77 Best Gifts That Are Actually Unforgettable Experiences

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Do you want to bring more happiness into the life of your loved one? Then choose an experience instead of a material object for their gift this year. There is already evidence that experiences make us happier than objects, and that this happiness lasts longer. So if you are looking for something really special and unforgettable as a gift for someone, think about giving them an experience! Here are some ideas:

1. Opera/Theater/Show tickets (for the best seats, of course)

2. Plane tickets to a favorite destination or getaway

3. Drawing class

4. Piano class

5.Stargazing with a cup of hot chocolate

6. A night at a Bedouin camp. Spending the night in the desert is not just for camping trips these days, it can make your daydreams into reality by surprising loved ones with this experience on its own or as part of a journey to another place you have never been before!

7. Skydiving is a great gift idea for anyone that can't think of anything else, or if you just need an easy present to buy during those last minutes before the holiday rush. It's a thrilling and unforgettable option!

8. Glamping. Or champing (camping in a church) if you feel like scandalizing the religious society

9. Anechoic room– this is a hard task because there are few anechoic chambers in the entire world, and they open up only with certain days. It's said that if you stay inside of one for just long enough (as if it's not the case), your heart will start to beat normally

10. A massage, preferably accompanied by a glass of wine or a cup of hot chocolate

11: A cooking class is always great for those who love to cook and want more knowledge about it! Or if you know someone that's just starting out in the kitchen- this would be perfect as well because they can learn from professionals how things are done properly while having fun at home with their loved ones (or friends).

12. Russian Banya , a Finnish sauna, or an Indian steam bath

13. Buy a thoughtful book for someone that will engage them and leave an impact

14. Wine tasting in Napa, California

15. Bungee jumping

16. Paragliding – a tandem flight

17. A special dinner with exotic cuisine that you won't be able to pronounce any item on the menu, and have to helplessly point to dishes to order them

18. A whole day at a theme park

19. A balloon flight in Cappadocia Turkey

20. A day on a lavish boat with lots of champagne, complete with your favorite music playlist

21. A day snowshoeing in the mountains

22. A cocktail night at a rooftop bar

23. A night picnic

24. A visit to a haunted house

25. A language course. Another way to make this gift memorable is to arrange for a foreign language course that takes place abroad

26. Photo shoot by a professional

27. Sending a warm winter vacation to someone with an upcoming birthday in the middle of chilly January is sure to be met with warmth

28. Hike into the mountains with some cake and champagne concealed in a backpack. Once you reach the peak, open up the bottle of champagne and light candles on top of the cake for your loved one (you might even need to buy non-extinguishable candles because peaks where windy)

29. Spend a night in a floating bungalow in Fiji or elsewhere

30. A dinner themed around the country of your most recent trip together

31. Surprise a loved one living in another part of the country or world with an unexpected meet-up and coffee

33. You might want to consider a membership for an aquarium, zoo or science center as a gift. These memberships can usually be given out at any time and can provide lifelong entertaining memories for loved ones

34. A salsa dance lesson

35. Horse riding on a beach

36. You could give your loved one a subscription to yoga classes. It will keep them healthy and really brighten their day

37. Anything homemade, because a homemade cake is much greater than the product itself; it shows that you put time, effort and intent into creating it

38. A luxury hotel stay for a friend who spends most of their life on the road in crappy hostels

39. Gift a Premium membership for their favorite app or online subscription

40. Make one of their dreams come true. Has your friend always wanted to publish a book? To record their own song? Help them make their hobby a little bit more tangible by paying for the record or the publishing service

41. A classic surprise party

42. Test drive a Lamborghini

43. A trip to the moon (or at least a virtual one).  A company called Apollo Box offers an experience where you can send someone on their own private mission and they will be able for take photos of what it looks like from space, as well get some souvenirs that are actually made in outer-space! It's pricey but so worth every penny if your loved ones is into this kind thing 😉

44. Making someone else laugh is so powerful for the giver and receiver. Buy tickets for a stand-up comedy show if your friend is feeling down, take them to see a funny comedy movie, or arrange with friends to get together at a restaurant where everyone has been known to hoot and sqeak all night long

45. A fixed sum of money with fun directions like “On jun 10, spend this money on something you wouldn’t normally do. Get adventurous or do whatever you feel like in the moment

46. A letter to your future self, with a time limit of one year from now for you or the recipient (or both) and instructions on how it should be opened: “Dear Future Me/You”  - write down all that is happening in life right this moment; what are they feeling? What do their days look like at work / home ? How has everything changed since then?""What advice would I give myself if my past me could see into today's world?". This can also serve as an anniversary present! Write letters back & forth between two people who know each other very well - not just romantic partners but friends too

47. All-Access Subscription to MasterClass - this can be a great gift for someone into learning new things from the masters themselves

48. Dive under the sea with shark expert

49. Swim with dolphins

50. Scuba diving

51. Eat exotic Kashmiri cuisine called Wazwan!

52. Buy tickets for go carting

53. Buy tickets for a gun range

54. Buy tickets for a paintball range

55. Go ice fishing during winter in Minneapolis

56. Buy them a cruise trip to the bahamas or other gorgeos destinations

57. Book a RV and send them along a trip to highway 1 in California

58. Book a kayak and drop them at the top of Russian River and then pick them up at Bodega bay

59. Take them to a pickle ball court and play a game or two

60. Book trip to Giraffe Manor, Nairobi and have breakfast with giraffes

61. Hike to an high altitude lake and camp overnight; eat fresh fish

62. Whale watching at point Reyes or wherever close to you!

63. Arrange to take your friend to a beach for the whole day and have them come back with a tan

64. Buy tickets for a live concert ( their favourite band or artist)

65.  Arrange a trip and stay at a Castle ( In ireland or else where)

66. Arrange a trip to Disney land or Disney World

67. Adventure on a safari

68. Buy them a first class ticket for a long haul flight

69. Take a trip on a private jet

70. Wine tasting in a limousine

71. Take them to a magic show

72. Take them to a game of their favorite sport (or any other) and have the best seats in house

73. Visit a chocolate factory and tasting

74. Take them to a snowboarding/skiing resort if they have never seen snow

75. Take them to a spa for the day. (or night) and have all their treatments done by someone else while they relax in luxury, then go home with new clothes or jewelry as well! This is an experience that will make anyone feel like royalty - it's worth every penny of its price tag because you're giving your loved one something special instead just more stuff .

76. Arrange an overnight trip in a house boat

77. Arrange a visit to a Permaculture garden!


Rose Parker

Hope you enjoyed our curated list of Gifts that are actually unforgettable experiences!!!