32 Gifts For Geologist

Gifts For Geologist

Geology is a fascinating, but difficult to understand science. It takes a lot of patience, skill and knowledge in order to be successful as a geologist. The best way for those interested in geology to learn more about it is by reading books or taking classes! But if you can't do that right now, there are also some great gifts out there for geologists that will help them learn what they love. That's why we've created this list of 32 gifts that any geologist would love to receive!

1. National Geographic Starter Rock Tumbler Kit

This kit is best for children or those new to geology because it has a step-by-step instruction booklet and easy-to-use tools, so you don't have to worry about knowing the best way to go about polishing your findings. This kit has everything to make beautiful gemstones. It includes ½ pound of rocks with nine different gemstones, five jewelry fastenings, and four-stage rock polishing grit. It would be a good gift for geology fans or rock climbers.

2. Stone Coaster Set

This coaster set is a nifty product that puts the best of geology to good use. It's an absorbent coaster set made from stone, great for those who love to drink wine and want somewhere safe to place their glasses! Thirstystone coasters have a natural cork backing, preventing scratching or scuffing of any surface and stopping the coaster from sliding. These absorbent coasters are four inches in diameter and one-half inch thick. Any tea or coffee lover will be happy to use them. This gift for a geologist is best suited for indoor use.

3. Pocket Magnifying Glass 

A geologist needs a magnifying glass to see the small things! The pocket-sized magnifying glass has three levels of magnification, 10x, 20x and 30x. There is also an LED light to see in dark areas or at night time and UV blacklight. It's best suited to jewelry, diamonds, gems and rocks. A must-have tool in the field and laboratory, this pocket lens is perfect for carrying with a geologist on any of their adventures! 

4. Emergency Survival Kit 

This kit is best for geologists who are working in fields and observing rocks. It includes emergency survival kits with 36 kinds of useful tools such as a flint fire starter, knife blade sharpener, compass, signal mirror, etc., which can help you to survive from the natural environment easily. The best thing about this survival kit is it can be mounted to the best outdoor backpacks, which will make your trip safer and more relaxed. It would also be a practical gift for hunters.

5. Stansport Mussette Bag

It's best to carry your equipment in a backpack or musette bag. The Stansport Musette Bag is just the thing for any geologist! It has various pockets and loops that can hold maps, notebooks, binoculars, etc. In addition, it has an adjustable shoulder strap with a chest clip release buckle. There is also a large main compartment with a buckle-down cover closure, which is best suited for carrying rocks and minerals.

6. Rock Pick Hammer 

A rock pick hammer is an essential tool for any aspiring geologist kit as it is best for breaking rocks into small pieces and collecting them for further research. The Efficere rock pick hammer has a 22-ounce head with an 11-inch overall length. It has an all-steel construction with a soft grip handle and pointy tip. The hammer's head is made from drop forged, tempered steel that provides a balanced weighting to make this pick perfect for breaking large rocks into manageable pieces.

7. Geologist Metal Sign

This geologist decore sign is a wonderful gift for a geologist nerd or best friend who loves this subject. The sign is made of high-quality metal and has a rustic vintage design with an embossed finish for added depth. The measurements are 18 inches wide by four inches tall, making it perfect for displaying on any desk, table, or wall space in your home or office. The best thing you can customize it with the name or nickname of the best geologist in your life.

8. National Geographic Break Open 10 Premium Geodes

This is a perfect gift for anyone who loves geology, mineralogy, or science. These high-quality Geodes break open to reveal crystals inside! There are many kinds of crystals that can be found in geodes so an exciting teenager will always find something new! The best part? You get hands-on experience with the tools and techniques used in this field of study (such as hammering). This set comes with display stands, goggles and a detailed guide book. This remarkable gift must attract any young geologist or mineralogist.

9. "Wait I See A Rock" - Funny Geologist Mug

This mug is best for a geologist with the best sense of humor. The mug has wording on it that says, "wait, I see a rock." This black ceramic mug is dishwasher and microwave safe and can hold 10 oz coffee or tea. When your geologist friend drinks their morning cup of joe from this mug, he or she will get an instant smile. This funny coffee mug would be a cute birthday gift for a geologist.

10. Timefulness Geologist Book

This book is best for people who like to read about how geologists have helped save the world. This non-fiction text includes a foreword from Marcia Bjornerud. The author explains that she wanted this educational text to be accessible and understandable easily. Marcia Bjornerud shows how geologists chart the planet’s past. You can use this information to determine the pace of solid Earth processes and compare them with more unstable ocean and atmosphere rhythms. This hardcover illustrated book is also available in Kindle and audiobook format.

11. Cold Chisel Set

This set provides you with three cold chisels designed for best performance in a variety of materials. The triangular shape is perfect for shaping and smoothing metal, while the pointed end can pry things apart. These tools measure six inches long and are durable enough to resist splintering or cracking on contact. Any aspiring geologist will love this set of chisels because they are an essential part of their kit. It would also be an essential tool for a woodworker or roofer tool kit.

12. Geology Rocks T Shirt

This gift for geologist nerds makes them happy because they get to show off their sense of humor. The words "Geology Rocks" are written on the shirt. This design also makes a great gift because its bright colors make it look more beautiful. The shirt is made with soft, breathable and lightweight cotton.This design is also great for people who have been geologists in the past but don't want to wear a shirt with their old job on it, so this makes them more relatable and approachable when they're out at an event or something like that. 

13. Sunset Wall Art 

This canvas wall art shows sunset moment at colorado river. It is best for the bedroom, living room or office. The size of this canvas painting is 28inch*42inch, so it can be well-advised to hang on a small wall in your space. This high-quality print finished product will make you feel like you are there and enjoy nature at home every day! In addition, this three-panel wall art would inspire a geologist to keep learning more, which is exactly what you want!  It would also be a superb housewarming gift for your friends.

14. Grand Canyon Jigsaw Puzzle

This 1000 piece puzzle of the Grand Canyon is interesting because this place has significant geological importance where you can see some of the best examples of sedimentary rocks, which is one type of rock. The Grand Canyon has a lot to offer geologists and it's interesting for other people too! This puzzle would make an excellent gift because not many people know about this place and what geological importance it holds. This puzzle will give them a chance to know about this place.

15. Safety Goggle 

These industrial-grade safety goggles are an excellent gift for someone who would like to be an aspiring geologist. The best way to learn about it and understand the importance of geological formations, minerals, fossils, etc., is by having this kind of equipment that will allow them to see what other people do not have access to because they cannot with their natural resources eyesight. This ANSI Z 871.1 approved safety goggles are best for the classroom, laboratory, or a fieldwork.

16. Keychain

A rock keychain is best for aspiring geologists who have an office desk job or need something to put on their backpacks. It reminds them what they are working for and why they need this kind of education. This keychain is made with high-quality stainless steel and engraved with the sentence, "wait, I see a rock." This keychain reminds a geologist not to ignore their surroundings anytime.

17. National Geographic Rocks & Fossils Kit

To develop an interest in kids and teens and get them thinking about their surrounding world, the national geographic rock and fossil kit would be best. This kit includes a magnifying glass and 200 pieces of rocks, real fossils, geodes, jasper, and rose quartz of all shapes and sizes for kids or teens that want to explore the science fields in college or any other interests like geology. It also comes with a learning guideline on the back of the box that explains what each rock is best for and how to best clean them.

18. Geology Educational Science Chart 

This chart is a great way to introduce children and adults alike to the different types of rocks, minerals, gemstones, and fossils. The best part about this poster is that it can be pulled down as taught in science class or left up on your wall for decoration! A fresh geologist can hang it on their wall to have all the best information at a glance. This poster has a 24" x 36" dimension and introduces almost all of the most common rocks that you would find in any natural collection.

19. Geology Theme Travel Mug

If your bestie is a geologist, they will love this fabulous mug. This cup has a superb design and can be used for hot or cold beverages! This geology theme travel mug is made of stainless steel and is best used for 16 ounces. It's also insulated to keep coffee warm all day long. This travel mug is perfect for any geologist that loves traveling! It will make the best gift ever; they'll treasure it forever!

20. Pocket Magnifier  

Geologists observe and everything and will get a kick out of using this magnifier to inspect their discoveries. This pocket magnifying glass provides Perfect magnification with a clear glass lens that can be used as a reading aid or microscope in the field of engraving, engineering and watchmaking to observe small objects. The LED bulb works with batteries, so that you can see the objects clearly in bright white light.

21. All-Weather Spiral Notebook

Geologists need a notebook to write their observations. When they are in the field, they have to face weather changes. In this situation, this all-weather spiral notebook with a tan cover and universal pattern can withstand any weather condition.  It is made of durable polypropylene material, which provides water resistance from all sides. This notebook has 128 pages. Geologists can keep ideas and observations on paper with these best-quality spiral notebooks. It would also be a lovely gift to thank your friend.

22. Whiskey Stones Gift Set

This Christmas gift is best for the whiskey lover who enjoys a cold drink on ice. These whiskey stones keep your liquor at its ideal drinking temp without watering it down or diluting the flavors from melting ice cubes. The set includes nine whiskey rocks in two colors are packed in a handmade wooden box, which is a fantastic design for gifting. This whiskey stone set would be a great gift for geologist nerds.

23. Beware of Geologist Sign

This funny metal sign is suitable for walls or garages and is perfect for the best geologist nerd in your life. The design features a geology warning sign with an arrow pointing to the left, juxtaposed against “Beware of Geologists” text with arrows pointing in both directions on either side. This metal sign measures 12 x 18 inches and can be hung outside, inside, or in the garage. The only geologist who has a sense of humor will enjoy this gift.

24. Engraved Rock 

This engraved rock piece is best father's day gift for a geologist dad. It features a message that says "Happy Father's Day" and is made from natural stone to make it extra special. The rock measures approximately 12 x 18 inches with an outside dimension of about 14 x 20 inches. There are plenty of options available to choose from; you can pick the best one for your dad, mom, husband, or friend. 

25. Soap Rocks Set 

This soap rocks set is best gift idea for geologists who love to observe rocks. This set of six soap rocks looks like perfect gemstones, and at first glance, maybe you think they are original rocks, but they are actually soap rocks. The soap rocks are perfect size to fit in your hand, which is easy to use as a washcloth. It can be used on face or body simultaneously as best exfoliating scrubbing bubbles also best skin moisturizer. It comes in six different scents: rose, ocean, lavender, vanilla cookie, and fresh lily.

26. Hardness Pick Set and Mineral Identification Kit

A geologist nerd needs to identify minerals and rocks, so this kit has everything you need. This kit includes 8 Mohs'Mohs' Hardness Points from Mohs'Mohs' 2 through Mohs'Mohs' 9. The hard points are mounted in nickel-plated brass and color-coded by hardness. There'sThere's also two hard point plates at 3.5 and 5.5 mohs'', a Streak Plate for analyzing minerals, along with a wooden case. This gift for aspiring geologists will take their mineral identification skills to the next level!

27. Agate Bookends 

The best gifts for geologist nerds would be these bookends made from agate, the best type of rock to use if you want something sturdy and reliable on your shelf because it's so immaculately durable! This bookend gift will give a true sense of your love for geology and the best way to show off all those heavy textbooks. This pair of rocks is 3- 5 lb heavy and polished, so you will be able to see the best features of these gemstones.

28. Galileo Thermometer with Glass Globe Barometer

A beautiful present for geologists is this set of thermometer and barometer. With a glass globe, best-selling design by AcuRite and the Galileo Platform made with unprecedented precision; these two instruments have everything you need to know about what's going on around your house. This gift will be enjoyed year-round because it can measure indoor and outdoor temperature, pressure on the inside and outside of glass globe barometer.

29. Galaxy And Space Cufflinks

A perfect accessory for any geologist, these cufflinks are adorned with the galaxy and space. These cuff links will be a great addition to your best-dressed attire or suit jacket! These versatile cufflinks are made of high-quality alloy and glass. The size of This round cufflink is 18x18x20 mm and they come in a beautiful gif box. This galaxy and space cufflink set is suitable to use on any occasion.

30. Geologist Whiskey Tumbler

For geology nerds who enjoy their drinks while relaxing, this whiskey tumbler is great. This glass has wording that says, Geologists, know what makes the bedrock. This whiskey glass can hold 12.5 oz fluid and is dishwasher safe. Your geologist friend must appreciate this glass for their next gathering and enjoy the great text. This glass appreciates any geologist's hard work and they love drinking whiskey when out with friends or at home.

31. The Story of Earth

The story of earth by Robert M.Hazen is the best starting place for geologists who want to know more about their field. This book covers every aspect of Earth's history and development as a living planet from its formation over four billion years ago through today. The ground breaking discoveries presented in this volume will fascinate anyone with interest in our world, including science enthusiasts, students and teachers, as well as geologists. This book comes in audiobook and Kindle formats as well.

32. Men's Dinosaur Socks

These socks are best for geologists who like to rock out in their down time. These socks have dinosaur fossil layers printed on them. The socks are made with a cotton/polyester blend to keep the best of both worlds. The best part about these socks is that they are one size fits most which mean you can wear them for any occasion or season. Any geologist will love these socks and the best part is that these are also a great stocking stuffer.


Rose Parker

Geologists love learning about the earth, so they would best appreciate gifts that are educational in nature. Geologists also enjoy being outdoors hiking and exploring new places. To find a gift for geologists is not difficult because they love their passion, and it is best to find something that reflects their interests. To encourage them to keep exploring and learning, find gifts that will help them in their work. We have organized a list of 32 gifts for geologists, so you can find the best one for your loved geologist.

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