34 Sloth Gifts

Sloth Gifts

Sloths are some of the most adorable creatures on earth. They're so cute, that you might not even be able to resist giving them a hug (and if you can't resist, they'll probably just enjoy it anyway). So in honor of these furry little friends, we have compiled a list of 34 sloth gifts for all your sloth-loving friends and family!

1. Hooded Blanket 

Kids and Adults alike will love this super soft plush sloth hooded blanket. It's so cozy that you might not even want to get out of bed! Made with a sherpa lining, it is the perfect gift for all those cold winter mornings when you just need an extra layer of warmth wrapped around your body. This sloth blanket features a hood, hands-free cloak, gloves and sleeves so you can look like a sloth while you're snuggled up in bed. It would be the best sloth gift for a teenage girl or woman.

2. Sloth Necklace 

This cute sloth necklace would make an excellent birthday gift for someone you love! It features a sloth charm pendant and has dangling adorable sloths. This keepsake makes the wearer think about slowing down and enjoying life more like a sloth does every day! The beautiful design of this sterling silver charm will last forever. This necklace is made with sterling silver and is approximately 18 inches in length. It comes in a nice little gift box.

3. Compact Pocket Mirror 

This funny sloth gift is a travel mirror that makes it easy for the user to check their makeup and look fabulous no matter where she is. This compact has a light gold finish, with raised sloth details on the front of the case. The inside holds an oval-shaped mirror in addition to two smaller circular mirrors perfect for doing your eyebrows or touching up any other area you need. This double-sided round mirror is easy to carry in any purse or cosmetic bag. It would be a special gift for your mom.

4. Ceramic Hanging Planter

The Ceramic hanging succulent planter is a little bit different from your typical plant holder. This ceramic planter features a sloth that has been hand-painted on the front with green leaves and flower pots attached to either side of it. This sloth planter comes in a grey color and has a small terracotta pot on either side that can be used to hold your favorite plants. This unique sloth gift is perfect for hanging in the back of an office or bedroom and would also make a great gift idea for a green thumb sloth lover!

5. Sloth Ring Holder

This ceramic sloth ring holder is a great gift sloth gifts for girls you know with an obsession with sloths. This funny and unique piece of jewelry can be hung up by the included ribbon and hold any size rings or earrings! The design on this ring hanger features a cute little yellow-faced, brown bodied sloth sitting with open arms so that you can hang rings on it. It is made with glazed ceramic and gives a charming, homey vibe.

6. Sloth Plush Toy

This sloth stuffed animal is a fantastic gift for kids and adults. It's big enough to hug, soft enough to cuddle with, and just the right size for sleeping on either your bed or theirs! The best part about this toy? You can't help but smile when you look at it. Your child will love seeing their new best friend every day, and a lot of people won't be able to resist touching its cute little face. It would be a perfect sloth birthday gift for sloth lovers in your life.

7. Reusable Water Bottle

This bottle is perfect for little ones. It's simple, easy to use, and the strap makes it easier to carry around when they're on the go. If you need a gift idea for someone who loves sloths, this water bottle would be a superb choice! It will make your child's hydration experience so much more fun. This reusable BPA-free water bottle can hold 24 oz of water and is dishwasher safe.! It's super easy to use because there isn't a straw or anything like that required. Your kids can bring them on camping trips or at school.

8. Metal Catchall Tray

If you want to give your loved one a little something extra, this little metal catchall tray with artwork is a great idea. This decorative catchall tray adds a decorative accent to your home or office. This sloth tray has the dimension of 7" x 4.75". This metal catchall tray is ideal for your jewelry, change or paper clips. It will look perfect on a bookshelf, dresser top, desktop or nightstand! This best gift for sloth lovers would also make an excellent housewarming present to welcome someone new into their home with style and grace.

9. Throw Blanket

A sloth throw blanket is the best gift for sloth lovers. The blanket is made of a soft and durable polyester micro fleece fabric that will make you feel cozy on those cold winter nights! This soft and lightweight throw blanket is perfect for cuddling up in front of the TV or reading a book on the sofa! This best gift for sloth lovers would also make an excellent housewarming present to welcome someone new into their home with style and grace.

10. Sloth Earrings 

These earrings are so cute, and they make a statement. They're simple yet have some bling, which is perfect for any style! These hypoallergenic sloth hoop earrings are the ideal gift for any woman who loves animals as much as she does jewelry. The sterling silver earrings feature a cute sloth animal huggie cartilage. These sterling silver hypoallergenic sloth hoop earrings are so adorable that you can't go wrong when giving them as a  valentine's day gift.

11. Sloths-Theme Kids Game

This sloth theme game is perfect for the youngest players. The object of this kids game not to let your sloth friend fall. The player who drops less sloth will win the game. Each player has three turns. This game is great for kids who are old enough to read the directions but not yet ready for more complex games or anyone looking for a fun and easy-to-play family board game that everyone will enjoy! This sloth gift for boys and girls is a perfect gift for the holidays, birthdays and more.

12. Crossbody Cell Phone Purse

This sloth lovers gift is a great way to keep their phone close while looking stylish. This crossbody purse front pocket adorned with a cute sloth. This purse is made of high-quality soft PU leather and has a big compartment for your phone, cards and keys. The adjustable strap measures up to 40 inches in length so that you can wear it as a handbag or crossbody purse. This cute sloth gift is perfect for sloth lovers who want to look fashionable.

13. Sloth Sticky Notes 

Sloth sticky notes set is a perfect gift for sloth lovers who want to make it easier than ever to get organized. These sticky notes are the cutest way to stay on top of your schedule, with 240 sheets in this notepad set. Each note pad comes with its own unique and adorable sloth design so you can be sure you're getting the perfect gift. This sticky note set would be excellent sloth coworker gift for the lazy coworkers who never get anything done.

14. Sloth Cosmetic Bag

This Cosmetic bag is a perfect sloth birthday gift for sloth lovers who love to travel or just need some organization. This cosmetic bag provides enough space and compartments to store all your toiletries, makeup items, hair accessories, medication and more! It features a long zipper closure with an interior mesh pocket that can be used as both a pill holder and a card holder to avoid misplacing items while traveling. The Sloth Cosmetic bag is made of high-quality nylon that will not easily tear or rip with use.

15. Sloths Journal

The sloth journal is a perfect gift for anyone who loves to write or simply needs an extra notebook. This notebook has 160 blank pages. This journal title cover features many sloths sitting' in a tree. This journal has glossy pages, so it is not easily ruined with spills, droplets and more. This journal helps jot down favorite quotations or fun ideas. ! It can be used as a placeholder while shopping and it would also make a great inexpensive birthday present.

16. Sloth Coffee Mug  

The mug is an ideal sloth gift for adults who love sloths. This 20-ounce stainless steel coffee cup features the phrase "sloth spirit animal" and a silhouette of a happy sloth on it. This travel tumbler can maintain the temperature of your drink for a long time. It features a clear lid with a tight-fitting, spillproof seal and comes with a straw and straw cleaning brush. This unbreakable, rust-resistant travel coffee mug is perfect for the on-the-go sloth lover in your life.

17. Sloth Lover Gift

Sloths are adorable creatures that we all love to watch in their natural habitat, but they also make great gifts! This sloth lover gift set is a brilliant idea to cheer up any sloth lover girl because it has everything she needs. This gift set includes a cosmetic bag, drawstring backpack, sloth charm bracelet, sloth necklace and sloth stickers. All items are sloth-themed and are adorable—the perfect gift to surprise a sloth lover girl in your life.

18. Ankle Socks

These low-cut ankle socks are so cute, stylish and comfortable that they will be the perfect addition to any girl's wardrobe. Available in a pack of five pairs, these socks come with sloth prints on them which are unique and creative! The 3D vivid picture of a funny sloth makes you laugh. These socks will make you a trendsetter and have people looking at your feet! The high-quality materials guarantee the comfort of these cute ankle socks as well.

19. Sloth Animal Pillow

This is a soft, durable, comfy and cute sloth gift for him. The man's smiling face of this sloth will make him feel relaxed when sleeping at night. A home with this kind of pillow will always be filled with warmth because it has the power to create an atmosphere that feels like home in any environment. This plush fabric pillow is designed with a smiling face and small ears that are perfect for sleeping. If you want your loved one to be able to curl up in their favorite spot, then this is the best sloth gift idea to get them!

20. Cute Crochet Sloth Couple 

This sloth gift is the best way to show your love and affection for someone who also loves crochet work. The plush stuffed sloths sit on a branch with their arms around each other, showing just how much they care about one another. With this handmade gift, you can tell them that every day of their life is special because of who they share it with! This beautiful piece of crochet is made with 100% cotton and definitely a token of true love.

21. Wrap Bracelet

This adorable sloth bracelet will make the perfect gift for that special someone in your life! Wear it as a reminder to slow down and enjoy what is happening around you, or give it a token of love. The bracelet closes with a strong magnetic closure for an easy tie. The leather bracelet's sleek, simplistic design makes it easy to wear. It comes in beautiful packing, so you don't need to pack it again. This bracelet would be a great Christmas or birthday present!

22. Funny Sloth Coffee Mug 

This sloth coffee mug is a funny and original way to enjoy your favorite beverage. The ceramic design features a sloth sitting on the corner of the mug. This funny Sloth mug has a line printed on it that says, "Today, I will do absolutely nothing". This is a great way to enjoy your morning coffee and laugh at the same time. It's dishwasher safe, microwaveable, oven-safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

23. Sloth Children's Slippers

These fluffy sloth plush slippers are easy to slip into, and they make a perfect winter accessory. They're made from high-quality faux fur materials that will withstand hours of wear time without getting worn or damaged. The best thing about these sloths is the realistic details--the wrinkles on their stomachs and feet really set them apart from other novelty slippers. The sloths are soft and fuzzy, with textured soles that will keep your kid's feet comfortable throughout the day.

24. Sloth Tea Infuser

This sloth tea infuser is a great way to enjoy some high-quality tea. The infuser is shaped like an adorable sloth, and it can be used in both hot and cold water. Plus, you'll get bonus points if you use this with your homemade concoction--just remember that the maximum fill line for best results is about 20 ounces of liquid. You just need to hang ldle the sloth, bring it to your cup and put in tea leaves.

25. Sloth Wall Art 

These adorable sloth prints are the perfect choice for any room in your house. These print panels come with a black frame and they measure eight by ten inches, making them an ideal size to fit on most walls. You get four pieces of artwork--two that feature different sloths and two that show their habitats, and you can use them together or separately. This is a great option to make for a sloth gift and souvenirs and it would also be perfect as a decoration in your own home!

26. Sloths Yoga Figurines

This sloth figurine set is perfect for yoga lovers! These five different sloths are in poses that would be great to practice yoga too. These sloth statues are 3" in measuring and provide a beautiful decoration to any home.! These sloths are in various yoga poses that you could practice with them too. These sloth figurines are designed to remind you to relax and focus on breathing. The set is perfect for creating a serene, zen corner in an office, family room, bedroom and more.

27. Sloth Gift Card

Gift cards are suitable for those people who are hard to buy. They can be redeemed anywhere and used for any purchase, from food or clothes to hotel stays or flights. You need not worry about sizes, colors, or styles because the recipient of your gift card has free rein on which items they want! This Amazon sloth gift card is a great choice if you're looking for a last-minute gift. You can choose a value from $25 to $100 and the recipient will receive an e-mail with a personalized code.

28. Sloth Hat

This whimsical hat is perfect for sloth enthusiasts in your life. The sloth design on this brown, plush hooded hat will make them smile! It's a great sloth goodbye gift kindergarten, sloth goodbye gift college, or sloth good luck present for a friend. This sloth hat features two round poms on the ends of each strap to provide a better, tighter fit. This plush hat is designed to be one size fits most.

29. Sloth Over The Cabinet Door Hooks

Sloth over the cabinet door hooks provides convenience at any place of home. These sleek sloths will help you keep your hand towels, oven mitts and pot holders organized in your kitchen cabinets. The set includes two single metal brackets placed on the top or bottom of a standard size cabinet door. The easy-to-install design makes it perfect for kitchens that lack space to install an overhead hook. These adorable gifts will have you smiling every time you use them.

30. Women's Sloth T-Shirt

We know sloth is a famous animal from the movie "Zootopia." This shirt will show your love for this animal and share it with people around you. "We will get there when we get there" is the slogan for this shirt. The sloth is a cute decoration on the cloth and it also features a branch of leaves like other trees in Zootopia. This women's t-shirt is made out of cotton, making it very comfortable to wear during summer or winter months.

31. Sloth Vintage Book Art Print

This sloth valentine gift is perfect for anyone you know who loves sloths. It is a vintage book art print that can be framed as desired. The picture features two cute sloth best friends on either side of the page with hearts and flowers surrounding them in a field of wildflowers. This design would make an adorable Valentine's Day gift to someone special. It also has lettering that says, you are special for me," with a sloth and heart.

32. Sloth Pastry Stand

It is an adorable way for the baker in your life or that special someone who loves baking cakes and desserts to show off their work beautifully. This cake stand features a sloth holding a serving dish on his feet and arm and has a raised platform so that it can hold cakes, cupcakes, cookies, or other goodies. The plate is decorated with flowers and leaves surrounding them in a field of wildflowers.

33. Sloth Kitchen Decor Bundle

This bundle is a little different from the others as it includes other items that are not just kitchen related but will make for an adorable gift. It comes with two towels and two potholders, and each piece has printed a cute sloth hanging on a tree. It says a relaxing line, "don't hurry, be happy".These whimsical kitchen items are made with 100% cotton and are hand washable and made to last.

34. Sloth Adult Costume

For a true sloth lover, this sloth costume is the best option. This loosely fitted onesie is the perfect attire for adults looking to become their favorite forest creature this Halloween season! The applique detailing includes ears, eyes, nose and whiskers, all made in brown and white faux fur with a beautiful pattern. This sloth onesie is made of soft polyester and fits most people, so it's perfect for both men and women to wear at any time of the year as an outfit or just lounging around the house in comfort on cold winter days when you don't want to get out from under your covers.


Rose Parker

Sloths are cute, cuddly animals that live in the rainforests of Central and South America. People love them because of their sweet personality and their unique, laid-back pace of life. If you want to show someone they're special or just need a break from your busy life, give them the gift of sloths. That's why we created this gift guide with 34 sloth gifts that are adorable and possibly useful.

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