29 Gifts For People in Wheelchairs

gifts for people in wheelchairs 

Wheelchairs are an important part of daily life for many people. They can't get around without them, and they often need other modifications to make their lives easier. Many wheelchair users also use mobility devices like crutches, walkers, or canes in addition to the chair. You must know what gifts will be appropriate for your loved one who uses a wheelchair or has difficulty walking. This gift list is full of ideas for presents that will help make their day!

1. Universal Mounted LED Light

This LED light helps your loved ones be safer when they need to get around at night. Using this for their wheelchair will keep them from falling in the dark! The flexible 360-degree rotation and simple mountings make this light easy to position where you need it most. This light is easy to put on and take off, so you can easily move it from one wheelchair to another. The long-lasting LED bulbs will last for a year or more before needing replacement too! This gift for wheelchair users is a great way to keep them safe!

2. Stand Assist Aid

Standing and transferring to beds or other seats is difficult for wheelchair users and people who have trouble walking. This seat is the perfect gift for wheelchair users because it helps them get up easily! It's lightweight and doesn't put pressure on their muscles or bones. This seat support allows your loved ones to easily get in and out of their wheelchair without having to use other people around them every time they need something! This stand assist cushion will make life easier for your loved ones who are disabled but still want independence.

3. Mini Exercise Bike

If your loved one has difficulty using their legs or arms, this pedal exerciser is the perfect gift for them! This small exercise bike allows wheelchair users to get easy leg and arm exercise throughout the day. The digital monitor displays time spent pedaling, speed, distance covered, and calories burned during every session! It's more than just an exercise machine; Your friend will enjoy spending time with you while getting healthy at home with their new mini-workout equipment set up right next to their chair!

4. Adjustable Bamboo Table

This sturdy laptop table is an impeccable gift for disabled adults who have difficulty using their arms or hands. It has an ergonomic handle, which makes it easy to use from any position in the wheelchair! The bamboo tabletop swivels back and forth so that you can find the perfect angle, no matter how much pressure will be on it when they're working with technology. Even if someone doesn't need this as a computer tray right now, it could make a good bedside table down the road too! 

5. Echo Dot

Your disabled loved one will be able to control the lights in their house with this color-changing Bluetooth light bulb. This speaker can connect wirelessly, or through a headphone jack, so your friend won't have any trouble using it! They'll love having new music and news at their fingertips without needing you around all of the time for entertainment purposes. This gift is ideal because they can listen to books on tape (or text) if reading isn't an option anymore! Having Alexa as a personal assistant means that everything from turning off the lights when they leave home to setting timers while cooking dinner is an easy task, even if someone has limited mobility.

6. Patient Transfer Sling

This lifting sling is a practical gift for wheelchair users. It can help them feel more secure when moving between chairs, beds, and toilets! If your loved one spends a lot of time in bed due to their disability, this lifting belt will make things easier on you both. This sling features a unique cross-over strap and non-slip inner pad that keep the sling in the same position, preventing riding up. Different handles attach depending on how tall you are compared to your friend, so no matter what size caregiver you need assistance from during nighttime bathroom runs, this aid sling will work perfectly every time!

7. World Coffee Samples

Do you love coffee? This gourmet coffee sample set is a stable option for anyone who loves drinking the beverage. Your friend will enjoy this gourmet coffee while thinking of your thoughtful present anytime they're craving caffeine! The world coffee tour sample comes with 16 pieces total. The box also has an airtight seal that helps preserve freshness once it's been opened. If someone doesn't drink as much joe but still wants to try out new varieties, this variety pack makes a fantastic stocking stuffer too!

8. Wheelchair Arm Rest 

This wheelchair armrest cushion is an outstanding present wheelchair user. It is great if they need to take frequent breaks during the day! This lateral support cushion comes with high-density foam that provides extra comfort and stability. The cushion cover is made of soft and durable latex-free vinyl that is both waterproof and flame retardant. This practical gift for wheelchair-bound women and men has been designed to fit the natural shape of an arm.

9. Universal Mobile Phone Stand

This cell phone stand is a helpful gift for those who use wheelchairs. It allows them to see their screen more easily and interact with apps, so it's essential to read anything on the internet or watch videos! This stand can be mounted onto any wheelchair armrests that contain bars and tubes without causing damage due to its sturdy construction made from ABS plastic. The back of this holder also has silicone padding that prevents scratching smartphones while keeping them securely in place at all times!

10. Rechargeable Hand Warmers 

This gift for wheelchair users is a great idea if you want to keep your loved one warm. This USB recharge hand warmer provides heat that lasts up to 13-18 hours, so they can use it whenever and wherever they need extra warmth! It also has an LCD digital display screen with a blue LED backlight that allows them to monitor the battery level at all times. The charger includes two bright red indicator lights when charging, but once both of these are lit up, this means there's no more power left in the device. Made of high-tech Aluminum and ABS plastic, this device is strong and durable. This heating hand warmer can be used for a long time without the risk of overheating or short-circuit. It would also be  a practical gift for snowboarders.

11. 360 Degree Rotary Nail Trimmer

This nail clipper is a helpful gift for those with disabilities. It can be used by people who have arthritis or hand pain, as well as amputees and the elderly! The stainless steel sharp blade means they won't need to worry about struggling with dull blades anymore. This clipper's Swivel Action will prevent you from having to twist while trimming your nails, allowing you to reach a comfortable position. With 360 degrees rotation, this device can be used on both hands and feet without any problem.

12. Bright Light Therapy Lamp

People with wheelchairs often fight depression and sadness, so you should consider buying a bright light therapy lamp for your loved one! This Lamp provides energy, which helps people suffering from the winter blues or diseases! This mood therapy light can help you raise your spirits, improve your sleep, recover from jet lag, or increase your low energy levels. This gift for paralyzed men would help them to fight anxiety, stress and fatigue!

13. Fitness Tracker Band

This present for disabled people is an excellent solution if you want to monitor the health of your loved one! The fitness band can help them with their physical activity, blood pressure and heart rate. You will know how safe it is even during an emergency - all measurements are transferred wirelessly through Bluetooth technology so that they won't need any cables anymore. Plus, this fitness tracker offers 15-day battery life before needing a recharge again! Any person would be lucky to get such a useful watch at Christmas or on another special day. 

14. Compression Leg Massager

This leg massager for disabled people is a great way to relax and relieve pain in their legs or feet! The powerful vibration will stimulate blood flow through your body, soothe soreness and numbness. This device will be perfect if you want to help them with restless leg syndrome. You can use it while watching TV or reading - all you need is 15 minutes every day! If the person doesn't like using this machine at home, they could also forget about going out for medical treatment.

15. Suction Shower Grab Bar 

Taking a shower is an activity that many people with disabilities find difficult. After all, they need to use particular tools for it not to be dangerous! This shower grab bar is worth considering since its slip-resistant suction cups will provide your loved one with safety and stability while showering or bathing. The bar is easy to install and dual locking system makes it more secure, so your loved one will be safe even if they have balance issues.

16. Audible Subscription 

Who wouldn't like to get an audiobook subscription? It is a great way to encourage your loved one with disabilities since it will help them read comprehension or relaxation! You can choose between many different genres - whether they want crime stories or romance novels. Moreover, there are also special discounts on the yearly plans if you buy three years at once. Audible subscriptions provide wheelchair users with a chance to listen to books that they have always wanted!

17. Copper Compression Arthritis Gloves 

These arthritis gloves are a great solution if you want to provide your loved one with sensory support while typing or doing carpal tunnel exercises! These gloves have 85% copper content which is the highest on the market, so it will help them feel relief. These compression gloves also reduce inflammation and promote lymphatic drainage in hands - they can be used by every wheelchair user who wants to stay active without pain! This gift for disabled seniors is also very comfortable - the gloves are breathable and stretchy, so they don't restrict movement.

18. Smartphone for Seniors

Wheelchair users love to stay connected! If your loved one has trouble using a smartphone because of their disability, help them upgrade to this phone. It is designed especially for senior citizens and it comes with a simplified interface that doesn't require too many steps to be used. This device also provides seniors with emergency dialers that connect directly to police, fire, or ambulance services. It also features trackers that allow you to find the location of your family members easily.

19. Wheelchair Blanket

Everyone loves to cuddle with a warm blanket during the colder seasons! This wheelchair fleece wrap is cozy. This blanket is everything your loved one needs - it comes with a fleece pouch that can be used for storing things or keeping hands warm. The material has moisture-wicking technology so the wheelchair user will remain dry and comfortable during their summer naps, travels, camping trips, etc. Moreover, this travel accessory is lightweight so that you won't have any problems carrying it around in an emergency.

20. Sleep Aid Device  

Do you have a loved one who struggles with insomnia? This gift idea for adults with special needs will help them relax and fall asleep faster. The device is a natural way of helping your loved ones take control over their sleepless nights! This gadget emits blue LED light that helps calm the brain, slows down heart rate and breathing - giving them only 60 minutes of relaxation before bedtime! This gift for disabled people will also improve their sleep quality by increasing REM phase so they can get more out of their rest time while feeling refreshed in the morning again.

21. Extra Wide Bootie Slippers

Help your disabled mom stay comfortable every day! These slippers are designed for people who suffer from health conditions such as diabetes, swollen feet and ankles. The soft plush material retains warmth and reduces stress, while the VELCRO adjustable strap allows you to customize your comfort. This gift idea also features memory foam insoles which will provide them comfortable all day long! 

22. Smart Medical ID with Detailed Online Profile 

This smart medical ID for seniors with disabilities is a great way to keep your family updated. These tags come with an online profile that you can access from anywhere. They include essential information about the wheelchair user - their friends, medications they take, allergies, blood type, and more! It also features a personalized mini tag with a phone number where people can be easily reached. This gift idea will help save lives of those who suffer from seizures or other health conditions when it's hard to communicate during emergencies.

23. Massagers for Neck and Back

Help your wheelchair-bound loved one relax and relieve pain! This gift idea for people in wheelchairs comes with a heat setting that will help them feel relaxed. The massagers have high-quality, durable material that provides kneading relief to the neck, back and shoulders. Great for those who suffer from persistent aches and pains due to their health conditions. These gifts are perfect if you want something practical yet affordable as they won't break the bank either!

24. Wheelchair Armrest

This gift idea for people in wheelchairs is an excellent organizer and storage option. It will allow your loved ones to keep their essentials close! The bag features a zip closure that will protect the wheelchair user's belongings from spills or accidents and two mesh pockets on each side of the pouch. With a convenient and durable basket, the wheelchair user will easily access their water bottle, phone, or any other accessories. This gift idea is suitable for those with limited mobility.

25. Ring Video Doorbell

This gift idea will allow your loved ones to see and talk with their visitors from anywhere. This smart doorbell is a high-tech assistant that connects to Wi-Fi, allowing the wheelchair user to answer the phone using the ring's speaker or even turn on two-way audio when needed! It also has night vision which works excellent in dark conditions and comes with an adjustable chime volume (up to 100 decibels). This present for wheelchair users will give them a sense of freedom and independence. 

26. Lumbar Support Pillow

Sitting for long hours in a wheelchair is not an easy task. Lucky for those who suffer from chronic pain, this gift idea is a perfect option! Its unique design will provide the back and neck support the wheelchair user needs to feel relaxed. The product is made from memory foam which won't flatten over time. It also comes with a strap that wraps around your chair's backrest, providing extra cushioning and stability during long hours of sitting!

27. Language Translator Device

This gift idea for wheelchairs is an excellent personal assistant that will help them communicate better with others. It has 82 language translations and allows wheelchair users to speak directly into it, leaving their hands free! What's even more impressive is that this device can be easily operated using only one button, making life much easier for those who have limited use of their arms or fingers. This present for wheelchair users will provide freedom by allowing them to chat without relying on another person! It features a built-in two years data plan so they can go any travel anywhere! It would also be a nice gift for language learners.

28. 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter 

This gift idea for people in wheelchairs is an excellent choice if you want to give your loved one something that will improve their life. It comes with a heavy-duty steel frame which ensures its durability and stability, while the battery has enough power to go up to 18 miles per hour! Its three wheels provide stable movement on different terrains, making it perfect even in outdoor conditions. The mobility scooter is easy-to-use - all the buttons are labeled, so no prior knowledge is required (even if someone has limited use of fingers). This present for wheelchair users will allow them to move around without any help and explore new places or visit friends more accessible than ever before!

29. Sock Aid Tool

This gift idea for wheelchair users is a perfect choice if you want to help your loved ones dress. It's made from durable materials, so it will last in time and support the user while dressing up or taking their socks off! Simply place the sock on top of the slider kit and insert your foot. This aid also assists those with limited use of their hands since it can be easily operated. This present for wheelchair users will make your life much easier by allowing them to dress, even if they have a disability that limits the movement of certain parts of their body!


Rose Parker

People in wheelchairs have a hard time with everyday tasks. You can encourage them to live a more active life by giving them presents to help with daily activities. That's why we curated a list of 29 gifts for wheelchair users, so your loved ones who are wheelchair users can live a more independent life. The above gifts can help them stay independent and enjoy their lives!

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