32 Gifts For Roofers

gifts for roofers 

Roofing is a challenging profession. A roofer needs to be on the job during inclement weather and in dangerous conditions. They need practical tools that help them stay productive while performing their duties. This is why it’s important for a worker to have the right equipment when working with flat roofs or steep ones.

Roofers are hardworking individuals who work with their hands and often put themselves in dangerous situations. The best way to show them that you care is by putting together a gift basket full of useful items for the professional roofer in your life! Here are 32 gifts that any roofer would be happy to receive from someone they love.

1. 3D Ring Safety Harness 

Safety comes first, and this harness will keep your roofer safe and comfortable. Most roofs are dangerous places, but a harness could save someone's life during an accident or fall. This safety equipment is also easy to put on, so it won't take up too much of their time before they can get back to work! This heavy-duty full-body harness exceeds ANSI/ASSE Z359.11-2014 standards.! It's made out of pure, non-recycled synthetic material. This safety harness has superior stitching and is resistant to aging, heat, and abrasion.

2. Phone Case Anchor

This is a fantastic gift for any roofer who relies on their phone to work. This phone case anchor can attach to the back of roofer's device, so they'll have it at all times without worrying about dropping or losing it! This product keeps your cell close by yet out of harm's way while working on a roof. This dock and tether are made of high-grade silicone, so it's durable and reliable for heavy use. This practical gift for roofers helps them to keep their phones safe and secure while working. It would also be an appropriate gift for a construction worker.

3. Professional Knee Pads

Comfort is key, and this pair of knee pads will keep your roofer comfortable even while they work for hours on a steep or dangerous surface. This foam-padded knee pad has high-quality construction and a modern design that keeps the user from experiencing discomfort. These protectors are designed to provide optimal support for knees, shins, hips and thighs. They are made of a strong, lightweight material that allows the person wearing them to move freely without getting too stiff or heavy. You'll love this pair of knee pads because they're sturdy yet soft! It would also be a practical gift for any skateboarder.

4. Magnetic Wristband

Searching for nails and screw takes time and effort, especially for roofers! This magnetic wristband helps them to simply wrap the baking around their wrists and pick up screws easily. The 15 powerful magnets on this bracelet are strong enough to hold even small tools like nails or drill bits so they won't slip out again. This handy product is great because it's easy to use and can save your roofer time and energy. They'll love this helpful tool because it's strong yet comfortable!

5. Heated Vest

Extreme weather can make roofers ill, but this heated vest will keep them warm and comfortable all day long! This stylish piece is made of high-quality material to allow the person wearing it to move freely without getting too stiff or heavy. The battery can be recharged using a USB cord. It's great because the user doesn't have to worry about carrying around extra batteries. This vest is attractive and functional! Roofers will love the warmth this heated jacket brings them all day long. It would be a great birthday gift for a man who works outdoors.

6. Roofer Sign

This roofer sign is a wonderful addition to any roofer's home, office, or professional space. This product showcases the image of a skilled worker, which will look good in an entryway, garage, man cave and more! The aluminum material of this sign is sturdy and durable enough to last for years of use. This product is great because the image won't fade or scratch off of its metal surface. This sign is attractive and functional! Roofers will love the way it looks in their home or office space.

7. Safety Toe Industrial Work Boot

Comfortable and durable work boots are essential for roofers, as they will be standing on roofs or ladders all day long! This pair of safety toe work boot is comfortable enough to wear all day. The mesh lining allows the person wearing them to breathe easily while working in warm weather conditions. These boots have a construction to keep the feet dry in wet conditions. They are great because they're breathable and waterproof! Roofers will love how comfortable these boots are. Great gift for a roofer dad.

8. Anti-Skid Ladder Stop Mat

Roofers often work on ladders, which can be very unsteady and unsafe! This ladder stop mat helps keep the roofer stable by providing a sturdy surface for them to step onto. The rubber material of this product is non-slip so it won't slide while being walked upon. This useful product is great because it's easy to use and can save your roofer time and energy. They'll love this helpful tool because it's strong yet comfortable!

9. Roof Framer's Bible: Book

Roof framing is a vital part of the construction process, and this book helps ensure that roofs are built correctly. This reference guide shows how to do each step to construct safe and sturdy roofs with confidence. It's great because it provides pictures of all steps of roofing! The author Barry D. Mussell explained: "The book is not a general reference text on roofing. It is designed to be used as both an instructional and professional guide for the experienced roofer, framing carpenter, or other construction workers who want to learn about residential and light commercial roofs."

10. Work Gloves 

A roofer will appreciate a new pair of work gloves because they'll protect their hands from the elements. This product helps them avoid blisters and calluses while protecting against cuts, scrapes, and abrasions. The flexible material gives users comfortable flexibility to grip objects without any slipping or sliding. They're great as they breathe well and keep your hands warm! Roofers will love these gloves because they're comfortable, functional and durable.

11. Business Portfolio

A business portfolio is a must for any roofer who's doing quotes. This efficient product has all of the features you would need to do accurate quoting. It helps keep your work organized by providing multiple pockets, storage compartments and document sleeves. The calculator makes it easy to sell your services quickly! Built-in flex light allows users to see their work clearly in dimly lit spaces. It's great for a minimalist man because it has a custom business card holder and padfolio!

12. Tool Bag & Poly Web Belt

This roofer tool bag is a great organizer for keeping all of your tools organized and secure. It can carry many different tools at once, including hammers, saws, nails, etc. Roofers will love the durability and strength of this heavy-duty belt as well as its comfortability! The pockets make it easy to store smaller items like screws or drill bits! This practical gift will help your roofer  boyfriend stay organized!

13. Epsom Salt 

This is an amazing gift for any roofer who wants to relax! Magnesium sulfate, or Epsom salt, helps relieve stress and muscle aches. The mineral provides the body with magnesium which can help reduce tiredness and exhaustion after a long workday. This salt is also great for relieving stress and aches after a long day of work! Your Roofer friend will love this gift because it helps their mind and body relax.

14. Roofer Wall Clock 

Roofers are above it all because they work hard to ensure a safe and sturdy roof for their clients. This decorative wall clock is a perfect gift to show your appreciation! ! It's made of durable plastic and is lightweight enough to hang with ease on any wall. Wall clock makes a great gift for any roofer who wants to show off their dedication. This gift will help any Roofer remember how far above everything they are! They'll love this sign because it makes them smile every time they look.

15. Jobsite Radio 

This is a perfect gift for any roofer who loves listening to music while they work. This radio has high-fidelity sound and digital reception that lets users listen clearly even in noisy environments! It also provides an integrated USB port with enough power to charge smartphones quickly. The radio can connect wirelessly through Bluetooth or to an iPod by using the included audio cable. This radio has a built-in speakerphone that can be used for conference calls! It's perfect because it provides clear sound and wireless connectivity, making your roofer friends' workdays more enjoyable!

16. Industrial Duffle Bag 

This is a perfect gift for roofers who need to carry large and heavy tools. This sturdy duffle bag with an Industrial grade denier fabric is built to last! It's water-resistant, making it perfect for any weather conditions or spills that may happen while you're working. The lockable zippers add security so your belongings will always be safe. The bag has an adjustable shoulder strap that is padded for comfort. There are also two strong handles on top, so you can easily carry them by hand! This duffle bag makes an excellent gift because of its durability and security features. Your roofer friend will be able to take their tools anywhere they go with ease!

17. Laser Distance Measure 

Laser measurers are a great gift for roofers who need to estimate measurements as they work. This Bosch laser distance measurer is designed with 40-foot indoor/outdoor range and accuracy within +/-0.25 inch! It has a color backlit screen that is intuitive, making it easy to use even in low light conditions. The device also has an integrated bubble level indicator to ensure accuracy. It can store up to 20 measurements, so this laser measurer is perfect for roofers who need it on the go! 

18. Earplugs

  1. Earplugs are perfect for any roofer who needs to keep their ears safe from loud noises while they work! These foam plugs not only protect your hearing but also reduce noise by up to 33 decibels of sound pressure. They're made with a slow-recovery memory foam that conforms easily to your ears, so they stay in place. You can also choose between two different sizes depending on the size of your ear canal! This is a perfect gift for any roofer who needs to protect their hearing while they work. Works best for swimmers.


19. Ladder Stabilizer 

This is a great gift for any roofer who needs to climb up and down their ladder safely! This Ladder Stabilizer fits inside the gutter, so it won't take up room on your roof. It has an adjustable height range of 13-19 inches with a maximum weight capacity of 220 lbs! The stabilizer also rotates 360 degrees to provide your roofer with an easy way to position the ladder. This is a perfect gift because of its adjustable height range and it can be used on both straight ladders and extension ladders!

20. Cordless Coffee Maker 

This is a great gift for roofers who love to drink coffee but don't have the time to stop working! This 18V coffee maker comes with two lithium-ion batteries and can brew up to three cups of delicious coffee at once. It's also compatible with 12V max CXT Lithium-Ion batteries, so you can share with your whole team! The coffee maker also has a removable water tank and drip tray for easy cleaning. This is the perfect gift because it allows roofers to stay energized as they work through their long shifts!

21. Safety Glasses 

This is a great gift for any roofer who needs to protect their eyes from debris as they work! This safety glass has an anti-fog coating and can be worn over your prescription eyeglasses. The glasses are lightweight, so you won't have trouble wearing them all day long. These also meet ANSI Z87+ standards, so you'll be able to protect your eyes from debris as well as dust! This is a practical gift for roofers who want to prevent debris from flying into their eyes.

22. Cordless Drill  

This is a practical gift for any roofer who needs to work on an outdoor job site. The drill has two-speed settings, so you'll have the ability to choose between high or low speeds depending on your project. It also has a high torque motor, so you'll always have the power to drill through different types of materials. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to use. This is a great gift because roofers can get their work done faster because they'll always have the necessary power to drill through different types of materials!

23. Chocolate Tool Box

This is a delicious gift for any roofer who loves to eat and work! This sweet treat comes with chocolate tools such as wrenches, screwdrivers, and more. These make it easy for your roofer to get their job done while also enjoying delicious baked goods. It's the perfect combination of tasty treats and practical tools! These all cookies are made of the finest ingredients and are baked fresh in small batches. This is a perfect gift for your roofer because it's delicious, practical, and makes work a whole lot more fun!

24. Shirt Jacket

A shirt jacket gives you a versatile look that you can wear both on the job and off. The jacket has snap-flap pockets on the front with buckles, making it look like work wear while still allowing comfort. The shirt jacket is also made with polyester and cotton, so it's soft to the touch. This Shirt Jacket has a rugged design but feels comfortable! This is a great gift because it's versatile and will keep your roofer looking stylish at all times. 

25. Work Cooler

This is a practical gift for any tradesman who needs to bring their favorite snacks to the job site. The lunch box can hold up to 18-cans, so your roofer will have plenty of food and drinks during long days at work! It has an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to carry around while also being tough and durable. This keeps your roofer's favorite foods and drinks cool for up to 30 hours! That means they'll never go hungry while on the job site because this lunch box will always have their snacks cold and ready to eat!

26. Utility Knife

This utility knife helps roofers get their jobs done faster and easier. It has a retractable blade that locks into place, so your roofer won't have to deal with loose blades. The knife also has a storage compartment for extra blades, so your roofer will always have spares on hand! This knife has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to grip while also being lightweight. This gift is ideal for any roofer who needs a strong, lightweight knife that's easy to use.

27. Lithium-Ion Cordless Power Source

This gift is perfect for roofers who love tools that are lightweight and easy to carry. It's a power source only, so your roofer can add it to other Makita 18V Lithium-Ion LXT cordless tools like the impact driver (DDF460), circular saw (DCS391), or angle grinder (AGS13R). It features a built-in belt clip so your roofer can easily carry it around. This gift is ideal because it's lightweight and easy to use while also adding power and versatility to your roofer's toolbox.

28. Circular Saw

This is a useful, practical gift for roofing professionals who need a lightweight saw that's easy to carry. It weighs only 16-pounds, so your roofer can easily use it on long days at work without getting tired or sore. The saw has an ergonomic magnesium shoe and upper guard with a built-in dust blower which helps any debris get away from the blade. This helps your roofer cut faster and more precisely, so it's great for professionals who need a reliable saw that gets the job done on time!

29. Measuring Tape

A measuring tape is ideal for roofing professionals because it helps them get the job done faster and accurately. It's versatile and easy to use! It can be used as a standard 16' tape or an 11½-foot level. It also has a built-in hanger ring that can hold up to 100 pounds. This makes it ideal for holding your roofer's tools during the day, so they always have their tape measure ready at hand! It features ergonomically designed rubber grips that are easy to grip and comfortable even if your roofer uses them all day long!

30. Nailing Hammer

A nailing hammer is essential for any roofer who needs a strong, durable tool to help them get the job done. This claw design helps your roofer pull off old shingles or tear down drywall without causing damage to what's underneath. The handle absorbs shock and reduces vibration, so it's great even if your roofer uses the hammer for long periods. It also has a smooth face, so it's good even if your roofer uses the tool to drive in nails or screwdriver heads! This gift is perfect because any roofer who needs a nailing hammer will love this one and appreciate all its features and durability!

31. Nail Gun

This is a perfect gift for roofers who deal with shingles or drywall! It's lightweight and easy to use, so your roofer can carry it around all day without getting tired. The nailer features a rear exhaust that keeps debris from being thrown into the air and locking wheels that help keep the tool steady during long sessions. It has a rubber grip that helps your roofer use the tool for long periods without getting tired or experiencing hand fatigue! This gift is ideal because it's versatile and easy to carry around all day, plus any roofer who needs a nail gun will absolutely love this one!

32. LED Headlamp 

This headlamp is great because it provides bright light that helps keep your roofer safe. It has a long battery life, so you won't have to worry about the batteries dying in the middle of work! The lamp also features adjustable brightness and three different modes to help with any job at hand. It is waterproof, so your roofer can use it in any weather condition. This is an ideal gift for roofers because it's easy to use and provides bright light, plus any roofer who needs a headlamp will love this one!


Rose Parker

Roofing is not an easy gig, but it's a very rewarding one. Roofers work hard in extreme weather conditions to ensure that their customers' homes are in good condition. Roofers need all the help they can get to make their job easier and more efficient, which is why any roofer would love these gifts! This list of 32 roofer gifts is great because it includes various items that will make any roofer's life easier. Save yourself the trouble and get your roofer one or all of these awesome gifts!

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