32 Harry Potter Gifts For Women

Harry Potter Gifts for women

It's no secret that Harry Potter is one of the most popular book series ever published. The Harry Potter fandom is one of the most active fandoms in history, with a large number of fans that have grown up alongside Harry Potter characters and are now adults themselves. So it's no surprise there are so many Harry Potter-themed gifts for everyone out there! If you want to surprise your favorite girl who loves Harry Potter, here is a list of 33 Harry Potter gifts for women.

1. Harry Potter Necklace

This Harry Potter necklace is a great gift idea for Harry Potter fan girls who also love aromatherapy necklaces because it comes with a lava stone that would diffuse the scent of your choice. This Harry Potter necklace is also really stylish because it has a golden snitch pendant that harry potter fans will love! It's made from alloy, making it very durable and long-lasting for everyday use. This Harry Potter gift idea is one to consider, so the Harry Potter fan you give this to will enjoy smelling both magical Harry Potter scents all day long!

2. Harry Potter Throw Blanket

The "Hufflepuff Rules" soft throw comes complete with sleeves. This Harry Potter gift idea lets the Harry Potter fan you're giving it be as comfortable as possible, so they can enjoy being wrapped up in Harry Potter warmth even more! The material of this blanket is extremely soft and plushy, so your favorite Harry Potter fan will love snuggling into it throughout their day for a cozy moment. It's also very warm because it has polyester filling inside the sleeve where one puts their arms through underneath, making this Harpy Pottery throw blanket perfect for wintertime or just lounging around at home all year long.

3. Harry Potter's Hogwarts Houses Ceramic Mug

This magic coffee mug reveals the image of their favorite Hogwarts house when hot liquid is added! This Harry Potter gift shows which Hogwarts House each harry Potter fan belongs in so that they can brag about it to their Harry Potter friends! This mug is also very high-quality, with black color that stays bright throughout use. This Harry Potter gift idea is great for Harry Potter fans who are all about the wizarding world and would love to have a magical-looking mugs collection in their kitchen or office.

4. Harry Potter's Hedwig Owl

This Harry Potter gift idea is a great way for Harry Potter fans to interact with their favorite animal character in the series! This interactive creature comes from J.K Rowling's original work and includes an audio file of Hedwig Owl's voice, which will make it seem like he really talks when his head moves. You can activate this owl by clapping, shouting, or calling him. This stuffed owl head can rotate 180 degrees and make various sounds like hooting, talking and screeching.

5. Wizard Wand Makeup Brushes Set

These Harry Potter wizard wand makeup brushes set are extremely interesting because each brush has a different design inspired by many things in the Harry Potter series. This set includes ten pieces (powder foundation brush, round kabuki brush flat kabuki make-up brush concealer blending sponge powder puff and lip & eyeliner) to help every Harry Potter fan look their best when they're getting ready to go out or just doing some beauty routine at home. These magic wand makeup brushes all come with black handles with silver tips on the ends where bristles sit, making this an awesome addition to any woman's cosmetic collection who loves makeup and Harry Potter! It would also be a decent graduation gift for a cosmetologist.

6. Harry Potter's Golden Snitch Clip Reading Light

This Harry Potter golden snitch light is perfect for Harry Potter fans who need to read in bed at night but don't want to disturb their significant other by turning on the bedroom lamp. The gold design of this reading light looks like the golden snitch from Harry Potter series making it an awesome addition to any Harpy Potter fan's living room or bedside table! This clip-on light has low heat energy that won't burn skin and goes great with many styles, thanks to its classic black color.

7. Harry Potter Woven Tapestry Throw Blanket

This amazing Harry Potter tapestry throw blanket is perfect for cuddling up in front of the fireplace or on their favorite sofa while reading, watching movies, playing video games, and more. The Harry Potter blanket makes it easy for fans to get lost in another world by bringing home an item from the Harry Potter universe! This tapestry throw measures 48"w x 60"l, so you can find one that fits cozily on your bed or sofa. It features Harry Potter "Marauder's Map" and is made of 100% polyester. This best Harry Potter gift for her is wonderfully due to its light brown finish.

8. Harry Potter Tom Riddle Journal

This Harry Potter journal with a Voldemort wand pen is perfect for Harry Potter fans who love to write and also enjoy the world of magic! This diary features 192 blank pages. The Journal measures approximately 8.5 x 6 inches, while the wand pen fits perfectly into its holder when not being used. This diary has a faux leather hardcover and looks just like Harry Potter's antagonist Tom Riddle's diary from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets! This best Harry Potter gift for her would definitely appreciate because it captures the essence of The Chamber Of Secrets and one can write down in this diary all their special thoughts.

9. Harry Potter Decorative Bookend

This Harry Potter-themed bookend is perfect for any Harry Potter fan! It's a fun way to display Harry Potters's books on the shelf or desk at work! This bookend features HP platform nine and three quarters in which Harry Potter is standing in front of the iconic Hogwarts Express train engine with Hagrid behind him holding his signature pink umbrella. This best Harry Potter gift for her would be appreciated by any book lover because they'll be able to keep their book collection organized while looking stylish at the same time by displaying them proudly.

10. Gold Snitch Key Ring

This Harry Potter snitch keyring is perfect for any Harry Potter fan! It's functional and fashionable as it features shiny gold plating. The Harry Potter keychain will make them feel like they're holding the golden snitch from JK Rowling's hit series every time they go to their car or house keys, which makes this an excellent Harry Potter gift for her that she'll appreciate! This highly detailed key chain is made of pewter and has a lobster clasp to attach to its keyring.


11. Harry Potter House Scarf & Pom Beanie

Hogwart house scarf and beanie set completes the look of Harry Potter fans! This Harry Potter gift for her is perfect to wear at home or outside while enjoying the Harry Potter universe. This Harry Potter set is made of 100% acrylic fabric and it's machine washable. The beanie cap has an embroidered interwoven patch on edge. This best Harry Potter gift for her would definitely appreciate because it's a fun way to keep them warm in cold weather as they'll be able to show off their Hogwarts pride while staying cozy at the same time!

12. Harry Potter Makeup Case

This Harry Potter makeup case helps to keep your Harry Potter fan organized! It has a makeup case with two separate compartments, one coin pouch and a zip wristlet wallet. It's an excellent way to store their money in style while decorating them with some Harry magic at the same time! She can keep her makeup, money and watch in an organized way while looking stylish at the same time by displaying them proudly.

13. The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

Why not try some Harry Potter-themed recipes? This Harry potter cookbook is a fun way to try out recipes from Cauldron Cakes to Knickerbocker Glory! It contains over 150 magical recipes so Harry Potter fans can get creative in the kitchen. Harry Potter lovers can make staple Harry Potter recipes like pumpkin pasties and treacle tarts. This Harry Potter gift for her help Harry Potter fan to the next level by giving them a fun way to try out some harry magic in the kitchen!

14. Alex and Ani Bracelet

The Alex and Ani Harry Potter platform bracelet look stunning! This two-tone Harry Potter bracelet is a functional and fashionable way to show off Harry Potter fandom at the same time. It's made of Harry Potter-themed charms. It's made of high-quality metal and is adjustable to fit most wrist sizes. This Harry Potter gift for her makes an excellent addition to any Harry fan collection because it can be worn on any occasion.

15. Harry Potter Hermione's Time Turner Necklace

This Hermione time-turner necklace gives her a beautiful grace.The chain length is 18 inches with a lobster clasp closure which means she'll have no problem wearing this best Harry Potter gift around all day long! She will appreciate receiving this Harry Potter accessory as one of the harpy items in their life full of magic, adventure and friendships that last forever. This gold plated necklace comes in a Harry Potter-themed wooden box, making it an excellent Harry Potter present for her.

16. Harry Potter: Complete 8-Film Collection (Blu-ray)

This Harry Potter complete blu-ray collection would be a perfect Harry Potter gift for her! She'll appreciate receiving the Harry Potter complete set because it has all eight movies and tons of special features on DVD. It's an excellent present she can watch over and over again, so she never misses any Harry magic at home! She can watch Harry Potter whenever she wants and feels like a part of the famous Harry Potter world at home.

17. The Noble Collection Harry Potter - Hogwarts Bookmarks

She can show her Harry Potter fandom with these Harry Potter bookmarks! These harpy items are an excellent way to mark the page when she's done reading. It has a gold embossed design, making it look like one of the famous textbooks from Hogwarts School in Harry Potter movies and books. She'll appreciate receiving this Harry magic gift, so they never lose their spot while re-reading favorite stories about wizards, witches and enchanting creatures at home or on the go!

18. Harry Potter Color Changing Umbrella

This Harry Potter umbrella is perfect for any harpy weather! The Harry Potter-themed design changes color in the rain, making it a fun and magical item to have. It's made of high-quality nylon, so she'll stay dry while walking home from work or school with this harry magic gift! She can also use this harry themed umbrella as part of her daily Harry Potter makeup routine because it will match all of her outfits perfectly.

19. Harry Potter Books Set

What harpy wouldn't want to receive their Harry Potter books in this amazing harry magic trunk? She'll be able to display it as a part of her book collection and feel like she's living inside the world of Harry Potter. It makes an excellent harry gift because it comes with seven hardcover books that have been designed just for collectors, making them look fancier than any standard edition harry potter book! This is one of those simple yet brilliant ideas that she will appreciate from you as one of the best Harry Potter gifts ever!

20. Harry Potter: Collectible Quidditch Set  

This quidditch set is best Harry Potter gift for her. It includes all four balls used in gameplay, so she can have the same harry magic experience as Harry Potter when playing with her friends - but without any house-elves getting involved! This harpy item will make an excellent addition to any Harry Potter collection and would be perfect for adding some magical flair to her office desk. This set includes two bludgers, one quaffle, one golden snitch, a quaffle poster, a lock and keys.

21. Harry Potter-Themed Charm Bracelet

This Harry Potter-themed charm bracelet gives her a harry magic touch that harpy can wear anywhere! It has a harry potter inspired design and is decorated with 12 charms that feature characters, artifacts and sayings from the Harry Potter stories. This silver metal bracelet can be adjusted to fit any wrist size. It is the perfect harry gift for girls who love Harry Potter and want an accessory that shows their fandom! This bracelet would be a great harry potter valentines day gift for her.

22. Harry Potter Map Scarf

A Harry Potter map scarf will keep her warm and cozy while she re-reads Harry Potter stories, but it also shows off her Harry Potter fandom in a subtle way. She can wear this Harry-themed accessory anywhere - to work or school, on dates with friends, or when going out at night. This Harry magic scarf comes in black and has an infinity design that looks like a map from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy. It is made of 100% polyester and machine washable.

23. Harry Potter Tote Bag  

To show off her love for the Harry Potter series, a Harry Potter-themed tote bag is one of the best harry gifts for her. This tote bag features a harry magic design with Gryffindor house colors all over it, with Hedwig on the front side looking more harper than ever! She can use this as her regular day-to-day carrier or take this traveling with her because it looks stylish and neat. It's made from 100% polyester fabric which makes it both durable and easy to clean up if any spills happen inside at some point in time.

24. Spoontiques Hogwarts Glitter Cup 

This Harry magic design cup would be a cool Harry Potter gift for her. This cup has a harry magic design, which looks like it was taken straight out of Hogwarts castle itself! It comes with its straw and lid to keep her drink hot or cold. This themed travel mug measures about 11" tall x around 20 ounces in capacity so she can enjoy her favorite beverage while going on errands or just hanging out at home reading a good book from the Harry Potter series!

25. Harry Potter Ankle Socks

These low-cut ankle socks are a great way to keep Harry Potter fan feet warm. This sock features five different harry magic characters, including Dobby the elf, Luna Lovegood with her Spectrespecs, Hedwig the owl and Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley! She can wear these to work or school and they look more harper than ever! These five-pair socks are made with 75% acrylic, 15% nylon and luxurious combed cotton. This best Harry Potter gift for her is available in sizes from 4 to 10 and various colors. 

26. Harry Potter Stuff Collection 

This Harry magic set is one of the best Harry Potter gifts for her. She can use this Harry Potter invisibility cloak to pretend that she's invisible, just like Harry himself! This set also includes Harry Potter's wand and Harry Potter's resurrection stone ring! When she wears Harry Potter's invisibility cloak around, it will be like Harry Potter is with her wherever she goes! This Harry Potter stuff collection is made for Harry Potter fans of all ages.

27. Harry Potter Trivia Game 

This Harry Potter-themed trivia game is one of the best Harry Potter gifts for her. This compact-sized board game has 600 questions based on all eight movies in the harry movie series! It's recommended for kids ages eight and up, but adults will have fun playing this with their friends as well! The object of the game is to answer six out of ten questions correctly before your opponents do so you don't land on any cursed spaces along the way.

28. Harry Potter Chocolate Frog 

Harry Potter chocolate frog makes a special Harry Potter birthday gift for her. It features a plush chocolate frog that is nested inside a blue cushion. This plush toy is made of soft, high-quality materials and it also has a lovely fragrance. This Harry Potter chocolate frog plush measures approximately 8 inches tall (33 cm). She can use this gift to decorate her room, bed, or couch and it makes a lovely gift for Harry Potter fans!

29. Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit

This Kano Harry Potter coding kit is one of the best Harry Potter gifts for her. It's a great way to learn to code and it makes an excellent party activity! This kit comes with everything you need to build your wand and use gestures and simple code blocks to cast spells, mix potions and create magical effects. She can program wands like Hermione or Ron; she'll be able to make objects appear on demand, off those pesky dementors, as well as use magic spells to awaken the slumbering Fluffy.

30. Harry Potter Water Bottle

She can stay hydrated with her favorite Harry Potter characters when she has this water bottle with her! This big stainless steel double wall insulated Harry potter water bottle holds up to 550ml of her favorite drink. It has a screw-on lid with straw and features the iconic Harry Potter, Ron and Hermione graphic design! The bottles are safe to drink from without worrying about harmful chemicals or metals seeping into the liquid inside. This stainless steel water bottle features a high-quality print that won't fade away after regular use. 

31. Harry Potter PopSockets

Give her the gift of selfies with this super-cute phone grip! This Harry Potter-themed pop socket features an ultra strong hold to keep her smartphone safe, and it also doubles as a stand for hands-free viewing. She can attach the pop socket anywhere she wants on her mobile device (or anything else) thanks to its reusable adhesive backing; just clean your surface before pressing onto it! The swappable top is compatible with all phones, tablets, or cases. A great way to make sure she's never separated from harry potter when she has this Harry Potter Hogwarts gloss pop socket on her phone.

32. Harry Potter Solemnly Swear Black Top

She can show off her fandom in a stylish way when she wears this Harry Potter shirt! This junior women’s shirt features a distressed print of the four houses in Hogwarts. The casual fit is perfect for every day, and she’ll look cute while showing off that she’s a dedicated Harry Potter fan. It comes in many sizes, including X-Large so that it will fit just about any woman well. She can pair it with jeans or leggings to complete the outfit! A great way to show everyone how much you are willing to defend Hogwarts from dark wizards or death eaters.


33. Harry Potter Hogwart's Writing Quill

Give Harry Potter a place of honor when you gift her this Harry Potter quill with a stand! This writing quill is made from high-quality resin and features the Hogwarts house logo. A great way to make sure she’s always ready to use it, this harry potter replica also comes with a matching base. She can display both on a desk or in a curio cabinet for an elegant look. This Harry Potter gift for her will go along perfectly with any decor!


Rose Parker

Harry Potter is one of the most popular book series in recent history. The story is magical and exciting, making Harry Potter a great read for both kids and adults! This collection of Harry Potter gifts for women celebrates the magic that Harry Potter brings to everyone who reads it. Whether trying to get through her day at work or studying hard for school, she’ll love having Harry Potter nearby to inspire her! So many Harry Potter-themed items are available that you can give your special lady a gift for every occasion.