31 Gifts For Plane Enthusiasts

gifts for plane enthusiasts

Plane enthusiasts are always looking up at the sky with a dreamy expression, eager to spot the latest Boeing 737 or Airbus A380 as it comes into land. They love nothing more than spending hours poring over flight manuals and aviation magazines, and they can tell you the difference between a Pratt & Whitney engine and a Rolls-Royce one instantly. Some might say they're a little bit obsessed. But that's just because they don't understand. To a plane enthusiast, there's nothing more fascinating than the science of flight. You can appreciate their passion with these 31 gifts for plane enthusiasts.

1. Vintage Airplane Model Kit 

Plane enthusiasts love to collect plastic models of their favorite aircraft. The North American P51-D Mustang plastic model kit is a great gift for those who want to start their collection or add to it. With 147 pieces, it's a challenging but rewarding build that will look great on display. This highly detailed plastic model kit comes with everything they need to assemble a replica of the P51-D Mustang, one of the most iconic aircraft of World War II.

2. Garmin Watch

Help them to live their best adventure with this rugged outdoor watch. The specially designed watch is an impeccable gift for plane enthusiasts who love to explore. It features GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo satellite systems so that they can track their location anywhere in the world. A built-in heart rate monitor and compass are everything they need to stay on course and find their way back home. Any plane enthusiasts will love to wear this watch on their next adventure. It would also be a wonderful gift for duck hunters.

3. Pilot Logbook

Any plane enthusiasts will love this beautifully bound pilot logbook. It's an essential reference book for every aviator. It meets all of the requirements set forth by the FAA and has plenty of room to record flight information, aircraft information, and personal notes. The best part is that it's spiral-bound to lay flat on any surface, making it easy to use in the cockpit. Plane enthusiasts can take this logbook on every flight and fill it with memories to last a lifetime.

4. Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane Kit

The smartphone-controlled paper Airplane Kit lets them turn any paper airplane into a remote-controlled flying machine. It's easy to fly with the autopilot and gyro stabilizer, and they can even add their mods with the DIY modular kit. They can have hours of fun flying their paper airplanes with this fabulous kit. It comes with everything they need to get started, including a detailed instruction manual. It can fly up to 230 feet and has a flight time of ten minutes. Also a good gift for electrical engineers.

5. Flight Jacket 

This flight jacket is the ideal gift for plane enthusiasts who want to show their love of aviation. It's made from 100% nylon and is lined with polyester for comfort and warmth. The jacket has four pockets and a pencil pocket on the sleeve to keep all of its essentials close at hand. It comes with patches, including an American flag and an Air Force patch. They can wear this jacket with pride on their next flight adventure.

6. GoPro Action Camera 

 The GoPro action camera is perfect for capturing all of their flight adventures. This camera can capture incredible video and photos with its 23MP sensor. It's waterproof and rugged, so it can handle any adventure they take it on. They can even Livestream their flights in 1080p resolution. With this fantastic action camera, they can share their adventures with the world. 

7. Pilot Aviation Headset 

Let them enjoy the gift of silence with this premium pilot aviation headset. It features active noise reduction (ANR) to reduce engine noise and other ambient noise by 85%. It also has a comfortable, padded headband and ear cups. The headset also has an MP input so they can listen to their favorite music or audiobooks during their flight. With this premium headset, they can enjoy a peaceful and relaxing flight. Plane enthusiasts will love this gift.

8. V-8 Engine Plastic Model Kit

Help plane enthusiasts to understand how a V-12 engine works with this fantastic plastic model kit. It includes over 130 pieces and is 12 inches long when assembled. It features a working crankshaft, connecting rods, and pistons. The model also has a carburetor, fuel pump, alternator, and water pump. It also comes with a display stand so they can show it off to their friends. With this detailed model, they can learn how a V-12 engine works and see all of its intricate parts. It would be a practical gift for mechanical engineers.

9. Flight Instruments Coasters

Help plane enthusiasts to show off their love of aviation with this fantastic coaster set. It includes four coasters, each with a different flight instrument design. The coasters are made from cork and have a non-slip backing. They're also heat resistant so that they can use them for hot or cold drinks. They are hand-printed with non-toxic ink and are safe to use. With this coaster set, they can show their love of aviation while protecting their furniture.

10. Airplane Paper Weight

This beautiful paperweight is the ideal gift for plane enthusiasts. It's made from silver-plated metal and has a highly polished finish. The paperweight is in the shape of an airplane and has intricate details. With this stunning paperweight, they can add a touch of elegance to their desk. They can show their love of aviation while keeping their papers in place. It can also use to decorate their home or office or simply as a conversation piece.

11. 3-Blade Propeller Wall Decor

Here we have another great gift idea for aviation enthusiasts. This time it is a wall-hanging propeller decor. It is made of polished black and red metal and is 25 inches in height by 22 inches in length. It has a vintage style and would look great in any office or home. This vintage propeller wall decor features sturdy metal construction and a beautiful design. Easy and safe wall mounting gives this propeller wall decor a great look in any room.

12. Pilot's Pen

Let them think and write like a real pilot with this LED pen. It is a functional and stylish pen that comes with night-vision lenses. The lenses are made of high-strength optical glass and provide a clear view in low light conditions. The pen also has an LED light that can be used to read maps or documents in the dark. With Unique 4-Way Top Switch, they can choose between a ballpoint pen; a red LED light, a green LED light, and an off position. The pen is also equipped with a pocket clip for easy carrying. It would be a  useful gift for pen lovers.

13. Aircraft: The Definitive Visual History

Aviation enthusiasts would love to get their hands on this book. It is a comprehensive and visual history of aircraft. The book covers more than 100 years of aviation history and features over 700 photographs. It chronicles the development of aircraft from the Wright brothers to the modern day. This fascinating and well-researched book will entice and educate aviation enthusiasts or history buffs of all types and ages.

14. Personalized Hanger Sign

Airplane lovers must want to personalize their own space to show their love and passion for their hangar. This sign can be custom-made with their name, Hangar number, and, best of all, their airplane silhouette. It will make a great addition to any home, garage, or office and makes the perfect gift for Christmas, Father's Day, or any special occasion. They can mount this sign at their home entrance to show their love of aviation and makes a unique and personal gift.

15. Pint Pack

Taking their hobby to a whole new level with this pint glasses set. This gift set includes four 16-ounce pint glasses and four cork-backed coasters. The perfect addition to any home bar or office, the set features aviation-themed clusters in a clear design. Each glass features a different cluster, including an airplane, a helicopter, a glider, and a biplane. The coasters feature the same aviation-themed clusters in a cork design. The set makes a stunning gift for any aviation enthusiast or anyone who loves to entertain.

16. World War II Aircraft Puzzle 

Puzzle making is a great way to spend time with family and friends, and this puzzle is the perfect gift for aviation enthusiasts. This 500-piece puzzle features a collage of World War II aircraft. The vibrant and detailed image includes bombers, fighters, and transport planes. The finished puzzle measures 18" x 24" and makes an excellent gift for anyone who loves puzzles or aviation history. The puzzle is made with recycled materials and is a fun and eco-friendly way to spend time indoors.

17. Cessna White Mug 

Funny text coffee mug makes them laugh in his lungs. The white mug features a black and white image of a Cessna airplane with the text "I want to buy an airplane but my wife Cess-nah." The mug is microwave and dishwasher safe and is available in 11oz and 15oz sizes. Whenever they watch a movie about an airplane and drink coffee in this mug, they think of you and will smile.

18. Binoculars 

Help aviation enthusiasts to see things they have never seen before with these powerful binoculars. With a 20x to 100x magnification and 70mm objective lens, these binoculars provide clear and bright images for long-range viewing. The tripod adaptor allows for steady viewing, even at high magnifications. The binoculars also come with a carrying case and neck strap for easy transport. This is a great gift for anyone who loves to watch airplanes or just wants to see the world differently.

19. Aircraft Cufflinks 

Add some aviation flair to any outfit with these stylish cufflinks. Made with aircraft-grade aluminum, these cufflinks feature a plane design. Perfect for business attire or a night out on the town, these cufflinks make an impeccable gift for any aviation enthusiast or flight attendant. They can show their love of flying while still looking sharp. The set comes in a presentation gift box and includes a polishing cloth to keep the cufflinks looking their best.

20. Aircraft Lapel Pin 

Appreciate their hobby with this beautiful and well-crafted airplane pin. Made with silver-plated brass, this pin is in the shape of an airplane. It's a stunning gift for any aviation enthusiast or anyone who loves to travel by plane. The pin is also a great way to show support for the aviation industry. Plane lovers use this pin to show their support and love of flying. They use this pin on any outfit, lanyard, or bag to add a touch of aviation flair. 

21. Desktop Plane Model

This desktop airplane model makes a gorgeous gift for any aviation enthusiast or anyone who loves to collect model airplanes. The model is made of die-cast metal and plastic and features realistic details such as working landing gear, moving wings, and detailed graphics. It comes with a display stand and makes a great addition to any desk or office space. You can use this model to show your support for the aviation industry or your love of flying.

22. Sunglasses

You will never go wrong with a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses as a gift. These sunglasses feature a metal frame and 100% UV protection. They help protect your eyes from the sun's harmful rays and keep you looking cool at the same aviation enthusiasts can enjoy the style and comfort of these sunglasses while watching planes take off and land. The sleek design is perfect for any outfit and can be worn on any occasion. Also a useful gift for geologists.

23. Tactical Pen 

This tactical pen is specially designed for aviation enthusiasts. It is made of aircraft aluminium and features a screw-cap design. The pen is also refillable and comes with a black ink cartridge. An ergonomic grip helps prevent hand fatigue during extended writing sessions. The pen also includes a pocket clip for easy carrying. Plane enthusiasts can note their flight hours or jot down ideas for their next project with this pen.

24. History of Aviation Poster

A plane lover must have enough aviation knowledge, and they want to show it off to their friend. The history of aviation poster is a great way to learn about the history of aviation and stylishly display your knowledge. The poster features over 70 different aircraft from throughout history. It makes an excellent gift for any aviation enthusiast or anyone who loves to learn about the history of flight. They can mount it on their wall and enjoy looking at it every day.

25. Airplane Bottle Opener 

Finding the best gift for an aviation enthusiast can be tough, but this airplane bottle opener is sure to please. The opener is made of stainless steel and features a realistic airplane design. It makes a great addition to any home bar or kitchen. They can use it to open their favorite beer or soda and enjoy their drink while thinking of flying. The bottle opener comes in a gift box, making it the perfect present for any occasion.

26. RC Flight Simulator Software 

This is the best gift for an RC plane enthusiast. This software is a radio control flight simulator that uses realistic physics to provide the best flying experience possible. It includes over 200 different aircraft and allows you to fly in any environment, from your backyard to famous locations worldwide. The Spektrum Interlink-DX controller gives you the feeling of flying a real plane. The software is compatible with Windows and Mac computers. Plane enthusiasts can use this simulator to practice their flying skills or just have fun flying around.

27. Tactical Flight Bag 

Support your loved one who is passionate about aviation with a stylish and functional gift. This tactical flight bag is perfect for carrying all of their gear. It is made of high-quality materials and features a military-style design. It includes a padded shoulder strap for comfort and two external pockets for storage. The bag is big enough to fit a helmet, goggles, and other flight gear. It also has a loop on the back that can be used to attach it to a suitcase or other bag. Spoil your favorite aviator with this practical and stylish gift.

28. Airplane Bookcase

If your little one also loves planes, this is a beautiful gift. This bookcase is made of wood and features a blue airplane design. It has three shelves to store books, toys, or other items. The propeller on the front spins when touched. The bookcase is easy to assemble and makes a great addition to any child's room. Your child can enjoy looking at their favorite books while pretending to fly a plane.

29. Airplane Ornament

This is a beautiful and unique gift for an aviation enthusiast. The ornament is made of 24k gold plated metal and features a propeller airplane design. It is adorned with crystals that add sparkle and elegance. You can place it on a table, shelf, or mantel. It is sure to be a conversation starter and will make a great addition to any room. Its eye-catching design is sure to please anyone who loves airplanes.

30. Vintage Planes Wall Decals

Let them decorate their room, office, or any space with these wall decals. These decals are easy to apply and remove. They are also repositionable and won't leave a residue on walls. The set includes 22 different vintage plane designs. The decals can be arranged in any way you like. Any plane enthusiasts will love to have these in their space. They make a great addition to any room and are sure to please.

31. Jet Plane LED Illusion Lamp 

A 3D illusion lamp is a stunning gift for any aviation enthusiast. This lamp is shaped like a jet plane and has seven different colors. It can be used as a night light or desk lamp. The touch control makes it easy to change the color. The aircraft warplane model is also an excellent decoration for any room. The light can be turned on with a touch sensor. It comes with a USB cable and can be charged with any USB port. Any plane lover will love to keep this lamp at their bedside table.


Rose Parker

Plane enthusiasts are the ones who get up early on a Sunday morning to watch the planes take off and land. They know all the different aircraft types, and they can tell you everything about their flight patterns. They're the ones who always have their nose in an aviation magazine, and they're the ones who always seem to be talking about planes. Plane enthusiasts are a fascinating group of people, and they're sure to have many stories to tell.

Here, we've compiled a list of 31 gifts for plane enthusiasts. These aviation-themed gifts will please any aviator or airplane lover in your life.

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