29 Gifts For Seamstress

gifts for seamstress

Do you have a seamstress in your life that whom you need to buy a gift? Look no further, because we have the perfect gift ideas for you! Whether your seamstress is just starting or has been sewing for years, we have something they will love. Our list includes sewing machines, fabric, scissors, and much more! So take a look and find the perfect gift today.

1. Fabric

A seamstress is nothing without fabric! These beautiful fabrics are the perfect way to get them started on their next project. There are forty pieces of solid color fabrics for them to create their next work of art. They are lightweight, breathable, and vibrant. They are ideal for sewing, quilting, and crafting projects. This is a great gift for seamstresses who want to create their next masterpiece. Who knows this could be their ticket to have their designs displayed on the runways in Paris or maybe just a high school prom.

2. Sewing Machine

A great sewing machine can be the best thing for a seamstress who needs a sewing machine! This one is perfect for the beginner or experienced seamstress. With eighteen stitch patterns and a four-step buttonhole, your seamstress can create any project they desire. The built-in needle threader and automatic bobbin winder make this machine easy to use. The extension table ensures that projects are completed with ease. This gift will have your seamstress thanking you for years to come. It would be a special gift for mom.

3. Scissors

Every seamstress needs a great pair of scissors! These are perfect for the everyday seamstress. They are made with stainless steel blades and have a titanium-coated finish. This makes them corrosion-resistant and durable. The soft-grip handles make them comfortable to use, even for extended periods. They come with a sheath to protect the blades when not in use. With these scissors, your seamstress can cut through any fabric like butter. 

4. Rotary Cutter

A rotary cutter is a must-have for any seamstress. This one has a safety guard to protect your fingers from the blade. The 45mm blade is perfect for all types of fabrics. The ergonomic design makes it easy and comfortable to hold. With this cutter, your seamstress can quickly and easily cut through any fabric making this a cool gift for a seamstress. This cutter would be a helpful tool for any DIY project.

5. Cutting Mat

This cutting mat is the perfect gift for a seamstress. It is self-healing so you can protect your working table surface. The blades are durable and will last your favorite seamstress for a long time. The grid lines will make it easy for them to measure and mark their fabric. This tool will allow seamstresses to cut any fabric with precision since the non-slip surface keeps the fabric in place while you are cutting. It is perfect for heavy-duty cutting or light work and is compatible with rotary cutters or straight blades making this a must-have tool.

6. Sewing Basics Magazine

Help that budding seamstresses discover the possibilities of their newly developed creative talent with this Sewing Basics magazine. it has 15 simple straightforward projects and easy-to-follow instructions that will help them sew with confidence, make repairs and create new garments. This is perfect for the seamstress who loves to stay up-to-date on the latest trends. They will also master essential sewing skills from cutting patterns to installing zippers. They will be sewing up a storm in no time which should make this one of the top ten gifts for a seamstress on your gift-giving list.

7. Thread Sets

What's a seamstress without an array of threads? We don't know the answer to that question, but we do know that a thread set is a must-have for any seamstress. This one includes thirty high-quality thread spools in a variety of colors. They are strong and durable which reduces the frequency of thread breaking which will make sewing so much easier. It comes with a convenient needle thread to make threading a needle much less of a pain. Plus the compact travel size makes it easy to travel wherever you go and be prepared for any emergencies. 

8. Thread Rack

In a creative space, things can get quickly misplaced and disorganized. To help your favorite seamstress keep on target this thread rack organizer is a great gift idea. With 120 spool thread racks, all the threads they need will be right at their fingertips. Hang it on the wall or put it on a desk whatever they choose will be fine since natural wood material with smooth finishing. It would also be a practical gift for Crocheters.

9. Sewing Themed Tumbler

For the seamstress who is always on the go, this tumbler is perfect. It's triply insulated to keep hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours and cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours. The design is inspired by vintage sewing machines and has a fun pop of color that will make anyone smile. Plus it's BPA-free and top-rack dishwasher safe so no need to worry about those pesky chemicals. This is the perfect gift for the seamstress who likes to have her favorite beverage at hand as she creates fashion her clients will enjoy.

10. Thimble

A thimble is a must-have for any seamstress. This one is made with stainless steel and has a silicone insert. The insert provides a soft, comfortable grip. With this thimble, your seamstress can sew with ease. It is ideal for sewing, quilting, and crafting and the openings will allow fingers to breathe while she works. This is a simple gift for seamstresses, but one that she will appreciate. It will make a great addition to her sewing kit so ensure this item is on the gift-giving list for your favorite seamstress.

11. Sewing Machine Necklace

Beautiful things come together with one stitch at a time. This sewing machine necklace is the perfect gift for any seamstress who wants to show off her love for sewing while being fashionable. The sewing machine pendant on this beautiful piece is made of 18 k silver and gold. It comes on an 18-inch chain, and this unique gift would make a great birthday or Mother's day present for your wife or mother who enjoys sewing.

12. Charm Bracelet

This charm bracelet is a cool gift for the seamstress in your life. It is adjustable and will fit most adult and teen wrists. It comes with an elegant jewelry gift bag making it a great gift item. This fashionable and beautiful piece will have your favorite seamstress beaming with joy. If you know someone who loves sewing and also loves jewelry, you cannot go wrong with this simple yet unique gift item.

13. Sewing Machine Keychain

A sewing machine keychain is a perfect gift for any seamstress. This novelty enamel key chain is a great accessory for your favorite seamstress's keys or purse. It comes in a variety of colors that will suit her tastes. It is lightweight and comes with a beautiful pouch making it a great birthday, wedding, or Christmas gift for the seamstress in your life. This unique and beautiful gift will be a welcomed addition to help her show her love for all things sewing.

14. Thread Cutter

The right tools will make even the most difficult job easier. This thread cutter made f high-quality carbon steel is a very useful and practical tool and can be used on a variety of materials from fabric to a fishing line. The sharp blades will allow for precision cutting to get the perfect finish. It is easy to carry and simple to use making this a great gift idea for seamstresses. Also a practical gift for knitters.

15. Buttons

Buttons are a great way to add a bit of flair to a design. This assortment of buttons with their various colors and sizes will make an exciting addition to a seamstress's tool kit. Just imagine all the wonderful things she'll be able to create by having over 1500 buttons to choose from. The mix of two and four holes plus the high-quality resin material makes the surface smooth, waterproof, and durable and allows for creativity to flow while they work on their latest project.

16. Seam Ripper

Another great gift idea for seamstresses is a seam ripper. This ergonomically shaped design with a long non-slip handle is easy and comfortable to grip. It is made of high-quality steel and rubber making it durable and long-lasting. It is a great tool for cutting and ripping out unwanted seams and stitches without damaging the fabric. This will be a great addition to a seamstress's tool kit to ensure she gets the job done right every time.

17. Presser Feet Set 

Presser feet set is a must-have for any seamstress. This one includes all of thirty-two pieces putting the most popular presser feet at your seamstress's disposal. it is compatible with a variety of machines and the superior design ensures that they will last longer and be durable. The feet are made with metal and plastic, so they are durable and long-lasting. Installation is quick and easy and comes with a handy manual so that the best use can be made of this handy set. Additionally, the organizer case allows for finding the right attachment in a jiffy. This item is a good gift for a seamstress who is serious about doing her best work. get it today!

18. Adjustable Swivel Chair

A comfortable chair is a requirement to ensure that even during long hours around the sewing machine the back support needed is still available. With this swivel chair, the seamstress in your life will have just that. The padded seat and back provide all-day comfort and support plus the 360 swivel and rolling casters make it easy to move from one side of her workroom to the next with ease. It seats up to a maximum of 250 pounds and will make a perfect gift to help her carry out her duties. It would also be a great gift for screenwriters who must sit for long hours.

19. Fabric Weights

These fabric weights secure patterns to fabric without having to use pins. It works on any type of fabric and can be placed directly on the pattern so you can cut. These steel ball-filled weights come in four assorted colors and are a handy tool. With these weights, your seamstress can keep her fabric in place while she sews. This is a simple gift idea for a seamstress that is useful yet affordable. So ensure this makes it on the list of items you give her for that upcoming special occasion or as a just because gift.

20. Chalk Pens 

Making the right marks at just the right spot is important for a seamstress to carry out her job effectively. This chalk pencil will help her do just that as it is cleaner and more precise than tailor's chalk. It allows for smooth marks to denote alterations. It is compatible with all fabrics from cotton to jersey pieces it gets the job done right. There will be no more smudge lines with this chalk pen which will ensure the highest level of accuracy. This is a must-have gift for the seamstress in your life.

21. LED Light

Lights, camera, sew! This LED sewing machine light will allow any seamstress to do her best work even at night. It is equipped with 24 powerful LED lights that will transform how it works. The clean white light with a subtle hint of blue improves concentration and allows for ease to see details she might have otherwise missed. Better visibility means better work making this the best gift for a seamstress who probably does her best work at night after everyone has gone to bed.

22. Pins 

Pins and sewing are synonymous. With this set of over 5000 pcs of straight pins your favorite seamstress will not run out of this sewing essential for a very long time. These pins are sturdy and sharp making them great for sewing and quilting. They come in six assorted colors so you can use them as best needed. The handy case ensures you have a good storage space to store your pins so that your seamstress can get the best use out of them for years to come. 

23. Sewing Clips

Get this sewing essential for your seamstress's next project. This package of thirty sewing clips comes in assorted colors and a handy storage case. These clips can hold layers of fabric with ease. It is an alternative to pins since its strength and versatility allow if for it to be used with the simplest of fabrics or even a quilt and still get the job done. This simple and useful gift for seamstresses is a must-have.

24. Extension Table

For those big projects, a seamstress may need extra space to work at her best. This extension table will be the perfect addition to her toolkit to help her do just that. The table easily adjusts and can fit most sewing machines. It also can be folded for easy storage when it is not in use. This gift will help your seamstress take on any project with ease. Help your seamstress upgrade her sewing game and create professional results every time with this cool gift.

25. Vintage Sewing Machine Music Box

What better way to enjoy work than to listen to music while doing it? This unique gift for a seamstress will help her get through her work with ease. There is no battery needed just twist the handle and music comes spewing out. As the music plays the treadle moves up and down and the spool mouse goes round and round. It is the perfect sewing companion for your seamstress and will be sure to put a smile on her face every time she looks at it.

26. Steam Press

Combine the performance of an iron with the power of steam to instantly smooth out wrinkles in clothing while killing 99.9% of germs. It is easy to use and heats up within 40 seconds and holds up to 7.3 ounces of water to get up to 15 minutes of continuous steam. This steamer is an innovative gift for seamstresses as it provides the best garment care and will ensure your seamstress's masterpieces always look crisp and fresh. It would be a best gift for travelers.

27. Mannequin

A mannequin is a seamstress' muse. It is the perfect gift for a seamstress who loves to design and sew her clothes. A mannequin can be used to help with fit, drape, and proportion. It is a great tool for any seamstress who wants to create clothing that fits perfectly. The adjustable tripod stand satisfies various height demands plus it is lightweight and easy to move. The easy assembly allows for use within minutes making this a great gift idea for seamstresses to display their latest work.

28. Sewing Basket

beautiful and convenient, this fabric sewing basket is great to hold a seamstress's smaller sewing items all in one place. It also comes with a 41-piece sewing kit that has some of the essentials she will need. The kit includes needles, pins, a thimble, scissors, a tape measure, and much more. The basket is also great for storing other items such as fabric swatches and patterns. Sewing baskets are not only a practical gift for a seamstress but also a beautiful one.

29. Small Iron

This iron is perfect for a seamstress to help give her latest project a fresh crisp look. The non-stick enhanced soleplate is designed to glide smoothly across all fabric types for ease of use. The compact design is perfect for small spaces and the automatic shut-off feature ensures safety. This gift is perfect for a seamstress who loves to sew and wants to make sure her projects always look their best. It would make a nice gift for aunts who loves to sew.


Rose Parker

We are sure you will find the perfect gift for the seamstress in your life from something on this list. All of these gift ideas are sure to please and would make any seamstress happy. Your favorite seamstress will be sure to enjoy any one (or several) items on this list. Happy shopping!

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