33 Yoga Gifts For Mom

Yoga Gifts For Mom

Yoga provides many health benefits as it promotes good health of the body and good mental well-being. A good yoga gift can promote good health, relaxation, and mindfulness while making you feel loved. If your mom loves yoga, then you're in luck! We have compiled a list of 33 Yoga Gifts that are practical, personal and unique ideas.

1. Yoga Mat 

A high-quality yoga mat would be an excellent gift for a fitness conscious mom. It's good to have just the right size and thickness mat. This yoga mat is suitable for those who do yoga or pilates at home as it provides an excellent grip and cushioning to protect your joints against the hard floor surface. The strap makes carrying this mat easy when traveling in a bag on public transportation. It's also good that the user can tuck the strap away in a carrying bag when not needed.

2. Incense Burner

A good incense burner is another attractive gift for a mom who loves yoga. It would be nice to have an elegant and decorative waterfall incense burner that will hold your favorite scented incenses cones neatly on the top side of the base while allowing smoke to drift through the back of the base. The incense burner holder is made from good quality ceramic that is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. It also comes with 50 incense sticks and 30 incense cones.

3. Yoga Legging

A good yoga legging is another practical gift for mom. These high-waist yoga pants are made of good quality fabric suitable for hot or cold seasons and provide an excellent stretch to provide additional comfort during practice. It has good coverage at the back with added support in front, which will help you maintain your balance in difficult poses. Mom can wear them while walking or running. This yoga legging is available in various sizes and made of good quality fabric that is comfortable and good for multiple yoga poses.

4. Essential Oils Set

This good quality set of 20 essential oils will be a nice gift for a mom who loves yoga. The kit includes good-quality, pure and natural aromatherapy oils that are helpful for relaxation and stress reduction. It also has anti-inflammatory properties to help with arthritis, muscle aches, headaches, or migraines. This kit of 20 essential oils comes with fine-quality oil bottles that will last a long time because they do not leak or drip out too quickly like other brands.

5. Self Love Healing Crystal Collection

This high-quality set of chakra stones is good for grounding, centering and healing. It contains nine excellent-quality crystals that have been cleansed under the moonlight to increase their natural beauty while providing balance and harmony with all seven basic human emotions. The kit also comes with a large rose quartz palm stone that can be used as a power stone for good luck and love. It comes in a beautiful wooden box with detailed instructions and affirmations for self-love. It would also be an inspirational gift for cancer survivors.

6. Sloth Yoga Decor

This good quality set of five sloth yoga figurines is suitable for any home and would be a cute gift for mom. The sloths are made from good-quality clay to provide durability with the most adorable smile that will make anyone happy! It comes in five different yoga poses that will make a fantastic gift for a mom who loves yoga and sloth. These action figures are 3" tall and best suited for any yoga studio or home.

7. Meditation Cushion

This meditation cushion is a superb gift for a spiritual mom who loves yoga. These meditation pillows are made with good-quality fabric that will not get hot or cold in the summer and winter. It also has good breathability to keep you cool during practice when there may be less air circulation. This cushion allows you to sit comfortably in good meditation poses and supports your back. It is available in various sizes to suit most people's needs, and it comes with a good-quality cover that can be removed or washed when needed.

8. Yoga Pose Instruction Cards 

Yoga cards provide good visual guides to good yoga poses and good sequences. This set of professional study cards can be suitable for beginners as it gives good instructions on how to do the best yoga exercises. The perfect present for a mom who loves yoga, this deck also has good-quality plastic Sanskrit letters that provide easy pronunciation while teaching proper alignment or sequencing in various positions such as good Warrior Pose, good Triangle pose, or good Downward-Facing Dog. These physical yoga cards have good card-stock that will last longer than paper ones with good durability.

9. Yoga Strap 

Yoga straps provide good support for good yoga poses. Good Yoga straps are also easy on joints, tendons and ligaments while providing reasonable muscle control that will allow you to do various stretches with ease combined with a good range of motion. This high-quality Yoga strap is ergonomically designed to support almost any yoga pose with good ease and comfort while providing good stability. It has a convenient metal D-Ring buckle that provides easy adjustability without belts or Velcro straps, which can be uncomfortable after repeated use. It would be a practical gift for fitness enthusiast people.

10. Yoga Frog Wind Chimes Set

This excellent set of three yoga frog wind chimes suits any home and would make a good gift for mom. The frogs are made from high-quality resin to provide durability with the most adorable smile that will make anyone happy! It comes in three different yoga poses that will make a fantastic gift for a mom who loves yoga. The materials are suitable for outdoor or indoor use, making a beautiful addition to any home.

11. Yoga Sock Anklets 

Anklet socks are suitable for any fitness activity. These good-quality ankle socks come in various colors of yoga gear such as black or light grey with multiple styles, such as dance or yoga. This would make an excellent practical and unique gift for mom who loves yoga because it can be used with other fitness activities while providing good support to the heels, arches and toes.

12. Yoga Wooden Dice

A wooden dice set helps yogis to roll good-quality yoga moves. This good quality set of seven wooden dice features a variety of poses include seated, standing, balancing twists and more. The collection consists of detailed instructions on how to do the yoga pose with good-quality images of each position that will help anyone who is a beginner or wants to increase their flexibility and mobility in good yoga poses. These wooden pieces are carefully crafted that will last for years to come with durability.

13. Wine Glass

This wine glass with funny sayings is perfect for giving as a gift to your yogi mom. This high-quality wine can hold an 18oz capacity with good lines of engraving. This wine glass features metallic ink fired on the top of a glass that won't fade. The good-quality glass can be used for both hot and cold liquids, making it an excellent present to give. It comes in beautiful packing with a card good for a personalized message.

14. Yoga Mat Cleaner 

A good-quality yoga mat cleaner will make an excellent present for a mom who loves yoga. The good-quality soap is infused with pure lavender essential oil that makes it smell delightful without chemical fragrances while also being safe to use on all mats and surfaces. It leaves no residue behind, making it an ideal choice without damaging the surface. It comes in a spray bottle with a microfiber towel that will clean and wipe down any mat while refreshing it as well.

15. Yoga Lovers Coffee Mug 

Coffee is an essential part of a yogi lifestyle and this cute 11 oz mug will make a perfect gift for any mom who loves yoga. This good-quality ceramic coffee cup is dishwasher safe, making it an excellent choice that won't easily break or wear out. The ceramic mug features a funny quote and the words, "By being yourself, you put something wonderful into this wonderful world that was not there before." Your mom will enjoy coffee and beautiful thought from this mug.

16. 7-Piece Yoga Mat Set 

A seven-piece yoga set would be an ideal present for your mom who just started yoga or is interested in exploring it. This good-quality set includes a yoga mat with a carrying strap, two yoga blocks, a yoga mat towel, a yoga hand towel and a vinyl strap for safety without slippage. The premium-quality materials make this set durable and comfortable to use while also being easy to carry around all the time on trips. This set comes in various colors and is 1\2 inches thick for good comfort.

17. Yoga Meditation Décor

This high-end set of three yoga statue figurines is a perfect gift for your mom, who loves yoga. The detailed statues are made out of resin materials and not easily broken or damaged, making them an excellent choice for everyone in the family to enjoy. These statues are coated with silver metallic color with an antique look and good details. These antique yoga statues are suitable for yoga decoration and can be placed on a shelf, in an office, or in any other space.

18. Tibetan Singing Bowl Set 

Tibetan singing bowl set is a magnificent gift for your mom who likes meditation or mindfulness. This premium quality singing bowl is handmade in Nepal and features a lovely finish that enhances the beauty of this bowl. The sound of this singing bowl can be gentle, deep, or overtones, depending on how it is played with a mallet. The sound of this bowl will definitely delight your mom.

19. Scented Candles Gift Set 

These 8-piece soft, handmade beeswax candles provide good aromatherapy for relaxation. These high-end candles are hand-poured and therefore made from natural ingredients with no additives or dyes. These soy candles come in various scents, including Lavender Vanilla, Rose Jasmine, Honey Amber, Cinnamon Clove and more to choose from. A good gift idea that will please your mom, who loves yoga or meditation.

20. Yoga Mat Duffle Bag 

A good yoga mat duffle bag is an excellent choice to carry a yoga mat and other essentials. This premium quality canvas tote features a breathable mesh pocket and zipper enclosure on the side of the large compartment, perfect for small items like keys or cell phones. The adjustable shoulder strap ensures easy carrying while also making it comfortable for long wear without slippage. This stylish and durable duffle bag is perfect for traveling and as an everyday suitcase that will fit all of the items needed on the go.

21. Mexican Yoga Blanket

A yoga blanket provides warmth and coziness while practicing yoga. This good quality, lightweight blanket is made from 100% cotton and features a delicate weave that will be good for yogi who likes to meditate or just needs some warmth outdoor. The authentic Mexican woven serape blankets are made with vibrant colors and lovely patterns for everyday use. This blanket is perfect for a yoga mat cover, camping accessories, or even beach blankets.

22. Workout Tank Tops

A valuable gift for your mom who practices yoga is a workout tank top. This pack of three tanks features different colors and designs to fit any exerciser's mood or preference. Each shirt has a good quality fabric that will keep her looking good while doing yoga or any other workout. The good quality fabric is durable and breathable, with a good stretch that will not lose its shape when worn. 

23. Calvin Klein Women's Bralette

Wearing comfortable and high-quality yoga clothes while practicing is essential. This Calvin Klein Women's Modern Cotton Bralette has a good fit for all body types and provides excellent support when doing yoga. This fashionable bra features soft fabric that does not itch or scratch the skin and offers good support without compromising comfort. The good absorbency of this lingerie will keep her dry while also feeling fresh with its breathable design.

24. Yoga Animals Funny Coasters

A good yoga gift for a mom passionate about animal rights and the environment is a set of coasters. This good quality, environmentally friendly bamboo coaster set will be loved by your mom primarily because of its adorable animal designs. The functional design with rubber bottoms will keep surfaces protected from scratches or water stains while protecting drinkware. The excellent quality natural bamboo has a good look and feels admired by anyone who sees it in the home or office.

25. Makeup bag

This cosmetic bag has enough space for carrying lipsticks, perfumes and other makeup for daily needs. It features a good quality material that is water-resistant and will protect against spills or leaks from the liquids inside. Zipper closure ensures everything stays secure while also being easy to use one-handed with its key-chain hook on the outside of the bag. This functional yoga gift for mom will be ideal for traveling or any other occasion.

26. Yoga Balance Accessories Set

A yoga wheel is a helpful tool for stretching and balance, but it can also be used as a chair. A premium-quality foam material will feel good on the back while staying firm to use without sinking in or feeling uncomfortable when sat down. This set includes a yoga wheel, a strap and two yoga blocks that will not lose their shape when used. This set is suitable for beginners to experts and is good for exercise, yoga or even just relaxing. This set can also be used by a person who has a back condition such as scoliosis to help improve posture and relieve pressure on the spine.

27. Aromatherapy Shower Steamers 

After a long yoga session, your mom needs to relax and aromatherapy shower steamers will do just that. These shower steamers release a therapeutic scent into the bathroom while also adding humidity to dry skin for added benefit. The set includes six different scents, including lavender, grapefruit, menthol, and eucalyptus oils. These shower steamers also provide relaxation and relief from sore muscles. Your mother will surely love this gift as a token of your love.

28. Yoga Headbands

As a good yoga gift for mom, these hairbands are perfect because they do not slip out of place when in use. The adjustable band can be changed to fit the desired length and will stay put while also being comfortable on the head during exercise. These fabric headbands come in eight different colors and designs that match any outfit style or mood your mom might be in. The headband's fabric is flexible and durable to last a long time while still looking good.

29. Yoga Socks 

This is a great gift idea for yoga moms who love to enjoy the benefits of exercise without having to take their shoes off or worry about them slipping out of place during an intense workout session. These socks have a good grip on the bottom to avoid slipping. They also provide support and comfort for any exercise with their extra softness and cushioning inside the fabric. The socks will not lose their shape over time and can be machine washed for convenience.

30. Wooden Shadow Box

This wooden shadow box features a glass front engraved with yoga poses, making it a wonderful gift for yoga lovers. The glass front provides good visibility while also being secure so that nothing falls out when opening or closing the door to see what's inside. This box is ideal for displaying and preserving photos, pictures, memorabilia, awards, medals, and collectables. This great decoration item can be used as wall decor or tabletop decor at home or the yoga studio.

31. Yoga Lotus Flower Pendant Necklace

This is an elegant necklace that would make good presents for yoga moms. The pendant features a lotus flower with the Om symbol and an inspirational quote, "Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.". The necklace is suitable for special occasions and can be worn anytime to show off the good things in life. The pendant hangs from a 18-inch chain and has an adjustable clasp closure at the back of the neck that provides security while also being easy to open when needed.

32. Yoga Stone Bracelet

Yoga lovers use various stones and beads to get all the benefits of yoga. This bracelet is suitable for yoga lovers with seven chakra healing crystals, such as amethyst, aquamarine, tiger eye quartz and more. This beaded meditation bracelet help improve the mood by releasing negative energy from your body to make you feel better about yourself. It also helps people to relax and concentrate. This double layer adjustable bracelet has a good fit for any wrist size.

33. Yoga Lover Gift Set

The yoga lover gift set includes one funny yoga coffee cup printed with "I do Yoga just kidding", along with a straw and cleaning brush, One good vibe candle and one pair of socks. The candle is made with eco wax, good for the environment and a soothing scent perfect for relaxing. Yoga socks have a non-slip bottom, suitable to wear with shoes and can be machine washed for convenience. This gift set is good for anyone who loves yoga but also has a great sense of humor! This would make the perfect present for mom on Mother's Day, her birthday or the holiday season.


Rose Parker

Yoga is one of the most popular forms of exercise that can be good for the body and mind. It is also an excellent way to relax and relieve stress - something we all need these days! If you are looking for gift ideas for your mom, who loves yoga, then you are in good luck. Here is a list of 33 yoga gifts for mom that she will love! I hope you found some good ideas that would help you find the perfect gift for your mom.

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