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31 Minecraft Gifts For Kids 

minecraft gifts for kids 

Minecraft is one of the most trending video game for children and it is no surprise that kids love it. It is fun, creative, and allows players to explore a virtual world. Undoubtedly, kids around you also love Minecraft. You can please them with some cool Minecraft gifts. So, what are the best gifts for Minecraft fans? We have put together a list of 31 amazing gifts that any kid will love. 

1. Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition - Nintendo Switch

This Nintendo Switch game must satisfy Minecraft fans who love adventure. The game includes an exclusive Steve skin and allows players to explore different dungeons in the world of Minecraft. With this fun game, your child can embark on new adventures with their friends or family. The Dungeons Hero Edition is sure to provide hours of entertainment for any Minecraft fan. It would be an appropriate birthday gift for your nephew.

2. Minecraft Smart Watch 

This touchscreen watch is perfect for kids who love Minecraft. It has a built-in game that allows players to explore the world of Minecraft and complete different challenges. The watch also includes a motion sensor so that kids can use it as a pedometer. This smartwatch also features a voice recorder, alarm, pedometer, stopwatch and calculator. This cool Minecraft gift is great for kids who want to stay connected and have fun at the same time.

3. Brownstone Torch Lamp

Kids love to play in the dark, and this Minecraft Brownstone Torch Lamp is suitable for Minecraft fans who love all things Minecraft. The lamp is made of durable plastic and lights up in bright colors. It also includes a USB charging port, so kids can charge their devices while they sleep. With this fun torch lamp, your child will be able to light up their room and enjoy some Minecraft-themed decor.

4. LEGO Minecraft The Rabbit Ranch Building Kit

This LEGO Minecraft-themed set provides unlimited hours of joy for creative kids. It includes 340 pieces that can be used to build a toy bunny house. The set also features different characters and animals such as the tamer, a rabbit, a baby rabbit and a zombie from the world of Minecraft, providing hours of imaginative play. These cool toys are for nine-year-olds who love making LEGO bricks and Minecraft.

5. Sword

This Minecraft Sword is a must-have for any fan of the game. It is made of durable plastic and is perfect for pretend play. The sword is also light and easy to carry, making it great for on-the-go fun. With this awesome sword, your child can battle zombies, skeletons, or any other creature from the Minecraft world. Your kids will love this cool Minecraft gift and feel like they are really in the game.

6. Minecraft Backpack

Your kids love to bring their favorite Minecraft-themed backpack with them to school, so this Minecraft backpack is perfect for them. The set includes a backpack, water bottle, lunch box, squishy dangle and gel bead ice pack. It is made of durable polyester and can be easily cleaned. With this cool backpack set, your child will have everything he needs to head back to school in style. This Minecraft gift is a must-have item to show their Minecraft pride.  Your niece will love to bring this bag to school.

7. Minecraft Dungeons Roleplay Double Axe

This Minecraft-themed roleplay axe is an adorable gift for kids who love to act out scenes from the game. The double-sided foam axe is durable and makes realistic sound effects when used. It is also oversized, making it perfect for active play. This toy is suitable for kids age six and older. They provide hours of fun for any Minecraft fan. Your kids will enjoy a blast recreating combat scenes together!

8. UNO Minecraft Card Game

UNO is one of the favorite card games for kids and this Minecraft-themed UNO game is sure to be a hit. The set includes 108 cards, complete with different designs inspired by the world of Minecraft. The card game can be played by two to four players and is perfect for family gaming night. Your child can enjoy some classic UNO gameplay with a new twist with this fun game. This gift is recommended for ages seven and up and provides hours of fun for any Minecraft fan. 

9. Diary of a Minecraft Zombie Book

This best-selling novel must inspire Minecraft fans who love to read. The diary of a Minecraft zombie tells the story of a young zombie's life in the world of Minecraft. From his daring escape from a group of humans to his struggles with hunger and thirst, this book provides an exciting look into the world of zombies. Kids will love following along as they read about the adventures of one unlucky zombie. This gift is perfect for any kid who loves to read and wants to learn more about the world of Minecraft.

10. Board Game

This board game provides unlimited fun hours to kids. The set includes a game board, four-character skins, 64 blocks,64 resource cubes, support structure and instructions book. Kids will have to use their best strategic skills to outwit their opponents and win the game. Kids will discover a new overworld grid every time by building with biome strategy. This gift is perfect for kids age ten and up and provides hours of fun for any gaming fan.

11. Minecraft Figures Set

Minecraft fans will be sure to collect these die-cast collectable figures. The set includes 20 different characters from the game, each durable metal. With detailed designs and accurate paint jobs, these figures look just like the characters in the game. Kids can display them on their shelves or play with them to recreate their favorite scenes. Kids will love collecting all of their favorite characters and displaying them in their room. 

12. Minecraft Cotton Pajamas

These soft cotton pajamas are perfect for lazy days spent playing video games or watching TV at home. The boys' pajama set is designed with a Minecraft theme, featuring a Creeper on the shirt and pants. The comfortable fabric is sure to keep kids cozy all night long. They'll love wearing these pajamas while they relax and enjoy some downtime. This cute Minecraft item is best for ages six to ten years old. 

13. Enchanting Room

This enchanting room is the perfect addition to any kid's bedroom who loves the world of Minecraft. This playset features Minecraft enchanting table with weapons and tools. It also comes with the character Steve and a bed. Kids will love playing out their favorite scenes from the game with this detailed set. Fans of Minecraft will love having their own private space where they can escape from reality into the world of their favorite game.

14. Minecraft Potion Bottle Lamp 

A color-changing night light that is exactly seen in the popular game Minecraft must adore your kids. This light is perfect for any kid's room who loves the game and wants to have a little bit of Minecraft in their life. The lamp is designed to look like a potion bottle from the game, and it lights up in different colors. Kids will love being able to relax in their room while watching the soft light change colors.

15. Creeper Plush And Pillow 

This super-soft creeper from the hit game Minecraft is ideal for snuggling up on a cold night. It has all the character details from the game, including its signature green color and a happy smile. The throw blanket is also designed with a creeper pattern and is made from ultra-soft fabric. Kids will love wrapping themselves up in this cozy blanket while they relax and watch TV or play video games. This creeper pillow and throw set would be a great gift for Minecraft lovers.

16. Hooded Bath Towel 

This soft and absorbent towel gives your kids a lovely smile when they're taking a bath, swimming pool, or beach. It has the Minecraft overworld adventure design with Steve and all his friends. It's made from 100% cotton terry cloth, so it's sure to be comfortable and durable. Kids will love using this towel at bath time or swimming at the pool or beach. They'll also love carrying it around with them on their next adventure.

17. Creeper Bed Set 

This complete bed set will provide unlimited happiness to your kids, and they assume that they are in the world of Minecraft. The reversible comforter has a cool creeper design and a solid green color on the other. It's made from super-soft microfiber that is fade-resistant. The sheet set also features a creeper pattern made from 100% cotton. This set also includes two pillowcases that have the creeper design on them. Your kids will love crawling into bed at night and feeling like they're in the world of Minecraft.

18. Minecraft Creeper Pop Up Hamper

This pop-up hamper stores all your kids' dirty clothes while smiling at them. The hamper is made to look like a creeper from the hit game Minecraft. It has a durable mesh construction with sturdy handles that make it easy to carry around. Your kids will love being able to store their dirty clothes in this cool creeper hamper. This cheap Minecraft gift must provide a real Minecraft look to any bedroom. It would also be a wonderful gift for a basketball player.

19. Minecraft Blue Light Blocking Glasses

You may not be able to stop your child from playing video games, but you can at least make sure their vision stays healthy in the process! These glasses are designed to protect your kids' eyes from the blue light emitted by screens. The blue light can cause eye fatigue and other problems over time. These glasses feature a cool Minecraft design with Steve and all his friends. They're made from durable plastic that is lightweight and comfortable to wear. Kids will love wearing these Minecraft-themed glasses while playing games, watching TV, or using their computers. 

20. Minecraft Wolf Plush Toy 

This cute little wolf is based on the untamed wolves that live in the Minecraft world. It's made from soft, high-quality materials and features a detailed design. Your kids will love cuddling with this friendly wolf plush toy. This plush toy is 5.5 inches tall and perfect for small hands. Your little kids can create a Minecraft scene by adding this toy to their existing collection. Your kids will love taking this little wolf as the best Minecraft you with them on their next adventure.

21. Minecraft Redstone Ore Statue

This cool statue is based on the Redstone ore from the hit game Minecraft. It's made from durable PVC plastic and lights up with a bright red light. Kids will love having this replica of one of their favorite objects in their room. The statue measures 11 inches tall and is perfect for any Minecraft fan. Your kids can enjoy hours of fun with this officially licensed Minecraft Redstone ore statue. This awesome gift for Minecraft lovers helps them build their best Redstone designs.

22. Creeper Zip-Up Costume Hoodie 

With this cool hoodie, your kids can look just like a Creeper from the hit game Minecraft. The zip-up costume hoodie features a detailed Creeper design with a zip-up front and attached mask. The soft, comfortable fabric is perfect for lounging around or playing in the park. The hoodie is available in sizes small through extra-large, so it's sure to fit everyone in the family. Your kids can show their love of Minecraft with this awesome creeper zip-up costume hoodie. Your toddler will love to wear them.

23. Minecraft Overworld Nano Scene

Now your kids can create their scenes from Minecraft with this cool set. It includes a scene with two die-cast figures and a buildable environment. The green landscape features all your favorite Minecraft characters and objects. The figures are made from durable die-cast metal and feature authentic designs from the game. Kids will love playing with this detailed set and creating their scenes from the hit game. The set measures over three inches wide and five inches tall. It's perfect for kids and adults who love Minecraft.

24. Creeper Ornament

This awesome Creeper ornament is an ideal gift to celebrate Christmas in a Minecraft style. It's made from durable resin and is based on the Creeper character. Kids will love adding this cool ornament to their holiday decorations. The ornament measures three inches tall and is the perfect size for any tree. This Minecraft Christmas gift idea must excite any Minecrafter to celebrate Christmas differently.

25. Minecraft Enchanted Bow

An enchanted bow with a potion-tip arrow from Minecraft world is one of the best gifts for Minecraft fans. It is a highly detailed Minecraft bow with an arrow tipped with a potion. Kids will love using this bow to battle their enemies in the Minecraft world. The bow is made of durable plastic and is perfect for kids age six and up. It's the perfect gift for any Minecraft fan who loves to battle in the game. 

26. Minecraft Treasure Hunt Adventure Pack

Who doesn't love treasure? With this Minecraft toy, your kids can go on their treasure hunt. The set includes three playable characters Steve, Drowned, and Dolphin, with various accessories. This play set helps kids to create real scenes from Minecraft world. Kids will love using these figures to play out their adventures. The set also includes paper craft blocks that can build structures in the Minecraft world. It's perfect for hours of imaginative play.

27. Minecraft Socks

Your kids will love to wear these cool Minecraft socks. They come in a five-pack and include five different heroes and monsters from the game. The socks are made from a soft cotton blend and are perfect for wearing all day long. These adorable socks are soft and comfortable and are sure to become a favorite pair. Kids will love showing support for their favorite game with these fun socks. 

28. Creeper Lunch Box

Kids love to show their excitement for Minecraft with fun gear and accessories. This insulated lunch box is great for any Minecraft fan. It features a cool Creeper design and is made of polyester materials. The lunch box includes two compartments to store food and drinks. Kids will love using this fun lunch box to take their meals with them wherever they go. This Minecraft gift would be a great school supply for the upcoming school year.

29. Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Any Minecraft lover will adore this cool water bottle. The stainless steel design is perfect for keeping liquids cold and includes a flip-up straw spout for easy drinking. The bottle features a cool Creeper design and is made of stainless steel. This water bottle is perfect for taking on the go. Kids will love using it to stay hydrated while playing Minecraft or during other activities. With a built-in carrying loop, it's easy to take this bottle with you wherever you go.

30. Minecraft Wallet

With this adorable trifold wallet, your kids can show their passion for Minecraft. This fun wallet features a cool Creeper face design and includes multiple card slots and a money pocket. The nylon construction makes the wallet durable and long-lasting. Kids will love using this fun wallet to store their money and cards. It features hook and loop closure for a secure fit. It's also great for carrying around school supplies or other items.

31. Baby Ocelot And Yarn Tee

Girls will love wearing this adorable Minecraft baby ocelot tee. The shirt is made of a soft cotton blend and includes a cool ocelot print on the front. It's perfect for wearing all day long. The long-sleeved tee is also great for chilly days. Your little daughter will love wearing this fun tee. With this cute shirt, your child can show her love of Minecraft in style. With screen-printed graphics, the tee is sure to become a favorite. 


Rose Parker

No doubt, Minecraft introduces new ways of gaming and spending time. This adventurous game brings excitement and happiness to Minecraft fans and those who want to start playing this amazing game. You can appreciate the best of Minecraft by playing it yourself or giving gifts that any Minecraft fan would love. There are so many different items to choose from and each one brings something unique to your child's gaming experience.

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