33 Best Writing Gifts

Best Writing gifts

Writing is a difficult job, and the best way to make it easier is with the right tools. It is not only the words and language but there are also multiple tools required for writing as well as various other tasks associated with it. Writers need to research before starting any project that involves internet surfing, scanning books from the library, etc. In this article, we will look at a list of 33 best writing gifts you can give to your favorite writer to help them write better.

1. Lap Desk

Writing in bed may not be comfortable with many others, but it is the best place to write for some. If you are looking for a gift that offers comfort and ease of use, then lap desk is one of the best writing gifts to give. It has a smooth marble surface that makes using your mouse or phone easy, as well as typing on your laptop. It is compatible with a 15-inch laptop and has a vast space for a mouse pad and phone holder. Your writer friend will definitely love the gift.

2. Aqua Notes 

Writers or bloggers need to write down something on the go. With this product, you can jot down your notes and ideas even if you are in a shower! Aqua notes is water-resistant paper means it will not get damaged by splashes of water from your hands while writing. The ink also gets dried up faster than any other material used for writing when wet. You can use it with pencils, ballpoint pens without worrying about getting smudged or blurred when dry again. It would be a lovely way to say sorry to someone.

3. Pomodoro Productivity Timer

This timer is a great gift for writers who focus more on writing than anything else. The Pomodoro timer has a capacity of 25 minutes and features an adjustable break time that can be set to five or fifteen minutes. It comes with a magnetic back, so you can stick it anywhere in your room while working on your laptop. This product requires no batteries and offers some extraordinary results when compared with other timers available in the market today like kitchen timers, etc. A ph.d student would love to use this productivity timer.

4. Fancy Pen Set 

Writing is about the words you write and having an excellent pen that can be used with ease. These fancy ballpoint pens are cute office supplies gifted to your writer friend who loves writing. The set of three has different colors and designs for writers to pick from according to what they like most. Each pen comes with a smooth tip that writes smoothly without making any scratches on paper. This Memos pen set has a beautiful design that ensures no skips in ink for your signature.

5. Posture Trainer 

Using this product, your writer friend can improve their posture and avoid any injury that might occur due to bad sitting or standing habits. This posture trainer is made keeping in mind the health issues faced by people who sit for long hours on a chair without taking breaks or stand all day at work. You can download the free app to track your progress. The trainer is small enough for you to take it along with you anywhere, making sure that writing doesn’t get affected by lousy sitting or standing habits. Your writer friend will be grateful to receive such useful gifts which are good for their health too! It would also be a practical gift for those who sit in front of a computer for long hours.

6. Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones 

Noise can disturb a writer’s mood and thinking process. This product is an excellent gift for your writer friend to keep them focused on their work without any distractions from the outside world by canceling noise using digital signal processing technology.

The headphones offer excellent sound quality with 20-hour battery life that can be charged in just two hours, so you need not worry about losing power when engrossed in writing. The earpads are comfortable and adjustable, too, making it easy for writers who might have different head sizes to use this product comfortably.

7. Fingerless Writing Gloves

These writing gloves are perfect gifts for writers who love winter. Made of 100%cotton, the fingerless gloves allow you to type or write on your laptop without taking them off frequently. The design is elegant and trendy, which makes it an excellent gift for writers. These fingerless gloves featuring text from Jane Austen’s classic novel, Pride and Prejudice! It’s also a good gift option because it doesn’t require any special care after wearing it once! It would also be an excellent gift for people with arthritis.

8. Kindle Paperwhite 

Writers have a soft corner for books. This gift is an excellent option as it allows writers to read their favorite stories on the go, so they can enjoy reading wherever they are without worrying about carrying too many bulky items with them. The Kindle Paperwhite has a 300ppi display, making every word look crisp and clear even in bright sunlight. The glare-free display allows writers to read in the comfort of their homes or even while traveling without straining their eyes too much. It has twice as many storage options available compared to other models, making it an excellent gift for readers who wish to download and store thousands of books at one go on this device. 

9. LED Desk Lamp 

Writers spend hours writing and editing their work, and it’s important to stay focused on your work without straining the eyes too much as this could cause headaches, dryness of eyes, etc. Thus writers need a device such as this desk lamp that provides an optimal viewing experience by cutting down blue light emissions, which causes eye strain. You can also adjust brightness levels depending upon lighting conditions in the room so you can read or write for longer periods without feeling tired or strained. The lamp is ergonomically designed with adjustable arms and legs, so it fits wherever you place it!

10. Eco-Friendly Writing Notebook 

A notebook is something that writers cannot do without. This eco-friendly natural cork hardcover writing notebook with pen loop and thick premium paper allows for easy page-turning and makes the product sturdy. This is a great gift option as writers can use this journal on their travels without worrying about damaging any other expensive notebooks! There are also page dividers in the package to make it easier to set up your categories and keep track of them easily.

11. Sticky Notes 

Writers have to take down notes or write reminders while brainstorming for their novel or article, so sticky notes are an excellent choice as gifts! These small sticky pads come in cute designs and colors that will inspire writers more than ever before. The best part is you can stick these pads on any surface without damaging it at all! You can use them throughout your creative process by sticking them wherever needed, most like walls or doors. Your writer friend would love this creativity booster pack that comes with eight pads in various colors.

12. Anti Fatigue Mat

Writers always have to stand and write or sit for long periods of time. Thus, they need cushioned mats that will prevent damage on the legs and back as well as provide maximum comfort while working at a desk or table. These anti-fatigue pads come in different sizes depending upon where you place them. The cushioning material used is very soft yet sturdy enough not to sink under pressure! Since these are meant mostly for offices, it’s better if writers do their brainstorming sessions outside the office so there aren’t any distractions around such as phones ringing constantly! A professional mom will also like to use this mat to prevent fatigue.

13. Typewriter Bookend 

Writers have to constantly keep a lot of books and research material around their desks. These bookends will help them with that as they come in various designs, colors, heights, etc., depending upon where you place them. The one shown above is gold-colored typewriter-themed—an excellent gift for writers who prefer vintage styles! This stylish bookend can be used for keeping books and other decor items like vases or trophies etc., on your writer friend’s table or shelf. It has smooth edges, so there are no chances of any injury occurring while moving the product!

14. Kindle Unlimited Membership 

Writers are constantly on the lookout for great content to read, and they are always looking for new books written by their favorite authors or other writers who can inspire them somehow! This subscription-based reading service offers unlimited access to over one million titles, including exclusive Kindle Singles, short reads, and more through Amazon Prime Reading. It also comes with a free month trial period where you do not have to pay anything if your friend is an avid reader! You will be surprised how happy they would be receiving this gift because it lets them enjoy literature the way they want, whenever they want. Hence, there’s no pressure about finishing off good books during limited periods, etc.

15. Audible Membership  

Your writer friend might be an avid reader, but what if they’re more of a listener? You can gift them this subscription-based service that provides access to the world’s largest library of audiobooks! They will enjoy listening to their favorite books and stories while working at home or driving, and they can cancel anytime they want with no obligations! Audibook membership makes a great gift because all writers need time to unwind and relax while listening to good stories, which is what the audiobooks of this service offer.

16. Ergonomic Chair 

Writers spend hours sitting at their desks, so they need a comfortable chair that will keep them fresh and focused throughout the day. This one is an ideal choice because it has three features—ergonomics, functionality, and comfort! With its adjustable backrests (lumbar support), your writer friend can enjoy maximum lumbar support while working long hours on projects or brainstorming sessions without getting tired easily! It also comes with breathable mesh to prevent perspiration due to wooded surroundings in most writers’ rooms! The seat cushion cushions are made of soft foam for extra comfort during writing or reading sessions, etc. At the same time, the metallic material ensures durability over time, even if you sit on it several times every day. It would also be a practical gift for employees.

17. Programmable Coffee Maker

Your writer friend spends most of their time in front of a desk, so they need coffee to keep them going through the day. This 12-cup programmable coffeemaker offers an easy and convenient way for writers to make some fresh morning beverages! They can set it up at night or while working on other tasks around the house; once done, all they have to do is press a button and wait for delicious hot beverages like cappuccinos, lattes, mochas, etc., within minutes without wasting too much time on brewing or cleanup later (the removable filter basket makes this process even easier). Coffee drinkers will love how quickly they get their favorite drinks with this machine because there’s minimal waiting involved. 

18. Magnetic Poetry - Healing Words Kit 

Your writer friend might spend hours brainstorming ideas to write their next masterpiece, but all that time in front of a computer can make them feel lonely and isolated. You can help keep their creative juices flowing by gifting this magnetic poetry kit! This set comes with words for writing poems, letters, quotes, grocery lists—anything they want on the fridge or any other metal surface around the house (like cabinets)! It’s an ideal gift because it has five rows of different categories so your friend can pick out words based on what they need at that moment and according to moods/emotions/thoughts seeping through their minds while working long hours alone; without distractions! 

19. The Daily Poet: Day-By-Day Prompts For Your Writing Practice 

If your writer friend is more interested in writing poems, this book by Kelli Russell and Martha Silano offers the perfect solution! It’s a collection of prompts for daily practice to help them write their poetry every day. Your writer-friend will not only get access to hundreds of ideas that have never been published before but also tips on how they can use these ideas to come up with original work. The Daily Poet helps inspire writers through quotes, words, and phrases while keeping track of all works produced during each session—a great way for beginners or pros to improve their skills over time.

20. Scented Candle Gift Set  

This candle gift set is not just for lighting up the room but also to help writers achieve deep relaxation and focus. The vanilla-scented aromatherapy candle comes with essential oils of eucalyptus and lavender, which are known to increase alertness while reducing stress levels simultaneously! Since it’s made from natural soy wax, no harmful toxic smoke or chemicals can harm health; instead, you get pure fragrance without any side effects. This makes a great Christmas present because everyone likes candles—writers included!

21. Writing Tools: 55 Essential Strategies for Every Writer

A gift for writers is a perfect way to help them become better at their craft, and this book by Roy Peter Clark does exactly that! It covers essential topics like how the best writing takes place in stages with specific steps. The author also shows how successful authors have handled pressure before releasing new books or when facing deadlines while working on projects. He discusses different types of sentences and examples from good literature so your writer friend can learn more about sentence structures—and improve their work accordingly! This guide is filled with poetic quotes, which will inspire anyone who reads it because words are powerful tools when used correctly.

22. Self-Inking Do It Yourself Stamp Kit  

Help your writer friend stay organized with this DIY Stamp Kit. This black ink stamp is a great way to provide them with an easy and efficient method of marking important documents or filing papers away for future reference. The last thing they want during their writing hours is to worry about missing files! Your friend can personalize it by choosing from thousands of fonts available online before buying, making sure everything suits their unique preferences and purposes.

23. Embosser Stamp 

This monogram embosser is a great gift for writers because it helps create beautiful works of art that are then kept as keepsakes or used to seal envelopes with! It’s especially useful when handwritten letters need to be sent out—and even more special if your writer friend has their own business. The Monogram Embosser Stamp Handheld Seal is very easy to use: press down firmly onto paper before pulling the tool away from printed mark, leaving clear words behind every time.

24. Book Light

This rechargeable LED book light is both stylish and convenient, making it the perfect gift for any writer! It’s compatible with all kinds of devices that use USB charging ports—from phones to tablets to laptops. The built-in lithium battery can last up to 70 hours on a single charge before needing recharging again, so your friend will never have to worry about bringing this lamp along when they’re on the go or traveling. You can also appreciate tween readers using this light while reading.

25. Bookish Themed Coffee/Tea Mug

Help your friend complete their collection with this coffee or tea mug! It's a great way to showcase their love of reading and writing while offering an awesome gift they can enjoy during breaks. The ceramic material is high quality, and the surface is easy to clean with just a quick rinse. The words are also printed on both sides of the mug, "bookmarks are for quitters" on one side. This mug holds up to 15 ounces of liquid, making it great for any beverage.

26. MasterClass writing courses

This is a great gift for writers because it allows them to learn from the best in different genres. Masterclass features courses taught by world-renowned experts like David Baldacci, Malcolm Gladwell, Judy Blume and James Patterson. It's surprising how much someone can learn about their craft when they're able to take lessons directly from well-known authors or industry professionals—and this present will help your friend improve their writing skills within weeks instead of years.

27. Bean Box - Gourmet Coffee Sampler

This special coffee is a great way to help your friend relax and enjoy some time for themselves. It comes in a sealable pouch with four different coffee blends, so your friend will be able to taste and smell the difference between each one. The beans are sourced from Seattle, making it a high-quality coffee that your writer friend will appreciate. Each bean box has half a pound of coffee in it, and each of the four different varieties comes in a separate bag.

28. USB Computer Microphone 

This is the best microphone for any project, whether streaming on YouTube or recording a podcast. The USB plug-and-play interface makes setup efficient, while the omnidirectional design ensures that your friend will always get great voice quality with their computer no matter where they are. It also has zero latency output and low power dissipation, making it perfect for anyone who spends hours at a time talking into their mic every day!

29. Desk Organizer 

This desk organizer is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to keep their workspace organized. It's made from stainless steel so that it won't break down under regular use over time. The mesh design also allows your friend to see everything they own without having to rummage around or move things out of place. Each section is double-sided with a different color on each side for a more accessible organization. There are two trays included that can be used for additional storage space if necessary.

30. Throw Pillow Cover

This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to read! It's made from 100%cotton linen, so it'll last longer and wear well even with daily use. The pillowcase features a simple saying that any bookworm will appreciate—and it also doesn't have an image on the front of the cover, which means your friend can put this anywhere they want without having to worry about matching up their decor or making sure it matches anything else in their home.

31. Weatherproof Top-Spiral Notebook

This is the perfect gift for any writer on the go who doesn't want to risk getting their writing wet. It's made from weatherproof paper, which resists water damage and allows your friend to carry one with them everywhere they go without worrying about accidentally spilling something or having it ruined if they get caught out in rain or snow. This spiral pocket-size notebook is perfect for on-the-go writing, and its durable construction allows your friend to take it everywhere. This gift is great for anyone who loves to write all the time!

32. Acer Slim Laptop 

This is a helpful gift for anyone who wants to write from the comfort of their own home. It's equipped with an AMD Ryzen processor, which runs faster and smoother than older models! The 15.36" full HD IPS display comes with Acer comfy view technology that reduces glare on your screen so you can see whatever you're writing more clearly. It also includes an aluminum casing to create a modern look in your office! This is the perfect gift for anyone who spends hours writing in their home office. They'll love this laptop's efficient performance and its stylish design, which will make them want to stay at home even more often than they already do!

33. Writer Emergency Pack

This is the perfect gift for anyone with writer's block or who needs some help with their writing! It comes in a box that can be kept on your desk to remind you of all the ideas they have. Each pack features 26 illustrated cards full of helpful tips and suggestions, as well as 26 detail cards that contain specific advice on how to fix any aspect of your work—everything from character development issues to overall style problems. This set includes everything someone could need when it comes to making their writing better than ever before!


Rose Parker

Writers create a lot of content every day, and they also need a creativity toolkit to help them in their daily life and work. These best writing gifts can be helpful for writers who want to improve the quality of their written pieces. There are so many creative writing gifts out there that it’s almost overwhelming! If you wish to get your favorite writer a specific item or simply show them how much they mean to you, here’s the ultimate list of great gift ideas for writers.

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