Amazing Birthday Gifts For 6 Year Old Niece

bday gift for a catholic 6 year old boy

Finding the perfect gift for your six year old niece is not a simple and easy task. First and foremost, there are hundreds of options for you to choose from. From entertaining and educating tablet devices to Barbie dolls and their dream cars. The list can go on and on. Furthermore, buying the perfect gift may require a bit of research. It is recommended that you get to know the wants and needs of the birthday girl before going all out. While you may be considering a new beautiful dress as the perfect gift, your niece may be wishing for a new electric scooter. Regardless of what you are looking for, we have the perfect gift for you.

It can sometimes be challenging thinking of a gift for a six-year-old girl. Most people may consider purchasing a book, scooter iPad, crayons jewelry, smartwatch, terrarium stocking stuffer, and fashion accessories. When considering the type of gift to buy for a 6-year-old girl, it is essential to consider her interests. She may love board games, experimenting with slime and robots, or playing with dolls. For a six-year-old girl, ideas for a birthday gift are exciting and unique from crafts and arts, indoor and outdoor presents, and much more. Most of the gifts you'll find on amazon.

Melissa & Doug vastly stuffed Unicorn

The gift is huge, soft, luxurious, and cuddly and one of the coolest birthday gifts for first grade. The stuffed Unicorn is a great toy and has a great design. The toy has a shimmering glow that makes it look enjoyable and girly. The size of the toy is also imposing. It is suitable for girls at a tender age and is used for decoration.

Craft Kit
A craft kit can is helpful in problem-solving and making the child develop new skills. The craft kits help young children learn essential skills to find their style, concentration, and emotional communication. The skills can be beneficial at home, in school, and in other places. You find the best craft kit as a birthday gift or a Christmas gift for a little girl.

Fashion girls DIY Headbands
The kit is designed in a way you can make ten different satin colored and customized headbands. The headband can match with all the outfits. The kits have flowers, stickers, ribbons, feathers, and butterflies to decorate the headband. A young girl will have more fun time designing her headband. For a birthday gift of a six-year-old girl, the kit will make the perfect gift. The kit is easy to use even without the assistance of an adult. The headband can also be the best gift for tweens as they can create headbands that match.

Nisikite Karaoke Microphone
The new karaoke microphone has a dynamic led light. It operates similarly to a regular microphone. The microphone can record and can also be used as a speaker. It is also upgraded with a glow in and dynamic colorful led light. The microphone has abundant bright colors that will be amazing for a young girl. The microphone has a cable USB and Bluetooth connections. The built-in vibrant sound effect and audio are enjoyable to make you listen and sing at any place.

Lego Sets
Lego sets are the best gift due to their creativity, educational value, and versatility. Many kids like playing with Legos and enjoy the work of art. The lego sets are whimsical fun for adults and small and big kids and a fantastic birthday and Christmas gift. The Lego is best for passing time and makes a fun interactive activity within the family when indoors. The set is unique and consists of tactile play and a mixture of creativity. Kids and their Whole family can play the playset when indoors during rainy days or for other reasons. The Lego will provide appropriate hand-eye coordination, which will allow them to be more active and get fine motor skills.

Vtech Kids Cozy headphones
This unique headphone is a great gift for a 6-year-old girl. The headphones have a headband style and are very comfortable for the little one to wear. The headphones have every step instructions. They have a volume limit that protects the child's ear from too loud music. The kid's headphones have eight different animal styles; you can select. Therefore young girls can choose what they want. The headphone is also kid-friendly and would make the best gift for a little girl. The headphones are portable and can be placed in a carrying case when traveling.

Below we have provided other specific gifts ( in a gift guide format) to choose from for the best birthday gift for a six-year-old niece.


Gift Idea

Why is it a Good Gift?


DIY butterfly garden

This is a perfect gift for a 6 year old who loves to see the insects with colorful wings transform from baby caterpillars to full grown butterflies. The set up has the appropriate atmosphere needed for their metamorphosis and growth.

  • DIY set up
  • Convenient atmosphere
  • Children friendly
95 % Editor Score


Girls' pretend purse

Be that cute and stylish star diva and flaunt this set to everyone. The mini accessories are going to impress the 6 year old children and keep them busy for a long time. The baby pink color will surely steal the hearts of the lady gang.

  • Beautiful pink color
  • Non toxic build material
  • Girls' favorite
90 % Editor Score


Kid's Zingo Board game

The best gift for a 6-year-old to gather their family under one roof and enjoy the evening. The board is entertaining and allows seven members to play together. This provides great learning experience to the young minds that love to know new stuff.

  • Entertaining
  • Great learning
  • Family fun
90 % Editor Score


Play Castle with Glowing stars

These tents are spectacular and provide a great outdoor experience for the 6-year-old girls in town. The pink color brightens up the tent and the glow in the dark stars looks like embedded jewels on the fabric. The easy assembly is an added benefit. 

  • Good for outdoors
  • Glowing stars in dark
  • Pretty Pink
88 % Editor Score


Kid's Playing Calculator

This LED display calculator will help your 6-year-old to transform into a mathematician who loves to tackle with the cash. The solar-driven device will help in teaching the young ones about money handling and proper management skills.

  • Learn money handling
  • Good LED display
  • Fun for kids
92 % Editor Score


Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad

Kids can draw like a pro with this gift featuring over 35 art tools to inspire their imagination. Using the included fashion and animal tracing sheets, or the hundreds of downloadable online images, they can draw creative scenes with crisp and clean lines. The LED drawing tablet illuminates the tracing sheets so kids can be imaginative at night or in daylight

  • Glows in the Dark
  • All-in-One Art Set
  • Inspires creativity
90 % Editor Score


Kids' Mini Sweeping Set

The sweep and mop will teach your 6-year-olds to learn the right way to maintain hygiene and stay responsible for the environment around them. The realistic design will attract the kids towards them and the strong build increase their durability. 

  • Maintain Hygiene
  • Good pretend play
  • Realistic
89 % Editor Score


Hoodie Towel for Girls

The bright and vibrant colors of the towel will impress the 6-year-old gems in your house. The feminine design will draw the attention of young girls and the hoodie is a new twist to the old towel set up. The super-soft fabric will pamper your kids. 

  • Feminine design
  • Good for Kids
  • Vibrant colors
85 % Editor Score


Butterfly tea set

The basket has an elegant finish that will attract your kids towards it. The pretty pink color will be the 6 year old girl's favorite and who doesn't like butterflies around? It is a classic set of sheer excellence that will get the tea party going.

  • Good woven basket
  • Beautiful butterflies
  • Posh pink color
89 % Editor Score


Cooking and Baking set

Activate the chef mode in your cute 6-year old by gifting them with this realistic and beautiful kitchen set. All the needed tools are delivered so that your kids can pretend and play like they are the rulers of the kitchen territory. 

  • Realistic kitchen tools
  • Apron included
  • Fun for young chefs
90 % Editor Score