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Gifts For People Who Love To Read

Gifts for people who love to read

Book reading is a relaxing and wonderful hobby to increase your knowledge on a variety of topics or simply to escape from reality for a few hours. In this fast-paced world, bookworms can read books in different physical, audio, and digital formats. A true book lover only needs a great book and a cup of coffee to be happy, so finding the perfect gift for them can be a daunting task. If you are looking for gifts for people who love books, look no further! These unique and thoughtful gifts are sure to please any reader of all kinds.

1. Metal Feather Bookmark 

Bookmarks are a practical and thoughtful gift that every bookworm will appreciate. This vintage metal bookmark is an adorable accessory for any reader who wants to keep their spot in the pages of their favorite paperback or hardbound books. It has a pendant with two butterflies on it which adds to its beauty and makes it look one-of-a-kind! Every time they use this cute bookmark, readers will be reminded how much you care about them and all the beautiful memories shared while reading together!

2. Book Worm Ring

This cute ring makes for an adorable gift idea because they're so unique in design and practical since people will always need them when reading books at home. This ring is made of Stainless Steel. It has a beautiful design with inspiring words on it that will stay with your loved one for years to come. These rings can be adjusted according to the wearer's finger size and features text "book worm" on them.

3. Personal Library Kit 

A library kit is another cool thing to get for someone who loves reading. It's a kit that includes everything they need to start their library at home, which is an awesome idea. This gift set comes with checkout cards, date stamps, ink pad and bookplates. The card catalog checkout cards are perfect for keeping track of borrowed books and help to keep the library organized. It also has a fun design reminiscent of the olden days when libraries started! This is a great gift idea for book lovers of all ages. 

4. Kindle

What a great gift to someone who loves reading! It's a small, lightweight device that lets you read books on the go. You can download any book and start reading it right away! The device itself is slim, lightweight and durable, so it's easy to take with you on vacation or during long trips. It has a high-resolution display that provides crisp text, making the words pop out in sharp contrast against the white background, making them easy to read! This present is for book lovers who love to read on the go!

5. Audible Subscription

This is a perfect gift for the reader who loves to listen to audiobooks! Audible is an online service that provides over 180,000 audiobooks and spoken word content. It's a great way to keep up with your reading goals even when you're busy! The subscription also allows members to receive one new book per month, always having something new to listen to. An audible subscription would be a great gift for a person who loves books and reading! It would also be a wonderful gift for older people.

6. Canvas Tote Bag 

This tote bag is a book accessories gift for book lovers because it features a charming design with many books. This tote bag is made of heavyweight canvas and has interior pockets for organization. This bag will make your loved ones look stylish while carrying their favorite reads with them wherever they go! This reusable tote bag features a classic look that will never go out of style, making this gift idea timeless! This versatile tote can be used as a book bag or even carried around during travel adventures.

7. Comfy Socks

This gift idea is perfect for book lovers, teachers, or students that love reading. They are a great way to brighten up someone's day. The socks have fun designs with cute text on them, "so many books, so little time." These cotton-blend socks feature a stack of books on them. These socks are made of soft, breathable materials, which means they're comfortable to wear all day. The socks' soles are designed with an anti-slip technology, which provides a sense of security when wearing them in wet or dry conditions. This gift idea is perfect for book lovers who enjoy reading and having fun!

8. Bamboo Bathtub Tray With Reading Tray

This bamboo bath tray is a gift for the reader who loves to relax with a good book in the bathtub! The tray has an extending design that can fit most tubs. It also includes a reading rack, tablet holder, and cellphone tray. This makes it easy to keep all of your essentials within reach while you're taking a relaxing bath! Plus, the wine glass holder lets you enjoy a refreshing drink while you soak in the tub. This caddy is made of durable bamboo material and is easy to clean.

9. Bookend Supports

A metal bookend helps to keep the book collection fresh and organized! These metal supports come in a set of seven pairs so that they can be used throughout one's entire library. This product comes with stainless steel screws that make it easy to attach them wherever you need support. Readers won't have to worry about leaning over anymore, thanks to these sturdy book holders. Organizing has never been easier thanks to these sleek black supports. This gadget for book readers is perfect for any bookshelf in your home.

10. Tree Bookshelf with Drawer

This bookshelf is a great gift idea for people who love books and have extensive collections of books. It has eight shelves designed to hold all kinds of reading material. The bookshelf also includes two drawers, which can store smaller items or accessories related to the home library collection. This rack is strong enough to hold up thick hardcover novels and it helps keep everything organized in one place! Plus, this product's neutral color allows it to fit into any decor easily, so there's no need for concern about how well it will look with your existing furniture setup.

11. Book Page Holder 

This bookmark is the best reading accessories for people who love to read! The wooden design is handmade and includes a natural walnut finish. It's also small enough to fit in any pocket, making it easy to take on the go. This bookmark is designed with a thumb hole, making it easy to keep your place while reading. This book page holder can also be used as a paperweight or desk ornament. It's the perfect gift for any reader who wants something unique and special.

12. "Just One More Chapter" Throw Pillow Case

This pillow cover is a creative gift for book lovers who love reading and relaxing. It's designed with soft cotton material that feels good on the skin while also remaining durable enough to last through years of use. This pillow features text," just one chapter."This cover comes in 18 x 18 inches and has an envelope-style closure. The throw pillow can be used as decoration or to give your favorite seat a little extra comfort when you're having a long day at home!

13. Bookshelf Scarf

A book-printed scarf is a perfect gift for book lovers women who love to read and stay warm! It's made with soft chiffon material, making it comfortable on the skin and easy to wear throughout the winter seasons. This book print scarf is sure to give a graceful look to any outfit. It's also large enough to be worn as a shawl or looped around the neck multiple times.This gift for book nerds is stylish, elegant, and practical. 

14. Desk Lamp 

A LED desk lamp provides a soft and focused light perfect for reading. This creative design lamp features a book-shaped lamp that provides light like a book. The lamp also includes an adjustable brightness level, perfect for reading in any environment. Plus, it has a USB charging port so you can keep your devices powered up while you're working or relaxing. This lamp is ideal for use as a bedside table light or a wall light fixture.

15. Book Journal

This book journal is an excellent gift for people who love to read! It includes 80 pages that are designed specifically for logging your reading progress. The cover features a colorful design with a rainbow and flowers. This journal makes it easy to keep track of what you've read when you read it and how much you liked it. It's also great to take notes about the book or write down your thoughts after finishing a novel.

16. Funny Coffee Mug Set 

A true book lover just needs books and a hot cup of coffee. This funny coffee mug features a stack of books and funny text, "yes, I really do need these books "on it. This ceramic coffee mug can hold 11 ounces of coffee and is microwave safe. This set also comes with a keychain engraved with the words" one more chapter" to remind you of your love for reading. This mug is the perfect gift for any book lover and makes a great addition to any bookworm's home.

17. "It’s a Good Day to Read a Book" T-Shirt 

This soft and comfortable t-shirt is perfect for any book lover! It's made with 100% cotton material and a relaxed fit. The shirt features text that says, "It's a good day to read a book." This shirt is sure to show your love of reading and make you feel comfortable all day long. Plus, it comes in multiple colors, so you can choose the perfect one for you. This best present for avid readers is great for casual settings, attending book clubs, or just spending time at home reading.

18. Library Book Scented Candle

This library book scented candle brings you to a library where you can feel the smell of old books. This soy wax candle is handmade in the USA and contains 100% organic materials, making it environmentally friendly. The candle also includes an all-natural cotton wick that makes the flame consistent without creating smoke or soot. This glass container can be reused after you're finished with the candle as a vase filled with flowers or other decorative items in your home.

19. Book Lover Keychain

This key chain features a book charm and cute text that describes bookworm's personality very well. This bibliophile keychain gift is made with stainless steel. The keychain measures about two inches in length and is engraved with text that says, "If I can't take my book, I'm not going." This makes it the perfect gift for any reader who loves to bring their books everywhere they go. It also comes in a beautiful black box, making it the perfect present for any special occasion.

20. 100 Books Scratch off Poster  

This beautiful and creative scratch off poster is a great way to keep track of the books you've read. The poster includes 100 different titles of classic novels that are sure to please any reader. The poster measures 24x16 inches, making it easy to frame and hang in your home. It also comes with a scratcher so you can easily scratch off each title as you finish reading the book. This makes it a perfect gift for any book lover who wants to keep track of their reading progress.

21. Willow Tree Love of Learning Ornament

This beautiful Willow Tree Love of Learning ornament is a beautiful gift for any  book lover. The spiritual sculpture is hand-painted and made with resin, making it a high-quality and durable piece. This artwork has the phrase "Open books, open minds" written on the hangtag. It measures about four inches in height and shows a woman reading a book. This ornament celebrates the love of learning and makes a great addition to any home.

22. Engraved Tea Spoon 

Some people enjoy tea instead of coffee while reading books. This teaspoon is perfect for the book lover in your life who also enjoys a nice cup of tea. The spoon has "Drink Tea Read Books" written on it, making it the perfect gift for any reader. It's also made of stainless steel and is dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean. This makes it a great addition to any kitchen and is perfect for any tea lover. This high-quality engraved teaspoon would be an unusual gift for a bookworm.

23. Magnetic Poetry Kit

This magnetic poetry kit helps book readers write on the fridge while cooking. This can also be a way to write down ideas for books or just about anything. This magnetic poetry kit includes 200 pieces that are all about books. The pieces are made of high-quality magnets and measure about two inches in size. The set includes wooden word tiles that can be rearranged to form beautiful sentences, letters and quotes from books. This makes it easy to create personalized messages or poems about your favorite characters or stories. 

24. LED Neck Reading Light

This LED neck reading light is perfect for any book lover who likes to read in bed. The light has three colors that can be switched between and six brightness levels, making it easy to find the perfect light setting for any situation. The arms of the light are bendable, making it easy to adjust the light to the perfect position. It's also rechargeable, making it an excellent choice for long-term use. This would make a great gift for anyone who loves to read in bed but doesn't like having to deal with tangled cords. It would also be a helpful gift for knitters.

25. Adjustable Tablet Holder 

This adjustable gooseneck tablet holder is perfect for any book lover who loves to read on Kindle or e-reader devices. The holder has a flexible neck that makes adjusting to the perfect position. It's also made of durable materials and can hold tablets or phones up to eight inches in size. The clip mount can attach to desks up to one and three-quarters inches thick, making it compatible with most surfaces. It has an adjustable arm that makes it easy to find the perfect viewing angle and includes a 360-degree swivel head. This is a great phone holder and tablet mount for book lovers who want to read on their Kindle but don't like holding it. It would also be a practical gift for amputees.

26. Gift Cards - As a Bookmark

This Amazon gift card is perfect for any book lover who loves to shop. The cards can be used on millions of items sold by Amazon and make an excellent present for anyone who enjoys reading books or just about anything else available at the online store. Book lovers everywhere will love this bookmark that features beautiful colors with gold accents, making it easy to find when using multiple books. The card can be used on Kindle e-readers, paper books and more.

27. Solid Wood Book Shaped Coasters

These solid wood book-shaped coasters are perfect for any bookworm who loves to read and drink coffee or tea. The set of four coasters comes in a beautiful wooden box that makes it easy to store and keep together. The coasters feature funny drinking puns on each one, making them a fun addition to any collection. They are made of natural hardwood and measure about three inches wide by three and a half inches high. You can customize the coasters by adding your favorite drinking puns to each one. This gift idea for book readers provides unlimited happiness and joy.

28. Personalized Library Book Embosser Stamp 

This personalized embosser stamp is perfect for any bookworm who loves to read and keep their books organized. The custom-made library seal can be used on paper or cards, making them great gifts. They are sturdy and easy to use with a wooden handle that makes them comfortable to hold while you're using them. You can customize the embosser with any name or initials you want. This is a great gift idea for book readers who love to read and need help keeping track of books they have in their library.

29. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

People who love to read online or on their Kindle will love these blue light-blocking glasses that protect your eyes from the harmful effects of artificial lighting and computer screens. These blue light-blocking glasses are perfect for any bookworm who spends a lot of time reading on their computer or gaming. The lenses help to block out 35% of the blue light that can cause eye fatigue and other problems over time. They also feature a wraparound design that helps to protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation. 

30. Story Book Pendants Necklace Set

This set of two stainless steel necklaces is an ideal gift for couples who love to read. The His and Hers necklaces feature matching book pendants with writable pages that can be used to write down your favorite quotes or memories together. The necklaces are made of high-quality stainless steel and measure about 18 inches long. They come in a beautiful gift box that makes them the perfect present for any occasion. You can also customize the necklaces by writing your names or initials on the writable pages. This Christmas gift idea for book lovers is the perfect way to show your loved ones how much you care.

31. Temperature Control Smart Mug

A hot cup of coffee doubles the joy of reading a new book. This Ember temperature control mug is a great gift for any coffee lover who wants to enjoy their coffee at the perfect temperature. The mug has a built-in battery that lasts up to one hour and can be charged using a USB cable. It also features an app-controlled heating system that keeps your coffee at the perfect temperature all day long. You can control the temperature using your smartphone and create a schedule for the mug to turn on at certain times.

32. Bibliophile Ceramic Vase

This beautiful ceramic vase looks great on a reading table for any book lover who loves to collect rare and interesting books. The vase is illustrated by Jane Mount, an artist specializing in drawing old and rare books. The colorful artwork on the vase features different titles from classic literature and features a variety of intricate details. The vase is made of high-quality ceramic, making it durable and easy to clean. It also comes with a decorative box that makes it the perfect present for any occasion.

33. Nostalgic Novels Jigsaw Puzzle 

A jigsaw puzzle featuring famous nostalgic novels is an excellent way to recall your favorite books you've read. This 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle is done in the USA. The puzzle features cover art from 50 iconic novels published in America between 1860-1960. The jigsaw comes in a vintage-style box and features illustrations from classic novels. Each piece measures about two inches by two inches, making it easy to put together without straining your eyes or fingers too much!

34. Novel teabags

A great novel always leaves you wanting more, and this set of 25 Novel Teas bags is the perfect way to get your fix. The tea bags are individually tagged with literary quotes from the world over, made with the finest English Breakfast tea. The quotes are printed on high-quality paper, making them a great addition to any book lover's collection. You can also choose to purchase a matching mug for an extra special touch. This gift for an avid reader is sure to please any book lover on your list!

35. Funny Book Reading Pinback Buttons/Pins (2.25 inches) Set of 4

These funny book reading pins are the perfect addition to any outfit and make a great gift for any avid reader. This set includes four different buttons, all with unique messages about being an avid reader. The pinbacks feature colorful designs printed on high-quality metal, making them durable and easy to add or remove from your favorite outfits without damaging fabric in the process! A must-have accessory for every dedicated literary fan out there!


Rose Parker

Reading books is a great way to escape the world and explore new worlds, or learn about things you may never have known before. Whether it's a novel, non-fiction book, magazine, or even an e-reader like Kindle or Audible, books provide endless hours of entertainment and knowledge. If you're looking for the perfect gift for someone who loves reading books of all kinds, then check out this list of the best gifts for book lovers!

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