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32 Hockey Gifts For Boys

hockey gifts for boys

Hockey is an exciting sport and popular all over the world. Hockey is a unique sport that has similarities to football, basketball and soccer. It requires both skill and strength of players. Every hockey player needs unique hockey gifts that will keep them motivated and excited about the game. Whether they are a friend, family member, or significant other, here is a list of 32 unique and cool gifts that any hockey player would love! If you know someone who loves playing hockey, this post will help you find some unique gifts for all occasions.

1. Street Hockey Balls 

Give him a set of these unique street hockey balls so he can play with his friends. The best part is they are NHL licensed, meaning you know your gift will be getting used by an experienced player! These outdoor hockey balls have a perfect weight and bounce, making playing easy for everyone, from beginners to advanced players. Their bright, vivid color and unique design will make sure your friend stands out on the street, and it won't be too hard to find him.

2. Automatic One-Timer Hockey Passer

A unique gift for a unique player! The NHL approved this hockey passer, which means your loved one can use it to practice his favorite sport anywhere he wants. The unique design makes you throw the puck from behind instead of in front of you, giving everyone playing an even chance at scoring goals. With this mini-goalie trainer and unique hockey passer, your loved one can be practicing and playing all day long. This mini-goalie trainer has an automatic puck return function that keeps the fun going for hours on end—no more chasing down pucks.

3. Hockey Player 3D Lamp Night Lights

Give your loved one the unique gift of lights to show off their love for hockey. This cool lamp is unique because it has a working puck that slides across it like an air hockey table! It looks great in any room, and he will be able to turn on his favorite game whenever he wants. The best part? He can use this lamp as a unique decoration for his room or as a cool hockey gift! The unique design of this lamp makes it fun to touch, and when he turns the light on, the LED lights make everything look amazing. It would also be a wonderful birthday gift for your nephew.

4. NHL Hockey Puck Waffle Maker

Who doesn't love waffles? Even better, who wouldn't want unique and cool hockey pucks to eat their breakfast with every day?! This waffle maker makes it so your loved one can put his passion for the game in his mouth! These unique NHL hockey puck-shaped waffles are made from a non-stick material that ensures easy removal. The unique puck shape makes it fun to eat, and the cool design with your favorite NHL team's logo on top will show off his love for hockey.

5. Hockey Half Cushioned Crew Socks 

Give your loved one unique hockey socks that they will want to wear! These unique half-cushioned crew socks have a fun, unique design on the side, showing off his favorite NHL team. The comfortable material means he can play hard without worrying about getting blisters or sore feet from uncomfortable footwear. This pack comes in multiple colors and designs, so it is perfect for any occasion. Your friend's going to love this cool hockey gift no matter what day it is.

6. Shoe Deodorizer 

This unique hockey gift is perfect for your loved one who plays hockey and has smelly shoes. The unique design means you don't have to worry about the deodorizer falling out of his favorite pair of boots and getting lost. It can be used on any footwear—even skates! This unique product will ensure that all stinky smells are gone from his gear so he won't embarrass himself during a game with bad foot odor.

7. Hockey Stickers

These unique hockey gifts are a great way to show your loved one that you care about his interests. This 50 piece pack comes with more than just NHL logos—it also has some fun emoji-shaped stickers that everyone loves, including you! this field hockey player gift must inspire them. These stickers can use on any surface, and they will look amazing! He will love these unique decals because he can put them on anything from water bottles to skateboards—so many cool places where this unique gift will make him stand out.

8. Hockey Tumbler 

Give your hockey-loving friend a unique gift of a hockey tumbler who shows off his passion no matter what he does! This unique 30-ounce tumbler comes with an attached lid, straw and built-in cleaning brush. The unique design ensures this cool hockey gift will stand out wherever you go because it looks amazing in any situation! This double-wall insulated cup is both BPA-free and dishwasher safe. He will love this unique gift if he loves hockey because it shows his dedication to the sport no matter where you go!

9. Hockey Puck Cell Phone Stand 

This unique cell phone stand is perfect for any occasion and can be used anywhere. The unique design of smartphone stand ensures this cool hockey gift will look amazing no matter where he goes because it shows off his favorite sport at all times. It's lightweight, so you won't even notice the extra weight in your backpack or purse, but it has a sturdy build quality to ensure it doesn't scratch up your smartphone as soon as you take it out of the packaging.

10. Hockey Stickhandling Training Aid

This unique stickhandling training aid is perfect for teenage boys who wants to improve their game. It easily adjusts, so you don't have to worry about whether or not it fits him anymore; simply twist the knob until it reaches its desired height and there isn't anything else you need to do! This cool hockey gift will inspire your friend to work hard when it comes to practices because you can see the results of all that practice. The unique design ensures everyone knows he's one of the best players on his team, and they'll be sure to notice every time he takes the ice thanks not only to his skills but also thanks in part to this amazing stickhandling trainer.

11. Hockey Stick Pencils 

These unique hockey stick pencils are the perfect way to show your friend you care. They come in a pack of 12, so he'll have enough for everyone on his team! The unique design ensures these cool hockey gifts will look amazing no matter what because they're decorated with NHL logos that any fan would love!  He can use them at school or practice knowing that this thoughtful gift is there every step of the way, thanks to its unique design inspiration.

12. Water Bottle 

The unique light-up design of this cool hockey gift ensures it will stand out wherever he goes because everyone knows how much he loves his favorite sport. It's easy to use; simply twist off the top and take a drink whenever necessary! The unique lid provides an air-tight seal that makes sure no spills occur when your friend isn't looking, but they're still easy enough to open on demand, thanks to its unique design inspiration. This 14-ounce water bottle shows off his love for hockey everywhere he goes without him even knowing; all you have to do is watch as people stop him at school or practice asking where he got such an amazing cool hockey gift.

13. Mini Hockey Goal Set 

This field hockey player gift set is intended to be played while kneeling. Instead of running down the house, play knee hockey to try and score a goal. The unique design ensures this cool hockey gift will look amazing no matter where he goes because it shows off his favorite sport at all times. It's super lightweight, so you won't even notice the extra weight in your backpack, but it has a sturdy build quality to ensure it doesn't scratch up whatever surface it's placed on as soon as you take it out of the packaging. This set Includes two goalie nets, four-player sticks, two goalie sticks and four foam hockey balls. 

14. Hockey Player Typography Design Youth T-Shirt 

This unique hockey-themed gift is perfect for any sports fan looking to show off his favorite team in a more subtle way. The unique design ensures it will look amazing no matter what, and he'll get tons of compliments whenever he goes out wearing this cool shirt! It's made from 100% cotton, making it both soft and durable at the same time. He can wear this comfortable tee everywhere because it has a loose fit that makes sure you don't feel restricted in any way while still fitting him like a glove! This unique typography print shows off your love for hockey with classic style, ensuring everyone knows how much you care about your friend when they see it on him wherever he goes.

15. "I Spy with My Little Eye Hockey" A Book  

This unique hockey book is perfect for any child interested in sports, but it's advantageous if your friend loves the NHL! Instead of having to attend a game, he can use this cool gift instead. Matt Napier writes this book and Hockey Edition is a fun activity book with puzzles, challenges, and poems that will keep any youngster occupied for hours. This little hardcover book is crammed with high-resolution hockey photographs as the backdrop for a fun experience. This makes it a fun book to read again and again because there are so many different challenges.

16. Chicago Blackhawks NHL Hockey Game Puck 

This unique hockey gift is best gift for hockey fans of the NHL who would like to show off their love for your favorite team at all times. This cool puck comes with a unique design that ensures it will be loved by everyone no matter what, and he'll get tons of compliments whenever he uses this soft-touch foam puck! you can use these pucks anywhere since they don't leave scratches on surfaces as soon as they're taken out of their packaging. They can even use them in their next game session without having to worry about injuries because there are so many different activities included for hours upon hours of fun! The unique Blackhawks logo features an amazing black/red color combination that looks unique on its own, but it also fits in perfectly with the team's uniform.

17. Hockey Stick Blade Wrap  

This cool stick blade protector has a unique design that ensures it will look amazing with whatever he decides to wear. It's made from high-quality vinyl, ensuring it can handle even the toughest challenges without tearing or breaking down under pressure. The unique design also ensures it will remain in place without any problems and won't slip off during the game. The cool graphics on each blade gives this item a unique look that he'll love to show off whenever they go out together for some fun time with friends or family! The unique wrap-around design makes this accessory easy to fit on his favorite stick brand since it doesn't require any extra cutting or taping to make each one work perfectly.

18. Spot It, Card Game

This unique NHL-themed playing card game is best for ages eight and up. It's a fun way to spend time with friends while enjoying their favorite sport, and it even has unique tokens that feature all of the teams in the league! The cool cards have a fantastic design that ensures everyone will want to learn how they work as soon as they see them laid out on the table. In this pack, 55 different cards and five unique mini-games are included.

19. NHL 3-Piece Classic Series BBQ Grill Set

This fantastic grill set comes with a unique design that ensures it will look fantastic on any deck or patio, ensuring everyone who uses this item has an amazing time grilling tasty food throughout the summer season! The total length of each piece is 18 inches long so he'll have plenty of room for cooking no matter how many friends and family members show up at his next party.! All materials used are made from high-quality steel that looks beautiful even after years of use.

20. Tabletop Air Hockey Table 

This unique air hockey table is just the thing when he's looking to have some fun with friends and family. It has a lightweight design that allows anyone to easily transport it from one place in your home to another without having any difficulty at all. Batteries can power this mini version for added convenience. This unique item is perfect for home use or even during the next big family get-together. You'll find all the accessories you need in this set, including two scoreboards, two micro pucks, and two micro pushers.

21. The Hockey Mug

The hockey mug with a net has an easy-grip handle that makes it simple and convenient to carry around with him as he enjoys the next big game or even as part of his morning routine! The large capacity ensures all those who use this product can enjoy their favorite drink at any time while also giving them plenty of space to add ice cubes without having too many issues getting them into the cup. This hockey puck-themed mug with a built-in goal lets him play with his coffee.

22. Hockey Shaped Pasta 

This unique pasta is shaped so that you will have no trouble getting your young hockey fan to eat his favorite meal! It's made from only the best ingredients, ensuring this product is healthy and delicious. The unique design makes it perfect for birthday parties or just when he wants something different in terms of food! Each box contains two unique pasta packs that are 14 ounces each.

23. Hockey Necklace 

This unique necklace has a special stainless steel design that allows you to show your support for hockey. The pendant is crafted from high-quality materials to be sure it will last through years of wear and tear while also helping him look great at all times. It's a nice, simple, yet effective way for any fan, young or old, to display their love for the game they hold near and dear! You'll receive this in an elegant black velvet box, which makes it perfect as a gift or when looking to add something new and unique to his jewelry collection!

24. Forced Air Boot Dryer and Garment Dryer

This unique product can dry your boots and clothes quickly so you can get back on the game as soon as possible! It's safe for all types of materials, including leather. The DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer is strong enough to work with even heavy-duty winter coats or other large articles of clothing that may take a long time to air dry naturally. It features a unique design that makes it incredibly easy to use as well as transport. You'll never have to worry about wet boots or clothes again with this product! It's perfect for items of all shapes and sizes, making it the ideal choice for any hockey player on your list! It would also be a wonderful gift for snowboarding and other winter sports.

25. Hockey Keychains with Motivational Quotes 

These unique keychains with motivational quotes will help him show off his love for the game at all times! This pack of 12 hockey keychains is perfect to use as giveaways during a party or just when he wants more personalized unique gifts. The designs are fun and unique while also helping you express your feelings about the game in one easy step! You can choose from several different quotes on these items, ensuring there's something that'll work perfectly with his personality. Each item has a secure lobster clasp so it won't easily be lost or broken either. 

26. Hockey Tile Artwork 

This unique artwork is a beautiful gift for any hockey fan. It features an eye-catching design that will look great on his wall. The 7x7 hockey-themed tile work ensures you'll love the way it looks in your home and helps him express his passion at all times. They can hang it on the wall or even put it on display in their bedroom or favorite home area. Its unique design ensures you'll love showing your support for hockey everywhere you go!

27. NHL Figures

This unique gift is one of the most outstanding hockey gifts ever! It's a replica of Connor McDavid's figure with unique Oilers detailing. This item features an intricately detailed design, so every hockey fan will love showing off their support for their favorite team and player at all times. The unique pose helps make it fun to display while also standing out in any room or office space. You'll receive this product encased in its acrylic stand to ensure safe-keeping over time as well as helping you show your support wherever you go!

28. Hockey Puzzlers Trivia Book

This unique puzzle gift is the perfect addition to any hockey fan's collection! It features fun trivia questions about different players, teams, and other fascinating facts that will keep you entertained for hours. Each question includes a picture of its subject matter so he can show off his love everywhere he goes! You'll learn new things while also having fun doing it with this unique game.

29. Sports Deodorizer Pods 

 It's a deodorizer pod that will help him eliminate any unpleasant odors in his shoes or other small items. The unique design makes it easy to use with no messy liquids involved. He'll never have to worry about odor again once you give this product as part of your thoughtful present! He can expect his equipment to smell fresh, new, and ready for the next time after applying this product. It's non-toxic and used by professionals. It would also be a helpful gift for basketball players.

30. 3D Illusion Hockey Night Light Lamp 

It is a unique gift for a hockey player who plays hockey even in their dreams. It can be a decoration in your room and help you see things easily at night. This unique lamp can change 16 colors, including white color turn into blue color. It would be the perfect hockey birthday gift for your boys. If you have a tomboy at home, works for her as well. It is powered by AA batteries and made of high-quality plastic.

31.NHL Mini Hockey Goalie Equipment with Mask Set

It is a unique hockey gift for boys who wants to feel like pro. This gear set gives you the same feeling when playing street hockey or in your very own backyard, but it's much safer than using real goalie equipment! You can take off his mask easily before each game starts so he can look just like his favorite NHL player every time! The unique design ensures this product will be comfortable and easy to use while also giving him an outstanding performance.

32. Junior Street Hockey Gloves

This glove set features a unique contoured design that ensures the fabric will stretch with his movements while still providing him a full range of motion in all directions during play! It also includes an adjustable wrist strap to ensure he's comfortable wearing it every time and won't have any trouble moving around as needed. The unique ventilation holes keep his hands cool throughout use, making this product more efficient than ever! They come in different sizes so that you can choose your favorite one based on your need.


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In America, Canada, and many other countries, hockey is one of the most favorite games. Hockey players need continuous appreciation and support from their parents and fans. You can gift your favorite hockey player a special gift he will love using during his games. Your gifts can support him to be the best player in his team. He will definitely like these gifts because he loves his passion for playing this fantastic sport that makes him look cool in front of everyone else.

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