31 Best Surfer Gifts

Top surfer gifts

For the surfer guy in your life, finding that perfect gift can feel like a daunting task. Luckily, this article has you covered with over 30 awesome gifts for surfers! Whether they're into surfing or not, there's something on here for everyone. We'll start off by listing some of our favorite gifts and then talk about them more in-depth as we go through the list. Let's get started!

1. Changing Mat/Bag

This present would work well if someone has just finished surfing and want's to change their wet stuff before going home. You know how surfers like to change their clothes after surfing? You can help them out by getting them a changing mat and/or bag. They'll be able to easily toss all the wet clothes on top of it, pack up whatever they're carrying, and take off with everything in one easy step!

2. Surfboard

I feel like this is a no-brainer, but you can never have enough surfboards. They make the perfect gifts for any surfer and they are great to give as graduation or birthday presents! We suggest getting one that's designed by your favorite shaper because chances are the person you're buying it for will love it too! A perfect gift for your surfer friend. 

3. Surf World Guide

If you're looking for a great way to give someone the gift of travel, this is it! This book gives surfers insight into where they can go worldwide. Make sure when buying that the surfer knows some Spanish because there are sections in Spanish too. This particular guide explores all the surf zones known to man and it is the largest piece of information you will find. 

4. Surf Map

A new map on every page with up-to-date information about waves and breaks all over the world. It's also waterproof so if your surfer friend likes to be out in the water while surfing then he or she will love this map! The San Diego Country Surf Map shows the greatest surfing spots in the whole area. A perfect gift for a surfer. 

5. Aquapac Waterproof Case

The Aquapac Waterproof Case might be the perfect gift for a surfer because it's waterproof and has an easy access window on top. It will keep your phone, keys, or other small items safe whilst surfing in the water. The case can also act as floatation if needed so it could save someone's life! So, if you have a swimmer in your life, this will be a great present.

6. Traction Pad

The Traction Pad is perfect for surfers at any level. You just put it on the back of your board and you will be able to stand up much more easily, which means that you can have fun in the waves without falling over as often! This gift would work well with recipients who are new or intermediate surfer's. Great gift. 

7. Beachy Gift Box

This gift box is perfect for the surfer who needs a little encouragement to get back out on the waves. It includes everything that he or she will need, including a surf mat and wax! This particular one has eight gift cards and four hand-crafted designs. They are made especially for small gift enclosures. They are perfect for your surfer.

8. Surf Poncho

One of our favorite things about this product was how multifunctional it is; not only does it provide excellent protection against chilly nights, but also if you're camping or at an outdoor event where rain showers are likely, then these ponchos have got you covered without being bulky. Perfect for those long days under sunsets while surfing with friends, right?

9. Waxing Kit

This kit contains all the tools necessary to keep a board running smoothly and looking great throughout its life as well as allowing more time spent in the surf. In this particular kit, you will find a wax warmer, the best-selling GiGi All Purpose Honee Wax from Amazon, pre-waxing and post-waxing treatments, as well as applicators and muslin strips in all sizes, to help you get started!

10. Earplugs

Earplugs are important for all sorts of reasons but especially if you're riding waves that start really early in the morning where every wave might mean something different (e.g., swell direction). Folks who like camping or anyone else who likes being outdoors needed these because they protect against hearing loss as well as potential dangers like bears and wild boars.

11. Beach Towels

The best surfer gifts are the ones that just make life a little bit easier. Towels for surfers can be heavy and bulky, which is why you want them to be super-absorbent towels like these beach towels from Cabana Stripe Beach Towel. This towel is made of 100% cotton and they come in a few colors, including yellow, navy and sky blue.

12. Surfboard Rack

If your favorite surfer has multiple boards this might be an ideal gift option! It's worth checking out what racks they already have because some of these look great if you're using one board at a time while other models only fit two boards. This particular one that is Amazon's choice uses a single loop to secure the surfboard, which makes it a perfect gift for a surfer.

13. Leash

We all know how important a leash is, so if your surfer friend or family member doesn't have one this would be the perfect gift for them! There are different types of leashes and they can range in price. If you're looking for something affordable but still high quality then there's always the surfing leash from FCS. An incredible gift. 

14. Booties 

These split toe booties from O'Neill Heat are sure to provide plenty of warmth and comfort on those cold winter days. Therefore, if your surfer can not keep away from the water on cold days (which we are sure that he/she can't, because of their love towards surfing), then these would be perfect for them. They will keep them ward while they enjoy doing their favorite sport. 

15. Shirt

A classic surf shirt from O'Neil is a wardrobe essential for any surfer! They're incredibly eye-catching, lightweight, and stylish so they can be worn as part of the day-to-day or just out at the beach. It's all up to you how you want to style them but either way, it's always guaranteed to look good! The best thing about it is that it is a Skin Cancer Foundation Recommended Product.

16. Book Present Ideas For Surfers

If your friend or family member loves reading then this book present idea might be perfect for them! This journal is made for all the people who love surfing. It is great if you want to keep track of all of your personal stuff and it is one of the best gifts you can give to a surfer for his/her birthday.

17. Surfing Gloves

If you are looking for a great present idea for the surfer in your life, then these gloves might be just what they need! These gloves are perfect if they want to surf all year round or even during cold winter days. The Neo Sport gloves are made from flexible and very soft premium neoprene material that will make sure your surfer's hands remain warm. 

18. Surf Bikinis

If you are looking for a present idea for the surfer in your life, then surf bikinis might be just what they need! Every surfer wants to look good and feel confident when surfing. A great gift would be some sexy-looking bikini that is both stylish and functional. This bikini looks super cool with its hipster look and sturdy fabric - perfect for beach babes or hardcore surfers alike!

19. Surf Pack

A surf pack is a great gift for the surfer who likes to spend their time on the road. It's designed specifically with surfing in mind, so you can fit all of your gear and clothes into this awesome bag! The surf pack also has padded shoulder straps that are easy to adjust, making it comfortable for any height. This is an excellent choice if you know someone who loves surfing.

20. Slackline 

Slackline is a great way to get in shape and have fun at the same time. All you need is a flat surface, some slackline webbing, two trees or posts for anchors, and something to tie it off on one end. It's perfect for people of all fitness levels! This gift will be well received by any surfer looking to improve their balance while having tons of fun doing so. Slacklining is an important skill to have when you own a boat. It's a great way to get some exercise, and it's also a lot of fun.

21. Balance Board

This is a great gift for anyone looking to improve their balance. Whether you're a surfer or not, this is one of the best ways to get into shape and stay in shape! It's especially good if the person who will be receiving it doesn't have much room because they can use it just about anywhere. A perfect gift for a surfer. A gymnast will also love to practise on a balance board.

22. Wetsuit Glue

We've all been there. A surfer's life is one of constant upkeep and repair, so the person who receives this gift will be grateful for a long time to come! Wetsuit glue can fix any number of issues with wetsuits ranging from zipper problems to neoprene tears, but it cannot stand in place of actual drysuit repairs. So if you want to give your surfer something they can use, this is it.

23. Wetsuit Shampoo 

Wetsuit shampoo is the one thing that every surfer needs. It washes away salt and sand, cleans wetsuits of bacteria, reduces staining from sun exposure, restores neoprene's water resistance properties, and even adds a fresh scent to help keep your gear smelling clean after long days at the beach. Washing suits in cold water means they take time to dry so it's important for them not to smell too bad while they are wet.

24. Board Buddy

The Board Buddy is an innovative new device that's designed to help you carry your surfboard with ease. It can also be used as a balance board, traction pad, or changing mat for wetsuit changes on the beach. The Board Buddy comes equipped with Velcro straps and buckles which allow it to be quickly put in place and secured around your body once you have loaded up your board.  

25. Rack Pads

Rack Pads are an essential item for anyone who owns a surfboard rack. They cushion the board and absorb vibrations, reducing the chance of damage occurring during transport. Rack pads also make it possible to load multiple boards onto one side of your vehicle or trailer so you can take more than one board with you on vacation without having to pack them into boxes.

26. Hood 

A hood is a garment that covers the head and neck. It typically has a slit for the wearer to see through. A hood is often part of an article of clothing, such as a parka or jacket; this type is known as a draw-cord hood (or simply "hoodie"). A hood may also refer to the cowl worn by some monks and surfers.

27. Surfboard Repair 

A surfboard is a long, thin board used in surfing. Surfboards are usually made of polyurethane foam and pvc. The bottom part of the board that rests on the ground (called the deck) has channels running through it to let water out so that your feet don't slip off while you're standing in wet sand or on an uneven surface; this channel is called "the rails".

28. Sunscreen

It may be hard to believe, but the sun is actually a star. It shines all day long and night too, even when it's cloudy or raining outside! It seems like we can never escape from the harmful UV rays of sunlight. We are constantly exposed through windows in our homes as well as driving cars on sunny days. To get ready for summer with some peace of mind be sure you have sunscreen nearby.

29. Surfboard Bag

Every surfer wants to protect their surfboard. This is why surfboard bags are invented. The right surfboard bag will keep your board protected and safe. It is a good idea to invest in one of the best-rated bags available as it will help you get more use from your investment by protecting it from damage while storing or transporting. It is perfect and lightweight protection for your surfboard.

30. Fins 

Fins are vital when surfing. It is important to have a varied collection of fins in order to optimize your board performance for different conditions and waves. You may want some soft, medium or hard-soft fins depending on the surf type you're riding, as well as the size of the wave that you're catching. The right fin will make sure that you get more out of each session by giving your board control over speed.

31. Board Shorts

Board shorts should be a staple for any surfer. Having the right board short will help you stay comfortable and cool on the water, as well as dry off quickly after getting out of the ocean. Board Shorts come in various styles to fit every type of surfer's needs- from boardshorts with padding to those meant specifically for surfing waves that are bigger than your average surf break.


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We hope we were able to help you with finding some good surfing gifts. Remember, there really isn't such thing as 'the wrong gift', so don't worry about picking out something that doesn't seem perfect - find what speaks to them instead. 

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