32 Gifts For Snowboarders

gifts for snowboarders

Snowboarders spend hours on the mountain, riding down the slopes and making snow angels in the fresh powder. They enjoy the cool weather and the rush of adrenaline when they fly down a mountain. Snowboarders spend hours preparing for their cool hobby, investing in top-quality equipment that can withstand wintery conditions. Snowboarding is an expensive pastime, but there are plenty of gifts you can give your loved one to make them smile from ear to ear. You don’t have to break the bank to get your snowboarding enthusiast a cool gift, we’ve put together a list of 32 awesome gifts for snowboarders.

1. Expandable Snowboard and Ski Bag

Snowboarders need skis and snowboards to prepare for cool winter activities. This expansive gear needs to be stored carefully. This cool rolling bag has wheels to make transportation quick and easy. This expandable bag is perfect for the snowboarder on the go. It can fit two boards or two sets of skis and has an expandable main compartment. The double-layered water-resistant interior protects your gear while you’re traveling, and the wheels make it easy to transport your equipment. This gift for snowboard lovers helps them store and transport their gear safely.

2. Ski Goggles

These cool goggles are perfect for snowboarding in style. The anti-fog design matches a snowboarder's trendy image while protecting your eyes from dangerous UV rays and dust particles. This gift is great if you're looking to give something practical that they will love. These ski goggles help protect their eyesight when boarding down mountains or making flips in the powder! This awesome present helps them stay safe on the slopes at all times during wintery conditions!

3. Hydration Pack

This cool backpack has a hydration system to keep them hydrated while they're out boarding all day long. This hydration Pack also has room to store their snacks, keys, and other small items they might need while out on the mountain. It is made of lightweight and high-quality materials to make it easy to carry their cool pack around all day long. This backpack makes it easy for them to have everything they need in one place to focus on their board skills!

4. Thermal Base Layers Set

This gift will keep them warm on the coldest days while boarding. This thermal underwear set is made of ultra-soft polyester to help regulate their body temperature and keep them comfortable all day long. The fleece lining is soft against their skin and helps trap heat to keep them warm. This thermal can even absorb moisture to keep them cool when they're working up a sweat on the mountain. This is a fantastic gift for snowboarders because it keeps them warm while giving their skin room to breathe! This cool gift for snowboarders ensures they stay comfortable on the mountain, no matter how cold it gets!

5. Snowboard & Ski Helmet

Snowboarders need cool helmets to protect their heads while they're out boarding. This helmet is made of high-quality materials and has cool ventilation holes, so it doesn't get too hot in the sun or cold when it is snowing outside! It also has an ergonomic design that lets them express their personality with bright colors and designs. This gift helps keep your loved one safe on the slopes at all times, no matter how dangerous conditions become! This is a fabulous present for any boarder because it keeps them safe from head injuries while protecting their cool style at the same time!

6. Men's Snowboard Boots

Snowboarders need cool boots to keep their feet warm while they're boarding. These awesome snowboarding boots are made of water-resistant materials that help protect their cool style and ensure comfort! With a traditional lacing system, they have an attractive look, so you can be sure your friend will love them when wearing them in public! This is a wonderful gift for any snowboarder because it helps them stay safe on the slopes at all times during winter conditions!

7. Hyper Wax

Snowboarders need cool wax to help them get started. This cool wax is universal, which makes it ideal for snowboarding! It has a medium temperature that works well in all conditions and can be used on multiple board materials! This excellent gift comes with 480 gms (a pound) to ensure they never run out of wax. So the snowboarder always has enough when starting their day at the mountain. This cool present ensures your friend stays safe while boarding by ensuring they have everything they need to keep going all year long!

8. Travel Organizer Cubes Set 

Snowboarders need cool packing cubes to keep their clothes organized. These cool packing cubes are durable polyester material that helps protect clothing and ensures everything stays in place! They help your friend stay ready for any occasion by keeping all their fashion accessories together, so they can find what they want when it's time to go out or get dressed. This fabulous traveling organizer helps them look great at the mountain by ensuring every piece of clothing fits just right into each cube!

9. Stealth Shovel 

Snowboarders need strong shovels to help them clear the snow. This high-performance shovel is collapsible and easy to carry around! It has a serrated edge that helps cut through the snow quickly so that they can get back on their board as soon as possible! With an ergonomic design, it's perfect for all types of outdoor activities, including camping and survival situations. This excellent gift ensures your friend stays safe while boarding by helping them clear the way quickly and easily!

10. Waterproof Fleece Ski Jacket

Snowboarders need cozy jackets to protect them from the elements. This high-performance ski jacket is water-resistant and windproof! It has a relaxed look, so they can wear it anywhere without worrying about their fashion or how it looks with other outdoor gear. With an adjustable hem, elastic waistband cuffs that have thumbholes for added warmth and comfort at all times during winter conditions! The perfect gift for any snowboarder because your friend will be able to enjoy their day out on the slopes in style without worrying about weather conditions ruining their activity time!

11. Heated Socks 

Bone-chilling cold first attack feet and toes. These heated socks are the perfect addition to any snowboarder's wardrobe because it enables them to do whatever they want during cold days on the mountain or anywhere else in nature! They have a rechargeable lithium battery that heats up quickly so you can stay warm all day long. With a waterproof design and anti-slip grip on the bottom of each sock, you can wear them all day long without worrying about discomfort. They have three-level temperature settings so that you can find the perfect heat for your needs. It would also be a suitable gift for roofers working outdoors during winter.

12. Snowboard Sling Strap Kit

Snowboarders have a lot of gear to carry around, so they need strong straps that will remain comfortable during the entire trip. This strap kit comes with one adjustable shoulder strap and two secure buckle bands for each pole! It is made of durable and strong nylon, so you can trust it to carry your snowboard, skis, poles and boots without any problems. With a cushioned shoulder strap for added comfort, your friend will be able to carry everything they need with ease! This awesome gift for snowboarders is perfect who enjoy downhill skiing! 

13. Thermal Ski Mask 

A ski mask is an essential piece of gear for all snowboarders, and this one is an excellent option because it is made of soft and comfortable acrylic material. It fits most head sizes, and the knit design ensures a snug fit that will keep your face warm all day long. It is easy to put on and take off with simple pull-on closure, making it the perfect accessory for any cold-weather activity. This practical gift for snowboarders, women and men helps keep the head and neck warm.

14. Wrist Guard 

Snowboarders need to protect their wrists from injury, and this wrist guard is a great option because it is made of durable plastic and features an adjustable Velcro strap for a comfortable and secure fit. It helps prevent injuries during snowboarding activities. The lightweight design makes it easy to wear, and the guards can be removed for cleaning or replacement. This small gift for snowboarders practical gift would be perfect for any snowboarder who wants to stay safe while enjoying their favorite sport! 

15. Bluetooth Beanie Hat 

This cool beanie hat has built-in Bluetooth technology that allows you to listen to your favorite music or answer phone calls without having to remove the hat! It is made of soft and comfortable acrylic material, so your head will stay cool during the entire trip. A built-in speaker with noise reduction technology ensures crisp sound quality while blocking noises from other sources. With its stylish design and practicality, this fabulous gift for snowboarders is perfect who enjoy listening to music on their headphones!

16. Snowboarding Clip-on Charm 

Snowboarders love showing off their favorite sports activity by wearing fabulous jewelry or accessories that represent it well! This awesome charm would be an excellent option because it features a keychain clip, silver-tone alloy metal construction and beautiful enamel paint finish in the shape of a snowboarder riding down the slopes! The pendant measures approximately 10mmx35mm and is the perfect small gift for snowboarders who love to show off their favorite activity!

17. Boot Dryer 

This boot dryer fits most footwear and can be used with both wet and damp shoes, never worry about getting cold feet again! It dries boots in a fast and effective way by using hot air circulation and is perfect for all kinds of shoes or boots. It runs on 240 volts and includes a long power cord with plug adapter that makes it easy to use anywhere! The cool gift idea can be used in the living room, kitchen, bedroom and more! A baseball or soccer player also will love this gift.

18. Ski Jumpsuit

This waterproof and windproof ski suit is perfect for snowboarding. The one-piece design is made of durable polyester fabric with a thin lining that will keep you warm and comfortable all day long. It features an adjustable hood, zippered front closure, a waistband with drawstring, sleeve cuffs with Velcro straps and more. The birthday gift for snowboarders would keep them warm and dry while enjoying their favorite winter sport!

19. Hand Warmers 

No need to worry about getting cold hands and fingers again! A unique gift for snowboarders would be these small hand warmers that provide up to ten hours of heat. They are odorless, safe and can help prevent frostbite or windburn during outdoor activities like skiing, hunting and more! The pack contains 40 pairs which are enough for a whole day on the slopes. This fabulous gift will keep your loved ones warm while they enjoy their favorite sport in winter weather conditions!

20. Snowboarding Wall Clock 

This beautiful wall clock is the perfect addition to your loved one's bedroom, man cave, or office. It is made of durable vinyl and can be easily mounted on any flat surface with the included adhesive pads. The quartz-controlled timepiece operates on a single AA battery (not included) and has a clear plastic lens that protects the clock face. This clock features a man riding a snowboard through the ice mountain and is sure to be loved by those who love winter sports!

21. Balance Board Trainer 

This balance board trainer helps to improve your balance, coordination and strength. The board can be used as a single or double-sided trainer that offers two different difficulty levels. It is made of durable wood with non-slip rubber pads to keep you safe and stable while training. This board can hold 500 lb and is perfect for snowboarders. This unusual gift for a snowboarder would help to improve your balance and coordination so you can better enjoy snowboarding. A surfer can also practise it.

22. Complete Basic Tune Kit with Wax 

A complete tune kit with essential tool help snowboarders to keep their boards in good condition. It features a high-quality waxing iron and includes the most common tools needed for tune-ups. This kit comes with wax, a scraper, a brush, and more to help you do a basic tune and wax on your skis or snowboard. The kit is easy to use and helps to keep your equipment in good condition so you can enjoy skiing or boarding all day long. This small gift for snowboards provides all the tools needed for a basic tune and wax.

23. Snowboard Wall Mount

This functional snowboard storage rack is great for home or garage use. This minimalist design looks terrific in any room and holds snowboards safely, so they don't take up valuable space on the floor. The wall mount has an innovative keyhole system that allows you to quickly mount it to a stud, drywall anchor, or even use just two screws into wood surfaces. It can be used vertically or horizontally because of its unique mounting system! It is a really cool gift for someone who loves winter sports and wants their equipment safe and organized!

24. LED Ski Skooter

A LED ski scooter provides your kids with hours of outdoor fun. This fantastic scooter can be ridden on snow or pavement and is made of durable plastic that will last for years. It folds up easily for storage and transportation, and the three LED lights in the front light up your path as you ride at night. The footplate provides good grip and control, while the rear brake ensures safe stopping power. This ski scooter provides unlimited fun to children who love winter sports!

25. Ski Boot Travel Backpack

This ski boot bag is perfect for storing and carrying your winter sports equipment. It has an adjustable shoulder strap, so it can be carried like a backpack or worn over one shoulder when there is not much space in the car. The main compartment has enough space to store Google, boots, helmets, clothing, valuables, and fit boots. With this incredible storage solution, you will find room for everything you need to enjoy skiing! This awesome gift for snowboarders makes their trip a lot easier. 

26. Snowflake Multi-Tool 

This incredible snowflake shape tool has 18 different functions and is perfect for outdoor activities. It features various screwdrivers, Allen screw, opener and box cutter. The stainless steel construction ensures this tool will last for years, while the compact size makes it perfect for taking with you on any trip or ride! Snowboarders love using this multi-tool in their free time because it offers so many useful options that help them fix things around camp quickly.

27. Small Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This incredible little speaker is perfect for snowboarders who love to listen to music on the slopes. The portable speaker is small enough to fit in your pocket but provides amazing sound quality that rivals more prominent speakers. It is also waterproof, so you don't have to worry about it getting wet or damaged when you're out skiing or boarding all day long. This cool gift for a snowboarder would make any trip more enjoyable by providing great music to listen to while you ride!

28. 50pcs Outlander Vinyls Stickers

A cute vinyl sticker makes your snowboard look extraordinary. It also can protect your snowboard from scratch. It comes with 50 vinyl decals, which include various stickers. These stickers are easy to use and remove and will not leave any residue behind. They are also waterproof and can be used on a variety of surfaces. This cool gift for a snowboarder is perfect for adding some personality to their board!

29. Hardwood Snowboard

This cool snowboard is made of beautiful hardwood and provides a unique riding experience. It measures 90 cm long and has a flex rating of five, making it perfect for intermediate to advanced riders. Vintage motocross designs inspire the superb graphics on the board, and the wood construction ensures this board will last for years. Snowboarders love trying out new boards, which is sure to please!

30. GoPro HERO7 Black 

A GoPro is the perfect gift for any snowboarder who loves capturing their rides on video. The HERO VII Black edition offers stunning video quality in resolutions up to 3840x1920 and supports 15 frames per second. It also features a touch screen display that makes it easy to navigate menus and settings. The waterproof design allows you to take it skiing or boarding without worrying about damage. This fabulous gift will allow your loved ones to capture amazing action shots of their favorite winter sport! It would also be a nice gift for scuba divers.

31. Garmin Outdoor Watch with GPS

The Garmin Instinct is a deemed gift for any snowboarder who loves being active. The watch tracks your heart rate, has GPS capabilities to map out runs and routes and features numerous other tools that make it ideal for outdoor activities in all types of weather. This excellent device also allows you to record important information, such as the total number of vertical feet you have skied or ridden that day so that you can keep track! Snowboarding enthusiasts will love this incredible watch that helps them stay safe when they're having fun on the slopes!

32. Car Snowboard Roof Racks 

These roof racks are perfect for snowboarders who love to take their boards on day or road trips! The roof racks have adjustable arms that ensure the rack will fit any size vehicle and allow you to secure your board tightly so that it won't shift during travel. This car accessory can accommodate up to six boards securely at one time and features an anti-scratch design that protects both the board and the vehicle from damage. This rack features a push-button so that you can quickly and easily unlatch boards, making it perfect for any snowboarder on the go!


Rose Parker

Snowboarding is fun and exhilarating, and with the proper gear, it can be a safe and comfortable experience as well. Snowboarders can enjoy a day on the slopes with all the necessary accessories to make their day a success. With excellent and exciting gifts, you can ensure that your loved ones will have a great time on the mountain! These 32 cool gifts for snowboarders will make any rider happy, from beginners to experts!

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