31 Gifts For Intellectuals

gifts for intellectuals

An intellectual person always has their head in the clouds, exploring new ideas and concepts. They are always thirsty for knowledge, so they are constantly looking for ways to expand their horizons. It can be hard to find good gifts for these people since they can be quite particular about what they like. However, with a little creativity, you can find the perfect present for the intellectual in your life.

The good news is that there are a lot of different gifts out there that can appeal to the intellectual person in your life. From fun and unique items to classic presents with a twist, there is something for everyone. So if you are stuck on what to get the intellectual in your life, take a look at this list for some inspiration.

1. Shape-Shifting Fidget Cube 

We all know one, or maybe even is one – the person who is constantly fidgeting with something, whether it's their hands, feet, or hair. Well, this gift is great for them. The Shape-Shifting fidget cube can transform into over 70 different shapes. It's made with 36 rare earth magnets, so it provides plenty of entertainment for the intellectually curious person in your life. It would be the best intellectual gift for 18 year old boy who loves to fidget.

2. Ultimate Visual History of the World: Book

If your intellectual friend is interested in geography and history, this is an informative gift for him. This book tells the complete story of humankind, from prehistory to modern times. It's filled with stunning visuals and interesting facts, making it a special read for anyone who loves learning about the world around them. This book is written by Jean-Pierre Isbouts, a world-renowned author and lecturer. This unique gift for intellectuals helps them know about the world and understand it better.

3. Bookshelf

Your intellectual loved one has probably amassed quite a collection of books. Give them a place to store them all with this bookcase. It has a rustic oak and white finish and an industrial metal frame, making it perfect for any home décor style. Plus, it's wall-mountable, so it takes up minimal space. With wider shelves, it can accommodate even large books. This bookshelf would be a great birthday gift for intellectuals who love to read and have many books.

4. Audible Subscription

If your intellectual loved one loves to read but doesn't always have the time, then an Audible subscription is a wonderful idea. With this subscription, they can choose from over 500,000 titles and listen to them anywhere. Plus, they can even listen to books while they're driving. They have access to new releases and bestsellers, and Audible Originals. Intellectuals don't need to go library or bookstore; they can directly listen to audiobooks from Audible.

5. Clip-on Book Light

Reading in low light may affect an intellectual's eyesight, so a good book light is necessary. Give them this clip-on light to continue reading in any situation. This light is adjustable so that it can be angled however is needed. This clip-on light has a 25-hour run time, ideal for long reading sessions. It's also compact and easy to take with you wherever you go. The reading light would be a great gift for intellectuals who love to read but have difficulty doing so in low light. Also a good gift for doctorate students.

6. Personal Library Kit

Intellectual has many books, and their library many need some organization. This library kit is a great way to keep track of books. This personal library kit comes with card catalog checkout cards, bookplates, a date stamp, and an inkpad. They can record when they borrowed the book, from who, and for how long. This best intellectual gift for a 14-year-old boy is a fantastic idea because they can learn organizing skills.

7. Wooden Chess Set

Chess is a popular board game that has been around for centuries. Chess is known as a game for intellectuals, and this gift is ideal for the intellectual in your life. The board is made of wood with a felt interior to protect the pieces. This handcrafted and top-quality chessboard can fold in half so that it's easy to take with you on the go. With wooden chess pieces, this is a classic game that will be enjoyed for years to come.

8. Kindle

An intellectual person would love to have a Kindle because it gives them access to many books. This bundle comes with the Kindle Paperwhite, a high-resolution display, and built-in light. It also comes with an Amazon leather cover and a wireless charging dock. With this bundle, they can read in any lighting conditions and charge their Kindle without plugging it in. With Kindle, they can also have access to Audible so that they can listen to audiobooks.

9. Coffee Mug

Intellectuals must love to drink coffee or tea to help them think better. This funny text mug is relatable because being intelligent doesn't mean you can't make mistakes. The white ceramic mug features a funny text that makes them laugh every time they drink their beverage. This mug would be a good gift for both men and women intellectuals. It's also microwave and dishwasher safe. They can enjoy a hot coffee or tea in the morning with this mug.

10. The GCHQ Puzzle Book

Help your intellectual loved ones to improve their problem-solving skills with this GCHQ puzzle book. This book is packed with 150 challenging codebreaking puzzles designed to test your logic and reasoning skills. With a range of difficulty levels, there's something for everyone in this puzzle book. From word games to number puzzles, they can spend hours trying to crack the codes in this book. This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves a good challenge.

11. Dragon Bones Sculptural Skull

If your intellectual friend loves reading books about dragons, they will love this dragon bones sculptural skull wall trophy. This sculpture is made of resin and hand-painted in full color. It's a wonderful addition to any room and makes a unique conversation piece. Your friend will love looking at this sculpture and thinking about all the stories they've read about dragons. It might satisfy their curiosity about what a dragon's skeleton looks like.

12. Engraved Pen

Writing with a good pen is a joy that every intellectual would love. This engraved pen is a lovely gift for anyone who loves to write. Its feature luster chrome finish with golden trimmings and engraving comes in a beautiful copper or brass color. Your friend will love using this pen to write their thoughts down on paper. You can personalize it with a short message or their name. The engraving on the pen makes it a unique and personal gift.

13. Lap Desk 

An intellectual person is always using their laptop for research or writing papers. This laptop stand is a great gift for them because it makes it easier to use their laptop. It's made of aluminum and has a sleek design. The stand also has an adjustable height so that your friend can use it while sitting or standing. Light but sturdy construction makes it easy to move from one place to another. This laptop stand is a cool gift for a teen boy who loves their laptop.

14. The High-Performance Planner 

An intellectual person is always looking for ways to improve their performance. This high-performance planner is a practical gift for them. It helps them to plan their day, week, and month. The planner also has a section for goal setting and reflection. This journal is based on a study that showed people who use a similar system are 33% more likely to achieve their goals. The planner is undated so that your friend can start using it at any time—this gift idea for an intellectual man or woman who wants to improve their performance. It would also be a helpful gift for social workers.

15. Mouse Pad

A mouse pad is a practical gift for an intellectual person who loves to use their computer. This mouse pad is black with "nerd" and "intellectual badass" in white. The design is simple but stylish. The mouse pad is made of durable recycled rubber that will last for years. They can use this mouse pad to show off their nerd pride. People who love to work with a mouse instead of a touchpad will find this an amusing and useful gift.

16. Water Bottle 

An intellectual knows better that water is essential to maintaining good health and productivity. Keep your intellectual friend hydrated and their hands-free while researching or writing papers. This water bottle is made of stainless steel and has a vacuum-insulated design. The double-walled construction keeps drinks cold for up to 18 hours. The auto seal feature prevents spills and leaks. The water bottle comes in several colors, so you can choose the one that your friend will love.

17. 3D Devil's Hand Bookmark 

Bookmarking is a good way for an intellectual to keep track of their reading. This bookmark is in the shape of a hand with a devil's tail. It's made of resin and has a black finish. Its unique design is sure to be a conversation starter. You can also use it as a decoration piece for a bookshelf, office desk, or home. This makes it a unique and stylish gift for an intellectual who loves to read.

18. Personalized Cutting Board

An intellectual woman or man will love this unique cutting board. It's engraved with the periodic table of elements. You can also personalize it with a name or message. The cutting board is made of bamboo, so it's environmentally friendly and durable. It is also used to decorate the kitchen or as a serving tray for appetizers. An intellectual friend will love to cook according to the elements with this cool and unique cutting board. A Chemistry student would also love this board.

19. Bookend

An intellectual person loves to read and they need a good bookend to keep their books in place. This bookend is made of heavy-duty stainless steel with a silver finish. It features a humanoid design that will look good in any home or office. The bookend is also nonskid so it will keep books in place. The bookend is also adjustable to use for different sizes of books. It's a good gift for an intellectual who loves to read and wants to keep their books organized.

20. Mini Desk Storage  

An intellectual person is always busy, and they need a good desk organizer to help them stay organized. This desk organizer is made of bamboo. It has three shelves and two drawers with a removable drawer insert. The desk organizer is also good for organizing office supplies, tech gadgets and important files. An intellectual person will love this desk organizer because it's good for their home office or work office. This practical gift for intellectual women increases their productivity.

21. Intellectuals: From Marx and Tolstoy to Sartre and Chomsky

Give them a book that they want to add to their library. This book is a collection of essays by some of the world's most famous intellectuals. The book includes essays on politics, philosophy, religion and more. An intellectual person will love this book because it gives them something to think about. It's a good gift for an intellectual who loves to read and wants to learn more about the world.

22. Electronics Exploration Kit  

Intellectual kids are always searching for ways to develop their skills. This electronic kit is a perfect gift for them which helps them to learn about electronics and circuits. It has over 175 exciting STEM projects. The full-color project manual included in the kit makes it easy for kids to follow the instructions and build the projects. Snap Circuits makes learning electronics easy and fun! Just follow the colorful pictures in our manual and build exciting projects such as a flying saucer, AM radio, burglar alarm, doorbell, and much more! You can even play electronic games with your friends. All parts are mounted on plastic modules and snap together with ease. It would be a cool gift for teenage boys.

23. Laptop Briefcase

Professional intellectuals need to carry their laptop to meetings, classes, or work daily. This laptop briefcase is a functional gift for the professional intellectual. It's made of high-quality Colombian leather and has an RFID-protected pocket to keep its information safe. The briefcase also has a detachable shoulder strap and an exterior zippered pocket. They can easily store their laptop, charger, and other essentials in this briefcase. This is a great gift for the professional intellectual who needs a functional and stylish briefcase

24. Graphics Drawing Tablet

Sometimes intellectual people want to draw, which comes in handy for many different things. This tablet will allow them to do just that! This is a stunning gift for the intellectual who loves to draw or write. The wireless graphics drawing tablet is a flawless way for them to be creative. The tablet has a pressure-sensitive pen that allows them to draw or write with precision. It also comes with free software so they can get started right away. This is a great gift for intellectuals who love to be creative and want to express themselves in a new way.

25. Magnetic Eyeglass Holder Pin

This is an ideal gift for the intellectual who loves to read and wants to keep their glasses close by. The eyeglass holder is a unique and stylish way to keep your glasses safe and close by. The holder is made of high-quality metal and has a strong magnet that can hold up to two pairs of glasses. It's also lightweight and portable, so you can take it wherever you go. It will help them keep their glasses close by and add a touch of style to their look.

26. Memory Activity Book

Brain exercises help to keep the mind sharp and improve memory. This book is a cool gift for the intellectual who wants to improve their memory and keep their mind sharp. The book includes over 100 brain exercises that will help improve memory, concentration, and focus. It also comes with a bonus section on diet and lifestyle tips to help improve brain health. You'll discover six essential thinking abilities, how they're used in everyday life and strategies for more effectively utilizing each one.

27. Pocket Blanket

Sometimes intellectuals want a space to hide away and read their book or do some people watching. This gift is perfect for them! The pocket blanket is perfect for picnics, beach days, concerts, festivals, and travel. It's water-resistant and puncture-resistant, so you can rest assured that your blanket will stay dry and protected. It's also ultra-lightweight and compact, so you can easily take it wherever you go. This is a functional gift for the intellectual who loves to read and explore new places.

28. Armchair Caddy

What intellectual need? Do they want a place to keep all of their things while relaxing? This armchair caddy is the perfect solution! It has pockets for holding TV remotes, books, magazines, glasses, etc. It also has a built-in cup holder so you can keep your drink close by. The caddy is made of high-quality materials and is machine-washable for easy care. It's a functional and stylish gift for the intellectual in your life.

29. Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

Help them to relax with this unique gift! The Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set is perfect for relieving back pain, neck pain, and tension headaches. The mat has over 2000 acupressure points that stimulate circulation and promote relaxation. It also comes with a pillow that can target specific areas of the body. After lots of brain exercise, this mat will help your intellectual friend relax and rejuvenate.In addition it increase blood and oxygen flow throughout the body.

30. Portable Charger

A tech-savvy needs to keep charging gadgets at any time. This portable charger will keep their devices charged when they're on the go. It's compatible with iPhone and Android devices, so they can use it to charge their phone, tablet, or other mobile devices. The charger has two USB ports so that it can charge multiple devices at the same time. It's a handy and practical gift for the intellectual who loves their gadgets. They never want to disconnect!

31. Humidifier

This small appliance is impeccable for those with colds, allergies, or sinus problems. This humidifier produces a warm, soothing mist that helps to relieve congestion and soothe coughs. It also adds moisture to the air to help prevent dry skin and promote good sleep. The humidifier has a one-gallon tank and can run for 12 hours. It's a great gift for the intellectual who is always looking for new ways to improve their health and well-being.


Rose Parker

Intellectuals are like common people, but they think differently. They are good at analyzing and understanding things deeply. Their interests range from books to gadgets and everything in between. With this list of 31 unique gifts for intellectuals, you're sure to find the perfect present for the smart person in your life!

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