34 Long Distance Relationship ifts

long distance relationship gifts

Loneliness is the worst feeling in the world. That's why it can be so hard to show your long-distance love when they are away for work, school, or just traveling. To establish a deep and meaningful connection with your partner, sometimes you need to get creative. With that said, there are many cute and creative gifts you can give them to help ease their loneliness! In this blog post, we will talk about 34 cute long distance relationship gifts that will make your partner feel more loved than ever before!

1. Digital Picture Frame

This cute gift is perfect for all those cute moments you can't get enough of. It allows your loved ones to enjoy their best memories every day, all the time! They will receive updates on how much progress they have made in life and see how happy it has made them. Your partner will cherish these long distance relationship gifts forever because this photo frame shows all their favorite pictures at once! Who doesn't like getting updated photos!? With 8 GB internal memory, this digital photo frame can store up to 30,000 pictures! It would also be a nice gift for Parkinson's patients.

2. "Hug This Pillow" Pillow

This cute but very practical long distance relationship pillow would remind your partner of your warm hugs when they are away. It is the perfect gift for all those long, sleepless nights! Its ultra-soft and cuddly plush exterior provides a warm hug whenever they feel lonely. This pillow has a romantic read, "Hug this pillow until you can hug me again. This handmade pillow is made of soft and high-quality materials, making it a cute gift for any long distance relationship.

3. Lovebox Messenger 

Long distance relationships are hard, but cute long-distance relationship gifts can help ease the pain. One way to show your love is by sending a cute note in this Lovebox! It allows you to send little messages or photos without breaking your wallet. You can send messages and photos via the app and this box will open. It is a unique way to remind them that you are always thinking about them without spending too much money. This photo message box also helps break up the monotony of everyday life, allowing for an extra cute moment to happen. It sure to be a cute valentine's day gift for a woman.

4. Long Distance Connection Bracelets

What could be more special than having a physical connection with your loved one? These silver loop bracelets are perfect for long-distance relationships! They allow you to keep your partner close to your heart and provide a small amount of comfort during those tough times. When you touch the bracelet, the other bracelet will light up, providing a remote connection in the otherwise dark and lonesome world. The soft light from the bracelets illuminated their touching hands and created a beautiful moment that they would never forget. These bracelets are perfect for reminding your loved ones that you are always there for them, no matter what! It would be a special gift for your loved one in assisted living.

5. Scented Candle

This cute candle would remind your loved ones of the comfort you bring to each other when they are far away. Both men and women can enjoy this cute gift because it has a sweet, long-lasting fragrance that will keep them relaxed throughout their day! It is made from natural soy wax with a cotton wick for a clean burn. This cute candle comes in an adorable glass jar which makes it perfect as a decoration piece on its own or while lit up during romantic nights together.

6. Touch Lamps

This unique long distance relationship gift is ideal for those nights when you can't be together. These lamps use wifi to connect and light up in the same color as your partner! They are made with a unique design that makes them easy to set up. You need to download the app, choose your colors, and touch the lamp to share a loving moment even when you're apart! These Telepathy Friendship Lamps make a great couples gift because they promote communication and intimacy without being too over-the-top. Plus, who wouldn't love getting a present that glows in the same color as their loved one?

7. Love Capsules Letters

This cool long distance relationship gift must be one of the most unique out there! It is a set of 50 love letters sealed in plastic bottles. It comes with 50 capsules, each one containing a cute message. You can send these messages for anniversaries or just as cute surprise gifts every once in a while! This also makes it easy to stay connected and remind your partner how much you care about them. The best part? If they don't like the first capsule, there are 49 more chances of finding something special inside. They'll feel loved knowing that even though you're apart, there are still ways of showing affection through cute notes like this little bottle jar full of words.

8. Notebook

This lovely long distance relationship gift is a notebook that's perfect for those who like to write about their feelings and thoughts. You can use it as your diary or even as a cute love letter! This journal has the best words of comfort, inspiration, and advice on its pages - all there just for you when you need them most. It is also an artistic way to show how strong your bond with this special person is! This notebook features a friendship quote, "distance means so little when someone means so much," on the title page. Makes great affordable long distance relationship gifts for your loved ones for any special occasion!

9. Picture Photo Frame 

This valentines day gift for guys is a frame that's perfect for the couple who likes to take selfies and photos together. It presents an excellent way to show your loved ones how much you care about them from afar! This wooden photo frame has the words that read, "Distance Means so Little, When Someone Much." This cute gift is a great way to show you care and it comes with an easel back for easy wall display. 

10. Conversation Starter Cards Game

Make long distance call more fun and romantic with your partner with this interesting conversation card game! It's great for building trust, intimacy and communication in relationships of any kind - even if you see each other every day! This set of 120 cards will give you plenty of fun topics to talk about when you don't know what else to say. You can spend quality time with your partner, learn new things about them, and have some laughs along the way. It's also a great way to keep the spark alive when you're not able to be together.

11. UnboxMe Care Package

The care package is a surprise gift for any woman in your life! This lovely set comes with a bunch of different items that she can use to take care of herself. It includes a Mini Faux Succulent, herbal tea, Lavender Infused Honey Bear, and fuzzy socks. The best part? It also comes with a cute card that reads "Warm Hugs." This is the perfect way to show your loved ones that you're thinking about them and care about their well-being. She'll love being able to relax and take some time for herself with all these wonderful goodies.

12. Magnetic Mutual Attraction Bracelet

This long distance relationship matching gift is a magnetic bracelet set that will help keep your love strong! The set comes with two braided bracelets with a magnetic charm that will attract each other when they are close. These are designed to be worn together to symbolize your eternal love, which makes them perfect for long-distance couples who want to show their affection while being miles apart. You can wear these cute bracelets anywhere you go without having to worry about taking them off when it's time to work out at the gym or showering after a long day in the office.

13. Engraved Compass

This military long distance relationship gift is a compass that will help your loved one find their way back to you! This makes it the perfect romantic gift for any partner who's gone away - whether they're traveling, at school, or working out of town. This engraved compass reads, "The day I met you, I found my missing piece. You are my Soul Mate, My Everything". This brass compass is a beautiful way to keep your partner close to your heart, no matter how far apart you are.

14. Wood Music Box 

This long distance relationship gift for her is a music box that will remind your loved one of how much you care! The wooden music box has the words "You Are My Sunshine" engraved on it, with a beautiful design surrounding it. This makes it the perfect sentimental gift for any woman in your life. She can keep it on her bedside table to listen to while she sleeps or take it with her wherever she goes. The best part? It's not battery-operated, so there's no need to worry about plugging it in - wind it up and let the sweet sounds of love fill the air.

15. Weighted Blanket 

This twin-size weighted blanket is a great way to stay close with your loved one, no matter how far apart you are. This cute long distance relationship gift will help relax and comfort the receiver by applying deep pressure touch stimulation (DPTS). The weight of this fabric is carefully calibrated for the perfect amount of comforting hug that will calm anxiety, reduce stress and increase feelings of safety and security. 

16. Digital Countdown Timer 

Is he or she leaving town soon? Make them feel even more connected than ever before with this countdown clock set on the date when they're coming back! They'll love knowing exactly how many days they have left with this cute and thoughtful gift. This countdown clock will let them know exactly how much time is left until their next visit home, so that not a second goes by without thinking about you! This countdown clock has a large LCD screen that is easy to read from a distance, and it runs on two AAA batteries (included). It could also be used in an autistic adult's room.

17. Puzzle Keychain Couples Set 

Perfect for couples who love spending every spare moment together, these puzzle keychains fit perfectly around your fingers and keep your loved one close to your heart. When put together, the metallic keychains form a cute little puzzle that is only complete when you're holding hands with your partner. These make for a great long-distance relationship gift because they are both functional and sentimental - always reminding you of the love you share even when you're miles apart.

18. KODAK Instant Print Camera

Who doesn't love receiving cute polaroid photographs? Never miss a special moment with this instant print camera! With this little long distance relationship gift, your partner will never miss a special moment again. The Kodak printomatic instant color printer is the perfect way to share life's moments with ease and fun. No more waiting for photos or worrying about losing them - load it up and take as many pictures as you want before printing out any that you're especially fond of on sticky-backed photo paper (not included) so that they stay safe in your wallet at all times.

19. Scratch The World Travel Map Print

This beautifully designed scratch-off world map print is perfect for the traveler in your life! They can keep track of all of their amazing adventures with this long distance relationship gift. This unique print includes a gold foil top layer that can be scratched off to reveal countries visited and cities explored - making it the perfect way to commemorate all of your loved one's travels. The high-quality paper used in this print means that it will last for years, so they can continue to reminisce about all of their amazing memories together.

20. Letters to Open When 

A classic and simple gift idea for a long distance relationship! This book allows you to open your heart with the love of your life at any point in time. Share all of those special moments that are just too hard to say out loud, or write about anything else that's on your mind when you're feeling overwhelmed. This is an awesome way to keep them close even though they might be far away - no matter how long it has been since you've seen each other last. They will surely treasure this cute handmade gift forever because it means so much more than words can describe!

21. Movie Subscription Box

What could be better than a movie night with your loved one? This subscription box is the perfect way to connect with them over a shared love for movies! With 25 DVDs to choose from, you can pick any genre that you want and enjoy watching them together. From drama to comedy and everything in between, this long distance relationship gift will keep you entertained for hours on end. Plus, it's an affordable option compared to buying all of those DVDs separately - so why not give it a try?

22. Custom Spotify Glass Art 

The Spotify glass art night light is the perfect way to show your love for each other! This unique gift can be customized with any photo that you choose and the name of your favorite singer or band. The scannable Spotify code on the back makes it easy to connect to their account and start streaming their favorite songs right away. Plus, the acrylic plaque is illuminated with soft and calming light, making it the perfect way to relax after a long day. This gift to give your boyfriend in a long distance relationship is sure to please him.

23. Hand Casting Kit 

This cute long distance relationship gift is the perfect way to cast your hands together! With this kit, you can create a permanent keepsake of all those special moments with the love of your life. This unique present idea makes it easy for couples far away from each other to connect and feel close no matter how many miles apart they might be. They will cherish these cute little casts forever because it means so much more than words can describe!

24. 100 Dates Scratch Off Poster

Your loved one can keep a record of all the amazing dates that you share with this scratch-off poster! This beautiful and unique gift is a great way to celebrate all of those special moments. With 100 different date ideas to choose from, your loved one will always have something new and exciting to look forward to. There's something for everyone on this poster, from romantic getaways to adventurous activities! This is a great way to keep your bond strong even though you might be apart - it's a thoughtful and fun gift for boyfriends in long distance relationships.

25. "Why I Miss You" Journal

This long distance relationship gift is the perfect way to tell your boyfriend just how much he means to you! This fill-in journal lets you express all of those special feelings in words. From every detail about their personality down to their favorite cologne, this book covers it all! It's a great way for them to keep track of everything that makes them so unique and lovable. The beautiful cover design will look lovely displayed on his bookshelf or desk while filling out these pages gives him an opportunity to slow down and reflect on what matters most - being with the love of his life!

26. Romantic & Funny Love Notes Card

Gift your loved one with a little bit of love every day with this adorable card set! This gift for boyfriends in long distance relationships is the perfect way to show how much you care. With 12 different designs, these cards are sure to make them laugh and smile no matter how far apart you might be. You can send them with a box of chocolate or a bouquet to show them just how much they're on your mind! This little gift is sure to brighten up their day and make them feel loved beyond words.

27. Dual Time Zone Sport Watch

A dual time zone watch is the perfect present for a boyfriend in long distance relationships. You can give them this leather watch that features a dual time zone display. This means your loved one can keep track of both time zone simultaneously without having to switch watches. They'll appreciate being able to keep track of both your schedules, so wherever their travels may take them; he'll be sure to stay up to date with all those important dates and times. This stylish gift idea features a dark brown leather strap and an elegant face design. The casing around the dial is made from stainless steel alloy, while special anti-reflective glass provides enhanced visibility no matter how much sunlight might shine through into his view.

28. Portable charger

When your loved one lives in a different time zone, it's always a good idea to keep track of his timing when making phone calls. This portable charger is the perfect way for him to recharge his phone or tablet even when he might not have access to an outlet. He can also use this as a power bank and plug in various other devices, such as a camera, Bluetooth speaker, or whatever else he needs charging up! It comes with dual USB ports that give him all of those options while keeping any excess cords out of his life - simply place the device on top of the charging station and let gravity do all the work!

29. Personalized Throw Blanket 

A personalized blanket is a great way to show your loved one how much you care! This throw blanket can be customized with any photo or text that you choose. The soft flannel fabric makes it perfect for snuggling up on the couch, in bed, or anywhere else he might need a little extra warmth. He'll love being able to wrap himself up in your loving embrace no matter where he happens to be! This high-quality blanket is made from 100% polyester and measures 80 x 120 cm/ 31.49 x 47.24 inches - just the right size for him to curl up with. It's also machine washable and dryer safe so he can keep clean without any effort on his part!

30. Matching Promise Rings for Couple

Express your love for one another with a beautiful set of matching rings. These stainless steel promise rings are perfect for couples in long distance relationships. The simple design is elegant and timeless, making it the perfect symbol of your everlasting love. He'll love the comfort fit band that makes it easy to wear all day long, while she'll appreciate the sparkling half-heart design that captures her heart perfectly. You can also choose to have them engraved with a special message or date, making them even more personal and special!

31. Phone Tripod

When you are in a long distance relation, photos can be a way to communicate and feel closer. Phone Tripods are the perfect gift for those who enjoy taking pictures, especially when they might not have many opportunities to see each other in person! This tripod is made from aluminum alloy construction that's both sturdy and lightweight, so he won't struggle with carrying it around. The universal clip means your partner will be able to use this phone stand with any smartphone or small camera - just attach it onto his device securely before snapping away!

32. Leather Travel Bag

A good quality travel bag always reminds your long distance friend how much you care! This leather bag can be carried in hand, over your shoulder, or around the waist. The top load feature makes it easy to access everything inside while keeping his hands free for other things - like holding onto you. It's also made from 100% leather that offers both durability and style, so he'll never have to worry about it getting beat up on the road. The light color and simple design mean he'll be able to use this bag with any outfit.

33. Amazon Activity Tracker

Keep track of your long distance lover's health and wellness with this stylish halo band. It looks like a beautiful bracelet, but it also has an advanced sensor inside that tracks sleep quality, activity levels, heart rate, stress level, and more! This information is then transmitted to your phone wirelessly - so you can check in on him at any time of the day or night. The band is also made to be water-resistant, so you don't have to worry about it getting wet, and the Winter + Silver design means it will look great with any outfit.

34. Valentines Couples Coffee Mug

This Valentine's coffee mug is the perfect way to show your long-distance love how much you care. The sentimental message and design are beautiful and unique, and it's made from high-quality ceramic that will last for years. This ceramic mug reads, "Even though your are many miles away but no one else closer to my Heart." It's the perfect gift for any anniversary or birthday, and both he and she can enjoy it. Plus, this mug is microwave and dishwasher safe, so it's easy to keep clean. Whether he's drinking his morning coffee or afternoon tea, your long-distance love will appreciate this special mug.


Rose Parker

Of course, you know your spouse best and possess the finest knowledge of what types of presents they will enjoy. So, if you are looking for a more personalized gift or have something specific in mind that is not on our list - do not be afraid to get creative! The key is to show your long-distance love how much you care, and these 34 gifts will definitely do the trick. From heartfelt messages to beautiful presents, there is something for everyone on this list. So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping today!

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