32 Gifts For Quinceañera

Gifts for Quincener

Quinceañera is a Mexican tradition that celebrates the girl's 15th birthday, but is widely celebrated in other Latin American countries as well. This celebration is often referred to as Día de la Quinceañera in Spanish or Festa da Quinzenal in Portuguese. In this article, I will be sharing some great gifts for quinceañera and help make your shopping easier!

1. Customized Pillow

A personalized pillow is a good gift for quinceañera. You can customize your own by uploading the girl's picture and writing her name on it. This would be a good decoration in their room, or to take with them wherever they go post-quinceañera celebration! Traditionally, gifts are offered during this time so as not to break tradition. However, if you're struggling with what good gifts for quinceañera might be check out this gift. 

2. Pampering Kit

A good gift for quinceañera is a pampering kit. This might be difficult to find in stores, but there are some good options on Amazon that you can purchase! One of my favorite kits comes from Evelyn Iona and includes the following: Coconut Foot Cream with Brazil Nut Oil, Lavender Hand & Cuticle Treatment Gel, Shea Butter Body Lotion, Lemongrass Bath Salts with Epsom Salt Crystals (lavender shown), Customized Rose Petal Soap Mold Melts. It would also be a great way to make bonding with your teenage daughter.

3. Jewelry Box

A great gift for quinceañera would be a jewelry box. This is a good way to hold all of her good jewelry and make it easy for her to find when she needs something specific! There are so many different options out there; one of my favorites comes from DEZZIE. This would also be a fantastic birthday present for any girl or woman.

4. Ceramic Tile Photo

A good idea for a quinceañera gift is to get them their own ceramic tile photo. This will be something that they can hang in their room or put on the mantel and it will look good anywhere! 

5. Cosmetic Bag

If the quinceañera is good at make-up and wants to start an amateur youtube channel or blog then this cosmetic bag would be perfect for them. It will hold all their favorite makeup items, brushes, palettes and more! This Makeup Bag have several compartments and makeup brushes slots, you can keep your makeup tools is neat and tidy. Special design adjustable compartments, you can adjust as needed.

6. Jumbo Makeup Brush Set

These are great because they come with 14 soft bristles that are made specifically for applying powder cosmetics like face powder, blush, bronzer and more. The bristles are dense enough to provide good coverage but not too stiff so they won't break or scratch the skin. They have a good mix of large brushes for applying powders as well as smaller ones for blending eye shadows and eyeliner plus detail work like filling in eyebrows. It would also be an excellent graduation gift for a cosmetologist.

7. Initial Necklace

Every good quinceañera deserves a good necklace. This is a simple yet elegant accessory that can be personalized with the person's initials or birthstone if they prefer. It will look good on any occasion and goes well with casual outfits as well as evening wear. For those looking for something more in-depth, there are many options to choose from such as an initial pendant on a delicate gold chain or a silver keychain engraved. It would also be a beautiful gift for any mom.

8. Custom iPhone Case

Customized phone cases are a good way to show off an individual's personality. They can be made into any design, including initials and favorite cartoon characters or flowers for the more girly girl out there. One of my personal favorites is these adorable cat prints that make it look like your iPhone has been wrapped in fur! One great gift for her. 

9. Personalized Album

If you're looking for more of a sentimental gift, this personalized album is the perfect gift for the fifteen-year-old. It's good for any occasion, but especially good if they have siblings or parents with young children who are not able to make it home for Christmas because of work or travel. It has customizable pages where pictures can be glued in and shared with everyone around them! 

10. Personalized Day Planner

One thing I've learned from working out there in Los Angeles is that people never sleep enough. Most people need an alarm set on some kind of device ranging from phones to watches just so their body wakes up before they hit 'snooze' for the fifth time. This is where a good day planner comes in handy! A personalized one with any type of background you like will really make them feel appreciated.

11. Personalized Candles

Candles are always a good idea because who doesn't love candles? These are customizable too so if someone knows that someone likes apples then they can add an apple-scented candle into the mix which is sure to make anyone's house smell amazing! Plus these would also be good gifts for home decorators as well since there are plenty of different colors available depending on the theme or mood.

12. Mermaid Makeup Brushes

No one wants to feel like they're using someone else's dirty makeup tools and adding bacteria into the mix. These brushes are good for travel or everyday use since there is a good range of both full sizes as well as smaller options depending on what you need. And who knows, maybe it will make them want to start doing their own makeup more often too!

13. Spa Kit 

The best part of this gift is that they can use it for themselves or share it with friends. The kit includes a good selection of lavender products, and the company even throws in some extra samples so you have a good idea of what's inside. This also makes a great gift if your recipient lives away from home during their college years since these are all items that don't need to be refrigerated! It would also be a relaxing gift for a busy mom.

14. Instant Camera

This one is a great gift in general, and for your photography buffs out there, you'll be happy to know that it can also take good-quality pictures. The camera itself is designed well and fits nicely into the palm of your hand for a good grip when holding it up in front of yourself. There are some great features on this one too like an LCD screen.

15. Keepsake Box

This is the perfect gift for when you want to give someone a good long-lasting memory. A keepsake box can hold photos, trinkets and treasures of all sorts, including chocolates. You could even fill it with things like ticket stubs from concerts or movies that they've seen while growing up, fun memorabilia like this would be great for an older child who's going off to college in just a few weeks! It would also be a great gift for parents who lost a child.

16. A Vanity

It's never too early to start thinking about things like good makeup brushes and a vanity. A good place for your child to do their work is just as important as the tools they use, so make sure you get them one that will last! There are tons of options there, but this particular set has all the basics covered: a chair like this can be used with children aged four years old on up. 

17. A Bracelet

This is a good one for tweens and teens since it has an easy-to-remember message. It's the Spanish translation of "I can", so she'll always be reminded that anything is possible with good friends by her side! Plus these bracelets are great because they're adjustable - you won't have to worry about them getting too small as your child grows up.

18. Rebecca Minkoff Wallet

Rebecca Minkoff has some of the most beautiful wallets, and they're also good quality. This one is perfect for carrying all your coins, cash, cards, ID's etc - you won't have to worry about running out of space with this wallet! It comes in a bunch of different colors but I think it looks best in brown leather. If you need something that will last forever then go for a good old-fashioned hardcover book. 

19. Mason Jar

This Mason Jar is the ultimate good gift for quinceañera!! It's a perfect way to store your favorite drinks and keep them cold. You can add some fresh fruit in there too - it would make an amazing breakfast treat. One of the most interesting gifts for her. 

20. A Book 

If you want to get your quinceañera a good old-fashioned hardcover book. The one that has no pictures in it, but instead just words and lines on the pages - then this is for her! This is perfect if she loves reading good novels or even articles from online magazines like Seventeen magazine. And did I mention it's super affordable? I think any girl would be happy with such an amazing gift. 

21. Kate Spade Watch

This Kate Spade Watch would be a great gift for any girl. Especially if she is a high-schooler and needs to be on time in her first few weeks of the school year (or even all year). This watch will make sure that she never has an excuse when it comes to being late ever again! The perfect gift for her. 

22. Quinceañera Jewelry

A quinceañera Jewelry is something that every girl wants! The perfect gift for any girl who is about to turn 15, and be officially a woman. This jewelry will make her feel good about herself at such an important moment in their life. I think this would also just make the person receiving it happy to know that someone cared enough to give them something so beautiful on their special day. 

23. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a good gift for quinceañera because they protect the eyes and look good too! It's always good to have something that can make you feel good on such an important day. Sunglasses do this in a way by making people smile with their bright colors or patterns, when all else may be dark around them. A great gift. 

24. Bath Bomb Making Kit

A Bath Bomb Making Kit is good for Quinceañera because it is good for relaxation. Bath bombs are a great way to make baths more enjoyable and relaxing, with colors and scents that will relax you even as they fill the water you're bathing in. The best part about bath bomb kits is how easy it can be to do this yourself!

25. Unicorn Mug

A mug is good for Quinceañera gifts because it is good to have a hot cup of tea or coffee at any time in the day and night. It can be used as an ornament with its pretty colors too. A Unicorns mug would make a good quinceañera gift, especially when you add some cute drinks such as a selection of teas or even whipped cream on top!  

26. Crossbody Bag

A good quinceañera gift is a crossbody bag because it can be used for school or work. It would also come in handy when going out with friends to the mall, movies etc and you don't want to carry a large purse around all day! One good-looking option is this Adidas Crossbody Bag which comes in two colors. 

27. Headphones

Who doesn't love good headphones? If you know someone who likes music and loves to rock out in their room, then this is the perfect gift for them. These Turtle Beach Stealth 400 Gaming Headset are great but they also come in black which would be good if your quinceañera has a more classic style or prefers other colors! Great gift!

28. Jewelry Organizer

You can never have enough jewelry so why not get some help with organizing it all? You can never be wrong with this one. This jewelry organizer that is made of velvet fabric and comes with 20 pockets, and 12 drawers is perfect for any girl who loves their accessories. I know my daughter always complains about her necklaces getting tangled up when she takes them off - now she's satisfied. 

29. A Ring

A ring is something that that a quinceañera will wear for the rest of her life. For this reason, it is good to get something that you know she'll love and cherish forever. I think these rings are perfect because they come in such beautiful designs and colors that any girl would drool over them! You can never go wrong with jewelry so why not get your daughter some gorgeous rings? 

30. Earrings

If I could give my quinceañera one piece of jewelry, it would be a pair of earrings. Women wear these all the time and they're good for every occasion! Make sure you get her something she'll love that will go with these owl-themed earrings from Betsey Johnson. Simply a great gift for her.

31. Leather Backpack

If you know her well enough, then she might want a good leather backpack. This one from Kate Spade is perfect for anyone who needs to carry around their laptop or tablet on the go and it's an ideal gift because they can use it again in college! This particular one is actually really great if you want your daughter to be fashionable as well. 

32. A Purse

This is a good gift for someone who just got their driver's license and wants to look grown-up. This one from Kate Spade has great reviews on Amazon, so you know that the person will like this purse! It also comes in lots of different colors too, if you don't want to go with black. Simply a great gift!


Rose Parker

If you had any doubts about what to get this quinceañera, then I hope this article helped you decide. These 32 excellent gifts for quinceañera are chosen with good consideration and good taste!