31 Best Gifts For Law Students

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Interested in buying presents for your friend who is a law student?? You've come to the right place! In this article, We have curated a list of 31 favorite gifts any law student would love.

Whether they're just starting their first year in law school or graduating from a prestigious program, there is something here that will make them smile. We hope you enjoy these ideas and find one that suits your needs perfectly!

1. Reading Textbook Stand 

A book stand may sound like a boring gift, but it's helpful. When a student goes to law school, there will be days when the last thing they want to do is sit at their tiny little desk trying to read through volumes of material. The Ergonomics book holder could be the best gift for law students. Using this stand makes reading much more comfortable and enjoyable for anyone who wants to study in bed couch sitting. 

2. Leather Brief Case

This could be a really useful gift for law students. It has lots of pockets and space to carry a laptop, which is essential if they want to take it with them wherever they go. Plus, the inside lining is made from black pebble grain leather that matches any attire or style--perfect for walking into court.

A leather briefcase is a great way to show your appreciation because this will always have their name on it! Plus, if they are going in front of a judge and there's not enough time to grab their laptop, all they need to do is throw it inside before heading out.

3. Personalized Wooden Lawyer Sign

This personalized wooden lawyer sign is a great graduation gift for law students. It's made of wood from recycled and sustainable sources, features your favorite person's name in gold lettering with black font, and includes an American-made brass hanger. The sign can be ordered in three sizes—a perfect gift to hang on their office wall or dorm.

4. Inflatable Seat Cushion

This inflatable seat cushion is an excellent gift for graduating law students who spend hours sitting in the library. The cushion can also be used outdoors as an extra chair or bench when it's not being used on a daily commute. With a design that matches body shape, this product reduces the risk of injury to skin and joints. It comes with a machine washable, durable, and easy-to-clean cover.

5. Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Law students always need to stay focused and alert, so this office essential is a great way to keep them on task. Aromatherapy essential oil diffuser is a little device that will help to improve concentration by releasing the scent of their favorite essential oils into the air around them. It's beneficial for law students who may have trouble focusing due to stress. This might be a good gift for law students.

6. Walnut Wood Keepsake Box

Another helpful office essential, a wooden keepsake box, is great for storing important documents. This particular one features an engraving that reads "lawyer." It can make the best gift for law school students moving into their first apartment or want to have something nice on display in their new home. They can store things like their law school diploma, or other important documents, inside of it.

7. Personalized Gift Pen Set

No law student's desk is complete without a couple of high-quality pens. A quality pen can write smoothly and last a long time. These pens are engraved with the law student's name, which is both handy for identification purposes and provides a beautiful touch to their desk decor.

This pen set would be excellent as gifts for first-year law students from parents or grandparents who want their children/grandchildren to have something nice that they will never forget.

8. Cooling Fan Laptop Tray Table

This laptop tray table is a perfect birthday gift for law students. It doubles as a cooling fan to keep the computer from overheating and provides plenty of space for eating, working, or reading while sitting at their desk. The adjustable height and sturdy arm make it easy to find the perfect position for their body and monitor.

This is an excellent item that law students can use while studying or working on challenging cases. It provides a perfect way to keep cool, even in warmer months. The table also has blue LEDs, which give some light as they study at night!

9. Insulated Lunch Box

A lunch box is a must-have for every law student. This one has three separate compartments and will keep everything cold while they are on the go! It's also easy to wash and assemble, so it doesn't take up too much time in their already tight schedule. The best part? They don't need to buy unhealthy food on the go because they can pack their lunch! It is indeed a good gift for law school students that will help them eat healthy food and focus on their studies.

10. Lawyer Scales of Justice Cufflinks

The holiday season is the time of giving. Cufflinks are a must-have accessory, and these have the scales of justice on them! Every law student deserves to feel like a lawyer, and these cufflinks help them achieve that. With the scales of justice on one side and an engraved weight scale on the other, they will always be reminded how important it is to keep their integrity balanced. It might not sound too appealing at first, but it might be the best Christmas gift for law students.

11. Funny Lawyer T-Shirt

If you made your law school friend laugh loudly, you must think about a funny gift for law students. This beautiful T-shirt has funny wording that says, Of course, I have no life, I am studying for the bar exams". The T-shirt is made with high-quality fabric, and you can choose from a variety of different colors.

The humorous T-shirts are perfect for law school students who sometimes laugh at themselves, especially during the bar preparation phase.

12. Engraved Personalized Travel Mug

This engraved travel mug is a perfect gift for pre-law students law students. The coffee mug can be personalized with a student name or own text or design, such as "Future Lawyer" or "Law Student" The travel mug is made from high-quality stainless steel and has a lid. The gift will also remind pre-law students of how far they have come and how much they will experience in the future.

13. Law Necklace for Graduating Law Students

Graduation is a time of grand celebration. As students celebrate their accomplishments, they also start to think about life after graduation. This necklace will remind graduating law students that the future holds even more opportunities for them, and it's full of endless possibilities! This beautiful necklace is an ideal gift for graduating law students.

14. Funny Lawyer Trump Coffee Mug 

Funny Lawyer Trump Coffee Mug is the perfect gift for law students and coffee lovers alike! They are sure to love it because of its bold and funny design, but, more importantly, they'll appreciate how high quality this mug is - ceramic make ensures everything from your morning cup of joe stays hot.

The mug has funny wording on it, which is excellent for those who are pleased with the former president as he becomes more law-abiding. This coffee mug should be given as a gag gift to law students or political junkies.

15. Personalized Engraved Wooden Lawyer Sign

If you are looking for graduation gifts for law school students, a personalized wooden lawyer sign is an excellent idea. The wooden sign makes for the perfect decoration in any law student's home or office. You can customize personalized wooden Lawyer Sign to suit your intended recipient - you may choose from one of twelve different colors and nine fonts, each with its unique design. It also includes three lines of text on it.

16. GPS Item Locator

A GPS item locator is a wonderful gift for law school students, things remembered. This device can be attached to their keys, computer bag, or briefcase and help them find these items at a loss of time. The device has an app that needs to be downloaded on the smartphone before it's used. The device will beep if it's out of range.

17. Bluetooth Headphones

A Bluetooth headphone can be an excellent gift for incoming law school students because they are always on the go. These headphones help them tune out their surroundings and focus more on what they're doing at that moment. JVC Earbuds have a feature to Auto connects to their smartphones or tablets without the need for cable connections - Can be used while running outside and on trips abroad - The sound quality is outstanding when listening through these devices.

18. Amazon.com Print at Home Gift Card

Your law school friend is so picky about gifts; then you can give them Amazon Print at Home Gift Card. It is a great option to print out the gift card by themselves and make it their own personalized present. They can opt for what they want to buy on Amazon and enjoy lots of benefits when shopping with this card like free one-day delivery, Prime Video access, Kindle books, etc. This must be a gag gift for law students on amazon.

19. Personalized Laser Engraved Round Wall Clock

A unique gift for graduating law students is a personalized laser engraved round wall clock. This will make it more personal and meaningful to the person who receives it as a gift. It can be etched with their name, initials, or even something that has meaning to them on its face. The clock's face is made from metal, and the frame is made of wood, making it something special to keep for years to come or give as an engagement present to commemorate their milestone.

20. Fitbit Health and Fitness Smart Watch

The upcoming holiday season is a time for giving thoughtful gifts and you are looking for a holiday gift for a law school friend who is lazy enough. The Fitbit health and fitness smartwatch would make a holiday gift for a law student in your life. It will offer them incredible health benefits, too!

It can track their steps, heart rate, sleep patterns, how many calories they have burned throughout the day or week (depending on which plan they choose), and more. They can sync it with their phone, so they can see notifications from text messages.

21. Whiskey Barrel Dispenser 

Celebration season is coming up, and making it more enjoyable; you need a drink, and what better way to make drinks than with the Whiskey Barrel Dispenser.

What is it?

Your lawyer friend used it for easy dispensing of any hard liquor, wine, or beer at parties. It has a barrel-shaped body made from solid wood that looks like whiskey barrel staves. It must be a good Christmas gift for law students.

22. Scented Candle

A Scented Candle is a perfect addition to any home. It can turn your living room into a spa or make it smell like you're on vacation in an exotic country. You can opt for it as a gift for new law students because of many reasons. They help students clear their mind for study time, or take some much-needed quiet in the house with them when they need it most!

23. Under Desk Elliptical Machine

Law students need to sit for long hours in office chairs, and often they suffer from back pain. They can avoid it by using an under-desk elliptical machine while they work, which combines exercise with the daily grind of a busy day at the office - it's basically like having their gym in the corner of their cubicle! You can choose this cool gift for law students and help them stay healthy.

24. Men's Necktie or Lawyer

Law students always need to dress up for work and study, so they are often exhausted. A men's necktie is a great gift because it can be worn with any outfit and will make them feel like someone special when they wear it! The Gavel print men's neckties are a great gift for students starting law school, and most likely, they used it often. 

25. Statue Of Justice Theme Personalized Office Desk Card Pen Holder

A personalized office desk organizer is a great birthday gift for law school students. The Statue of Justice theme personalized office desk card and pen holder is perfect and can be engraved with their name, graduation year, or even the word "lawyer." It also comes in several different colors, so it provides options as well! This would make an excellent addition to any desk, and it will remind them of the one thing they love.

26. Academic Planner

This gift idea will not break your bank, but it is still the best gift for starting law students and consider a thoughtful present. The planner will be perfect for any law student who has to juggle school and work because they have class, then go straight into their job. The Academic Planner has everything from detailed monthly and weekly calendars, sections for notes, inspirational quotes that can be copied down in the blank pages at the end of each month. The cheap but useful gifts for law students under thirty dollars must amaze you.

27. Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner 

Scanmarker Air pen scanner is a practical gift for law students. It is a pen with a scanner in it, which makes scanning documents easier and more convenient. This pen can read 3000 characters per minute and translate or summarize them. It can translate text into forty languages and comes with an app that can store documents. Your lawyer friend can read and summarize all their cases with this pen.

28. Paper Shredder with Bag

The Fellowes Powershred is an effective way to protect law student's information from identity theft or hacking by using a paper shredder in their office space. as new students, you'll be given a lot of sensitive information by your school professors and other people. It's essential to keep this kind of data private so that it doesn't get into criminal hands, which could change into identity theft or hackers breaking in. In this case, a power shredder is a wonderful gift for year 1 law students.

29. Laptop Backpack

Future law students will need a laptop to carry their assignments, notes, and other school-related work. A laptop backpack is an excellent choice because it offers all the protection required for carrying this expensive piece of equipment to class or meeting. Wearing a laptop on one side can strain muscles in the back and neck over time, so why not buy a present to help them. A laptop bag is a must-have best gift for future law students.

30. LED Desk Lamp

A desk lamp is another best gift for law students during exam week to help students stay focused and productive during late-night studying sessions or early morning finals cramming. The LED desk lamp brightens up their work area with the touch of a button. It comes with a USB port too so that they can charge their phone.

31. Lawyer Themed Socks

Lawyers need to dress up every day for court and class! These socks are a great way to show some school spirit and stand out in the courtroom. This beautiful gift for graduating law students make them laugh because these socks have an attorney theme and look professional for the courtroom.

These socks show off their commitment to justice, upholding the law, and practicing law with these fun lawyer-style striped crew or knee.


Rose Parker

I want to help you find the perfect gift for your child, classmate, co-worker, or loved one who is graduating law school and becoming an attorney! I hope you enjoyed these 31 gifts with plenty of different options. Now you don't have an excuse not to find the perfect gift.