31 Gifts For Empty Nesters

gifts for empty nesters 

Empty nest is a significant milestone of life for adult children and their parents. It is a time when the kids are out on their own, living independently or finishing college before starting families. This transition can be filled with mixed emotions like celebration, relief, sadness and loneliness (for both parents).

Are you an empty nester? If so, we have gifts for you! It is a time to reconnect with loved ones and do things that were not possible before. And as convenient as it may seem at first, some gifts will help the transition from parent to child-free adult go smoothly. This article will discuss 31 gifts for empty nesters: from the bottom of our hearts.

1. Empty Nesters Photo Prop Signs

This funny gift for empty nesters will help them laugh and celebrate the new chapter in their lives. It is undoubtedly a great way to share and express feelings of happiness, excitement and pride (of your empty nester). These photo prop signs are a great way to announce the news to the world (of their new life). They will look adorable in every room or hung outside as decoration. And it can be used not only at home but also during parties, gatherings or other festive events. These announcement cards are printed on thick card paper and are excellent to use in photoshoots.

2. Great Dates for Empty Nesters: Book

This book is an excellent gift for new empty nesters. It has ideas on activities they can do with their spouse to create memories and spend quality time together. The author of this book David and Claudia Arp created the idea after realizing how children were growing up fast. This book is full of creative ideas that will surely bring joy to parents and the entire family! These ideas include becoming a couple again, rediscovering intimate talk and revitalizing your love life.

3. Glass Ornament (Empty Nesters)

Celebrate this new chapter in life with a beautiful ornament that can be hung from the Christmas tree or displayed on their mantle. It is made of hand-blown glass and decorated with silver glitter, metal flowers and ribbon to add elegance to your home. This unique gift for empty nesters will make them feel loved every time they see it hanging by the window during holidays! These glass ornaments would be great Christmas gift ideas for empty nesters.

4. Cooking for Two Cookbook

This cookbook will help empty nesters eat healthy no matter how busy they are or just the two of them at home! "Cooking for two cookbook" has 650 recipes that are perfect to be cooked by empty-nester couples. The book includes both sweet and savory dishes so your loved ones can enjoy an array of flavors during their transition into this new chapter in life. The recipes have easy-to-follow instructions that even beginners can understand while preparing delicious meals. 

5. Hot Air Popcorn Popper

This popcorn maker is an excellent gift for empty nesters who love movies and snacking! It comes with a measuring cup to fill the popping chamber, so they won't have to guess how many kernels are needed. The popper has vents on top that allow hot air to circulate while cooking. This device cooks healthy snacks in minutes by using air-popped corn kernels without oil or butter. And it's easy to clean up because both non-electric parts of this popcorn machine are dishwasher safe! So your loved ones can enjoy delicious movie night treats without guilt.

6. Smart Indoor Garden

Everyone loves to eat fresh vegetables and herbs grown in their backyard or on balconies. This smart indoor garden is perfect for empty nesters who want home-grown produce, even if they live in an apartment! It can grow leafy greens and fragrant herbs alike. The LED lights are brighter than the white spectrum bulbs, so it will help your loved ones get healthier with this new appliance! This Aerogarden is compatible with Alexa and Wi-Fi enabled so that you can monitor and control the growing process from your smartphone or tablet.

7. Empty Nester Socks

Empty nesters need warmness and comfort when they are left alone in their homes. These cozy socks can snuggle them during cold winter months! Each sock features a robin with an empty nest. These socks are made of cotton yarn and spandex so that they will fit perfectly on your loved ones' feet. The lightweight and breathable fabric will keep their feet dry and warm. The colorful design makes them a cute gift for empty nesters too! This gift for soon-to-be empty nesters suits best.

8. "Mom and Dad Off Duty" Coffee Tumbler

This gift set includes two coffee tumblers that your loved ones would love to have at home! This beautiful coffee tumbler set features one black and one pink tumbler with the funny text "mom and dad off duty" printed. The stainless steel double walls and copper-coated inner walls of the Tumbler ensure that beverages remain cool or hot for a long period, avoid condensation build-up on the wall, and prevent messy puddles on the surfaces. This funny gift for empty nesters would be a great choice.

9. Kindle 

For empty nesters who love to read, this is a great gift. This e-book reader supports thousands of books and will never leave your loved ones bored again! It features a built-in adjustable light that can adapt automatically with the surrounding environment or manually for reading in low light conditions or at night. The high-resolution display allows you to see the small text clearly without straining your eyes and you won't have problems carrying it around. Parents with empty nests would gratefully appreciate this e-book reader.

10. Automatic Pot Stirrer

This automatic pot stirrer is an ideal gift for empty nesters who love to cook. It can be set up according to your needs, such as adding ingredients or stirring food at certain stages of cooking. This tool will help them save time without compromising on taste! The cordless design makes this device easy to clean and store after use too. This stainless steel stirrer is self-adjusting and very useful for all cooks!

11. Bird Feeder 

This squirrel-proof bird feeder is a deemed gift for empty nesters who love to watch birds. It has a sturdy metal construction that can protect the seeds inside from being eaten by squirrels. It also has four metal perches that can protect the birds' feet and tails when they land on them, so it's safer for the little creatures to feed! The transparent seed compartment makes it easy to monitor how much food is left in this bird feeder too. This gift would be perfect for those who like to feed birds.

12. Cloud Frame

It's an excellent gift for empty nesters who like to take photos and want to share them with others. This WiFi cloud frame comes with 20GB of free cloud storage, which means that it can save more memories for you! You can set up this device quickly as well because the advanced technology used is much easier. It also supports many functions such as photo sharing, video streaming and entertainment too! Parents will love this digital picture frame so much because it makes precious moments alive again!!

13. Smart Home Wi-Fi Outlet

This innovative home wifi outlet is the best housewarming gift for empty nesters. It has a wide range of compatible devices and it's very convenient to use, especially for seniors! This device can be controlled through your phone or tablet with the Alexa voice control compatibility. You can also set times when this device will automatically turn on/off, so you don't have to think about anything else!! The easy installation process makes setting up this wifi outlet even easier too. Empty Nesters would appreciate gifts like these because they're practical and valuable in every way!!

14. Coasters Set 

This set of coasters would be a great gift for empty nesters who love to entertain guests in their homes. Each coaster is made from natural cork to absorb condensation moisture on glasses and cups without leaving any watermarks behind. This set contains six coasters with phrases to help you feel right at home! This material also helps protect your furniture because it won't scratch the surface, so you can rest assured! They're perfect gifts for parents who want to enjoy life after their children have grown up and moved out!!

15. "This is Us" Pillow Cover 

This pillow cover with a "This Is Us quote" would best reflect empty nester's stories who love to enjoy life after their children have grown up and moved away. They're made from high-quality 100% linen fabrics that are soft and comfortable too. This pillow cover features the word "our life, our story, our home."Empty nesters would love gifts like these because they're sentimental gifts that remind them of their children. They'll always keep this pillow cover as a reminder of how precious their children are!!

16. Honey Dispenser 

This honey dispenser looks attractive on the countertops. The stylish design makes it perfect as a gift because it adds a unique touch to the kitchen. This honey dispenser is made from high-quality glass, so it's durable and easy to clean too! It also comes with a stand, making this jar more functional as a gift for empty nesters who love cooking!! This jar keeps honey fresh and with a button stopper, you can easily dispense the honey. Empty nesters would appreciate gifts like these because they get to enjoy their favorite foods with a little bit of sweetness too!!

17. Air Fryer 

Empty nester can enjoy oil-free cooking with this air fryer. It has a large capacity, so it's perfect for couples who love to cook! The digital screen is easy to use and the touch control panel allows you to adjust the time from 0-400 degrees Fahrenheit in 25-degree increments. You can also set timer alerts if you don't want your food overcooked. There are over 100 recipes included and it is compatible with Alexa and google assistant. This gift would be great because empty nesters will have more opportunities to experiment with cooking new dishes!! It would also be a great option for busy moms.

18. Hummingbird Bird House

Empty nester's lives are full of memories that are both sweet and sour. Empty nesters would love to watch the birds in their nests. This set of the hummingbird birdhouse and grass nesters looks great in the backyard. This birdhouse is made from natural vines, so they look natural. This cute little garden hut allows you to appreciate nature up close! This hand-woven bird nest has a window and a small hole in the back, allowing you to watch hummingbirds!

19. Wood Hanging Photo Holder

A beautiful and stylish piece of wall decor with pictures of their children hanging on the empty-nester walls looks Perfect. This piece looks great in the kitchen, dining room, or bedroom. It comes with eight stylish wooden clips to hold photos and has a double-sided design. The wording makes this wall decor more meaningful because it says "our life, our story, our home." Empty nesters would love these gifts because they can fill their empty nest with memories of their children! It would also be a nice gift for people in assisted living residents.

20. Essential Oil Diffuser 

The InnoGear essential oil diffuser is great for creating a spa-like atmosphere in your home. This product has two settings, including continuous mist mode and intermittent 30 seconds of mist every minute to avoid over-saturation with the oils. It also comes with eight color light options that look beautiful when they are on! The waterless auto-off feature saves you money because it automatically shuts down once there's no more water left. Empty nesters would love this gift because this device can help them relax!!

21. Luggage Tags

Empty nesters can now travel the world because they have more free time. They can also remember the memories they made with their loved ones by using this gift! This set of luggage tags comes with two large suitcases tag, so you will never lose your bag again!! The luggage tags can be attached quickly as you arrive at your destination, so the hotel staff will know which bag belongs to you! This gift would be great for empty nesters who like going on adventures, and this kit can help them identify their bags easily!!

22. Coffee Machine

Empty nesters no longer have to share their coffee with anyone else. This gift is great for empty nesters who love drinking good coffee, and this machine will allow them to select the perfect beverage! There are 15 different drink options on offer here, so you can find one that suits your taste buds perfectly!! This is a very thoughtful gift idea for empty-nesters because it's practical too! They don't want anything fancy; they simply need something convenient like this machine which allows them to make their beverages at home without feeling overwhelmed or confused!!

23. Empty Nester Coffee Mug

Your mom would love a mug that says, "empty nester official," and this mothers day gift for empty nester is perfect for her. This sturdy ceramic piece can hold 12 ounces of liquid to keep their day going smoothly!! The large font on the mug makes it easy to read from across the table, so they don't have to lean in closely when enjoying their morning beverage! Empty-nesters might want another drink because these mugs are dishwasher safe, which means there's no need to wash up afterward!

24. Take Two: A Journal for New Beginnings

Empty nesters now have the chance to create a new journal for their next chapter in life! This is an excellent gift because it's very practical and thoughtful as well. This book has plenty of writing space, so they can jot down all the important milestones that happen alongside this phase of their lives. It comes with 100 lined pages and 50 blank ones too!! This diary has simple and inspirational prompts with nature photography, so they can reflect on their memories and look forward to brighter times ahead. 

25. The Empty Nest: Book

This book is a great gift idea for empty nesters because it will help them relate to their peers and gain some insight into the next chapter of their lives. This collection includes 31 stories from various parents who have been through this phase before! It's also an easy read which would make a handy addition to any bookshelf!! Buyers can find out how other people deal with life after kids leave, so they don't feel alone in this situation anymore. They'll love reading about these stories and sharing them with others too!!!

26. Wood Sign

This cute gift for empty nesters because it's very personal and thoughtful. This wall mount decorative piece is engraved with text into the wood, so you won't have to worry about anything fading away or chipping off anytime soon. Empty nesters will love seeing this beautiful message every day as a reminder of all the beautiful memories they shared before kids left!! They'll also appreciate that there are plenty of positive words here which remind them not to forget about themselves too!

27. DIY Craft Kits Subscription Box

This excellent DIY craft kit subscription box can help empty-nester parents get back into their creative hobbies. They'll receive all the supplies they need to complete a specific project every month! This subscription box makes things easy, so you don't have to feel overwhelmed or confused about what materials are required!! These fun crafts could be anything from making soap and candles to painting wine glasses and building birdhouses! Empty-nesters will love coming up with new ways of expressing their creativity without having any significant responsibilities holding them back anymore either.

28. Gourmet Gift Basket

Empty nesters will love receiving this beautiful basket as a gift!! It's filled with lots of delicious treats, so they can share it on Christmas day or even enjoy some time to themselves! This is an excellent choice because all the items are gourmet-quality, which makes them much more special. This gift basket is full of delicious snacks such as caramel corn,chocolate-covered pretzels, caramel drizzled pretzels, peanut brittle, and delicious handmade chocolate Almond bark.

29. Netflix Gift Card

Netflix is an excellent gift for empty nesters so they can watch their favorite shows or movies. They'll enjoy being able to access hundreds of movies and TV series at their fingertips - all with just one subscription! This will be an excellent way for them to relax after years of taking care of kids full time! They worked hard for many years to raise their family, so they deserve some time for themselves! Netflix subscription would be a top gift idea for empty nesters.

30. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This gift would be perfect for empty nesters because they could do their chores while it does theirs! This robot vacuum cleaner is extra quiet, making it great for apartments or townhouses where noise might bother your neighbors. It's also super-thin, so you can easily get around the furniture to clean hard-to-reach spots in the house too!! Empty nesters will appreciate not worrying about vacuuming anymore and simply letting this one take care of things instead.

31. "Empty Nesters 1St Christmas" Tree Decoration

This funny and unique Christmas tree decoration ornament will be a top gift for empty nesters because it's so unique! It can serve as an excellent reminder that they're still young at heart, even if their kids are no longer around. This ornament has engraved with the word "empty nesters 1st Christmas". You can customize this ornament with family pictures or favorite patterns. They'll love having this ornament on their tree to remind them of all the years they raised kids before becoming empty-nesters. This will make them smile every time they look at the Christmas tree, which should be an excellent way to feel happy during the holidays!


Rose Parker

Empty nesters feel like they don't have the same responsibility as before, so it's important to show them how much you love and appreciate all of their hard work throughout the years! This list has some excellent gift ideas that will make empty nesters happy. They'll enjoy receiving these gifts because they're unique and thoughtful!! 

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