29 Best Gifts For Screenwriters


Have you been searching for the perfect present to give your friend who is a screenwriter? If so, you're in luck! We have compiled a list of 29 gifts that will make them happy. They range from pens and sticky notes to writing books and even emergency packs. So, save time by scrolling through this post and finding the perfect gift for your writer friend today!

1. A Pen

This one is pretty self-explanatory! The best gifts you can give someone who is a writer are items that will help them write their screenplay more efficiently and make it easier to try new things with different types of pens or colors in order to spice up an idea or scene. You may want to get a few of these as they often run out quickly. 

2. Typewriter Keyboard

For the writer who has everything, this will be perfect. Typewriter Keyboards come in various colors and there are plenty of reviews to help you pick out which one would suit your needs best. They can actually make typing easier as they force writers to slow down and type with fewer errors to get their work done efficiently while also saving space on their desk by combining both computer keyboard and typewriter into one device.

3. Sticky Notes

Something to make the writer's desk more colorful and creative. These sticky notes can be used to write down thoughts, keep track of their ideas or create a fun message for when they need inspiration. For a screenwriter, these would be the perfect gift, especially if they need to write something down immediately while at home or at work. Simply perfect. 

4. At-a-Glance Daily Planner

A planner specifically designed for screenwriters who want to plan out every day in detail from morning until night as well as give them space to include character biographies at the start of each new month so that you don't forget any important details about your characters before writing scenes where they appear onscreen. This would be an excellent gift for a screenwriter! or anyone who has a busy schedule.

5. Screenwriting Masterclass

A 14-week online course that provides guidance and feedback to screenwriters who want to learn more about the process of writing a screenplay. This is also an excellent gift idea for any aspiring screenwriter! This masterclass is specially designed for teachers, students, or anyone who wants to improve or learn how to write their first piece. One wonderful gift for a screenwriter.

6. The Writer's Toolbox

This is another good gift for a screenwriter. It contains an array of writing tools, such as a voice recorder and sticky notes. The Writer's Tool Box provides you with everything on your desk that you need to write the perfect screenplay! It is designed by a long-time creative writing teacher and it is meant for anyone who wants to improve their creative writing.

7. A Mug

Even if it is just to use as a cup, giving someone a mug with their favorite screenwriter's picture on will show that you care about them and appreciate the work they do. Screenwriters love coffee, they need it to focus and to enjoy while working. This mug that says "I write, what's your superpower?" will be perfect for them and we are sure they will love it.

8. Study Lamp

There is nothing worse than trying to write with the overhead light shining in your eyes. With a study lamp, you can adjust it so that only what you are working on will be lit up and not everything else in the room. This way they can focus on writing without distractions which we all know how important this is for screenwriters who need hours of uninterrupted work time daily.

9. The Anatomy of Story by John Truby

 This book is a must-have for any screenwriter who wants to learn how the story really works and why it's so important. It goes into great detail about all aspects of writing such as what makes a protagonist likable, making plot twists believable, and understanding the difference between an action scene versus an emotional scene. So, if you have a friend who is a screenwriter, this one would be perfect for them.

10. Personalized Typewriter Coaster Set

There are many different typists out there with various tastes in fonts but one thing they will always agree on is that the screenwriter's life is a tough one. These personalized coasters are perfect for any typist who needs an extra reminder to take a break because they will always remind them of all the reasons they need that coffee!

11. Magnetic Notebook For Writers

This gift idea might be more useful than you think; We know when we are trying to get into writer mode my mind often wanders and this helps us stay focused on what we are doing at the time so that our creativity can flow freely without distraction. And with these notebooks, there is no worry about losing your place because everything stays in order thanks to those little magnets!

12. Digital Voice Recorder

With digital voice recorders, it is easy to record whatever we want and then listen back later. Also, they are portable so you can take them anywhere! You can use them to make interviews, record ideas when you are in a rush, or even record the meeting and then listen to it later. That way you will never forget anything!

13. "Cookbook" by Anthony Bourdain

This book has been getting a lot of buzz lately as it features recipes from all over the world written by one of America's favorite chefs: Anthony Bourdain. He also includes stories about the people that make these dishes and where they come from, which we think is really interesting! A perfect book that can be used as an inspiration for screenwriters.

14. My Cinema Lightbox

These boxes are perfect for writers who love to read and watch movies all day. This lightbox attaches to your monitor with a magnet, meaning you can take it on the go or use it in various places around your home. It also features two brightness settings so that you can see everything clearly no matter what time of day you're watching!

15. "Writer Emergency Pack"

Every writer needs something called 'a Writer Emergency Pack' filled with all the essentials for their writing life. These will always come in handy, like when you're sitting on the beach and your keyboard is nowhere to be found! So, this will be perfect for someone who is a screenwriter and they come up with ideas in random places - like a cafe or the beach.

16. Trumbo, the Movie

Screenwriter Dalton Trumbo's autobiography is a must-read for any screenwriter or anyone interested in the Hollywood blacklist. It will show you how he became one of the most influential writers in Hollywood while being blacklisted, what it took to overcome his imprisonment and continue writing scripts under pseudonyms. Trumbo is Amazon's best choice and our personal favorite gift for screenwriters.

17. The Rewrite, Movie

 This is a funny, smart, and poignant movie about the difficulties of adapting to your own life when it's not turning out as you planned. It also stars Hugh Grant and Marisa Tomei! Something that is a must-see for anyone who is a screenwriter - it is a truly inspiring story about a filmmaker. Simply a perfect gift for someone who works as a screenwriter. 

18. T-shirt

Screenwriters need to make sure they have a great t-shirt. The perfect gift for any screenwriter because it is something that will be worn over and over again. This particular t-shirt states that he or she is correcting your grammar - which, honestly speaking is not a lie! A writer always does this when other people talk - if not loud, then silently.

19. Headphones

A great gift for any screenwriter. Headphones are a must-have not only because they provide the necessary audio but also to drown out the noise when one is trying to work on an idea or screenplay in the big city. I recommend these Bose headphones, which will make sure you can hear your thoughts and shut out distractions from outside sources.

20. Laptop

A laptop has been needed by every screenwriter since laptops were invented! There are many different sizes of computers and brands available today so there's no excuse for not delivering this perfect Christmas present to a writer friend who needs it most. The best type of computer depends on what their profession entails; some would use Macs while others need Windows machines with more memory capacity.

21. The Filmmaker Says, Book

This is a book that every screenwriter should read. It talks about how to write great scripts, what makes them so successful, and gives many tips on where the writer can look for inspiration from. Even though the screenwriters are inspiring everyone, the drama they project is only half of the tale. This book will tell you the whole story. Perfect for screenwriters.

22. Mobile Projector

When you're a screenwriter, it's really important to have the right equipment for any given occasion. That can include anything from pens and pencils to books on screenplay writing. The Mobile Projector is one of those things that might not pop into your head when thinking about gifts for screenwriters but there are so many occasions where this could come in handy!

23. Cinema Light Styled Lamp

This is another one of those gifts for screenwriters that are perfect for any occasion, especially if you have friends or family members who love movies. This Cinema Light Styled Lamp is a beautiful piece with plenty of versatility and it'll look great in the home office or living room. Plus, as a screenwriter, you can use it to imagine how the scene would go.

24. Painting

This is a great gift for screenwriters who are also artists. You can find paintings in many different sizes and styles, so you'll be able to find the perfect one that suits your friend's taste. It really doesn't matter what type of painting it is or if they've already got plenty on their walls: this would still make an excellent addition!

25. Jewelry Key Necklace

Personalized jewelry is a great gift idea for any occasion, but it's especially good when you're giving gifts to someone who's just getting started in their career. Again, the style of the necklace will depend on your friend and what they like; this specific one looks really elegant though! This key is specially designed for writers and it has a quote written on it.

26. Write Dazzling Dialogue, Book

There are many different books for screenwriters, but this particular one is a must-have for anyone who wants to learn how to write dialogue. This book has many helpful tips and exercises, as well as examples of great screenplays that have gone through the process of rewriting. It's an invaluable resource and a perfect gift for your friend who just started their career as a screenwriter. 

27. Turning Pro

This best-seller by Steven Pressfield is a guide for aspiring writers who are looking to take their screenwriting career from an amateur to a professional. It's full of helpful advice and exercises that will help your friend get started on the right path, whether they want to work as an independent writer or in Hollywood. A perfect gift for an aspiring screenwriter. 

28. A USB Drive

 The problem with having a computer is that it can get cluttered really quickly. If your friend has an old USB drive lying around, you can use it to save their work and free up space in their hard drive. This SanDisk Flash Drive has a storage of 128 GB, so they can keep a lot of stuff there. Excellent gift of computer engineer, coders or students.

29. A Bookshelf 

It's kind of the opposite of what we just talked about, but for writers who might be looking to make some changes or declutter their desk area (maybe even move out!), giving them something like this will help give them more room on their desktop without taking away too much surface space. Plus, they'll have somewhere nice to store all those screenwriting books!


Rose Parker

We hope we gave you some inspiration to get the perfect gift for that screenwriter in your life. If you didn't know what to get them, we truly hope that this list helped.