29 Ramadan Gifts For Kids

ramadan gifts for kids 

Have you ever wanted to give your kid presents like those you see on Pinterest? Here we want to share with you 29 gift ideas for kids during Ramadan, so you can find something perfect for your child. Ramadan is an opportunity for Muslims to reflect on their actions, pray with family and friends, and give generously to those in need. For Muslim children, this means they get presents from relatives or elders.

1. Ramadan Calendar

Give this Ramadan calendar to your kids, so they can keep track of the days during Ramadan. It's small, and they can keep it in their bags. Your kids will love hanging it up on the wall to decorate their room. Ramadan Calendar includes a section for the little ones to write their daily fasting goals, as well as a section for them to mark off each day they fasted. The calendar is bilingual in Arabic and English.

2. Chocolate Dates

Ramadan is a time of fasting, but it's also a time where Muslims celebrate and enjoy delicious food. Celebrate this Ramadan by gifting your kids and family such high-quality dates. These sweet treats are perfect for any Ramadan party. They come in a pack of six different flavors: pistachio, almond, coffee, hazelnut, vanilla cream, and dark chocolate.

3. Ramadan Stickers

Ramadan is a wonderful time for kids, and Ramadan stickers are the perfect way to celebrate this blessed event. They can use them on shiny paper or glass surfaces. These Ramadan stickers come in an attractive carton box with six sheets of various colorful designs that your children will love. Kids will enjoy using these stickers to decorate their Ramadan parties with their friends.

4. Kids Prayers Rug

Ramadan is a time for kids to learn how to pray, and this Ramadan prayers rug will be the perfect gift for them. It's made from high-quality cotton, making it extremely soft. The design features the Arabic phrase "Allah Akbar" which means God is Great. Your kid will mimic you while you are praying by using this cute mat to pray. 

5. Ramadan Lantern

Gifting your child these Ramadan lanterns will bring the joyous spirit into your house. The Ramadan Lantern is a safe, kid-friendly, and simple-to-use device that children of all ages can use. This Ramadan ornament comes with six different colored candles to create an amazing nightlight display in your child's room or anywhere else you want it. There are three distinct modes to select steady light, flickering candlelight mode, and sound-activated mode.

6. Ramadan Nights Curtains

Ramadan light curtains are perfect Ramadan gifts for kids. Your kids will encourage helping you and decorating your Ramadan party with these colorful Ramadan lights to create a festive mood and atmosphere. These light curtains are waterproof and power-saving. They come in three different colors: yellow, green, and red. The special fabric used will ensure safe use with no risk of fire or electricity shock even if the children touch them directly.

7. Girls Prayer Dress

Ramadan is a time for Muslims to reflect on their actions, and pray with family and friends. Choose this prayer dress for your girl, and she can dress up for Ramadan this year. This Ramadan dress has beautiful designs, making it a great pick to celebrate Ramadan in style. It is made from fabric and comes in two long pieces. This is an amazing gift for your daughter which will encourage her to imitate her mother and start praying.

8. Ramadan Stars & Moon Projector

Ramadan is an extremely special time of the year, and parents try their best to give their kids' presents that make them happy and grateful. You can choose this Ramadan star and moon projector which will help your kids create amazing light effects on any surface or wall during Ramadan nighttimes. Buy this projection lamp for kids' rooms, so they can get into the spirit right away. It's perfect as a decoration piece for your child’s room throughout Ramadan nights.

9. Kids Colorful Quran

Ramadan is the perfect time for kids to learn about Islam and Quran. This Ramadan, give your child this colorful Quran which will help them understand more about Ramadan and Quranic stories. The Quran has a hardcover with colorful illustrations on every page that makes reading it an enjoyable experience for children. It also comes with a free audio CD so your child can listen to the Quran being read while following along with the pictures.

10. Holy Quran Necklace

Choose this lovely Holy Quran pendant necklace as a fantastic Ramadan present for your kids. It's composed of stainless steel and can be worn by youngsters without risk. The necklace is adjustable and is two centimeters in width. Holy Quran Necklace will remind children to read the Quran every day, and they will enjoy wearing it.

11. Quran speaker

Ramadan is a time for Muslims to relax and take some much-needed rest, so what better way than to enjoy Ramadan with this Quran speaker who plays the Holy Quran. It has nine different speakers that create amazing sound effects and play soothing melodies from around the world. Buy this Ramadan gift for your kids, so they can enjoy listening to the Quran.

12. Ramadan Countdown

Ramadan countdown calendar is an ideal gift for your kids. It tells them when Ramadan starts and ends in both Gregorian and Hijri calendars, along with other information about Ramadan such as fasting times, moon-sighting dates, and Suhur times. Let your kids be dependable by giving them this countdown, so they will know everything by themselves.

13. Ramadan Star Strings

Ramadan is a time for Muslims to celebrate and decorate their homes with beautiful Ramadan stars. You can choose this amazing gift for your kids, so they can hang this star-string Ramadan decoration in their rooms. It's easy to set up and comes in adorable colors such as purple, blue, Green. It also has stars& Moon designs. Your kids will love this incredible gift. 

14. Water Bottle for Ramadan

Ramadan is a time of fasting, but it’s also about being thankful to our parents and the blessings Ramadan brings. Celebrate this Ramadan by gifting your kids with a Ramadan water bottle which has an incredible time marker design on it that will remind them to always drink water after iftar.

15. Sadaqah Jar 

Ramadan is one month where Muslims offer charity to become humble. You can choose this Sadaqah jar as a Ramadan gift idea for kids, so they learn how important donating money was throughout Ramadan nights. This great product comes along with lots of features such as stylish Islamic designs, glitters, and Ramadan countdown.

16. Ramadan T-shirts for kids 

Ramadan is a time of fasting and learning about Islam to become better Muslims, but it's also about celebrating with our family members. If your child loves Ramadan then this Ramadan t-shirt will be an excellent Ramadan gift idea for him or her. It comes along with many styles such as Arabic writing on the front side and cartoon characters on the backside so they can wear them wherever they go during Ramadan nights.

17. Eid Balloons 

Celebrate this Ramadan by gifting these amazing Eid balloons which come with high-quality material that holds air perfectly. These colorful Eid balloons have beautiful Islamic designs on them such as Arabic writing and a crescent moon. You can also choose to add your child's name to it so they feel extra special.

18. Ramadan Gifts Boxes

Ramadan is a time of giving, so what better way to celebrate this Ramadan by gifting your friends and family members with these Ramadan gifts boxes. It comes along with many Islamic designs that will make the receiver feel loved during Ramadan nights. These gift box sets are perfect for any Muslim child who loves receiving gifts. It would also be a nice gift for Quran teacher.

19. Masbaha / Tasbeeh

Giving your kids Masbaha or Tasbeeh, which come in a variety of colors and sizes, is one method to commemorate Ramadan. This fantastic device teaches youngsters how to keep their recitation of prayers and count their dhikr. It's small enough that you may take it with you anywhere.

20. Books for Ramadan 

Ramadan is a time where Muslims increase their knowledge about Islam, so what better way to celebrate this Ramadan by gifting your kids with these amazing Ramadan books. These books come in different categories such as learning Quran, Islamic stories for children, Hijab-wearing tips for girls, and much more. Any bookworm will love to read it.

21. Happy Ramadan Banners

Ramadan is a time of happiness, so what better way to celebrate this Ramadan than by gifting your friends and family members with these Ramadan happy banners. These come in many designs that will put a smile on everyone's face during Ramadan nights.

22. Daily Affirmation Cards 

Help your kids stay positive throughout Ramadan by gifting them with daily affirmation cards which come in many colors and styles suitable for both boys and girls. These cards contain positive sayings, so your kids will learn to keep repeating them.

23. The 25 Prophets Learning Cards

Ramadan is a time where Muslims increase their knowledge about Islam, so what better way to celebrate this Ramadan by gifting your kids with these amazing Ramadan learning cards. These learning cards come in different categories such as the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), learning to read Quran, and Islamic stories for children.

24. The Five Pillars Game

Help your kids learn more about the five pillars of Islam by gifting them with The Five Pillars cards game which comes in an easy-to-read format. This game is perfect for any Muslim child who wants to learn more about their faith. These cards will teach your kids about the five pillars, and encourage them to ask more about Islam. Pick this lovely game as a gift for your kids, so you can play it together this Ramadan.

25. Kid's Skull Cap Beanie

Ramadan is a time of giving, so what better way to celebrate this Ramadan by gifting your friends and family members with these Ramadan caps. These caps come in many colors and styles that will keep your child's head warm during Ramadan nights. The cap is made from high-quality material as well as it fits all children. Your kid can gif this gift to his friends.

26. Ramadan Decoration Lamp

Celebrate this Ramadan by gifting your friends and family members with this beautiful Ramadan decoration lamp which comes in amazing designs. This decorative light is perfect for any Muslim home that wants to decorate its house for Ramadan. It is a perfect decoration for the home, bedroom, living room, or kitchen. It would also be a beautiful Eid gift for kids.

27. Islamic Puzzle

Celebrate this Ramadan by gifting your friends and family members with these amazing Islamic puzzles. These are perfect for any Muslim child who loves solving complex puzzles that come in different shapes and styles. These puzzles include important questions kids should learn. Enhance their knowledge about Islam and gift your kids these great puzzles.

28. Eid Money Envelopes

This can be a lovely gift for your kids, as these Eid money envelopes come in a set of 4 and contain beautiful illustrations that will delight your child. These can gift money to children this Eid. You can choose these lovely envelopes as an Eid gift for your loved ones.

29. Toys

Every child loves to play, so why not give them their favorite toys as a Ramadan gift? Your kids will love playing with these fun toys during this blessed month of Ramadan. You can buy them such lovely toys and earn their love. Such toys teach them how to help Mum during Ramadan.


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We hope our list of 29 Ramadan gifts ideas inspire and influence your shopping decisions this year. We also recommend you this outstanding list of Ramadan gifts, so you can enjoy choosing what your kids prefer. Have fun giving Ramadan gifts which all kids will love!

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