31 Best Gifts For Rock Climbers

Best Gifts For Rock Climbers

Climbing is an intense, physical sport that requires a ton of gear. Climbers need to be prepared for any situation - from taking on the toughest routes in Yosemite to conquering indoor walls at the gym. With all the different types of climbing gear out there, it can be hard to find gifts that really suit climbers and their lifestyles. But don't worry! We've got you covered with this list of 31 best gifts for rock climbers - ranging from stylish apparel and equipment essentials to fun accessories like belay glasses or chalk bags.

1. Climbing Shoes

The climbing shoes are designed to grip during long climbs and provide stability on difficult terrain. It's best to invest in a quality pair that will last for years, not months. These rock climbing shoes are great not only for beginner climbers but for those who have a lot of climbing experience too. Therefore, if you have a rock climber in your life, they surely need one pair of these. 

2. Climbskin Hand Repair Cream

This cream is made with natural ingredients and doesn't have any harmful side effects. It will help keep your hands in good condition, even during the cold winter months or while you're climbing outdoors. The best part about this cream is that it'll last a long time because only a small amount needs to be applied - so one tube should do for years!

3. Climbing Books

Rock Climbing Techniques is one book that every rock climber should read. It will help you overcome the difficulties of climbing and teach you how to become a better climber. This book is great for beginners because it covers basic techniques from belaying, tying knots, using carabiners, rappelling and more. You'll also learn about some important safety tips that will keep you safe while on the rock!

4. Climbing Harness

These are must-haves when it comes to buying gifts for climbers. A good harness will keep you safe and secure while climbing, so it's important that they're comfortable and well-fitting. Our team crushes on the Black Diamond Chaos Climbing Harness because of its versatility - this is a great option if someone in your life climbs with both an overhand or underhand grip!

5. Friction Labs Loose Chalk

These colorful chalk cubes have been climbing's a best-kept secret. Every climber knows that chalk is a must-have, but with so many options on the market, it can be hard to choose. Our favorites are FrictionLabs Loose Chalk because they're high quality and long-lasting. They come in three different colors - white, black, and blue - which makes for an interesting stocking stuffer!

6. Climbing Films

Safety Third is one of the best movies for rock climbers. The documentary follows three 20-something climbers as they try to fulfill their climbing dreams. It features interviews with well-known rock stars, including Alex Honnold and Adam Ondra. It's an interesting watch for anyone who loves the thrill of being up high or is just interested in seeing what it would be like to live your life pursuing a wacky dream!

7. ATX-XP Belay Device

As an experienced climber who uses a lot of gear, you may have used many different belay devices. ATX-XP Belay Device is light, durable, easy to use, has great features like multiple friction adjustments for lead belaying or top roping (though I can't imagine why you would want to). The only issue with this device is that it doesn't come with instructions on how to set up and adjust your own ropes so check out YouTube tutorials if this will be your first time using one!

8. Chalk Bag

Climbing holds a lot of risks. Being able to have the right gear and enough chalk can really help reduce that risk and increase your enjoyment! One important piece of climbing equipment is a chalk bag. You want one with an open-top because you'll need to keep it in arm's reach at all times while climbing so make sure it doesn't cover up any part of your clothing or skin from getting dusty.

9. Climbskin Double-sided Hand and Finger File

The climbskin double-sided hand and finger file would be a great gift for someone who is constantly climbing because they will need to maintain their finger and hand calluses. It's important that these are not too thick or rough, but instead, smooth so it doesn't tear up the skin on your hands while you're gripping the holds. This file has a fine side (for precision shaping) and a heavy-duty side (to be used when needed). 

10. Shoe Deodorizer and Disinfectant

This is for the person who has smelly climbing shoes. For best results -dry before wearing. The smell of sweat can be very unpleasant when it comes from your shoes and clothes after you've been rock climbing all day long. If you have someone in mind that's always complaining about their stinky gear then this will make an awesome birthday present! This deodorizer also disinfects so they'll get double duty out of one bottle! It would also be a great gift for skiers.

11. Petzl Quark Quickdraw

If there's someone special in your life with a serious passion for sport climbing then this quickdraw would make a perfect gift because it's strong enough to hold a fall. Petzl is a company that specializes in making climbing gear and this quickdraw is one of their best products! This one is perfect for that special person who loves to climb.  

12. Climbing Shoe Covers

These are great for anyone who's going to be starting rock climbing lessons soon or if they climb outside on cold days but still want to have the feel of being barefoot inside their shoes while wearing them. This will also keep your shoes clean so you can wear them more than once before washing, saving time and water (perfect for people with sensitive skin). 
It would also be a nice gift for runners who practice daily, even on snowy days.

13. Pro Key Nut Tool 

This tool has a key to help remove the nut on your carabiner, and also features both flathead and Phillips head screwdrivers. This is perfect for someone who wants one single item that can handle all of their climbing needs (instead of having multiple tools with different heads).

14. Nail Clippers 

This tool is something that is a must for climbers. A nail clipper is a small tool that can be used to trim nails. Climbers will use it more often than most people because of all the time they spend on their hands and feet (thus, increasing the chance for ingrown toenails). Therefore, this is the perfect gift for them.

15. Sterling Nylon Sling 

One of the best gifts you can give to a rock climber is a sterling nylon sling. This sling is a great gift for climbers because it can be used as both the climbing rope and belay device. This will eliminate any possibility of having to carry two separate items in order to climb and rappel down from different heights. 

16. Sublime Slimline Climbing Brush

The Sublime Slimline Climbing Brush is a great gift for any rock climber because it can be used to clean the chalk off of their hands as well as cracks and crevices in climbing walls. This brush has bristles that are shaped specifically to get into these tight spaces, so dirt will not collect on them like they would if you were using another type of brush with a rounder head.

17. Rock Slings

One item that is often overlooked when buying gifts for people who climb rocks are Rock slings; this gear should always be included when giving gifts to someone who climb rocks. Rock slings are long ropes that climbers use to assist in getting from one place on the rock face to another, and they come in a variety of lengths as well as colors.

18. A Backpack

A backpack is another great gift for climbers as they can use this to store all of their gear that is essential when climbing. Backpacks are made with a variety of compartments and pockets, which makes it easy for someone to find the item that they need quickly without having to dig through everything in their backpack. A perfect gift. A tomboy who is into rock climbing will appreciate this as well.

19. Portable Solar Charger

One final gift idea that I would recommend giving rock climbers is a portable solar charger; these devices work by being charged from the sun's rays and then using them to charge other items such as cell phones or tablet computers. The best gifts have practicality and style combined into one! This list has some awesome ideas if you're looking for the perfect present for your climber friends! It would also be a practical outdoor gift for anyone who loves to stay connected with others.

20. Water Bottle

Another gift idea for rock climbers is a water bottle. Climbers drink lots of fluids on the go, and sometimes they need to be able to carry their drinks with them without having to buy plastic bottles from cafes or stores every few minutes! The best gifts are ones that save you time but don't take up too much space. We recommend picking out one of these travel-sized water bottles.It would also be an excellent gift for a walker who needs to stay hydrated.

21. Knee Pads 

These are not really gifts, but they are still a great idea for rock climbers. Knee pads don't need to be expensive or fancy - just something that protects your knees from all the hard surfaces you'll walk across during a day of climbing! They're especially good if you do lots of bouldering and want some protection in case you fall off the wall. It would also prevent an injury during  skating.

22. Metolius Climbing Tape

Not only that is a great gift for rock climbers, but it also comes in handy during other outdoor adventures. It's 100% waterproof and tear-resistant so you can use it to quickly patch small tears or holes on gear without worrying about it coming loose and falling off - which would be pretty embarrassing when we're talking safety equipment! Tape measurers are inexpensive gifts that won't break the bank and make your friends happy. 

23. A Patagonia Pile Jacket 

Rock climbing isn't all fun and games, sometimes there will be cool days where dressing warmly is necessary if you want to enjoy the outside. It's not easy to find a good jacket that will keep you warm and doesn't make us look like we're wearing our dad's old coat, but the Patagonia Pile Jacket is just what we need!

24. Rock climbing Mug

Rock climbing is an activity that takes a lot of focus, so it's not always easy to be completely aware of what's happening outside while you're on the wall. The Rock climbing mug will remind your friends and family members every day how much you love rock climbing even if they can't see you for themselves! Simply one wonderful gift.

25. SteriPEN Freedom Water Purifier Bottle 

The SteriPEN Freedom water purifier bottle is a great gift for any rock climber who wants to keep hydrated without having to buy bottled water or carry bulky containers of water with them. It filters up to 750 gallons/800 liters and works in as little as four seconds, making it the perfect accessory for hikers or hunters too! 

26. Rock Climbing Yoga Pants

Rock climbing Yoga pants are a great gift for any rock climber who needs to stretch after climbing or wants to have the best gear on their next climb. These pants feature an elastic waistband and drawstring, as well as brushed cotton lining that is soft against your skin. They come in black, grey, blue, and green - perfect colors for both men and women! 

27. Adult Climbing Rock Wall Grips

This one is for the adults who enjoy a little rock climbing. To attach these grips to your wall, all you need is some heavy duty carpet tape or painter's tape and then peel off the backing on each grip and stick them onto your walls. You’ll be able to do pull-ups, dips, push-ups, underclings, overhangs – it depends what works best for you! 

28. Ucraft Pocket-Sized Climbing Fingerboard

The uncraft pocket-sized fingerboard comes in a compact, foldable design with an included carrying case. This fingerboard can be used anywhere and is great for travel or to pack into your climbing bag! It also has a variety of different sized holds so you don't get bored quickly. This is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys climbing on rocks. 

29. SPF Cream

The sun is the one enemy you can't fight while rock climbing. In order to protect your skin, it's imperative that you use SPF cream. The best thing about this gift idea? You don't have to worry about looking like a ghost when you're on the wall - because SPF cream will keep your face from getting burned and turning red!

30. A Lipbalm

This may look like a gift that is not that important, but the truth is that you'll be very happy to have it when you're on the wall! The best gifts for rock climbers include lip balms because they will keep your lips from getting chapped or dry. The best thing about this gift idea is that it doesn't matter what brand of outdoor gear and accessories you choose.

31. Adventure Essentials Survival Kit

This is a must-have-have for anyone who is looking to go hunting or camping. The kit includes a compass, flint and steel fire starter, matches (30), cigarette lighter, knife blade sharpener, multi-purpose shears, penknife with pliers and can opener in handle design. The adventure essentials survival kit also comes with a bandana that has been pre-cut into three sections so you always have clean cloths on hand as well as an emergency whistle.


Rose Parker

We hope we've provided you some insights into 31 best gifts for rock climbers. This list includes everything from climbing books to gear patches! Rock Climbing is an exciting pastime that can bring people closer together while challenging them mentally and physically at the same time - it's no wonder there are so many different gift ideas out there specifically tailored towards this awesome hobby! 

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