31 Birthday Gifts For a Pregnant Friend

Birthday gifts for a pregnant friend

Finding the perfect gift to give your pregnant friend on her birthday can be a difficult task. They’ve given you so much joy and happiness, and the best thing any friend can do is present a gift that they will get used out of for months. We found 31 of the best gifts that will make your preggo pal smile from ear to ear!

1. Maternity Women's Leggings

Motherhood maternity women's leggings are a comfy gift for any expecting mom! These leggings come in two different colors and are extremely comfortable, making it easy to wear them all day long. They're the perfect pair of pants that can be worn as casual or dressy clothing. Your friend will love this present because they'll get so much use out. It would also be a lovely gift during pregnancy and the postpartum period.

2. Sonogram Frame

This beautiful sonogram frame is a wonderful gift to give any pregnant woman. It's made of premium wood and is the perfect size for a sonogram photo-which can be attached magnetically! Once in place, she'll never have to take it off. The frame comes with an easel back so that she can hang it on their wall or prop it on top of a dresser/coffee table as a decoration. A wonderful present for all expecting moms!

This gift would also make great baby shower decorations because guests will love being able to put photos from the party up when your friend gets home from the hospital.

3. Pregnancy Journal

An excellent way to keep the memories of pregnancy alive is by recording thoughts and feelings in a journal. These can be wonderful, treasured gifts for moms-to-be! It can also be used to record memories created during this time, like what you eat, any cravings, or other moods/feelings in general.

The time between finding out she is expecting and giving birth are some of the most precious moments in any woman's life. Your friend will love getting to keep these notes from her pregnancy.

4. Burt's Bees Mama Bee Gift Set 

The Burt's Bees Mama Bee gift set is perfect for any expecting mother who wants to take care of herself from head to toe. The set includes a nourishing lotion that smells like honey and can be applied anywhere. It also comes with a nursing balm containing 100% organic ingredients and an exclusive lip gloss made by Queen Bee Apothecary with aloe Vera extract so your lips stay hydrated! It will soothe momma's sensitive skin while healing her new baby's fragile skin too.

5. Maternity Body Pillow

This pillow supports the expected mother's back, so it is good to have this maternity pillow on hand. This body support will help ease the pregnant woman's discomfort and pain because of pregnancy weight gain. These pillows are designed specifically for use during and after pregnancy making them perfect gifts for those who love lounging around in bed or sitting up reading late at night too. The "U-shaped" design cradles mommy's belly while also supporting her head, neck and shoulders as well as helping to relieve any lower back pains. She may be experiencing from carrying all that extra weight up high on her ribcage nowadays.

6. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Stretch Mark Kit

Is your pregnant friend worried about stretch marks on her belly? The Palmer's cocoa butter stretch marks kit includes products, which contain natural ingredients, including cocoa butter, to nourish the skin. It also contains Shea butter for additional hydration and protection from the effects of water exposure, such as itchiness or soreness. This product line is popular among pregnant women because it helps keep their skin feeling healthy while coping with stretch marks, constipation, swollen feet and ankles, varicose veins, or hemorrhoids due to pregnancy weight gain.

7. Women's Plush Toe Slipper

The Women's Plush toe slipper is a soft, fuzzy, and warm slipper for the feet made with high-quality faux fur fabric that will keep toes toasty and warm even on chilly days while the insoles are cushioned for comfort all day long. The soles of this slipper have rubber grips so that she won't slip in icy weather conditions. These women's slippers come in an array of colors like black, brown, cream white, or navy blue, making them perfect as a gift to any pregnant woman who loves furs around her legs when she walks outside on cold winter days!

8. Spa Gift Card

This gift card is perfect for any pregnant woman who's willing to take a break from the routine and pamper herself with a trip to the spa. She'll be able to relax, have hair done, get some facials or have some massages before heading home refreshed and ready to tackle life as a mom-to-be once again.

Depending on what type of service she chooses, this can also make an excellent baby shower present because it will provide her with plenty of relaxation time that she might not otherwise be able to enjoy nowadays!

9. Pregnancy Support Belly Brace

In the third trimester of pregnancy, the belly is often strained and sore. The Elastic Support Band for Pregnant Women can naturally relieve this discomfort by supporting abdomen, back muscles, or pelvic area with firm yet gentle compression. Providing needed support to help tone and strengthen the abdominal wall will also reduce pressure on the baby's spine. You can buy this practical gift for your pregnant friend and help them feel better.

10. Ferrero Rocher Fine Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Gift Box

Ferrero Rocher is the best chocolate bar, in our opinion and will be a great gift for any pregnant woman. We love how these melt in your mouth with a fantastic hazelnut taste. We are sure that this would make her day even if she doesn't like chocolates too much, but she has to have one now and then!

She'll feel so special receiving it - we can already see her face light up when she opens the box of Ferrero Rochers!

11. Belly Buds-Baby Bump Headphones

Belly Buds are an excellent gift for any pregnant woman who listens to music. She'll not only look cool wearing them, but she can actually use them while exercising, and the bump will act as an extra speaker! We don't know how we didn't think of this idea sooner - it's genius!

The best thing is that these headphones have a volume limiter, so you won't need to worry about her listening too loud or having lousy TV habits. She'll be able to enjoy all those shows she loves without worrying about making herself go deaf- which could happen with traditional headphones now that there's a little one in the mix. These also come in different colors (black/white), so no matter what color scheme your friend likes.

12. Compression Socks

You can give compression socks to your pregnant friend as a gift because she needs this item. Why? One thing that many pregnant women are not aware of is the importance of good circulation. Compression socks can help prevent swelling, varicose veins, and other conditions related to poor blood flow during pregnancy. These specially designed socks provide a gentle but powerful form of compression for leg muscles to relieve discomfort throughout the day and night. The pressure on calves will significantly reduce the risk of developing hemorrhoids or thrombosis – perfect!

13. Baby Belly Bump Weekly Milestone Sticker 

Another gift idea is the Baby Belly Bump Weekly Milestone Sticker. This set includes stickers for each week of pregnancy—the perfect way to celebrate an upcoming birth with friends and family.

She can share her journey with friends and family through a photo. She can snap a cute picture of her bump, share it on social media, or save it in the journal stickers to start a scrapbook. As a sentimental keepsake, she can save the photo or apply it to an ultrasound printout for framing or use in scrapbooking.

14. Belly Cast Kit

Belly cast kit helps to create a perfect 3D memento of an expecting mom's belly or torso. This kit includes all the supplies and a step-by-step guide to making a beautiful baby belly cast. Belly casts can be used as keepsakes after being given away or framed for decoration in home, office, nursery, etc.

The best part is that it's fun! It takes about 20 minutes from start to finish. No experience necessary. Your friend will enjoy it.

15. Maternity Shirts

Maternity shirts are made to fit a pregnant woman. They have room for the bump and accommodate her changing shape. Some maternity shirts also come in long sleeve styles, which is great when winter comes around because they're warmer than short-sleeved tops! Choosing a shirt with a fun pattern or some detail like lace can make the day brighter.

The best part about most maternity clothing is it's comfortable enough to wear all day long. You can opt for one for your expecting friend.

16. Nausea pops

Nausea pops are a great way to soothe nausea during pregnancy. The best thing about pregnancy pop is that it's a treat and not medicine! Each box contains 21 individually wrapped lollies comes in seven flavors. What mom to be doesn't want something special? These are perfect for preggo friends who need some nausea relief during their pregnancy. They're just $9 on Amazon - so they won't break your budget either! 

17. Electric Foot Warmer

This electric foot warmer is a must-have for pregnant women! If your expected friend's feet are always cold, this will be the best gift. It can warm up in just seconds and lasts for hours. This one has dual heat settings as well so that she can choose between low warmth or high warmth depending on what's more comfortable to her.

Plus it comes with an attachable cover which means mommy and baby won't get burned while they're cuddling together watching TV at night time during winter months. It would also be a nice gift for people with arthritis.

18. Infuser water Bottle

AquaFrut infuser bottle helps your pregnant friend stay hydrated, and she can enjoy her favorite drinks, including iced coffee, frozen cocktails, and even teas. The infuser water bottle is FDA approved to be microwavable or dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. It's also BPA-free so that you don't have to worry about any toxins leaking into your friend's liquids because of the bottle's material construction. The infuser bottle comes with great recipes. She can bring it while going on a walk.

19. Pregnancy Bath Salt

If your pregnant friend isn't a fan of being wet while taking a bath, then this gift would make their day! This pregnancy bath salt comes in two different forms: an Epsom Salts blend, which relieves aches and pains during pregnancy and skin irritation caused by some other pregnancy symptoms like constipation, heartburn, or morning sickness. The other form of bath salt is a Himalayan Salts blend which helps to reduce stress and anxiety. It comes in different scents.

20. Maternity Bra

Motherhood maternity bra gift would be perfect for your mom-to-be friend. This maternity bra can expand from a size between 32B-38D, and it comes with adhesive silicone gel cups for added support. It also has two adjustable straps that help provide lift while nursing or pumping breast milk. The material is soft and breathable, which will make any momma feel comfortable during those final few weeks of pregnancy when everything gets even more difficult than normal!

21. Handprint and Footprint Photo Frame Kit

If your expected friend is looking for something to create memories with her baby from the very beginning, this kit will get them started! It includes a one-of-a-kind newborn hand and footprint impression tray. She can take pictures of her little one in their first few days or weeks, then assemble it into a beautiful keepsake photo frame that is made just for them. It's perfect for moms who want an organized way to save these precious moments.

22. Baby Hospital ID Bracelet Photo Frame

The bracelet photo frame, which has the baby's hospital ID, is a thoughtful gift for the mom who already has everything else. It can be engraved with their little one's initials and name, as well as any other words that they choose. Once again, it is designed to capture memories from day one by giving them an adorable way to save pictures of their precious moments like this!

23. Ultrasound Picture Pendant

The ultrasound picture pendant is a perfect gift for your expected friend. The necklace is made of surgical steel. It means that it can be worn every day, no matter what she is doing, without worries about damaging the piece or having to take it off because of allergies! The baby's name can also be engraved on the back if desired. It comes with a protective pouch to keep your memories safe in storage as well.

24. Baby Heartbeat Monitor and Belly Speaker

This is a gift that will allow the expecting parent to feel connected with their baby at all times. The mom-to-be can wear her wristband anywhere and be alerted whenever there's a change in movement, including when she starts feeling contractions. It also has an app, so she'll always know what's going on from wherever she is! This amazing product helps them prepare for labor by being aware of changes in a normal position during pregnancy but could indicate something more serious like preeclampsia or fetal distress.

The speaker plays music through vibrations and even includes soothing sounds like ocean waves or rainforest noises to make it easier for both the mother and fetus to sleep.

25. Bump Boxes 1st Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box

This first-trimester gift is truly designed to make your pregnant friend's life easier and more enjoyable. The kit includes a BPA-free water bottle with a flip lid and straw. A nausea band to help combat morning sickness is also included. Plus, a pregnancy journal and some other goodies. The box consists of a set of stickers for bump photos, bath bombs that will leave her feeling relaxed, and a collection of other fun gifts to enjoy.

26. Handheld Heated Massager

This massager's powerful motor delivers anywhere from 3,350 pulses per minute to an invigorating massage. With customizable speed settings and multiple massager heads, your expected friend will be able to choose just what she needs to ease an aching back. She can enjoy the four different speed settings that will be allowed to experience a gentle or refresh treatment.

27. What to Expect Gift Set

The perfect gift for the soon-to-be mother is a What to Expect Gift Set. This book set is filled with helpful information and can help ease any worries about pregnancy and parenthood that might be plaguing your loved one's mind. The best-selling guidebook by Heidi Murkoff answers all the questions that appear in a pregnant women's mind, from prenatal diagnosis to a new parent's emotional life.

28. "Mommy needs more coffee" Mug

Moms need more coffee, and here's a great way to help them get it. This mug is the perfect little gift that will remind your pregnant friend how much they are loved by everyone in their life.

29. Willow Tree New Life, Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

Willow Tree offers a line of resin sculptures that creates beautiful keepsakes for memories to last a lifetime. The sculpture is hand-painted and comes with a certificate of authenticity. This gift would be perfect for new parents. Artist Susan Lordi hand carves each of her Willow Tree pieces from her studio in Kansas City, MO. Her creations are cast and painted by hand before being given a patina finish that helps the piece age gracefully over time.

30. Letters To My Baby

This is a collection of letters from mom to baby, as well as letters written by friends and relatives. when your child is older, this set of letters, will be treasured and enjoyed. It gives a great gift of love to your child, which is priceless. Your pregnant friend will love this idea for a gift. The set Included 12 letters that begin with a unique prompt like:

On the day you were born.

My wishes for you are.

Your first home was like this.

31. Cravings Gift Basket

This is a gift of comfort for momma. Is your pregnant friend is a chocolate lover? Is she craving chocolate all the time? You can make her day with this beautiful gift. The pregnancy can be an overwhelming experience, so a friend needs something to help them through it. A chocolate gift basket is one of the best ways to show unwanted parenthood support from their loved ones. It includes an assortment of chocolate bars and treats to satisfy any craving.


Rose Parker

Giving gifts to a friend helps make deep relationships and ties. Gifts are a symbol of love and care, so so it is essentially essential to make sure that that the gift you give has both these qualities.

You can amaze your pregnant friend by giving her a wonderful gift on her birthday that will last for the rest of her pregnancy. We have curated a list of gifts, so you can just pick the one that might be perfect for her.