gift!

7. Travel Photo Scrapbook

A couple can save their beautiful moments and happy memories of their trip in this photo album. It has a unique design that can be used as a guest book or travel scrapbook. The album includes 20 pages that are each filled with slots for photos and spaces for journaling. You can fill the album with photos and memories from your travels together. The album also comes with a map of the USA so you can track all of your travels. This is an excellent way to store all your memories from your trips together! What a wonderful way for assisted living residents to keep their memories alive!

8. Bucket List USA: Book

A couple who love to travel can decide to cross off some of the experiences on this list. This book includes over 500 ultimate experiences in the USA that you and your partner can try. The book is divided into regions so you can easily find an experience to try near you. The experiences vary from outdoor activities to cultural events. Trying some of the experiences in this book will give you a better understanding of American culture. If your partner loves adventure, this is the perfect gift for them!

9. Mr. and Mrs. Luggage Tags and Passport Holder Set 

This is a cute gift set for couples traveling to celebrate their honeymoon or anniversary. The passport holder and luggage tags come in a beautiful matching set. The tags are made from durable silicone and the passport holder has two slots for your passport and ID cards. This is an excellent way to keep your documents safe and organized while traveling. This unique set comes in beautiful packaging, making it a beautiful gift for any occasion.

10. Airplane Travel Kit For Each

Couples who travel a lot might need some rest while on the plane. This pillow is made of memory foam and has an ergonomic design to comfort your neck when using it. The pillow comes with a carrying bag so you can store it in your suitcase or carry-on luggage easily. It's also washable and portable, making it easy to use during any flight! This flight essential set comes with earplugs and a sleeping mask. This gift is perfect for couples flying long distances or those who often fly due to work commitments, such as flight attendants.

11. Packing Cubes Set 

A couple who travel together might not manage their luggage easily. This set of six packing cubes allows you and your partner to organize your clothes and pack them efficiently in suitcases or backpacks. The cubes come in different sizes to use for different types of clothing items. Two shoe bags allow each person to store a pair of shoes inside their suitcase without getting the rest of their belongings dirty! You will never have problems finding any item with these helpful organizing tools!

12. Personalized Blankets for Couple

This soft, personalized blanket is perfect for couples who love to snuggle up together. The 60"x80" size is perfect for wrapping around each other on the couch or in bed. The blankets are made of 100% polyester and are machine-washable. You can choose from various colors and designs to create a unique gift for your partner! The best part about these blankets is that they can be customized with any text you want! You can add the couple's names, the year of their anniversary, or any other special message. This thoughtful gift will keep your loved ones warm and close to your heart every time they use it!

13. Packing List Notepad

When a couple is planning to travel together, they must pack their suitcases. This pad will help them pack all the necessary items for any trip as it contains a list of things needed for outdoor activities such as hiking or swimming. The notepad comes with 50 sheets and has been designed to be easy on your eyes at night thanks to its light color scheme! Both you and your partner can use this item whenever you're traveling together, so everyone will know exactly what needs doing before leaving home! You'll never forget anything again with this handy little tool in hand!

14. Charging Station for Multiple Devices

This charging station is fantastic for couples who travel together as it has six USB fast ports and six short mixed USB cables. This means that you and your partner can charge all of your devices simultaneously! The charging station is made of aluminum alloy and plastic, making it sturdy and durable. It also comes in silver, making it an attractive accessory to any room. You and your loved one can keep all of your devices charged while on the go with this helpful product!

15. Camping Towel Set  

This is a cute gift for couples who love to camp and spend time outdoors. The set comes with one of each "Happy Camper" and "I Heart Camping" towels, making it perfect for matching sets. The fabric is soft and absorbent, making it excellent for drying off after a swim or using a picnic blanket. The towels are also machine-washable and can be tumble-dried on low heat. You and your partner can enjoy some quality time together in the great outdoors with this fun towel set!

16. 50 States, 5,000 Ideas: Book 

A couple who want to explore all that America offers should consider this book. It is a compilation of the best ideas for each state in the Union, making it perfect for those who want to travel but are unsure where to start. The book is organized by region, so those who want to explore a specific country area can do so with ease. It is also packed full of beautiful photos, making it a coffee table book that you will enjoy flipping through time and time again. This would make an excellent gift for couples who love to travel and want to explore all that America has to offer!

17. Our Adventures Keepsake Box 

This wooden box is a perfect gift for any couple who loves to travel. It features an engraved message that reads: "Our adventures, life is a journey," making it ideal for those who want to commemorate their time spent exploring the world with one another. It also has space inside where you can add small souvenirs from your journeys, such as tickets or photographs! This keepsake box would be a treasure for any couple who loves to travel together!

18. His and Hers Tumbler Set

The couple who travel together can enjoy a hot or cold drink with this his and hers tumbler set. The tumblers are made of stainless steel and are double-walled, making them insulated and keeping your drinks hot or cold for longer. They also come with matching lids, making them ideal for on-the-go drinking. The cups can be personalized with up to two lines of text, making them a truly unique gift. This set would make an excellent present for any couple who loves to travel and enjoys spending time together!

19. Luggage Cup Holder 

This luggage cup holder is a must-have for any couple who travels. It features neoprene material, making it durable enough to withstand wear and tear caused by frequent use. The handle wraps are adjustable to fit most cups with handles on them, including coffee mugs, water bottles, travel mugs, etc. They also come with an elastic strap that attaches securely around your suitcase's top handle. This small but useful gift is perfect for those who want to enjoy their favorite beverages while traveling!

20. Travel Writing Notebook 

This beautifully-crafted journal is the perfect gift for couples who love to travel. It features a vintage design and comes with two bookmarks, making it easy to keep your place while you're writing. There are also 148 pages in the journal, providing plenty of space for recording all of your adventures together. The cover can be personalized with up to two lines of text, making it a truly unique gift. This would make an excellent present for any couple celebrating an anniversary or birthday!

21. Hanging Toiletry Bag Organizer

This hanging travel toiletry bag is a great way to keep your bathroom essentials organized while you're on the go. It features four sections, making it easy to store your products separately. The fabric is water-resistant and durable, making it ideal for humid environments. It also comes with a built-in mirror, making it easy to apply makeup or fix your hair while you're on vacation. This would be an excellent gift for any couple who loves to travel!

22. 3D World Map Wall Art 

This world map insists you pin your travel destinations! It features a unique design that makes it look like the continents are floating on water, making it both functional and artistic at once! The wood frame measures 20" x 30", so this would be perfect in an office or living room space with limited wall space available. Includes hanging hardware and instructions for easy installation; no assembly required. Both of you can mark your travels and adventures on this map!

23. Travel Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking

This RFID-blocking neck wallet is perfect for keeping your valuables safe while you're travelling. The pouch features a zippered closure and fits passports, credit cards, cash, ID cards, etc. This travel pouch will help to protect against identity theft and electronic pickpocketing! The silicone neckband is lightweight, adjustable, and worn under clothing if desired. The RFID blocking feature will also prevent thieves from scanning your credit cards or passport with their cell phones while you're out exploring a new city!

24. Adventure Wooden Bank

Both of you must deposit money in this hand-crafted wooden bank to ensure a safe and fun future adventure! Perfect for couples who love to travel, the bank is durable wood with a glossy finish. The front of the bank features coins and text that reads, "our future adventure fund." A removable rubber stopper on the bottom makes it easy to deposit your spare change. This would be a great addition to any home décor and make an excellent conversation starter!

25. Picnic Basket Backpack for 2 Person

The two of you will enjoy picnics in the park with this picnic backpack! The bag features a large insulated cooler compartment that can hold up to 10 litres. This picnic backpack includes a fleece blanket, cutlery, and salt pepper shaker set. There's even an external pocket for storing napkins and utensils from being damaged by ice cubes inside the main compartment. It also comes equipped with adjustable straps and a carry handle for easy transport. This is the perfect backpack for taking on your next picnic adventure!

26. Collapsible Water Bottle

Stay hydrated on your travels with this collapsible water bottle! The bottle is made from food-grade silicone and BPA-free plastic. It folds down to a tiny size for easy packing and includes a carabiner for attaching to your backpack. The leak-proof twist cap makes it easy to drink from while on the go. This would be perfect for bringing along hikes, bike rides, or days at the beach! This practical gift would be a great addition to anyone's travel gear collection.

27. Luggage Set

This luggage set has enough space for all the travel essentials. The four-piece set includes a 14-inch, 19-inch, 24-inch, and 28-inch upright suitcase. The soft side construction makes them lightweight and easy to maneuver. The spinner wheels provide 360° of motion for easy transport. A retractable locking handle ensures your belongings stay secure while you're on the go. Plus, each piece features multiple organizational pockets for storing all of your essentials. This luggage set would be perfect for any trip!

28. Mr and Mrs Travel Bag Gift Set

This gift set is perfect for newlyweds on their honeymoon! The set includes a waffle bag filled with personal travel items. Couples don't need to pack a toothbrush, hairpin, cotton balls or cotton swabs, razor, deodorant, and more. This would be an excellent gift for the bride and groom on their honeymoon or as a bridal shower gift! It includes all of the essentials they will need while traveling. The waffle bag is printed with "Mr." or "Mrs." in a fun font, making it easy to identify which bag is theirs. This would be perfect for any couple who loves to travel together!

29. Matching Caps

The traveler couple looks awesome when both wear this stunning cap with a smart and trendy design. This cap is perfect for couples who love to travel or want to keep the sun out of their eyes. The cotton twill makes it durable and comfortable to wear all day long. It's also adjustable, so one size will fit most people. These matching caps are printed with the word "Mr." and "Mrs." in a classy font, making it easy to identify which cap is theirs. This would make an excellent gift for any couple who loves to travel together!

30. Personalized Luggage Tags

This gift set includes a pair of luggage tags personalized with Mr and Mrs The tag is made from high-quality, durable leather that will last for years to come! It's also easy to identify which bag belongs to whom because each comes in its color: dark brown for the husband and light brown for the wife. The perfect gift set for couples who love adventures or want something useful on their next trip out of town! These luggage tags are custom made with your names printed on them, so no more confusion at baggage claim!

31. Personalized Tourist Couple Ornament

This personalized travelers Christmas tree ornament is a perfect gift for couples who love to travel. This cute and colorful design features two people standing with their map in hand! They're surrounded by suitcases, passports, cameras and more fun items that all make you think of traveling! This ornament is made of resin and measures approximately three inches tall by five inches wide. This tourist couple ornament shows off their love of travel, adventure and exploring new places!

32. Soft Travel Blanket For Each

This soft and cozy travel blanket is perfect for keeping warm on your next trip. It's made of 100% polyester fleece, so it will keep you comfortable in any climate. The blanket measures 50x60 inches, making it the perfect size for snuggling up on a plane, train or car ride. It also comes with a built-in pillowcase, making it easy to pack and take with you wherever you go! Plus, the included hand luggage belt lets you attach the blanket to your carry-on bag for easy transport. This would make an excellent gift for any traveler couple!

33. Uber Gift Card 

A gift card is a perfect way to thank you or just because to any traveler couple. With so many options, you can choose the amount that suits your budget and make sure they have exactly what they need! And it never expires, so no matter when they use it! They can use this uber card anywhere in the world where Uber is available. So make their next trip even more special by giving them the gift of Uber! What a perfect way to show your loved ones you care!


Rose Parker

Traveling with your life partner is the best way to explore new things. These 33 gifts for couples who travel together are a perfect way to show your love and care for them. No matter what gift you choose for couples who love to travel, they're sure to appreciate it! From luggage tags and ornaments to blankets and pillows, there are plenty of options for the perfect present. So why not treat your favorite traveler couple with something special this year? They'll definitely thank you for it!

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