35 Best Veterinarian Gift Ideas: A Vet’s Greatest Wish

If you are looking for a great gift idea for your veterinarian, then look no further! We have compiled a list of 35 gifts that will show the vet in your life how much they mean to you. Whether it is their birthday or Christmas, these gifts will make them feel loved and appreciated.

1. Veterinarian Mugs

Veterinarian Mugs

This is the perfect gift for a vet that usually drinks coffee or tea. A veterinarian like that would definitely love a mug customized by themselves which includes an emoji of what he/she does best: working as a vet all day long?  The sky's the limit so why not give them one more thing from their own profession?! I'll leave it up to your creativity!

2. Personalized Veterinarian Caricature

Personalized Veterinarian Caricature

This is also one of the best gifts for a veterinarian that is looking to hang their artwork on the wall. It can be custom-made with any picture or even color scheme, which makes it perfect because you're able to offer your vet something personalized just like themselves. Once again we want our vets to feel valued so what better way than to give him/her some beautiful illustrations?

3. Personalized Veterinarian Ornament

Personalized Veterinarian Ornament

Since Christmas is everyone's best time of the year, a veterinarian, like most people in the holiday season, is looking for something personal to hang on their tree. Therefore, one of the best gifts for them would a personalized ornament. There are many ways to personalize an ornament and make the veterinarian smile with joy when he or she sees their name on this Christmas tree decoration for years after! 

4. Veterinarian T-shirts and Hoodies

Veterinarian T-shirts and Hoodies

A veterinarian gift idea that will be loved by any vet who wants to show off their profession. It also comes with an extra bonus of being able to wear it on those days when they're feeling rundown from all-day appointments and surgeries – which seems about every day, so make sure your gift includes something creative, yet comfortable because we want our vets happy too 😉

5. Pet Jewelry

Pet Jewelry

Vets often have a variety of pets at home and enjoy spending their free time taking care, as well as playing with them. Pets are also the perfect companion when it comes to teaching children empathy for animal welfare - so your vet girlfriend will definitely appreciate these gifts that show you're thinking about not just themselves but for all animals too!

6. Sneakers


It may look like an ordinary gift for your vet, but if you're in their shoes, then it's not. We want to be at the top of our game and if these are a perfect fit for them – they'll always remember who gifted this awesome gift that made such an impact on how well we can do what matters most. They can walk, run or even hike with these pair.

7. Personalized Wine Glasses

Personalized Wine Glasses

Wine is always a favorite of our vets! Just like everyone else, they also want to relax with a glass of wine after a long day at work, so this would be the best way to say "thank you" to them! Giving them personalized wine glass as a gift will always remind them of your appreciation and love for them.

8. Adult Coloring Book for Veterinarians

A coloring book specially designed for our vets is just what they need after a long day. It is the perfect way to relax, calm down and unwind. Not only that they will definitely enjoy coloring, the adult coloring books for veterinarians will also be perfect for their children, so this would be a gift that they will both enjoy:

9. Veterinarian Books

Give the vet in your life a great book to read. A veterinarian needs time away from work too, and reading is an excellent way for them to do so. If you are not sure what you should buy for them, maybe a publication that examines veterinary medicine's history as well as its social impact on society today would a perfect choice. 

10. Gift Cards

Gift cards are one of the best gifts for a veterinarian because they can use them not only to indulge themselves somehow but also to pay their expenses. Veterinarians have the most expensive bills and are sometimes barely able to make ends meet, so why not give your vet something that will help pay off part of those medical costs?

11. Veterinarian Candles

It is a good idea to buy different shapes and scents of candles for your veterinarian. Candles are always appreciated by them, especially when they light up their office with these therapeutic aromas that help patients relax before or after surgery. As a valued customer, we wanted to give you some important advice – never buy candles with animals in them.

12. A Painting

Not only painting is one of the most sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing forms of art, but it also has the power to make a house cheerful and full. A painting is an excellent gift for any veterinarian mom because they can hang them in their office or at home (in case if your vet lives with pets) and they can admire it every time they see it.

13. Veterinarian Custom Street Sign

A veterinarian is a true expert in animal care and should be treated as such. They deserve to have the word "Veterinarian" on their street sign! Buying them this type of gift will show them that you respect their profession and that you care about them. Not to mention that it is also a really cool, as well as a creative gift.

14. Personalized animal prints

If your vet is an artist or appreciates art then they would love these! What you can do is to find various pictures in their favorite animals and then print them off on the canvas. It is a great idea to get them something that they can use in their workplace. This way, the gift will be remembered and it would also give your vet more motivation at work!

15. Veterinarian Charm Bracelet

You can keep your vet on their toes with this gift. This is a perfect and thoughtful present that you can give to your vet friend if they love jewelry! If you are not sure what type of charm you want to put on the bracelet, try to look for a symbol that represents your veterinarian. Maybe you can include one with their company logo on it! 

16. Funny and Colorful Veterinary Scrub Hat

This is a great gift that will keep your vet feeling professional and stylish! It's a great way to show them that you care about their appearance. It's also the perfect gift if they have been working hard lately and are always on time! This hat will keep away any of those pesky stray hairs or unwanted wrinkles in one easy swoop, so now there's no excuse not to look good all day long!

17. Engraved Pen Set

Veterinarians are doctors with a heart. They care for each of their patients as if they were family members, so it's important to show your appreciation with an engraved pen set! These pens will serve not only to make great gifts but also be used in the office on all those patient records and charts that need filling out (and making things easier)!

18. Custom Coat Hanger

This is probably a gift that's not only for the veterinarian but also their family members who have to help organize in a veterinary office! It may be one of the best ideas on this list, as well as the greatest gift they've ever gotten. You will show them that you've invested your time and love in it. Not to mention that it's the least expensive too!

19. Personalized Bottle

Veterinarians have a lot of hard work and they deserve to take the occasional break! Giving them a personalized bottle that they can use for water, coffee or tea will keep them hydrated. Plus, we all know that coffee or tea can boost moods in general, so giving a personalized bottle to your vet friend who needs some cheering up couldn't hurt at all.

20. A Bag

It doesn't really matter if it's a tote bag, backpack, or messenger-style purse--a good vet always needs something on hand for all the stray animals they'll find and need. The perfect bag for a veterinarian is one with compartments that are made specifically to carry all of the vet's equipment.

Because of that, a bag makes a beautiful gift idea for a vet wife or sister.

21. Coasters and Cozies

Veterinarians have a lot of coffee and tea, therefore, coasters and cozies would be perfect for them. It doesn't matter if they need coasters for their drinks, or maybe they are looking for a non-stick, waterproof material - the little things can make all the difference! With personalized vet-themed coasters and cozies, they will keep the environment fun but still professional looking!

22. An Otoscope

This essential tool is a must-have for any veterinarian office. It can be used to examine the ears of animals, or even human patients (which hopefully they won't do)! Most otoscopes are made of a metal base and have two round ends that can be adjusted according to the size needed for an animal's ears. if you want to personalize the item, engrave their name or veterinary clinic logo.

23. Stethoscope

Also a must-have for any veterinarian office is a stethoscope. To personalize it, you can engrave the name or logo of their veterinary clinic on one side and an individual's initials on the other. To make it even more special, buy them a tag and personalize it with their name, then attach it to the device. This way, they will always remember who gave them this perfect gift.

24. A Music Record

There are many great songs that would be perfect for a veterinarian, so create your own playlist, then find vinyl records of all tracks. You can buy these at thrift stores or ask friends to save them from their collections! If you're not sure what music they'll like best, try asking other veterinarians in their field which albums were most helpful during school; they will love this gift because its sentimental value is priceless.

25. Bluetooth Audio Phones

Music is the best way to combat stress, which is why it makes a great gift for any veterinarian. Bluetooth Audio Phones eliminate the need to carry around earbuds or worry about wires. They can be used with both iPhone and Android. This would make an excellent present because veterinarians deal so often in stressful situations that music helps them cope even when they're not at work.

26. USB Drive

This gift idea is perfect for the veterinarian who spends most of their time on a computer. USB drives are cheap, convenient, and don't take up space like CDs or DVDs do (or even hard copies). They're also easier to store than thumb drives. They are also more durable as they won’t break if dropped from desk height onto concrete flooring!

27. Adult Party Game

It doesn't matter what age the veterinarian is. Adult party games are always fun for any occasion! The vet will enjoy playing this game with their friends or family members. This is a great way to make your vet laugh, relax and have a fun time. This will make them more relaxed and ready to start the next day fresh. 

28. A Vet Education Webinar

A subscription to a vet education webinar is a great way to give your vet some continuing educational opportunities. Given the fact that they are at work all day, these courses are perfect because they can be watched on their own time, as the need arises and there's no pressure for them to complete it in one go as most classes seem! 

29. Cute Sticky Notes 

These sticky notes are the perfect stocking stuffer for any veterinarian. It's a small and inexpensive gift that will remind them of you all year round! They can use them to mark pages in their notebook, as a reminder, or even to write their "to-do" list. Whatever the use, they are definitely a great organizing tool your vet friend will adore!

30. Hanging Wall Clock

A wall clock is one way to show off your vet on their office walls, as well it can be used in other places such like an exam room or reception area (if they have space). If you are creative, you can choose a clock that has a "veterinarian" written across each number so people know just what business this belongs to.

31. Calendar

This is a great idea for the vet's desk, or hang it somewhere that they can see their calendar daily. A calendar is great for cat lover people who want to be organized, and it can be a great tool to help vets stay on top of their schedule. This is one gift that every vet needs, whether they are just starting out or have been in practice for many years.

32. Business Card Holder

Every professional needs business cards and vets are no exception. This is a great gift for anyone who practices veterinary medicine because it will give them something to carry their business card in when they are out on the job or networking with other professionals at conferences. It will keep their business cards organized and make it easy to hand them out.

33. Phone Case

A creative, professional, or simple phone case is a great gift for any vet. They will need these to protect their phone from the elements and they can use them as an advertisement on public transportation or in waiting rooms. A place where many people may see them sitting there with nothing else but that one thing which is advertising what business you do, so this helps out tremendously!

34. Air Freshener

Even though it may seem like a simple gift to give, air fresheners are something that every vet office will need. They can use it in the waiting room or client areas so they don't have an unpleasant smell when their clients come in to see them. These are not only for their clients but also for themselves. If done properly, air fresheners can last up to 6 months without having to be adjusted!

35. Candy Mould

Just because they are doctors, it doesn't mean that they don't cook. After a long day at work, they can come back and make themselves some tasty treats in their own kitchen. They might not have the time to go out for dinner with friends or family after working all night so this is another thoughtful gift that you could give them!


Rose Parker

Now you have a list of perfect gifts for your vet! It doesn't matter what you do, you can't go wrong with any of these ideas. Make sure to keep checking back because we will be adding more gifts and content!