31 Gifts For Drone Lovers

gifts for drone lovers 

Drones are in trend these days and for a good reason. They're a lot of fun to fly, and they can take some pretty amazing pictures from the air. Drone enthusiasts fly them for a variety of reasons. The top of them is probably to take aerial photos and videos. Others use them as a training tool for various purposes, from racing drones to those used in search-and-rescue operations.

If you're looking for a gift for a drone enthusiast we've got some great ideas and gifts below.! No matter what budget you have or which type of drones your loved ones prefer, there's something on this list for everyone

1. Drone with 1080P HD Camera

Taking pictures and making videos for social media is now an easy thing to do. Drone lovers easily take photos and videos with this drone. This product has an HD camera perfect for taking pictures from air; it can make a 720P HD video and make it clear by FPV real-time transmission. It allows you to take photos via gestures; this is an amazing feature for taking pictures. You can set up a custom route and this drone will follow it. It has an altitude hold function, so you don't have to worry about controlling the height while flying; enjoy your flight and take photos and videos whenever you want.

2. Drone Pilot T-Shirt

This t-shirt is great for both men and women. It's perfect for those who love flying drones; it comes with a drone pilot certification emblem, which makes this shirt unique! This shirt features an illustration of FAA license and is printed with the word drone remote pilot. This trendy t-shirt is made of soft fabric and fits perfectly. Give your loved one something special like this amazing t-shirt that will make them stand out from the rest of the crowd.

3. Drone 3pcs Lens Filter Set 

Drones are high-tech gadgets, and they have a lot of features. Many drones come with amazing cameras so that drone lovers can take great images from air. But what if you want to make your videos even better? This filter set includes ND filter, CPL filter and UV filters; this is perfect for taking beautiful images in different environments or at night when there's little light available. The ND lens reduces the amount of light going through the sensor by adjusting its density level. It allows you to control exposure time which helps create a shallow depth of field effect by blurring both foreground and background elements that pass in front of it while shooting video footage.

4. Drone Pilot Hat

A drone pilot hat gives drone pilot a prominent place in the crowd. It also protects your face from sun exposure while you're out on an adventure or having fun with your drone. This hat is made of top-quality materials, which makes this hat last long! It has adjustable velcro strap back closure to make sure you get the perfect fit. The front of this hat features embroidery that reads "drone pilot." This item is ideal for those who love spending time outside while flying drones or taking pictures from the air.

5. Drone Pilot Mug

Surprise your drone lover buddy with this amazing mug! This beautiful mug has an image of a quadcopter drone and it reads "drone pilot." It's made in the USA, so you can be sure that great quality is delivered to your door step. You won't have any problems washing or cleaning this item since dishwasher safe is written on the package. Give something special like this awesome coffee cup to someone who loves flying drones.

6. Drone Carry Backpack

This bag is a great choice for those who want to carry their drones along with the accessories. It has adjustable dividers so you can customize it and fit your items perfectly. This backpack features high-quality materials that make this backpack last long! The main compartment comes with zippered mesh pockets, which give extra storage space when needed. You can bring your DJI FPV drone, video goggles, remote control transmitter, up to six batteries, charger, and one notebook with you on a journey. It would be a nice gift for drone pilots who travels to take wonderful pictures.

7. Drone Pilot Badge

Your drone pilot needs a proper identification badge. This gold color pin features the text "Remote Pilot UAS," and an image of a quadcopter drone. It's designed with great quality in mind, so you can trust that this pin will last long! The backside of this is covered by high-quality metal; attaching this to your jacket or backpack makes sure you get noticed when flying drones around the neighborhood (or anywhere else). This sleek design pin measures approximately one inch wide by seven-eighths inches tall. Give something unique like this incredible remote pilot license to someone who loves working on their drones in their spare time - they'll love it!

8. Mini Drone with LED Lights

This little drone is a great choice for kids and beginners. It features altitude hold, which means it will stay at the same height when you release the throttle stick! This makes flying this quadcopter easy, even if you're new to drones. There's also one key take-off/landing; with that feature onboard, your child can start and land their drone easily - no need to worry about crashing into things around them (or breaking anything). The LED lights make night time flights fun too. When an adult is nearby, they can use headless mode to help keep control over the aircraft while letting children fly in any direction they want. 

9. Portable Lighting Kit

This lighting kit is perfect for drone photographers and videographers. It's designed with quality in mind, so you can be sure that it will last long! The six LED lights are powered by an included battery pack that features rechargeable batteries. This portable lightbox comes with a carry case; once the light cubes are folded together, they fit nicely into this storage bag, making traveling easy and convenient! Give your drone lover something unique like this awesome light kit to help them take stunning images while flying their quadcopter around town.

10. Drone Landing Pad

This waterproof landing pad is a great choice for drone pilots! They measure 30 inches in diameter, so they're large enough to protect your drone from damage when you land on uneven surfaces. The wide surface area gives perfect cushioning while being easy to transport -This pad comes with eight double-sided slip-resistant landing pads with high grip rubber feet that ensure stability during flight or at rest. This universal drone landing pad is compact, portable and waterproof, making it a great choice for drone pilots who like to fly around in different locations!

11. The Drone Pilot Handbook

This handbook is an absolute must-read for anyone looking to become a commercial drone pilot! It features information about Part 107 Exam, which all pilots have to take - This book guides you through everything included in this test. From there, it dives into FAA guidance and procedures, along with advice on airspace restrictions and how they affect your flight plans. Additionally, The Drone Pilot Handbook goes over weather considerations while operating drones commercially; understanding what causes wind shear or turbulence can help keep both yourself and any passengers safe during flights! With the help of this pilot handbook, they'll be able to pass any tests they need and build up their career as a professional quadcopter pilot!

12. Li-Battery with 5in1 Charger

This set of batteries is an excellent choice for anyone who owns quadcopters with various battery sizes! These are compatible with popular brands like SYMA, JJRC and H98/H99W - This five-piece pack includes three 400mAh LiPo batteries (two black and one white) as well as two 800mAh LiPo batteries (both black). All these components come in durable plastic cases that safely store the cells. They also include an AC adapter, so you don't have to worry about trying to find someone who has spare wall plugs when it's time to charge up your drone again! 

13. Star Wars Quadcopter Special Edition

The Propel Star Wars Collectors Edition Quadcopter set is an excellent choice for all the drone lovers out there! This version features an X-Wing style quad, which makes it perfect for pilots who are fans of the classic sci-fi series. This special edition quadcopter is hand-painted and comes with authentic sounds that bring ROGUE ONE to life - Your favorite movies come alive when you fly this awesome small drone around your neighborhood! Additionally, these drones are equipped with efficient brushless motors and high-quality metal gears; they're built to last through many flights without needing any maintenance time in between flights. 

14. Licensed Drone Pilot Safety Vest

Fly safe and make sure cars, boats, pedestrians and other drone pilots can see you with this awesome safety vest! It's made from a durable high-visibility material that makes it easy to spot your pilot. The bright yellow color of the vest is perfect for being seen during flight - This licensed drone pilot safety vest comes in an adult size that fits most individuals up to 30.5-inch chest size. Don't fly without visibility protection again! These vests meet ANSI/ ISEA Class 2 safety standards.

15. Aerial Photography and Videography Using Drones: Book 

Drones have become a trendy way of capturing amazing footage from angles most people can't reach. This amazing book by Eric Cheng is an ideal source of information for anyone who wants to get started with aerial photography and videography! It provides detailed information on the different types of drones used for these purposes, along with how to choose the right one. Additionally, this informative guidebook dives into camera settings to take better pictures. Drone enthusiasts will learn about shutter speed, ISO levels, aperture size and more! 

16. Handheld Wind Speed Meter 

Know the wind speed and weather conditions before you head out for a drone flight! This handheld digital anemometer measures up to 60 mph; it's capable of measuring both wind speed and temperature, as well as wind chill. The extra-large backlit display is easy to read even in low light conditions - There are memory functions that allow pilots to set their max and min readings so they can track just how much the climate changes over time! Additionally, this device features different measurement units (m/s, km/h, ft/min & knots), so pilots don't have to worry about converting numbers if they fly internationally or across multiple areas. It would also be a wonderful gift for kite surfers.

17. DJI Pocket 2 Creator Combo 

This DJI Pocket gimbal is an awesome gift for any drone enthusiast! It comes with a range of features that make it perfect for aerial photography. The upgraded version allows pilots to record smooth, stabilized footage with 64MP photos and 4K videos. This means your recordings are more precise than ever before. Pilots can also turn on new Glamour Effects through the DJI GO app if they want their footage to look even more cinematic and professional. Additionally, pilots can shoot video in slow motion (up to 240fps) or capture high-resolution images (2160P). The pocket-sized design makes it easy to carry around between flights; no matter where you're going next, bring your gimbal along so you'll never miss out.

18. Drone Racing Obstacle Course

Drone racing is a sport where pilots race drones through different obstacles. This makes it the perfect activity for people who want to have fun while working on their skills! This obstacle course is easy to build and will allow pilots to race their drones without being too distracted. Simply place the obstacles on either side of a flat surface and have at it! If your friends also love flying drones as much as you do, they'll be thrilled when they see what's inside this box!

19. Hand Operated Drones for Kids

This hand-operated drone is great gift for kids who want to fly drones without having to rely on technology. Simply turn the device on and let it take off! It features an impressive range of flying so pilots can relax knowing that they'll never lose their flying ball toy in a crowded space or over large fields. just press the button at the top of the toy's head when you're ready for takeoff! The battery life lasts around five minutes per charge; once it runs low, plug your helicopter ball into any USB port to recharge.

20. Sunshade for DJI Mavic 

This sunshade is perfect for drone pilots who want to use their smartphones as screens. Sun hoods are especially useful when the weather outside isn't great! This shade features a lightweight design that makes it easy to carry around at all times without taking up too much space in your flying bag. It's also compatible with devices between four and seven inches wide so that you can use any smartphone - even if it has a case on it or not!

21. UAS Drone Flight & Maintenance Logbook

This drone pilot logbook is perfect for people who want to keep track of their flights over time. It features a lightweight design that makes it easy to carry around at all times without taking up too much space in your flying bag! The book also includes useful information about the essentials you need before every flight so pilots can be prepared and ready to go when they leave their house or office! This logbook would be a great gift for any drone pilot.

22. Drone Repair Kit  

Screwdrivers are a helpful tool for pilots who want to repair their drones. This kit includes 26 different screwdrivers of all shapes and sizes so pilots can fix any problem! The kit also comes with a pair of tweezers helpful in picking up small screws or other objects. This set would make an excellent gift for Pilots who want to repair their drones quickly on the go. This 26 piece drone repair kit helps pilots to save time and money.

23. FAA Licensed Drone Pilot Vinyl Decal

Decals are a great gift idea for pilots who love to fly drones with their friends and family. This FAA licensed drone pilot featured decal is easy to apply. Simply remove the backing from your chosen design, place it on any smooth surface, then smack it! The vinyl material will stick without leaving behind any residue or damage, so you can take this sticker off if needed without worrying about harming anything else in the area. Just make sure you have a clear space where everyone can see what's going on before slapping down this attractive-looking drone pilot vinyl decal!

24. Phantom 3 Battery

Drone batteries are a great gift idea for pilots who want to get more flight time from their drones! This lithium-ion battery has built-in sensors that help it monitor power levels during use. Each pack comes with four replacement batteries, one USB charger, and an AC adapter so drone enthusiasts can charge up all of them quickly at once instead of waiting around while each cell charges on its own. This rechargeable battery is compatible with the Phantom Drone Series by DJI.

25. Lipo Safe Bag for Lipo Battery Storage

Storing batteries in a safe place is very important for Pilots who care about the safety of their drones. This lipo battery storage bag can be used to store and recharge up to three drone batteries at once. The bag is made from durable, fireproof materials and has a double zipper so pilots can quickly access their batteries for charging or transporting. This lipo battery storage bag would be an ideal gift idea for drone enthusiasts who want to protect themselves and others against any potential accidents! 

26. Drone Home Board Game

This drone-themed board game is perfect for families who love to fly drones together! This home edition features a spinning wheel that players can use to make their moves. They can use launchers to get inside the drone. The first player to reach inside the drone may win the battle. But it's not always easy as they have to avoid obstacles on their way there. If another player lands on top of your piece with theirs, you must go back and start over again from one of the four corners or else lose all progress made that turn! This unique family fun toy would be an excellent gift idea for parents looking for ways to bond with children.

27. Landing Gear with Airdrop Device

Landing gear for DJI Air Drone can make a great gift idea for those who want to protect their drone from damage during landings. This landing pad is designed specifically with the requirements of drones and has an anti-slip design that makes it suitable as a fishing platform or even as a flower delivery base! The non-slip nature of this mat also ensures safety when used on other types of surfaces, such as stone tiles. This landing gear can carry small items up to six ounces, making it perfect for helping deliver drone wedding proposals!

28. Tablet Bracket Holder

Drone enthusiasts who use remote controllers with tablets will love this mount! The tablet holder can be adjusted to fit different size screens and is compatible with devices up to ten inches. This lightweight mount is easy to carry and easy to install with a clamp-on design. The mount is made from ABS plastic and steel to ensure robust and durable performance. This tablet holder would be a perfect gift idea for drone pilots who want an easier way to view their drones during operation!

29. Memory Card with Adapter

128GB memory card is a great gift for drone pilots who want to store more photos and videos from their flights! This memory card can hold up to 12 hours of full HD video, which means it's perfect for capturing fantastic aerial footage. It has an ultra-fast read speed that ensures smooth data transfer when uploading files on phones or tablets after each flight. The included adapter makes this micro sdxc card compatible with devices that use standard SD cards. This high-performance microsdxc memory card would be a fantastic gift idea for anyone considering starting a new hobby in drones! A coder also need memory cards to store data.

30. An Underwater Drone

An underwater drone is a great gift idea for those who love to explore the depths of water! This affordable undersea camera features a UHD camera, 4000 lm LED light, app remote control, adjustable tilt-lock and VR glasses to bring you real-time view. These help improve video quality by capturing stunning footage as deep as 330 feet below sea level. The accompanying VR glasses allow users to watch beautiful footage. They can also adjust the tilt-lock much easier than before, thanks to its convenient joystick design. This underwater drone comes with extra batteries, making it perfect for any underwater explorer looking for ways to take their hobby further.

31. Remote Controller Lanyard

Drone enthusiasts who fly their drones for extended periods will love this adjustable and padded lanyard! This neck strap is made from breathable materials, which means it's built to be comfortable even when worn for an extended amount of time. It can fit with DJI Drone Phantom 3 4 Pro Inspire 1 controllers. The controller lanyard also has an anti-drop buckle that ensures your device stays securely attached during flights. Pairing up this comfy neck strap with one of our drone gift ideas would make a perfect present idea for any drone pilot looking for ways to improve comfort levels during the flight!


Rose Parker

Drone technology is advancing at an incredible rate. Drone lovers enjoy flying drones for fun and many enjoy flying drones professionally as a hobby or for work. There are so many unique drone gift ideas that it can be challenging to choose the best one! Fortunately, our list of 31 gifts for Drone Enthusiasts includes some great suggestions from experienced pilots who have been using drones throughout their lives. Hopefully, this article has helped you find the perfect drone-related gift for someone you know!

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