31 Best Gifts For Vegetarians

best-gifts for vegetarians

A vegetarian diet is a lifestyle that includes the exclusion of most or all animal products. This type of diet excludes meat, fish, poultry, honey, and eggs. A lot of vegetarians eat dairy products such as cheese and yogurt. So if you are looking for gifts for someone with these diets then this list is perfect!

1. Microwave Mini Steamer

Many people love to eat vegetables, but not everyone has the time or patience to boil them in a pot. In this mini Veggie steamer, they can steam their vegetable in no time. 

With measuring lines on both the inside and outside, they can determine exactly how much water is needed for veggies. This kitchen product is an excellent gift for vegetarians and they must appreciate the convenience of this.

2. Produce Storage Container

Vege-lover finds it challenging to store vegetables. They can use this produce storage container set, which has a variety of sizes for all types of veggies.

Vegetables will stay fresh longer in these containers. The removable bottom can be used as a colander, which is perfect for rinsing produce. It is a wonderful gift for men who are vegetarians, and they will find this set very useful.

3. SKIN&CO Roma Truffle Therapy Essential Face Toner

Are you looking for birthday gifts for a vegetarian girlfriend? This toner is a good option. It contains natural oils, including avocado oil and grape seed extract, to protect skin from environmental damage caused by free radicals. The product has soothing properties that are great for sensitive skin types like rosacea or acne-prone facial skin.

4. Virginia Peanuts 

Your vegetarian friend will love these Virginia peanuts. They are roasted and seasoned to perfection and even come in a variety of flavors like Old Bay, Lemon Pepper, Jalapeno Lime Seasoning, or Cajun seasoning.

Virginia peanuts have no traces of any animal products whatsoever! These nuts not only taste great, but they're good for you too. Buy these cajun gifts for vegetarian friends and they'll thank you for it!

5. Potato Ricer

This potato ricer and masher is a must-have for every good cook, especially those who love to feed the masses. This large capacity ricer will efficiently mash potatoes, squash, or even rice without any effort at all! The durable handle is adjustable, so you can go from mashing veggies to making dough in seconds. It can be a good housewarming gift for vegetarian friends.

6. Personalized Carrot Charm Necklace

This carrot charm necklace is a unique gift for any vegetarian girl on her birthday. This Carrot 3D charm in antique Gold pewter shows that it's not just cute but also sturdy enough to last through lots of wear-and-tear! The designs are whimsical yet tasteful, with matching gold-toned plating that will go well with any outfit.

7. "Happea Holidays" Coffee Mug

Surprise your vegetarian friend on the holidays with this cute coffee mug! The sweet little peas are wearing a Santa hat and peeking through the opening in their pod. The mug is made of ceramic, with the words "Happea Holidays" written in white font on its white exterior to let your friend know they are loved no matter their diet!

It's a sweet reminder that you're not only giving them a present-you're caring about their favorite things too! The perfect holiday gifts for vegetarians that will remind them of the good things they eat all year.

8. Vegetable Chopper - Spiralizer 

Vegetable chopper makes cooking easier and quicker. It chops, slices, dices, or juliennes your vegetables in seconds!

It comes with a chopping bowl for storage of the chopped veggies as well as an attachment to process into spirals- perfect for pasta dishes and salads.

This good housewarming gift for vegans vegetarians will make cooking more enjoyable for vege-lover friend.

9. Spice Gift Set

Vegetables are some of the healthiest foods to eat, but they can be bland and tasteless, especially if you're tired of eating them in a plain out-of-the bag. This spice gift set has all the spices that will make vegetables taste good again! Your vegetarian friend must enjoy cooking and experimenting with different flavors. You can surprise your friend with these cooking gifts for vegetarians with their favorite spices.

10. Jar Gift Set

Vegetarians are often on the lookout for new recipes to try, and this jar gift set is perfect for those who love cooking. They can make homemade food, like sauerkraut, kimchi, and pickles in these jars sets. They can also store dried items in them, such as rice, beans, or lentils. Make them something unique with these jar gifts for vegetarians - they deserve it after. Any Asian mom will love to add these jars set to her kitchen.

11. Fermentation Kit

This kit helps your vegetarian friend to make fermented food at home. This kit includes a jar, lid, and airlock for making sauerkraut. There is also an instruction card with recipes on how to make different types of fermented food. It's the perfect gift for those who love cooking at home or want to try something new! Your vegetarian friend doesn't need to buy store-bought because, with this kit, they can make their own fermented food items. Any Korean mom will love to use this kit to make Kimchi in her kitchen.

12. Funny Ceramic Coffee Mug 

Your vegetarian friend must drink coffee because, after all, it's the best thing on earth! A good coffee mug is essential for their morning routine. This coffee mug with some animal images in the design has the phrase, "Friend, not food." Your vegetarian friend will love this mug because it can be used to remind them of their commitment. It also reminds your friend that meat is not necessary for a healthy life.

13. Jalapeno Grill Rack & Pepper Corer Tool 

This is a cool gift for vegetarians who love to cook and entertain. They can grill their favorite veggies like portobello mushrooms, zucchini, eggplant, or peppers without squeezing out all good juices! It also has a stainless steel corer, so they'll be able to easily remove those pesky seeds from bell peppers and other veggies.

14. Swivel Peeler

This vegetable peeler must come under top 10 gifts for vegetarians because peeling vegetables is one of the most annoying tasks. This peeler has a swivel head and is dishwasher safe.

This peeler will make prepping veggies so much easier and quicker because it peels pretty much anything with one swift motion. From potatoes, carrots, zucchini, or cucumbers! Plus, the blades are sharp to ensure your veggies are peeled quickly and efficiently.

15. Reuseable Shopping Bag

The reusable shopping bag is a fantastic, environmentally-friendly present for vegetarians. This bag can be used over and over again without any damage to the environment. It is made of sturdy canvas material that holds up well in wet or dry conditions. They'll also love how easy it is to carry around with its padded shoulder strap! This best small gift for vegetarians must appreciate them to be simple, practical, and inexpensive.

16. Vegetable Theme Glass Charm Pendant

When a vegetarian's friend or family member is having their birthday, it can be challenging to find gifts. This Vegetable Theme Glass Charm Pendant gift will be perfect for a girl who loves vegetables! The set includes 200 pcs of glass charms shaped like a variety of different vegetables, from broccoli to potatoes and peas.

This best small gift for vegetarians will be perfect for any event! It is also the most adorable yet practical present you could give your vegetarian friend or family member.

17. Tofu Press

Tofu is best when it's made fresh, but sometimes you just need to grab a block of tofu and get cooking. The Tofu Press makes the process quick and easy by pressing out excess water from the tofu before it's cooked or baked. Tofu is a famous ingredient in Japanese cuisine. 

The Tofu Press is the best gift for vegetarians who love cooking. It makes it easier to press tofu and also creates a much more tender texture that is perfect for vegan dishes, like chickenless wraps!

18. Electric Egg Boiler

A vegetarian's best friend, the electric gg boiler is a must-have in every kitchen. It cooks eggs quickly and evenly and heats up perfectly for an egg sandwich. 

It makes breakfast time so much easier because your vegetarian friend doesn't have to keep boiling water on the stove and boiling eggs in batches. The electric egg boiler saves time and energy too! The best gift for vegetarians who love eggs or any busy mom.

19. Scented Candles

Vegetarians like to spend their time in the kitchen. Cooking is a favorite pastime, and it also often leads to some delicious-smelling candles! If you're looking for good birthday gifts for 30-year-old women who are vegetarians and love animals, then one of these scented candles would be perfect. These scented candles protect from chemically-laden candles that have artificial scents and are made using animal fat.

20. Funny Dish Towel, " I Love You From My Head Tomatoes"

Want to make your vegetarian friend laugh loud? For some funny gifts for vegetarians, you can also get them a humorous dish towel. This one is called "I Love You From My Head Tomatoes." It would be adorable in an office kitchen or home kitchen countertop as well! They will not laugh aloud, but they might love the gift!

21. Smokey Vegan Eyeshadow Palette

For the vegan or vegetarian who loves their smokey eyes, this is a great gift idea. It includes eye shadows in various shades of smoky blue and brown with glitter pieces for added shimmer! This palette might be great if they are going to an event where they need formal makeup but want something on-trend. You can opt for this adorable gift as birthday gifts for a vegetarian girl to show them how much you care.

22. Electric Peelar

An electric peeler is a gift that any vegetarian would love to receive. It can help them get the right ingredients for making their favorite dishes! This makes peeling potatoes, carrots, and apples easier with little effort on their part. Plus these types of gifts are perfect because they’re practical and helpful in their cooking. With six replacement blades made of stainless steel, this item is guaranteed to last a long time.

23. Veggie Infused Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are gifts that anyone woman would love to receive, but they can be expensive and not always practical for some people who don't have time to use them often enough. This is why veggie-infused bath bombs are such a great idea! They smell so good with the addition of veggie extracts and they are convenient. Your vegetarian friend will be so excited to get these and use them!

24. Vegetarian Healthy Gift Basket 

It's that time of year again when we are all looking to find the perfect gift for our loved ones. This vegetarian gift basket is the perfect Christmas gift for a vegetarian friend. This basket includes all-time favorite vegetarian goods. You can amaze your vegetarian friend with this great gift basket, and they must be pleased about it.

25. Antique Vegetable Kitchen Decor

This cute, antique vegetable wall decor will make a great gift for your favorite vegetarian! This item makes it easy to set up a nice display in the kitchen or living room with its three metal hooks on the back and made of high-quality materials. The best part? Your loved one will get inspiration for their next dinner dish every time they look at it!

26. Vegetarian Apron

This apron is great for the vegetarian cook who likes to go all out! This adorable apron makes fun cooking days when they don't feel like it. The apron is made of cotton and features a cute, printable design that is sure to bring smiles. On the front of the apron, a funny saying Veg.e.tar.ian written and this is a way to show off your love of vegetables.

27. 30 Delicious & Easy Vegetarian Lunch Ideas (Veggie Life Book 2)

This is an excellent gift for a vegetarian who needs ideas on what to eat. This book has 30 delicious and easy recipes perfect for vegetarians, vegans, or anyone looking for new lunch ideas. The best thing about these recipes? They are easy and fast to make! The author of this cookbook is Lisa M.K. She has written other cookbooks that are also very successful on Amazon.-Great gift idea to get a vegetarian started with some great fast and healthy meals

28. Modern Watches and Vegetables Poster

This beautiful set of two modern watches and vegetable poster is a perfect decoration item for any kitchen. It could be the best housewarming gift for vegetarians. The exquisite watches are made with high-quality canvas. The vegetable poster is printed in vibrant colors featuring a collection of vegetables from around the world. It is really worth buying this set for your best friends or family members who are vegetarian!

29. Bamboo Salad Server Set

Salad is one of the best dishes that vegetarians can enjoy. However, most of them don't know how to make it well. The best solution is this salad server set! This bamboo material has excellent quality and makes food look more appetizing. It features a two-piece bamboo salad server made from high-quality natural materials to prepare salads perfectly at home. They are dishwasher safe, and they will not fade or crack as other spoons do! These bamboo salad hands are used to toss salad and serve salad at the table.

30. Wave Serving Bowl for Fruits or Salads

Does your vegetarian friend love parties? Give her this wave serving bowl. This wave serving bowl will be an excellent gift for your vegetarian friends because it can help them in their everyday life and during parties!

This bamboo material has excellent quality and makes food look more appetizing. It looks fantastic, and it can add elegance to any table. The wave serving bowls give a stylish touch to any dish.

31. "Vegetable Cakes"Cook Book

Vegetable Cakes cook book is the best gift for vegetarians because it offers more than 100 vegan recipes created by Ysanne Spevack. It has all kinds of cakes, desserts, biscuits, pie and other sweet dishes made with vegetables.

So you'll never get bored! Vegetable cakes cook book will be an excellent present not only for your vegetarian friend but you can also take full advantage of the recipes.


Rose Parker

A vegetarian lifestyle is a healthy and sustainable way of living. Your loved ones choose to let go of meat and animal products for various reasons, like the environment or health. Find out what their needs are with this list, and start shopping! We hope this article was helpful to you in your quest for finding vegetarian gifts.