29 Best Gifts For Mountain Bikers

Best Gifts for Mountain Bikers

Mountain biking is a sport for the brave. Whether you’re biking through rocky terrain, over fallen logs, or up steep hills, mountain bikers need to be prepared for anything and everything. If you know someone who loves mountain biking and they don’t have a list of supplies yet, this article will give you 29 different gift ideas that are perfect for the avid mountain biker in your life!

1. First Aid Kit

The first thing on the list is a first aid kit. Mountain bikers are often far from civilization, and accidents can happen quickly without warning. Being prepared with a good kit will help minimize any injuries that might not be life-threatening but still require medical attention. As we all know, safety comes first, so this compact and lightweight first aid kit must go in 10 gifts for mountain bikers. It would also be a helpful camping gift.

2. Multi-Tool Set

The multitool set is another must-have for outdoor or hunting adventures. This kit includes a knife, wrench, screwdriver, can opener and many more tools that will come in handy when you're stranded with your bike at the top of a mountain without any cell service to call for help! This cool gift for mountain bikers is lightweight and can be easily carried in a backpack or saddlebag. Plus, it has a universal chain tool to help you out when your bike chain breaks.

3. Mountain Bike Dress Socks

Mountain bike dress socks are a must-have for any mountain biker who wants to keep their feet warm and stylish. These cotton, nylon and spandex blend dress socks come in blue color. They're also machine washable, which makes them easy to clean after use. These dress socks are a great way to show off your love for mountain biking while still being professional. You can gift it to someone who loves mountain biking.

4. Heart Rate Monitor

A heart rate monitor is an essential tool for any mountain bikers who want to know their fitness level. They can wear it on the chest, and the device displays heart rate. This one comes with a lithium-ion battery, and it's affordable. This heart monitor is a great way to track heart rate while bikers participating in their favorite activity, mountain biking. It's lightweight and it comes with two chest straps that are adjustable for maximum comfort.

5. Waist Bag pack

No matter what type of mountain biking you're doing, a waist bag pack is perfect for storing snacks and gear. This one has five compartments that can hold essentials so the biker can decide how much they want to carry. It also comes with an adjustable belt which means it's going to be comfortable no matter the size of your body. This bag is made with strong polyester, so it's durable and easy to care for. This traveling bag pack comes in various colors and is perfect for riders of any age.

6. Front And Tail Light Set

Mountain bikers should have a set of lights on their bikes at all times. They can be strapped to the bike so that bikers can be visible during night times. These lights are waterproof so that rain won't cause any problems with them. This light set has bright LED lights for maximum visibility. It also comes with three rear blinking red LEDs that make the rider visible from 360 degrees when biking at night or early morning hours. This bicycle light set is durable and waterproof, so it's perfect for riding in all types of weather.

7. HydroBak Hydration Pack

The HydroBak Hydration Pack is a great gift for bikers. It includes its own reservoir and tube system so that the rider can stay hydrated while on the go. The pack also has plenty of storage space to store any other gear needed during their rides, like spare tubes or tools. This bundle also comes with an insulated jacket specially designed to hold the reservoir system in place. This best Christmas gift for mountain bikers must win their hearts.

8. Mini Bike Pump

Mountain bikers must keep this mini bike pump in their gears to save time. A bike pump help riders in an emergency. It's easy to carry as it compacts into the palm of your hand while not being too heavy. This mini pump has a smart valve design, which allows to inflate or deflate the tire quickly. This father's day gift for mountain bikers will never let you down. 

9. Digital Tire Pressure Gauge 

Like this one from AstroAI, a digital tire pressure gauge will help bikers stay safe on their rides by maintaining optimal levels of inflation in their tires to reduce rolling resistance and provide a smoother ride experience. It has an easy-to-read display with measurements in both pounds per square inch and kilopascals. This unique gift for mountain bikers because it has LCD display and a lighted nozzle for visibility.

10. Metal Phone Mount

A metal phone mount is an excellent gift for mountain bikers who love to share their adventures on social media. The rider can attach his metal phone mount to handlebars. This mount adjusts and secures the phone with full 360° rotation to any position that suits riders on their next bike ride! This fun gift for mountain bikers must please them because it is a unique way to share their adventures on social media.

11. Biking Gloves

Biking gloves provide bikers with great grip and comfort when their hands are on top of the handlebars. This gift for mountain bakers is perfect for keeping bikers in style while also keeping them safe from hand injuries! These full-finger biking gloves are made with breathable and lightweight material that provides a tight grip on the handlebars. This cool gift quickly absorbs the sweat produced in the long riding and provides an excellent grip. 

12. Cycling Jersey

A cycling jersey gift for mountain bikers is an excellent way to show your support for a biker. This Cycling jersey is made of breathable and lightweight material that provides excellent comfort so the mountain bike riders can stay cool while riding. This top-quality, durable material cycling jersey will last season after season without fading or shrinking in size. This product comes in various colors to suit every rider’s style.

13. Wheel Lights

These LED bike tire lights are ideal for mountain bikers. These lights attach to your tire’s spokes and are visible from the side of the bike. The LED light color is patriotic. This is a perfect Christmas gift for mountain bikers who love bike riding during the night or holidays such as Halloween or Christmas. The LED lights can be seen far away, making it safer to ride at night without worrying about being hit by a car. Lightweight design and easy installation make these wheel lights great for long road rides and off-road.

14. GoPro Accessories

Does your mountain biker love to shot videos or pictures of their rides? If so, then they will love these GoPro accessories. The GoPro Accessories Kit includes the perfect accessories to capture all of those incredible mountain biking moments. The kit includes a head strap, a suction cup mount with an adjustable arm that attaches easily to any surface, including helmets or bike handlebars, Chest Harness that is adjustable to fit most body types. This kit must come in top 10 gifts for mountain bikers.

15. Road ID Bracelet

Your loved one will never miss a beat when they are wearing this Road ID bracelet. The Id bracelet is a necessary safety precaution for any mountain biker who spends time on treacherous trails in the woods. Personalized ID Bracelets are a popular gift choice for mountain bikers or diabetic patients. This means that if something happens to your mountain biker, medical staff at the hospital can find out all of their contact information and medical information from his or her arm.

16. Sports Headphones

Sports headphones are a good idea for the mountain biker who wants to listen to music or podcasts while they ride. The Hussar Magicbuds Bluetooth Earbuds deliver a clear, amplified signal of biker's favorite music without any background noise. They come with remote control and microphone, so your loved one can answer phone calls during their bike rides as well. The earpieces are designed to stay put no matter how hard the mountain biker is riding.

17. Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Polarized sports sunglasses are perfect for mountain bikers who love to ride on sunny days. The RIVBOS goggles protect against glare and wind while providing a comfortable fit with their soft nose pad. With unbreakable frame material, these sunglasses are built to last. It also offers 100% UV protection for your biker's eyesight while they ride the trails in style. These shades will make their lives much more enjoyable when they're out on the trail riding through forests or mountains on sunny days.

18. U-Lock

Mountain bikers often need to lock their bike up when they're not using it. The U-Lock is a great choice because of its high security and versatility. It's also lightweight, which means the biker won't feel weighed down while riding on difficult terrain during long excursions into nature. This U lock comes with two keys so bikers can always have a spare one in case the first is lost. Now your mountain biker will be able to lock up their bike with confidence.

19. Fitbit Charge 

Mountain bikers often love to push themselves, so they should track their progress and measure the intensity of their workouts. The Fitbit Charge is one way of doing this. It's a great gift because it gives bikers detailed data about how far they rode or ran, what time of day it was when the activity occurred, and much more. This top gift for mountain bikers helps them to track their progress so they can push themselves even harder.

20. Bike Helmet

The fitting bike helmet is one of the essential pieces of gear that bikers will ever need. It can protect them from severe injuries in a crash or fall, as well as keep their heads safe when they're riding downhills. The Schwinn Thrasher Helmet is made from durable plastic, which can be an excellent choice for mountain bikers who need something solid but lightweight to protect them on their adventures. This cycling helmet also has adjustable straps on either side of the head and a dial in the back that allows riders to customize their fit.

21. MBUK magazine subscription

You can find all information about bike route, tips, skill, and more in this magazine. It is available in digital and print version online and from selected newsagents across the UK. This gift for mountain bikers UK offers expert advice on all things bike riding related! Driven by cyclists for cyclists, Britain's best-selling mountain biking magazine is made to inform, excite and entertain. You can subscribe to this magazine for a whole year at a very reasonable price!

22. Cycling Shoes

Cycling shoes are the most important part of your cycling kit as they give you a better connection with the bike and help to improve performance. A good pair of cycling shoes will be made from synthetic leather for support, have vents in them for cooling and should fit like a second skin so that there is no excess material around the foot. This product from Giro is a very affordable pair of cycling shoes for all skill-level riders.

23. Bike Chain Cufflinks

Bike Chain Cufflinks are a fun way to show off your love for cycling, and they make great gifts. These cufflinks are made from high-quality material and have been treated for a shiny, durable finish. They will work with any suit and are the perfect accessory to make your outfit stand out from the crowd at weddings, proms or other formal occasions. These artfully crafted cufflinks come in a ready to gift box.

24. Bicycle-Themed Tie

A Bicycle-themed tie is a fantastic gift for any man who loves mountain biking. This classy tie has an image of bicycles on it and is made from high-quality fabric. This tie is made with care, and it will show the recipient that you put some thought into their gift. It also comes in a classic blue color, so that all men can wear this beautiful accessory. This men's tie is a perfect addition to any man's wardrobe.

25. Metal Biker Wall Art

This artwork has the silhouette of a man riding his bike, with mountains in the background. The sun shines brightly over this image, and it will look great in any room or hallway. This piece is created from lightweight-gauge steel and available in different sizes so you can find the perfect size to suit your space. This gift item is ideal for people who love to ride their bikes because it would be like having them on display all day.

26. Bike GPS

Some people might not know about the many benefits of bike GPS, but it is a great gift for any biker. Many cyclists are often looking to find new routes that they haven't taken before, and this device helps make sure they don't get lost or go in circles too much. This GPS from Garmin enables a rider to track speed, elevation, distance and time. It also uploads smartphone notifications, sends or receive calls, weather updates and social media sharing to make sure you don't miss anything. Any Harley Davidson owner will also love to use this GPS.

27. Bike Hitch Racks

For the biker that has to use their car for long distances, this bike hitch rack is a great gift. It can hold up to four bikes and includes locks for security while driving or parking your vehicle. Mountain bikers looking to take their bikes on vacation are going to love this gift. This hitch rack can install in less than five minutes. They can install it with their jeep or RV. Now your mountain biker can discover many faraway trails. 

28. Pizza Cutter

This pizza cutter is in shape of a bicycle that has been designed with an indexed finger position and can cut through any soft or hard crust pizzas while being easy on hands from all of those hours riding bikes. The blade will never become dull, so there's no need to replace it. It also comes with a sheath that will help prevent scratches on your kitchen counter. Your mountain biker friend can enjoy pizza night in with this park tool pizza cutter.

29. Bicycle Cleaning Brush Tool

As a bike rider, it is essential to know how to clean your bike. This kit includes everything you need for basic maintenance and cleaning of the chain, derailleurs, cassette cogsets, spokes and all other parts that would get caught in debris if not cleaned regularly. The ergonomic handle ensures easy handling without damaging the brush head, while the protective cap keeps bristles safe when stored. This is a perfect addition to any bike rider's tool kit for quick and easy cleaning on the go. 


Rose Parker

Mountain bikers are brave and adventurous souls, and we love them for it. You can't just buy a jersey or shoes and call it done to appreciate their hobby and spirit. The above list of 29 best gifts for mountain bikers is full of ideas to help you get them what they want without breaking the bank. These best gifts for mountain bikers are sure to please any outdoor enthusiast!

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