31 Best Gifts For Gymnastics

Best Gifts for Gymnastics

Gymnasts are always looking for the perfect gift, and we have 31 gifts that will make your gymnast smile this holiday season. From stretch straps to tumbling trainers, there is something on this list for every kind of gymnast! If you're still shopping and not sure what to get your gymnast friend or family member, look no further than these awesome items.

1. Gymnastics Backpack

The Gymnastics Backpack is an excellent gift for anyone who owns a mat and needs to carry it around. It can be used by both men or women, so it's not just gifts for gymnasts! When you're done with your workout session at the gym, this backpack will make carrying all your equipment much easier. So, if you have a gymnastics lover in your family, this would be a great gift for them. 

2. Stretch Strap

The Stretch Strap is one of the most versatile gifts for gymnasts. It's great because it can be used to stretch out those muscles you need after a long day at practice, or as a warm-up before your next session. Gymnastics lovers will absolutely adore this gift that would make their workouts easier and more efficient! It is simply wonderful. 

3. Z ATHLETIC Gymnastics Pirouette Bar 

The Z ATHLETIC Gymnastics Pirouette Bar is a great gift for gymnasts who want to work on their cartwheels and handstands. It'll help them improve their form, balance, control, strength-to-weight ratio, body awareness (so they know where they are in space), and coordination of upper and lower body movements. This bar can be adjusted to create the perfect height for each individual user or even folded away when not needed! It would also be helpful for powerlifters.

4. Plum Band 

If you have a gymnast in your life, they will love this! The PlumBand is a multi-functional resistance band with a unique design. This product offers many exercises to help improve strength and flexibility for those who are trying to get their skills back after an injury or surgery. The benefits of the Plumbands include: strengthening joints in the shoulder girdle (including stability of the rotator cuff), rehabilitating post-surgical hips, knees and ankles.

5. Pocket Waist Pack

A pocket waist pack is a perfect gift for gymnasts who are always carrying their water bottles and extra snacks with them. This product features an adjustable strap that can be worn high or low on the hips, as well as two zippered pockets to carry everything they need! So, if you have someone who needs this, make sure they have it. They can carry it while going on a walk or hiking.

6. Balance Board

Balance boards can be a great addition to any gym, as they allow gymnasts to focus on their balance skills and work on them. This product features rubber bumpers at the corners for safety purposes, a nonskid surface that is easy to clean up after use, and an affordable price! So if you want one of these, then this might be perfect for your needs. It is also suitable for practicing balance before riding a skateboard.

7. WOD Welder Hand Care Kit

This WOD Welder Care Kit might be perfect for your gymnastics coach or loved one. It features an easy-to-apply treatment, which will help to relieve pain and stiffness in the wrists and hands that gymnasts could get from performing repetitive motions with their arms during training sessions! The kit also includes a specially designed wristband that can provide targeted compression and warmth therapy where it's needed most--the carpal tunnel area of the hand. 

8. Tumbling Trainer

This tumbling trainer could be the perfect gift for gymnastics lovers. It's a great way to improve tumbling skills and build confidence, while also having fun! This toy is designed with foam-filled balls that can withstand forceful impacts--so they're safe for all ages! The set includes an instructional DVD detailing front handsprings, roundoff back handspring combinations, cartwheel variations and more.

9. Gymnastics Recovery Sandals

These are a great gift for anyone who has a love of gymnastics. These sandals are designed to provide arch support and heel relief, while also offering easy-to-grip soles with holes that make it easier to put them on or take them off. These sandals can be worn after any type of activity--even running!--as they will help prevent blisters and uncomfortable friction caused by sweaty feet rubbing together inside your shoes. 

10. Wedge Mats

A wedge mat is a great gift for gymnastics enthusiasts. This mat is designed to support the entire body and spine during floor exercises, making it easy to push through tuck-ups or handstands without feeling like your back might collapse into an unnatural position. For beginners, in particular, this type of mat can be very helpful as they begin building their strength with more advanced moves.

11. Air Track

An air track is a great gift for gymnastics enthusiasts because it provides them with the ability to do any type of move they want during practice. This is especially helpful if they have an injured leg or foot, as it can often be difficult for these people to find ways to work around their injury in order to avoid further injuries that could end up being even more severe.

12. Training Bar

This is a great gift for gymnastics enthusiasts who are looking to do more advanced moves. It can be used as a bar they use during practice, with the added bonus of being able to attach it to an air track and give them access to even more difficult skills that might normally not be available on such simple equipment because some of these will require significant upper body strength. It would be a lovely wedding gift for an athlete couple who love gymnastics.

13. Crash Pad

A crash pad is another great gift for gymnastics enthusiasts who are looking to do more advanced moves. They can be used as a landing pad during practice when doing flips and other such skills. But they also have the added benefit of being able to attach it to an air track, giving them access to even more difficult skills.

14. Foldable Balance Beam

This is a great gift for gymnastics enthusiasts who are looking to take their skills in this area up to another notch. They come with a set of stairs, so they're easy enough to store and there's no need for any heavy-lifting on the part of the customer. The only drawback might be that it doesn't have grips on it like many other beams do - which can make balancing more difficult at first.

15. Gymnast Slides

Slides might look just like shoes to some, but for a gymnast, they are an essential piece of equipment. They have grips on the bottom that make it easy and safe to do tumbling runs without slipping or risking injury. These come in three different colors which is great if you're looking for something with more than one person who needs them as gifts!

16. Rectangle Trampoline

This is a must-have for anyone who is into gymnastics or tumbling. These trampolines are a great way to hone your skills outside of a gym setting, and they're also really good for getting in shape! This one has all the bells and whistles that will make practicing so much easier on you - it's got an enclosure net around it, padding on both ends. Kids and adults both like to jump on a trampoline.

17. Gymnastics Leotards

This one is a no-brainer for anyone looking to make their gift-giving a success. Gymnastics leotards are an important part of the sport, and they come in all sorts of colors and styles that will fit any budget! This one is awesome because it's got four color options with different patterns on each - you can choose whether or not to have your gymnast wear stripes, argyles, solids or plaids!

18. "Courage to Soar" Book

This wonderful book was written by Olympic champion gymnast Laurie Hernandez and it's a perfect gift for any aspiring or already practicing gymnasts because they'll be able to read about her personal experience on the biggest stage of them all. The book "Courage To Soar" will provide an opportunity for anyone who loves this sport to learn more about what it means to compete at such a high level.

19. Roll-Up Balance Beams

These roll-up balance beams are excellent for any gymnastics program because they not only provide an opportunity to teach balance skills but also a great way to improve overall body awareness. The roll-up balance beam is lightweight, durable and easy on storage space while still providing opportunities to practice tumbling skills without the need for bulky equipment. A great gift. 

20. "The Perfect Workout" Book 

This book highlights what it takes to be at your best when you work out with five simple steps that can quickly help you get into shape again. This includes information about how much time should be dedicated towards cardiovascular exercise, strength training exercises as well as stretching techniques and foam rolling exercises. "The perfect workout" will show people who love this sport why working out is so important.

21. Hair Twist Holder

This one is great for people who have to put their hair in a ponytail or braid every single day. This product has become more and more popular because it allows you to keep your hairstyle looking fresh all day long while being easy to use! This hair twist holder can be used by any type of gender, ethnicity, age or lifestyle. 

22. "Fierce" by Aly Raisman

This book is perfect for people who love to read autobiographies or stories about overcoming adversity. This book in particular is perfect for anyone that loves gymnastics and wants to know more about one of the most famous women in the sport, Aly Raisman. A must-read for every person who loves inspiring and motivational stories and who can't live without gymnastics. 

23. No Slip Gymnastics Headbands

These headbands do not slip. Ideal for practicing on the beam, in a tumbling run, or at any other time when hair needs to be put back out of one's face without worry about it slipping off and getting lost. If you have a girl who just started training or a friend who trains for a long time, then this would be the perfect gift for them. 

24. Gymnastics Notebook

This is a perfect gift for young gymnasts who love to practice and need something to write on. It's spiral-bound so that it opens up easily, has lined pages, and comes with a pen. It is perfect for the young lady who wants to take notes, or maybe create her own diary. This can be a beautiful birthday or Christmas gift. 

25. A T-shirt

Every gymnast needs a T-shirt. This would be perfect for the girl who has her own team, or someone on your list that is training and in love with everything about it! There are lots of styles to choose from but this one will say "I'm an all-around athlete" which makes it so much more special. The perfect gift for your favorite person. 

26. A Doll Gymnastics Team

Dolls have always been popular gifts for young girls, and now they can join their favorite sport too! These dolls come dressed just like real-life athletes and even include leotards as well as other equipment such as balance beams and bars. The best part? They also come with little slippers so you don't need to worry about them slipping off during routines

27. Gymnastics Stickers

These are great gifts to get for any gymnast in your life. With 30 stickers, you will have plenty of options to choose from! The best part is that the stickers come with a sheet so it's easy to peel them off and use them again and again. So, if you have a daughter that might be into gymnastics, these stickers would be a great gift. 

28. Water Bottle

This water bottle is perfect for any gymnast. The metal grip makes it easy to carry and the straw lets you drink with just one hand. It also has a flip-top lid so that there's no spilling, while still being easy enough to open even when your hands are wet or sweaty! It is perfect for people who go on their gymnastic classes regularly. They can also bring them while they walk and stay hydrated.

29. Thera-Band Rebounder

These elastic bands make great gifts because they're inexpensive but useful! You might want these if you have a child who likes jumping on furniture or other objects in order to get some height off of them--they can use this as an alternative option without breaking anything valuable around their house. They are also good for working on arm strength, balance skills, and core strengthening exercises too!

30. Gymnastics Jewelry

Gymnastics jewelry makes for a thoughtful gift. A lot of gymnasts like to wear something that is reminiscent of the sport they love when they're not on the court--and this can be an easy way to make sure it happens! You might want to go with gold-plated silver if you are shopping for girls and young women who have sensitive skin as many people find stainless steel irritating in those cases. 

31. Gymnastics Wristbands

This is a must-have for any gymnast! Gymnastics wristbands are used to help you remember the movements of your routine. You can even customize them with initials or sayings--whether they're for girls, boys, adults, beginners or advanced athletes. Therefore, make sure to give this gift to the people who train gymnastics and who are a part of your life. They will surely appreciate it. 


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These are one of the best gifts that you can give for any gymnasts in your life. Not only that they will leave a trace in people's lives, but they are also extremely useful. If you need more ideas for a different type of gifts, make sure to browse around the site.

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