28 Gifts For Crocheters

Gifts for Crocheters

Crocheters are a special breed of people. Crocheting is a beloved hobby for many people. They love to create beautiful items out of yarn and they often do so for others as gifts. If you have ever been on the receiving end of a crocheted gift, then you know how much time and effort goes into them!

It's also a wonderful way to create gifts and memories for others! We love to crochet, too. That's why we've created this list of 28 best gifts that you can give a crocheter in your life, no matter their level of skill or experience.

1. Lighted Crochet Hook Set

This gift for knitters and crocheters would be great if recipients have poor vision. This complete hook set includes nine pieces and comes with batteries and three extra sets of replacement batteries, which is nice. Crocheter can crochet without any worries about visibility now! The hooks themselves have a soft touch grip, making them perfect to use if they suffer from arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. This set comes in a water-resistant case, too, so it's great for those who crochet while on the go.

2. Multi-Colored Yarn 

This great gift for new crocheters helps them to get started with crocheting skills in a fun and easy way. This six-piece set includes multi-colored yarn perfect for crocheters of all levels. This will be great if they want to start by making small crochet items like mitts or hats. Each piece has 50 grams of yarn to help them create more beautiful crochet projects. The colors are bright and cheerful, perfect for the winter or anytime they want to create a little piece of joy.

3. LED Neck Reading Light

This super bright neck light can also be used to crochet and knit. It has six different brightness levels, so it will always provide just the right amount of lighting for your needs. This light bends to fit any position, making it great for knitting and crocheting. This special gift for crocheters is rechargeable, so they never have to worry about running out of light. Its ergonomic design also makes it easy to get the little light you might need when reading small print labels for yarns and needles at night. It would also be an appropriate gift for a seamstress with low vision.

4. Yarn Bowl Holder

The yarn storage bowl is a cool gift for crocheters. This handmade wooden yarn bowl holder is handcrafted from high-quality rosewood. The wood is carefully crafted and sanded for a smooth finish, which means that it looks as good sitting on your shelf or table as it does when you're using it. The bowl has two holes in the side for holding the yarn in place. The yarn bowl holder makes it easy to keep your balls of wool tidy while you're stitching away on your latest project. It will make an excellent addition to any crocheter's home!

5. Yarn Winder 

The yarn winder is easy to set up and use. It has a clamp that can be attached with the tabletop or on any table edge for quick setup anywhere you want to work! The package includes everything needed in your knitting kit, including an instruction manual. This winder will help you make yarn balls quickly for needles, crochet hooks, or any other crafting needs. This amazing gift for crocheters saves their time and energy!

6. Yarn Storage Tote Bag 

This knitting bag is a perfect gift idea for knitters and crocheters for organizing a stash of yarn and tools. This case features an easy-to-grab handle, two zipper pockets on the exterior side to store smaller items and cushioned interior with three padded dividers that can be pushed in or pulled out as needed. It contains one large pocket at the back for storing yarn balls. This tote with three holes at the top so that yarn stays untangled and at a perfect tension.

7. Gift Card

If you are looking for a great gift idea that is perfect for the crocheter in your life, consider giving them their favorite craft store gift card as a present. Crocheter can use Michaels gift card to purchases at any of Michael’s stores nationwide and online or by phone with no expiration date, so it will never go unused! The Michaels store has a wide range of crochet and knitting accessories and a plethora of yarns to choose from. The Michaels gift card is perfect for anyone who loves crafts to be given on any occasion such as Birthdays or Christmas time!

8. DIY Easy-To-Do Crochet Kit

This DIY gift for crocheters is perfect for the novice crocheter, kids or teens. With this easy-to-do crochet kit, kids and teens will learn how to create beautiful projects like scarves or blankets! This kit includes one plastic needle, two crochet hooks and seven yarn 0f different colors. This DIY kit has material to make a handbag, place mat, or coaster with the help of an instructional book that comes with this product.

9. Crochet Hooks Set

This is a great gift for arthritic hands because of its ergonomic design. This set of crochet hooks includes 14 different sized hooks from size 2mm to 10mm. They made out of durable materials that will not break easily with regular use. These Crochet hooks have soft rubber handles for easy gripping, alleviating arthritis and reducing hand cramps so you can knit for longer without discomfort. They come in their case to keep them all together and organized! The ultimate gift for crocheters to celebrate a person's love from Crochet will keep on giving all year round! 

10. Crocheting Journal 

Every crocheter needs to keep a record of their crocheting. It helps to know crocheter skills and what they made to track their progress better, remember the pattern names for future use or help others with their projects! This notebook has 150 high-quality pages so an avid crocheter can write about accomplishments, thoughts and record their finished projects. This is one of the best gifts for crocheters to help them breeze through! 

11. Knitting Loop Crochet Ring 

This ultimate gift for crocheters is a helpful accessory that keeps a yarn securely in place. With this ring, it is easy for crocheters to guide their work. It's a small finger ring that can be used as an adjustable knitting loop, and it comes in four different styles to satisfy any preference! These peacock open finger thimbles are practical for crocheting and helpful in maintaining consistent yarn tension. They also work well at increasing your speed while knitting!

12. Coffee Mug 

This funny gift for crocheters is the perfect way to let someone know how much you care! A simple mug that says, "I crochet So I Don't Kill People". This hilarious coffee cup would make any crocheter laugh out loud while sipping their favorite beverage. This ceramic mug can hold 10.88 oz liquid and is dishwasher safe. It's the perfect present to lighten up any crocheting friend or family member who loves their craft just as much as they love you.

13. Wooden Blocking Board 

This is a great gift for avid crocheter who loves to knit, crochet or make granny squares. This kit includes stainless steel pins and block stand that will help you create perfect projects every time. This blocking board kit comes with 50 4-inch pins or pegs, giving you the ability to block more projects at once. This sturdy wooden block board is designed to last a lifetime.

14. Crochet for Christmas 

This book by Salena Baca is an excellent book for crochet enthusiasts who want to make some unique and adorable decorations for Christmas. From the tree skirt, snowflake mat, stocking centerpiece, ornaments and more! In this book, your Crocheter mimi may find a colorful and fun project in the patterns for Reindeer Basket, Penguin Ornaments, Catching Stars Shawl, Braided Cables Christmas Stocking, Spice Hood Point of Interest, Fair Isle Hedgehog. This Christmas gift for crocheters would be a great addition to anyone's Christmas decorations.

15. Crochet Lover Bracelet 

A crochet queen must appreciate this stunning crochet lover bracelet. This bracelet has a scarf charm, a skein of yarn charm, a sweater charm, and a knitting diva charm. This piece of jewelry is unique, and the person who receives it will love it. This bracelet is made with stainless steel and is adjustable. It has a lobster clasp closure and is secured with a jump ring. The bracelet is adjustable, which means anyone can wear it.

16. Crochet Cat Pot Holder

Any crochet lover will love this set of three cat pot holders. They are so adorable, and the person who receives them will love how unique they are! The pot holder set is made from cotton yarn for durability and easy clean up. This set of handmade pot holders are shaped like cats which makes it perfect to use on any kitchen countertop or table top surface when you're cooking in your kitchen. The perfect present for every crazy cat lady who also loves crochet.

17. Stitch Markers 

This set of 150 locking stitch markers is perfect for the avid crocheter. With a variety of different colors to choose from, you will be able to see which marker has been used and need changing by just looking at them. Each one locks into place so they won't fall off or get caught on anything while working on your project. In addition, there is a small hole at the top of each marker to easily add them with use on straight needles.

18. Yarn Puzzle

If you know a crocheter who has recently fallen in love with the art of knitting but would still like to crochet, this is an incredible gift that they will definitely appreciate. This 500 piece jigsaw puzzle is made with recycled puzzle board material. Featuring a 23.5 by 18-inch puzzle with a precision cut that means it interlocks tightly. When crocheter completes this yarn puzzle, they will find a beautiful picture of colorful yarns.

19. Yarn Subscription

This is such a thoughtful gift for any crocheter. They will love receiving yarns from all over the world each month, and they can pick their color preferences as well! This monthly subscription includes three skeins of quality handspun wool every month with a great shipping rate to anywhere in the US. Your favorite crocheter doesn't need to go to stores and look for new arrival yarn. They can create innovative designs and patterns with this quality handspun wool

20. Dream Catcher 

This unique gift for crocheters must inspire them. Dreamcatchers are famous for their spiritual qualities and have the potential to trap bad dreams so you can get a good night's sleep. This beautiful dream catcher is made with feathers and crochet works with a unique design. Talented crafters craft this native American-inspired item by hand. Your favorite crocheters can sleep more soundly with this dream catcher in their bedroom.

21. Leather Labels 

Every crocheter needs labels to personalize their work. This pack of leather labels is the perfect creative gift for any crocheter. The tags are handmade with high-quality materials to last. These leather labels are available in four different styles and dark brown color. They come in different sizes so you can choose according to your need. Now your favorite crocheter can easily mark their work with these unique leather labels.

22. 4-in-1 Crochet Hook Tool 

This distinctive gift is ideal for crocheters who always on the go. It is a foldable crochet hook tool that comes with four crochet hooks. This hook tool is convenient to carry and keeps your hands safe from needle pricks with an aluminum handle. The crochet hook tool is brilliant for yarn projects such as lace, afghans, dolls, clothes and more because you will always have a crochet hook ready with this unique gift. Moreover, this tool also includes an ergonomic grip handle that makes crocheting easy on the hands.

23. Pompom Maker

Pompom use to decorate hats, scarves, baby shoes and other crochet items. With this set, you will be able to create fluffy balls in all sorts of sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large so that the perfect pompom is always at your fingertips! This is the ultimate gift to give any crocheter because it will help them make that soft, fluffy ball they need so much and can use in many different ways! The best part about this set, though, is not just how practical it is but saves time and energy too.

24. Open Finger Gloves

This is a desirable product to keep crocheter's hands happy and healthy. It has a fingerless design, so it can be worn while they crochet or knit in case of arthritis pain relief, and it’s made from breathable moisture-wicking fabric, which will help them stay cool too! These gloves also have a thumb that can be made to work with their phone too. This glove comes in different sizes and grey color. 

25. Latch Hook Kit 

Latch hook rug kits are a DIY craft kit that makes unfinished crocheting carpets for home decore and make-it-yourself rugs. This handmade gift for crocheters would be a dazzling choice for novice crocheters. With this latch hook kit, they can make a pillow cover, sofa cushion, home decoration items and other DIY craft items. This item comes in 17" x 17" and available in many options such as panda, flower, bear and snow house.

26. Crochet Stitch Dictionary

Crochet stitch dictionary is a great book by Sarah Hazell for beginners and experienced crocheters. This book has been designed to provide all the information you need about how to crochet, from common abbreviations and symbols used in patterns, as well as stitch images with step-by-step photos, detailed instructions on variations of basic stitches and more. Every avid crocheter would adore this book.

27. Crochet Magazine Subscription

A crochet magazine subscription is the ultimate gift that includes projects, patterns and more. You will find all the information you need about crocheting here in this subscription! This Amazon unique gift for crocheters has a kindle paid subscription, which means you can read anytime, on any device. Subscriber can cancel subscription anytime. This magazine brings new ideas and patterns in each edition to crochet lovers.

28. Crochet Christmas Ornaments

It is hard to find the perfect crochet Christmas ornament, but not for you! This set includes 12 ornaments that are the same shapes and sizes. This crochet made decoration is in snowflake shape and perfects to decorate a Christmas tree. These crochet ornaments are made from cotton thread. Each ornament in this set has been shaped using traditional techniques, which means these gifts can be displayed for years to come. Crochet Christmas ornaments are a great way to express love in a unique way!


Rose Parker

Crochet knitting is a challenging job, but it is also very satisfying. People who love crochet knitting always create something new for their loved ones. To appreciate their creative mind and hands, we have compiled a list of 28 gifts for crocheters. We hope you like this list and encourage crochet lovers in your life.

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