31 Viking Gifts For Him

viking gifts for him 

Vikings were fierce and fearless warriors and explorers. They were also terrific craftsmen and traders. As a result, we have many legends about these people, including the Norse god Odin known for his wisdom and magical abilities such as shape-shifting into animals or other men.

If you are looking for some Viking gifts to give your boyfriend, father, or husband, here is our collection of 31 awesome Viking gifts that will surely inspire you.

1. Viking Nordic Bracelet with Runic Compass

This Viking bracelet contains a powerful magical Viking rune compass called Vegvísir that will guide you through rough journey of life. This stapled leather bracelet is adjustable up to about11.5-11.6 inches making it perfect for any wrist size. It features an attractive combination of metalwork and leather rope chain in a Celtic knot design. The front metal is an engraved Nordic amulet, which looks very cool. This Viking-themed gift would be an excellent choice for your Viking boyfriend.

2. Norse Viking Trinket Box 

This gorgeous and intricately designed Thor's Hammer trinket box will make a perfect Viking gift for your Viking loved one. It is made of resin with outstanding detailed artistry, which looks like antique bronze in color. This decorative trinket box has an attractive design that combines elements from Norse mythology, such as the Vegvísir (Norse Compass) knotwork and runes on one side and Thor's hammer Mjöllnir on the other side. This box is perfect for storing small jewelry or other trinkets.

3. Viking Folding Wooden Comb

For the bearded Viking in your life, this folding wooden comb is a fantastic gift. It is crafted from premium sandalwood with high-quality teeth that are durable and sturdy enough to last for years of use. When closed, it easily fits into pockets or purses for convenient storage at just over four inches long. This quality pocket comb offers coarse/wide teeth that work well as beard combs during morning grooming sessions before breakfast!

This Nordic item would make a superb choice because it has everything you could want out of a beard comb: durability, convenience & comfort, all wrapped up into something good-looking.

4. Medieval Celtic knife

This Celtic knife would be a great addition to any Viking enthusiast's collection. It features a beautiful design with its sharp stainless steel blade and intricate brass handle decorated in the Celtic knot pattern. This hand-forged knife comes with a leather case that offers a great way to store it securely. This unique vintage knife is excellent for hunting, fishing, or collecting.

This Viking knife would be an excellent gift because it's perfect decoration and can still function as part of his everyday tools. It will make him look like quite the warrior! 

5. Wolf Head Norse Viking Chain

Wolf denotes courage, strength, and protector in Viking culture. It is no surprise that this wolf head necklace has become one of the most famous Norse Viking gift items for men because it features two wolf heads. In Norse mythology, Fenrir is a huge wolf. It's sometimes translated as "Fenris-wolf," which is a terrifying wolf. This wolf head design Nordic pendant looks so elegant and very attractive, which will make him look like an authentic Viking king. It comes with 24-inch metallic chain. The amulet symbolizes good luck, protection from evil spirits & negative energy and offers extra courage to conquer the world!

6. Viking Horn Mug

This Medieval-style mug is a perfect Viking gift for him because not only will he appreciate the unique design, but it's also functional. It is made of 100% genuine ox horns. It is both stylish & sturdy, with its thick walls that are great for insulation against heat or cold drinks. This unique handmade mug holds up to 16 ounces of beer, mead, coffee, tea, etc.! This Viking gift idea would be perfect because he can enjoy his favorite beverage without worrying about spilling or breaking.

7. Viking Rune Beard Bead Coil Set

Rune is a system of letters from an ancient alphabet. It's also associated with Viking mythology and was used to design many symbols, including bind runes which had power/magical meaning for them. This set contains four different Rune hair coils that are made of pure copper alloy metal. These Nordic rings will make your man look like a fierce bearded berserker ready for any fight!

This awesome gift would be perfect because he can have some cool dreads without dealing with pesky knots all day long!

8. NFL Vinyl Grill Cover, Arizona Cardinals

Prevent your grill from being destroyed by mother nature! This NFL vinyl grill cover will protect his favorite device, whether it's gas or charcoal. It includes a custom-fit elastic hem cord with an adjustable toggle to tighten easily & securely around the lid of most grills. This Minnesota Vikings gift for him is perfect because he can show off his team spirit while also protecting his prized possession!

9. NFL Classic 3PC BBQ Grill Set

This is the perfect gift for him because it includes a spatula & tongs, all made of 18-gauge stainless steel. It has an ergonomic design to ensure comfort while lifting and carrying food around the grill, with a unique laser-cut design and NFL logo. This grill set is a great way to start grilling season and show your support for his favorite football team! This three-piece BBQ grill set would be a perfect Minnesota Vikings gag gift for men who love grilling or cooking outdoors!

10. Vikings Warrior Keychain

This awesome keychain is perfect for Vikings fans because it features a Viking symbol. This heavy-duty stainless steel key chain has a text charm that says "Viking blood runs through my veins" and an eye-catching Viking helmet charm. This keychain is an awesome Nordic gift for men who love the Vikings because it is both useful and practical!

11. Viking Warrior Chest Armor

Vikings wore Chest armor to protect their chest from the opponent's strikes. This Viking warrior chest armor is a perfect gift for Vikings fans interested in LARP or cosplay! The package includes one body armor part, made of PU leather with adjustable straps. It also features metal rivets on each shoulder, along with an attractive Viking symbol at the front. You may adjust the fit by tightening or loosening the laces and buckles. This fabulous Viking gift for men is a must-have for Viking cosplayers or LARP enthusiasts.

12. Personalized Norse Viking Ring

This Norse Viking gift for men is terrific because it features high-quality stainless steel construction with unique laser engraving. It has been polished to look for highly-expensive jewelry but will last much longer than other rings! This ring features Thor's Hammer/Wolf Head. You can personalize the ring with engravings of initials, names, or dates. The band is very comfortable and the design is truly unique! This is the perfect Nordic gift for men looking for high-quality jewelry that won't lose its luster or shine!

13. Viking Warrior Wine Goblet

This Viking ship chalice cup is perfect for Vikings fans because it features intricate designs on the side of the goblet. This fine pewter-plated alloy goblet holds up to eight ounces and has a classic look that will impress your guests! With hand-painted Nordic designs and a raised relief center, this is truly an elegant Viking goblet! It makes an incredible Viking gift for men who love Norse mythology or drinking out of cool cups at parties!

14. Viking Beard Grooming Kit 

This beard grooming kit includes everything you need to maintain your Viking mane! This gift set is perfect if you're looking for Viking gifts for men who have beards or facial hair! It features high-quality, natural ingredients for a clean and healthy look. The beard shampoo will leave your face feeling fresh while balancing its pH levels, the oil & butter softens coarse whiskers to keep them tame throughout the day, and it even has all of this in a convenient travel size so he can take it on his next trip! The compact wooden comb slides through wet or dry hair effortlessly - no tugging at knots when detangling curly locks either, which means less breakage.

15. Norse Viking Cuff Bracelet  

This Viking bangle cuff bracelet features a twisted cable design that is truly unique! The designs are inspired by Norse mythological creatures, making this an excellent gift for Vikings fans or anyone who loves mythology and animals. It's made with pure bronze alloy infused with the essence of silver to make it appear like silver but at half the cost! This beautiful piece can be worn as arm rings, bracelets, or anklets. This Norse mythology gift has wolf head endings that have been hand-engraved to look truly authentic!

16. The Viking Longship Museum Replica Statue 

This Viking longship statue is an excellent Norse gift for men who love history, mythology, and ships! Out of all the Viking gifts mentioned in this blog post, this one has to be my favorite. This replica ship measures 13" tall and weighs 2 pounds, so it's a statement piece that will make a significant impact on your office desk or bookshelf! The high-quality resin construction looks stunning with hand-painted details from bow to stern. From its detailed dragon head bow right down to the intricately carved shields along each side - you'll feel like you're looking at a real Viking ship when admiring this gorgeous museum replica!

17. NFL Oven Mitt and Pot Holder Set 

This NFL oven mitt and pot holder set make an excellent gift for football fans! It's a fun way to show your support of the Vikings during their big games or any time throughout the season. This Minnesota Viking oven mitt and pot holder works as a great housewarming gift, so it has all kinds of uses! The double-sided design allows you to pick which side you want facing out - one features a Viking logo written along with word Viking in white lettering. These are made from 100% cotton material that can hold up against heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, making them perfect for using as potholders when cooking at home too!

18. Knight Belt

This Viking belt is a unique accessory perfect for Vikings fans who are dressing up in costumes! It has an adjustable buckle strap and the metal ring design adds to its authenticity, making it feel like you're wearing a genuine medieval knight belt. This Knight Belt would be great paired with other historical-inspired costumes or even worn casually when going out on weekends too. The O Ring Belt comes brown and is made with PU leather material, so it's comfortable to wear all day long.

19. Viking Beard Oil 

This Smooth Viking beard oil is a must-have for men with beards! This moisturizing and itch-free formula can help eliminate dryness as well as split ends, making it easy to maintain your facial hair. It has argan oil which nourishes the skin underneath so you won't have any problems with dandruff or other irritations from coarse hair. The ingredients are 100% natural - no synthetic fragrances or harsh chemicals that will break out the skin. This present for Viking lovers will help to maintain a healthy-looking mane!

20. Funny Knit Hat Beard Facemask 

This Viking beard hat is an incredible gift for Vikings fans looking to stand out in the crowd! The knit material makes it easy to wear - you won't have any trouble putting this beanie on or taking it off. It's also fully machine washable, so you don't need to worry about trying to get rid of odors by hand-washing it with shampoo like other costumes. This bearded hat features a Roman knight helmet cosplay beanie, so it already comes with the beard attached! You can put this on by itself or pair it with some Viking armor for a complete look.

21. Viking axe

This hand-painted Norse Viking axe is an excellent choice for Vikings fans looking to add some style to their costume! It's made from polyresin and has an antique paint finish which gives it a rustic look. This axe can also be worn on a belt, making for a great accessory that doubles as functional decor. The Viking axe is made with runes etched into the blade, symbolizing strength, power and good fortune! This Norse American Viking gift is practical and adds a unique touch to any outfit.

22. Men's Vikings T-Shirt 

This Vikings t-shirt is a great choice for men who want to show their love of the Norse legends! It's made from 100% cotton, so it has a soft and comfortable feel. The Viking graphic on the front makes this Viking shirt great for wearing out casually or pairing with other costumes during themed events like Halloween parties. Unlike printed designs requiring special care when laundering them not to fade, this Norse American clothing can be washed easily by hand without worrying about damage, unlike printed designs requiring special care when laundering them not to fade!

23. Steampunk Boots

Steampunk Boots complete the looks of Viking costumes. These faux suede boots are designed with a double strap and gold buttons for an authentic Viking look! They have an over-the-knee length and gold buttons on them, making these boots perfect to wear with any outfit. The brown material makes them versatile - they'll pair well with dark colors like black or navy blue, but you can also switch it up by wearing lighter shades like khaki or cream-colored pants. If you're looking for a unique gift that's sure to stand out in a crowd of typical costumes, this is the one!

24. Black Celtic Viking Design Leather Coasters

These are great to have around the home or office for casual get-togethers! This set includes six Viking coasters so that you can keep a few on hand in different rooms. The cork backing helps protect your tables from scratches and stains while also preventing them from sliding away when not being used. Each coaster measures about four inches across - they're big enough to catch any spills. The unique Celtic design looks great with most decor styles, making these drink coasters perfect as an accent piece at parties, family gatherings and more!

25. Hand Forged Sword

The custom handmade Damascus steel sword is also called Gladius. It's a high-quality product and comes with a very sharp edge for real use or display purposes. This blade comprises the most refined grade carbon enriched iron (not stainless), which makes it strong enough to cut through anything like butter! The Long Gladius Sword looks beautiful, stylish and has an excellent finishing that would keep you mesmerized every time you look at this weapon.! If you're looking for a unique birthday present idea for him, this could be it.

26. Gothic Skull Coffee Mug

This mug is perfect for your coffee, tea, or a cold beer on a hot day! It has an extra-large capacity of 13 ounces and features a unique skull design with red eyes. The stainless steel liner adds strength to the outer poly-resin skull. This Viking mug is hand-washed only and should not be microwaved.

The grip is designed for a comfortable hold. It has a rubber-like finish on the handle to improve your grasp making this coffee mug easy to use and holds well even with an oily surface (no slipping). This Viking coffee mug will make all of his parties more fun!

27. Viking Boat Cufflinks

The Viking boat has intricate details that will make these cuff links stand out from others - They're lightweight yet sturdy enough to be used every day without breaking or getting damaged. The Viking boat design looks fabulous with detailed crafted silver-tone plating on your suit or shirt! If he loves Vikings, then these stylish cuff links could be his new favorite accessory!

28. Viking Belt Pouch

The Medieval handbag/wallet looks elegant with its rich brown color and detailed stitching. This is a high-quality product that's great for several uses. It can hold your cell phone, keys, or wallet safely while you're wearing it around town! The belt pouch measures eight inches by seven inches - giving you plenty of room to carry everything he needs wherever he goes. It has an adjustable strap, so this Viking accessory will fit most waist sizes comfortably without slipping down over time. This Norse-inspired fashion piece would be perfect as part of his Halloween costume!

29. Ravens on Skulls Bookends

These Gothic decorations would work great in any room that could use some style! This Norse bookend is made of high-quality polyresin- They're sturdy, durable and will last for years! The black color goes well with most décor styles while also standing out enough to make them a focal point wherever you decide to put them. This bookend intricately designed features a Raven skull with Poe Crow. This Norse bookend is the perfect gift for any lover of gothic décor.

30. Viking Tunic

This Viking tunic is great for medieval and renaissance festivals, concerts, Halloween costumes, or other occasions! It's made of high-quality yarn. This Norse-themed shirt has long sleeves, front pockets, an adjustable drawstring waistband and an open design that makes it easy to put on/take off over other clothes. This medieval V-neck tunic shirt is excellent for classic renaissance festivals, theater productions, or cosplay! It's the perfect Viking gift idea for men who love to wear themed costumes while attending parties.

31. Viking Helmet Skull Figurines

This human skull sculpture is a great conversation piece! It's made of high-quality resin, which ensures that it will be sturdy enough to use indoors for many years. The realistic design looks impressive anywhere in your home or office! This Nordic medieval statue would make an excellent gift idea for anyone who loves skulls and gothic décor! The Viking helmet on the head makes this decoration even more interesting than other statues. 


Rose Parker

Viking tradition is fascinating! They were the most dreaded warriors of their time. Vikings weren’t only pirates and conquerors; they traded, explored and settled in many regions around the world. There is a lot to learn about Viking lifestyle and culture that we still don't know today. For a Viking enthusiast in your life, make sure to check out our article on 31 Viking gifts for him. 

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