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33 Leather Anniversary Gifts For Her

Leather anniversary gifts for her

Let's face it, leather is cool. Not just for cowboys and bikers, leather is a versatile material with many uses that span the spectrum from practical to luxurious. If you are looking for some unique leather gifts that will make your significant other feel special, then this list is for you! From leather anniversary gifts (including 3rd leather anniversary gifts) to leather day-to-day accessories, these 33 ideas are sure to please any woman in your life.

1. Leather Dopp Kits

This is a great anniversary gift for your loved one. If you are looking for leather anniversary gifts for your wife, this leather Dopp kit will help her keep all those beauty essentials in one place! Since we know that skincare and makeup are extremely important to women, giving her a leather Dopp kit would be the perfect gift.

2. Symbolic Flower: Sunflowers

This symbolic flower is perfect to commemorate the sun and heat that we associate with summertime. If you find yourself giving a leather gift on an autumn day or winter night, these sun flowers can still serve as symbols of renewal and change even though they may not be blooming at the time. This would be a perfect 3rd-anniversary gift for her. 

3. Personalized Leather Bookmark

A leather bookmark makes a great 3rd leather anniversary present because it has some longevity to it––unlike paper bookmarks which often get lost! Personalize yours by engraving names (or initials) onto leather bookmarks with metal lettering. So, if you are thinking of something unique, maybe this would be a great idea for you.

4. Symbolic gem: Moonstone

Sunflowers are also the flowers most associated with summertime, but they may not be blooming at this time of year. Either way, these symbolic gems can still serve as symbols of renewal and change even though they may not be in bloom during the winter or fall months. This would make an excellent 3rd-anniversary gift for her to commemorate your long-lasting love! 

5. Sunflower Earrings

These leather earrings are handmade with genuine leather and have a sunflower design. The earring hook is made from stainless steel wire, which will not tarnish or turn your skin green! These would make a great 3rd-anniversary gift for her to commemorate the summertime sunshine that you love so much together. One symbolic and beautiful gift for your lovely wife. 

6. Leather Journal

This leather journal is handmade from genuine leather and includes a leather string closure. The cover of this leather notebook can be embossed with an initial or monogrammed in gold foil or silver foil. This would make the perfect 3rd-anniversary gift for her to keep all your thoughts, memories, and future plans are written down on paper! A great gift for people who love to write.

7. Heart Leather Luggage Tag

A heart leather luggage tag  is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. This leather luggage tag would make the perfect 3rd-anniversary gift for her because it can be personalized with an initial or monogram in gold foil, silver foil, embossed lettering or even blind deboss. The leather straps are adjustable to suit any suitcase size! Really cool gift for her.

8. Leather Ballet Flats

This wonderful leather ballet flats would be a great leather anniversary gift for her because it is practical and looks good. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't want leather shoes that are so comfortable! These leather ballet flats provide the perfect balance between fashion, comfort, durability and quality. It would also be a comfortable gift for a mother.

9. Double-Zip Leather Camera Bag

A double-zip leather camera bag is a leather anniversary gift for her that she will appreciate because it is practical. A leather camera bag deserves a place in the list of best leather gifts because they come with several benefits: they are durable, stylish and look professional. They have plenty of storage space inside to carry photography equipment securely on trips or when filming outdoors.

10. Leather Earrings

These are different from ordinary earrings. They are leather earrings. They have a leather cord with the hook on one end and a metal loop on the other, which allow you to put them in your ears like regular studs. This leather anniversary gift is among the best options for those not looking to spend a lot on their gift. You can't go wrong!

11. Leather Key Fobs

Leather Key Fobs are leather wristbands with leather-wrapped cords and a snap button that attaches to your keys. When it comes to leather anniversary gifts, these are great because they're multifunctional - you can use them as keychains or fashion accessories if desired! A great gift for your wife, especially if she loves leather and fobs. She will definitely love this one.

12. Leather Wallet

A leather wallet is an excellent gift for an anniversary according to many people who have got one before. They come in so many styles, colors, shapes and sizes, it's hard not to find the perfect leather gift for him or her that will fit their personality perfectly. While some of us like traditional wallets made from cowhide, there are plenty of other choices available too if this doesn't suit. 

13. Leather Pouf Cover

It's more than just another leather pouf, it is handcrafted with soft leather and has exquisite embroidery on the top. be used as a pillow in bed or to lean against on the couch when watching TV, so it is great for both night time and day time use. One great gift for her.  

14. Leather Wrap Bracelet 

A leather wrap bracelet is another great 3rd leather anniversary gift idea because you don't have to worry about sizing since they are made one-size-fits-all! You can get them online and they come ready with charms like her birthstone or favorite gemstones attached. If you want something extra special for your girl love who loves bracelets.

15. Leather Tray 

A Leather Tray is something that your lovely wife will enjoy showing off and using at her desk or on a coffee table. They come in an assortment of shapes, sizes, leathers, and colors so there should be something to fit everyone's taste! Some have silver trimming for the edges while others are made with leather that has been dyed black which is trendy these days. It would also be a decent kitchen gift for mom.

16. Leather USB Stick 

Your wife might be a leather lover who needs this Leather Stick to keep her digital files in perfect condition. Like every USB stick, this is used to keep and transfer info from one computer to another. This is something that she can use to save info whenever she needs it. It is a useful and really interesting gift for a computer geek who loves leather. 

17. Leather Designer Handbag

This leather designer handbag is luxury leather. It is made from high-quality leather and it has a really elegant design that will make your wife look fashionable wherever she goes. The inside of the bag features two large zipped compartments, so you can keep her cards, cash and other things in place without them getting mixed up or lost. A great gift that comes in a range of colors. 

18. Leather Glasses Case

Another great gift for leather-loving partners are these glasses cases! This case comes with a zipper pocket on one side so you don't have to fumble around looking for something else like you would in most bags. This is a great gift for the anniversary. 

19. Leather Gloves

If leather gloves were on your wife's list this year then you may want to consider these leather ones. They're made from high-quality leather which means they'll last a very long time and will keep her hands nice and warm in the winter while also being soft enough against her skin that she won't feel any discomfort wearing them for hours on end! 

20. Leather Jacket 

If leather jackets were on your wife's list this year then you may want to consider these leather ones. They're made from high-quality leather which means they'll last a very long time. 
It would be an excellent job promotion gift too.

21. Leather Paddle

This excluded leather paddle is a solid choice for those who like the idea of spanking their partner but don't want to make it too harsh. The leather is made from high-quality leather, and the handle has an ergonomic grip that will be comfortable in your hands while also not being so padded that you can't deliver a good slap if needed! 

22. Leather Tote Bag

This leather tote bag is perfect for the woman who likes to carry around her belongings in style. The leather has a very nice texture and feel, but it also has some other really great features that make it worth buying. For instance, there are four metal feet on the bottom of this leather tote bag which means you won't be worried about ruining your bag with any dirt or scratches.

23. Leather Picture Frame

Pictures are a great way to capture memories and this leather picture frame is the perfect place for them. It's made of leather, which makes it look stylish but also durable enough to be around forever. The leather has been treated with UV protection so that it won't fade or get damaged over time as well. A great gift for your wife. 

24. Leather Rose

This leather rose is a really unique gift idea. It's made out of leather and features the date you were married written on it in your choice of colors. This would be such an adorable keepsake for her to have forever that she'll always remember as well!

25. Leather Watch

A leather watch is always a really nice gift idea. They're great for dressing up or down different outfits and they come in a variety of leathers, colors, and styles so you can find something that fits her style perfectly! This particular one is available in almost every color. It is elegant, fashionable and stylish and it will go perfectly with every combination. 

26. Leather Sport Collectibles

Sport leather collectibles are a great gift idea because they have the best of both worlds. They're leather and sports-related so it's an amazing combination for someone who is looking for something that will last forever, but also has some sentimental value to the gift. 

27. Leather Wine Opener

A Leather Wine Opener is perfect for someone who is looking to invest in a leather gift that will last them for years. It's leather and has stainless steel features, so it can be used with any type of wine bottle! A great addition to any kitchen or bar area. If your wife is a wine lover, then this is a great gift. 

28. Wedding Song on Leather

This leather notebook has more than enough space for all of their favorite songs, which they can take with them and write down new favorites too. You might find this leather album to be one of your most cherished gifts from any occasion! It's one awesome gift. 

29. Leather Bow Tie

Leather bow ties are a fun way to dress up for any occasion. This leather one has the perfect masculine appeal that will make her feel like a female version of James Bond! You can find leather bowties at many different price points depending on what best suits your budget and her style. If she loves wearing suits and shirts, this would be a great combination. This can also be attached to a headband for a more feminine look.

30. Leather Makeup Bag

A leather makeup bag is a chic way to carry all of her beauty essentials. The leather will help prevent any spills and has the potential to last many years as long as it's cared for properly. If you want to make this gift more special, consider monogramming it with initials or even engraving something on it! A great gift for her. 

31. Leather Office Chair

This leather office chair is a classic gift idea for her. It's comfortable, sleek and professional all at the same time. This is also great for her health since it is keeping her back and neck straight. If you're looking to make this purchase even more personal, consider going with a monogram on it or engraving something special about your love! 

32. Leather Dress Shoes

These leather dress shoes are great because they will never go out of style and she can wear them to work without feeling like she has too much leather on their feet (if you know what I mean). They have such good reviews that there really isn't any reason not to get them as an anniversary present if the leather is one of your main gift ideas -- especially since these babies come in so many colors!

33. Leather Accessory Storage Box

This leather accessory storage box is perfect for all of those small jewellery pieces that "keep getting lost." It's about the size of a shoebox, but it has plenty of room to store earrings and rings as well. The leather look on this organizer gives it a nice touch which will make any jewellery lover happy! Plus, she can keep all the accessories there. 


Rose Parker

If you had any doubts about what to buy your wife for your leather anniversary, we hope we helped you with these 33 ideas. If she is someone who loves leather, then you came to the right place!

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